Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I had a big scare today...

I finally had my eye doctor appointment this morning. I don't know what I was thinking time wise. I needed to be there at 9am and I left the house at 8:45. I should have left at 8:30. I blame it on being tired. I hate being late! So after spending 10 minutes trying to park I rush to my appt and end up waiting an hour, LOL. After they finally saw me, things moved fast. I didn't even have to wait too long after my eyes were dilated. The good news is my eyes are perfectly fine. She says that they're very healthy (other then the fact I'm incredibly near sighted, LOL). Yay! I was a little worried. Although when I left I told her I was a little sad that I didn't get an eye patch. I totally would have rocked it!

Then when I got home Dao called and wanted to go eat lunch. Since my eyese were dilated I couldn't use my puter so I was in! It's cold out so I was wearing gloves (red leather, you know I look for an excuse to wear them) and everytime I took them off my silver bracelet (which I love and is my favorite piece of jewelry) would come off. Later I was sitting at home and thought, sh*t, I don't remember taking off my bracelet! OMG, did I lose it? So I call Dao and ask her to search her car, she wasn't home yet so she was going to search while I checked my bags, gloves and jacket. She couldn't find it, crap! So I call the thrift store we stopped at and wal mart, not thinking that it's going to be turned in but can't hurt. Dao called where we ate. Nothing! I was so bummed. My bracelet was a birthday gift. I could replace it but it wouldn't be the same. Then later I go to the bathroom and guess what is sitting on my counter? Yup, the bracelet I was mourning, LOL. Apparently I took it off when I got home and forgot I had taken it off. Oops! I called Dao to share the good news.

Mark your calendars, I left the house for a 3rd time today! I told Lina if she called me I would walk but then I thought to myself, she shouldn't be responsible for my walking, I'm responsible for it so I strapped on my tennis shoes and off I went. Have I mentioned it's freaking cold? It's very difficult to dial the phone with gloves on. No one was answering so I put on my headset and listened to my new favorite song, Wind it Up by Gwen Stefani. it's the sampling from the Sound of Music. I used to sing that line when I did mic checks, the poor audio guy, LOL. Lucky for me, Nancy called me to help me finish my walk.

Tomorrow I have a date with Lina. The plan was for me to walk while she did elliptical but Missi reminded me there was an ice storm coming in, I do believe I will be dragging my butt to the gym, who cares if the other people are annoyed I'm talking on the phone, LOL. BTW, Lina bribed me. She said she would give me spoilers on the new JR Ward book. Damn, that girl knows how to work me!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I talked to Rosie tonight!

She made a plan to call me and I decided to use that as an opportunity to go walking. It's in the 40 here but needed to do some exercise so I didn't make any excuses. I layered up and as soon as the phone rang I was out the door walking. I live in an area I feel safe walking in. So it was nice to catch up with Ro, it's been a long long time since we talked and it definitely made the walk go by quickly.

I went to my neighbor's tonight for dinner, she made a homemade chicken and vegetable soup, it was quite tasty and quite healthy. It motivated me to maybe try to make a homemade soup tomorrow so I spent the last hour looking at recipes and then I went to the hungry girl website and got lost in that for awhile, seriousely some great info there. There's a tuna casserole dish I want to try. As it is, I am over my need to make a homemade soup, after all, I still have the soup I bought in the store yesterday, LOL.

Tomorrow is the Top Chef finale. Keep your fingers crossed for Ilan!!!

I can't resist...

It seems like I must see what I look like whenever there is a chance to. You've seen me as a South Park Character, you've seen me recently with the whole create your own avatar thing and now you get to see me as an M&M. I saw this on Patti O'Shea's blog who saw it on someone else's blog, LOL. Here's the link: Become an M&M. I must tell you it was difficult figuring out what kind of M&M I am. So many freaking choices! I went high glam of course because the flip flops didn't match my tiara, LOL. I'm hoping that one of you chooses the mohawk!

I ran a bunch of errands today. I had to go to the bank and luckily found one that is easier for me to get to. Mileage wise its further away but a lot less congestion so it's actually a faster trip. Then it was off to Target to return the cam that my fam bought me. While it's a lovely cam and takes some great pics, half of the time the pic is washed out. I thought I had it on the wrong setting but I went online and saw this was a flaw in the model. Here is the last pic I took with my cam: As often as I use my camera I can't have half of the pics not turn out. Dao got tired when we went to dinner with Su because I kept making them pose trying to get a pic of them together. The pic wouldn't come out. Luckily my fam taped the gift receipt to the box. The good news was there was no problem returning the camera. I was worried because I threw away the cardboard inside of the box but it was easy. The bad news is Nes totally sold me on her new camera and they didn't have it. I thought I could get it on Target's website but they don't have it either. Of course no other camera will do for me so now I have a year's worth of toilet paper paid for with my Target gift card while I fork out the cash for a new camera. I'll have to wait until after my visit with Barb though. I'm not into delayed gratification but I am into eating and drinking with Barb, lol.

I also went to the post office to visit my co-workers and mail a bunch of stuff. I am such a procrastinator! Anyway, sorry Lina your check is in the mail. My bare fridge also told me it was time to grocery shop. Shockingly I'm not in a cooking kind of mood so I bought some fruit, cereal, cottage cheese, soup and frozen foods. I know frozen foods are not the greatest food choice but I am trying to get the organic and vegetarian versions. I bought a bunch of Amy's Organic Vegetarian products. I had the vegetable pot pie and it was quite tasty. I searched the website and there's an Amy's diet, I may have to try it. There are some fun healthy recipes too. I would start this week but have I mentioned Barb is coming to town *EG*.

Can you guess this horny M&M?This is BAM (aka Brenda).

OK, this one totally cracks me up. Who is this lush?The one and only Rosie! I can't believe she didn't take off her bike helmet before she started drinking, LOL.

Someone as picture horny as I am.Of course that can only be Nes!

This chick was busy working so I did her picture for her:The birkenstocks are so totally WA, this is Nancine.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Introducing the Black Thong Sisterhood

Click on the pictures to enlarge...

The Black Dagger Brotherhood better watch out because the sisters
are in town. Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of the
Black Thong Sisterhood...

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Goat cheese gouda...

Jan Kees and Nes had a great laugh when I told them I enjoyed goat cheese gouda. Gouda is a Dutch cheese and there is no such thing. Well, I told them there may not be such a thing in the Netherlands but in America there is, LOL. Dao and I finally made it to Trader Joe's last week and you know I had my camera.
I took a pic of the back where it actually says goat and gouda, LOL. It's a great cheese in case any of you are interested.

Of course, Dao and I also ate while we were out and about. We tried an all u can eat sushi place. We won't be going back, LOL. Yes, I know you're not going to get great sushi at places like this but if it was good sushi I would have been happy. What I did enjoy was dessert. We had crepes. I asked for pineapple, strawberry, peaches and whipped cream in mine. He laughed when I said peaches. I don't know why but he thought it was hilarious I wanted peaches in my crepe so I made him throw it out and make it with just the other items, LOL. I added the chocolate sauce to make it look prettier. I think dessert crepes are much better then the ones with meat and cheese in them. It's the whipped cream that sways me. The Paris hotel and casino in Vegas has a creperie which I enjoy but I must say my favorite thing at the Paris hotel is the apricot turnovers, as you can see, I'm planning on what I'm going to eat when I go there, LOL.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Since I posted earlier...

I thought it would be easier for me to post a survey. I think it took me longer to do the survey, LOL. If you do the survey you can get the code at the end to post in the comments section. BTW, I updated my myspace page, click on my link at the right to check it out. I'm preparing myself for Vegas, LOL.

Who did you last get angry with?A swede
What is your weapon of choice?Words
Would you hit a member of the opposite sex?Yes (in certain circumstances)
How about the same sex?Yes (with the proper motivation)
Who was the last person who got really angry at you?My sister
What is your pet peeve?I'm sure there are many but can't think of anything right now.
Do you keep grudges, or can you let them go easily?It's hard for me to talk to a person and be mad but I can kill with my silence, LOL.
What is one thing you're suppose to do daily that you haven't?Exercise, LOL
What is the latest you've ever woken up?I'm sure it was after noon but I'm sure it was because I went to sleep in the morning.
Name a person you've been meaning to contact, but haven't?Brian
What is the last lame excuse that you made?I was too tired to go to the gym.
Have you ever watched an infomercial all the way through?No
How many times did you hit the snooze button on your alarm clock this morning?LOL, what's an alarm clock?
What is your overpriced yuppie beverage of choice?I drink water from my Brita when I'm not drinking Vodka
Are you a meat eater?Definitely!
What is the greatest amount of alcohol you've had in one sitting/outing/event?Hmmm, well, helped kill a bottle of tequila once, that was a rough morning after.
Are you comfortable with your drinking and eating habits?I could always eat better but overall I am happy with it.
Do you enjoy candy and sweets?I like them but I don't crave them.
Which do you prefer: sweets, salty foods or spicy foods?Salty, I love potato chips!
Have you ever looked at a small house pet or child and thought, "lunch"?LOL, no but now I will!
How many credit cards do you own?Three
If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?pay off my bills and travel with my girlfriends
Would you rather be rich or famous?Rich!
Would you accept a boring job if it meant that you would make megabucks?Yes, at least for a little while
What's one thing that you have done that you're most proud of?Nothing jumps to mind, LOL.
What's one thing you have done that your parents are most proud of?Well I've never been arrested, I'm sure they're proud about that.
What thing would you like to accomplish late in your life?Retirement
Do you get annoyed by coming in second place?Depends on who finished first, LOL. Actually while I am comptetitive I'm a good sport.
Have you ever entered a contest of skill, knowing you were of much higher skill than all the other competitors?No, I have yet to enter a karaoke contest!
Have you ever cheated to get a better score?I cheated on my last PT test in the Army. Have I mentioned I hate running?
What did you do today that you're proud of?Brushed my teeth
How many people have you seen naked (not counting movies, family, strippers, locker rooms)?Not counting strippers?!?! No comment.
How many people have seen you naked (not counting physicians, doctors, family, locker rooms, or when you were a young child)?So now I get to count strippers? Still no comment!
Have you ever caught yourself staring at the chest/crotch of a person of your chosen sex during a normal conversation?Yes
What is your favorite body part of a person of your gender choice?Abs
Have you ever had sexual encounters (including kissing/making out) with multiple persons?I'm not sure...
Have you ever been propositioned by a prostitute?No
What item of your friends would you most want to have for your own?Lina's purses or Linda's shoes
Who would you want to go on "Trading Spaces" with?Nancy, just because I know how much fun she would have (plus, she'll do more of the work, LOL).
If you could be anyone who existed in the world, who would you be?Me! Or someone who is rich but not famous, LOL.
Have you ever been cheated on?No
Have you ever wished you had a physical feature different from your own?Yes, longer, skinnier legs
What inborn trait do you see in others that you wish you had for yourself?Ambition
What deadly sin...
Do you do the most often?Gluttony or Sloth
Do you do the least often?Wrath
Is your favorite to act on?Lust
Take this survey /

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Day 2 of my road trip...

Dawned nice and sunny which made me quite happy. Since there was no rain I decided to take a couple of pics before I left the hotel (not as early as I wanted but as you all know, I'm not a morning person, LOL).
Tuesday's driving was so much better then Monday. Was it because I was more comfortable behind the wheel of the porche? Now I was driving like an old pro. Quite honestly, my worry was the Porche would be so sensitive that if I gave it a little gas it would zoom off but it was not like that at all. It has power but it's very controlled. Definitely being more comfortable helped but also the weather made things so much better. When the drive started it was 70 degrees and by the time I hit the keys it was over 80 degrees. I was totally cruising and thought I would hit Key West pretty early in the day but once you hit the FL turnpike the speed drops down to 45mph so even though I was a little over a hundred miles away it took me a few hours to get there.

It's a beautiful drive though. Even though it was a slow drive the roads are sea level, the water is literally a few feet from the road and gorgeous. I really went to the Keys with no idea what it was like but I was kicking myself for not staying longer. But I get ahead of myself. I was going to have Karen take a pic of me in her car but she took over custody so fast I didn't have a chance, LOL. We met in a parking lot so I could follow them home and apparently the fact it took me 10 minutes to turn made her nervous I wouldn't be able to follow them out of the lot (and it would have been true, they were turning left with no signal, I would have been there 20 minutes!) so I scooted over and she took the reins. We were both happy with that situation, LOL.

The place Karen is staying is gorgeous. I chose to stay in the upstairs room so I could enjoy the view. This is what I saw outside my window.
I really love palm trees, even after 8 years in California I still love going somewhere and seeing them.

BTW, if I could fit this chair in Karen's Porche I would be taking it home with me next month. I love chaise lounges, it's the perfect chair to read in and nap in!Key West has a laid back New Orleans feel to it. I loved it. I actually spent an hour walking down Duval St. (too bad it was morning so the bars were closed) I couldn't help but think of going there sometime with my girlfriends. I saw a flyer for a bar that had 2 for 1 margaritas and they also had a happy hour where you call a coin toss and if you're correct your drink it free. Lots of drag queen bars too that I would have loved to check out and drink stands! Gotta love those. I almost forgot to mention there is a Coach store in walking distance to Karen's place! I didn't walk in because I didn't want to have a heart attack, LOL. Now that I'm more aware of where everything is in FL I can properly plan for the future and Jenna, we know I can make the drive!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'm home...

No long post tonight, I'm pooped. Yes, I have been home since 7pm but I have been working on doing other things, like buying future vacation plane tickets and making hotel reservations. Jenna, I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to see you. I didn't know until the last minute I was going down. Hopefully I will have more notice in the future. Plus, I went to my neighbors and watched the second to the last Top Chef episode. Do not read if you have not watched it. Wahhhhhh! They kicked off Sam. I loved Sam and he's hot! I think he's gotten even hotter. Plus, I liked the way he played. I wish they hadn't narced on Marcel, not a good way to go out. Like Tom said, they're being based on their cooking. I did notice in the credit that the producers have a say in the outcome. Look how they couldn't decide between Ilan and Sam and it was already a given Marcel was in the final, not a happy camper am I! Wahhhhhhh!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

She made it.

This is your friendly neighborhood guest blogger Nancy :)

Leiha made it to Key West about 6 pm east coast time. The car and Leiha were both in one piece. For some reason the internet is not working there so she may not be able to blog, but she wanted her fans to know she is safe and has not forgotten about you all.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Greetings from Sarasota, FL.

I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning. Of course, I lie, LOL. I woke up early and laid in bed trying to go back to sleep so when it was time for me to get up I was groggier then I normally am, always a great way to start a road trip, LOL. It also means I got off to a later start then planned. By the time I finished packing (nothing like waiting til the last minute) and running to Target I didn't get on the road til close to 11am. I was hoping to be on the road by 10, but oh well. No worries about any rush hour traffic, LOL.

Here's a pic of me just before I leave the home. First order of business was to get my ipod set up for the road trip but then I put on lipstick then I took this picture, LOL. If Su was here she could have taken a picture of the car too but since she wasn't I decided it was more important to have me in the picture then the Porche, LOL. If it was a bright sunny day maybe I would have taken a pic of the vehicle but since it was not, well, at least you have me:) I am sure I can get Karen to take my picture in her car, LOL.

Driving in the city was a little stressful for me. Other drivers were being dicks. I guess they want to try and get me to gun the engine and show off the power, well, they are dealing with the wrong person. I already know I have balls just not when it comes to driving, LOL. Once I got out of Atlanta I was able to relax and drive a little more comfortably. I even took one hand off of the wheel, I know, I'm crazy like that!

I felt bad for Karen's car, it was getting passed by moving trucks and buicks. It will never be the same again! I spent the majority of my time on the road in the middle lane unless I was passing. I think the highest speed I reached was 88mph. I was passing a car at the time. I think I averaged about 72 mph. Hey, if there's a ticket to be given out it would be to me and I have vacations to pay for, LOL.

Here are some things I notice about driving a porche, there cool red seatbelts (I will have to take a pic and show), the ignition is on the left side, it is an automatic and a manual (Karen says I could really open her up in manual, I'll pass, thank you) and the windshield wipers come on automatically (prolly the coolest feature). It took me 4 hours of driving before I finally found the cup holder. I can't believe I almost forgot the seat warmers. My tush was incredibly warm during the trip, I loved that. But here is where my Hyundai tops the Porche. I have an armrest! On a road trip they come in handy.

It was a horrible day to travel, grey and dingy but it got really bad when it started to rain in the afternoon. At some points the rain was so heavy it was like a bucket was being poured on top of me. I remember looking at this car in my rearview mirror and noticed their lights weren't on, in this kind of rain it's only common courtesy to the other drivers to have them on. You know I'm big on being courteous to your fellow drivers. That's why I was mortified when at 7pm I noticed how dark it was in front of me. All day long I thought I had my lights on but turns out I only had my dashboard lights on. When I turned the nob once more the lights looked so bright that I thought they were my high beams. I was freaking out so I got over at the next exit and called Karen. Turns out her headlights re incredbily powerful and what I thought were her highbeams were her regular headlights. I was totally embarrassed that I had to call Karen to find out how to turn on her lights and I think I scared her a little. But look at the bright side, I'm such a cautious driver I'm aware of the other cars around me, even if they couldn't see me although I must say, having my lights on definitely helped the visibility factor, LOL.

I drove about half of my trip today. I really planned on going further but the rain was horrible. I figure I'll get an earlier start tomorrow and if it's raining at least it will be daytime. Here is the journey I made today:

Julie Garwood's Slow Burn has been keeping me company on the ride. I don't read her contemps because they aren't as romancy as I like but I have to say, it's perfect for a road trip. The bummer thing is I forgot my earpiece so I can't listen to my nano on the way home (I'm flying), good thing I also brought two books, a girl has to be prepared!

I'm checked into my hotel...

I'll be back later to blog but wanted to let you all know I am safe and sound.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

I can't believe...

I forgot to talk about Thur night dinner! I blame it on exhaustion, LOL. Although I'm pretty caught up on my sleep now *G*. I think the reason I forgot to post about it is because I had no pictures from it. When our food came we dived right in and once we caught our breaths and eaten most of our food was when we realized we didn't take any pics.

We met Dao and another of our favorite Vietnames restaurants, where we go for bun (I've blogged about it before). We all ordered the same thing, grilled pork over rice noodles. Dao and Su sat together which was nice for them, it made it easier for them to tag team me while flipping me sh*t, LOL. Luckily, I know it's because they both LOVE me so much that they felt free to tease me and also, they both are on the receiving end often enough from me, LOL.

After dinner we went next door to the bakery to grab sandwhiches for the next day. You know we're always planning our next meal as we're eating our current meal, LOL. Su was incredibly happy we had those subs when we got home from the bar because her one bite became the whole sammich! She spent every bite raving over it, I should also mention the subs were only $2.

Now onto creamed beef! It's also known as S.O.S. or some people call it chipped beef because it can be made with chipped beef, LOL. My dad turned me onto this, it's a recipe he got while in the Army. Every weekend my dad would send someone down to wake me up to ask me if I wanted breakfast, the answer was always no, unless it was creamed beef. Do not get this confused with biscuits and gravy, that is usually made with sausage. My dad makes it with hamburger meat and onions served over biscuits or white bread. I prefer white bread.

I am not a gravy maker as you all know so I have never attempted to make it then Su told me they sell a white gravy packet! Ding ding ding! I sauteed onions in btter then browned the meat in there while Su made the gravy packet. Normally my dad makes the gravy in the meat so next time I make it I would add the ingredients together sooner so they could cook together but other then that, it turned out fabulously! It may not look pretty but it is a perfect hearty breakfast!

I'm hitting the road tomorrow. Turns out I am driving Karen's porche to Key West. Time for me to work on my tan. Don't worry, I will take pictures!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

We're going somewhere dang it!

For breakfast we had leftover soup. The noodles had absorbed most of the broth but I just put a little water in it as I heated it up and it was good to go. After a little work it was time for lunch, LOL. The plan was to go into Roswell to eat at the sandwhich shop Nancy and I ate at when she was here. The town is really quaint and we could walk around. The problem is it was rainy and bitter cold so instead we just did lunch.

I really enjoy the Fickle Pickle. Last time around I got a side of fried pickles and they did nothing for me. This time I ordered the homemade potato chips. I have to say, again, I was not impressed. Thank goodness the sandwhiches are fantastic and so is the service. Su said it exceeded her expectations. She had the fried green tomatoe sammich and chicken tortilla soup. Please ignore the sweet look on her face. She's not that sweet, LOL.

I had the salmon lox and the carribean clam chowder. This was the sammich I thought about getting last time, it was yummie. The great thing is there are still sandwhiches I want to try. That was a half order of potato chips, LOL. Su and I wanted to go back for dinner but we already had plans, LOL. I hear they have awesome burgers and Su was interested in the mealoaf, guess she'll be back:)

We decided that there would be no nap until we did our karaoke video, it was now or never. You saw the fruits of our labor, lucky you!

All week long we had planned to go to a lesbian bar on this night. I can't remember how we came across it, probably when we looked up info on BJs but they had trivia night on Thur night so count us in! We figured the week would be all gay all the time, LOL. So I write the directions down and Su is my navigator. I told her I knew how to get to Clairmont since that is where the VA is. I'll need directions once we get there. I pointed out the street by telling her I use the church to tell me when to turn. So we're driving along and it's taking awhile to find our next turn so I ask to look at the directions. Su had me looking for a street that was 2 turns later. When I pointed out the church she thought it was church st which was one of the streets we needed. So we drove back. I mentioned not remembering seeing the street we needed but figured it was cause we weren't looking for it. Well we got back to where we turned and didn't see it so we went into the gas station to get directions. So we turned back around again and off we went. Turns out we didn't go far enough the first time, arghhhh! So we're back on track. Then we can't find the bar on the street we're on so we think we turned wrong so we go back the other way. Guess what, the bar is no longer there, after all of that! BTW, here are pics of us before we headed out. We went conservative, didn't want to drive the chicks crazy with longing, LOL.
Of course, even though our plans were a dud we were going to do something. Since we had coupons for the Coronet Club (sat night's adventures) we decided to head there. It was on the other side of my house so we decided to stop in for a pee and to change our tops. Then we were back on the road again. When we pulled up the valet sort of laughs. I thought it was because he remembered us from the other night. So we pull to a stop and get out and he says that there are no guy dancers. I say, I thought they danced on Thursday nights. They do but no one showed up! Back into the car go Su and I.

We're just laughing at the ridiculousness of it all. We thought about going back to Swinging Richard's but by this point it was later, the club was further away and we were only going to be there an hour since Su had to be up at 6am. So after driving all over town we ended up at a bar 2 blocks from my house, LOL. I went there before and didn't like it because service was horrible. I was happy to say that it was 100 times better this time. We had a great time even without any dancing boys! We had a drink or two, some wings and called it a night.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Hurricane Su has left...

But I still have some catching up to do so it will seem like she's still here, LOL. Of course, while you read our adventures you can picture me trying to recover and catch up on my sleep. I even have a book I'm dying to start as soon as I finish this blog. Of course, I'll be lucky to get a chapter in before I crash.

Wednesday starts off the way most of our mornings start off, trying to figure out what we were going to eat. Su heated up and doctored our leftover creamed beef (blog will be forthcoming on that so Nes' mind can get out of the gutter, LOL) and it tasted even better the second time around.

Karen and Neil stopped by and we greeted them with some karaoke, LOL. OK, we stopped singing when they came in but our first order of biz was to get Neil to sing (he has a fantastic voice). He passed so Su and I decided to sing for them instead. You know how shy we are, LOL. Seriousely, we do sound better in person. Of course, after Neil saw the magic that was us how could he resist? He was hooked and it was awesome listening to him sing. Karen on the other hand is the only person who has entered my home who was able to resist the lure of the karaoke. I did want them to hear Su sing solo because her voice is awesome but of course that meant I should pave the way by singing a solo song too, LOL. Of course, when they left it was Su they were complimenting, hmph! But at least I wasn't as bad as they expected, I'll take that! I'm trying to work on being a back up singer for Neil one day, LOL. Of course, he may have me singing so far back I'm in another room *G*.

We were supposed to meet Dao for lunch but we re-scheduled. We had decided to go eat at the Cuban restaurant instead. Since I was still feeling the creamed beef I actually got a salad. The pescado ensalada. I had a choice between tilapia or salmon. I went with the tilapia, it had a honey mustard vinaegrette that was perfect with the salad. It really hit the spot. Su wanted the arroz con pollo. I have to say it came con a lot of pollo, LOL. It was tasty, she forced some chicken on me, who was I to say no?Prior to lunch we were discussing wandering around the neighborhood but after lunch Su could see that my eyes were glazing because I was getting tired so she took pity on me (see why I love her?). So we came home and piddled around a bit before I took my nap. Su decided to read while I slept.

We had plans to go back to Swinging Richard's with Franklin since he didn't join us the night before but he totally wussed out and since we weren't bringing our gay we decided to stay in instead. Of course, that doesn't mean we didn't go out to eat. On the way to the restaurant I stopped to get gas. When I get gas I use that time to clean my car so I open the back to grab the empty water bottles. What do I notice while I'm doing that? Keys! Whose keys would they be? Well, they would be the keys of the stripper we ditched on Sunday night to go eat, LOL. Oops! Before we returned them though it was off to dinner. What's another hour?

For din din we went to a Pho restaurant (both places we ate at are places I'm going to take BAM and her family when they visit, we always talk food too, LOL). Pho is a Vietnamese staple. It's a beef broth with rice noodles and various cuts of beef. It's always served with a plate full of herbs, everyone seasons theirs differently. For me I like to put in jalapeno and a squeeze of lime. I want to taste the broth. We ordered large bowls, they are $5.50 and enough for two meals! Of course, we also got egg rolls and spring rolls so we ate even less soup then planned.
Even though we were full Su wanted dessert. Being the hostess with the mostest I suggested Dunkin Donuts and we were off! I had only planned on getting one but Su was having none of that so we each got two donuts. Don't worry Lina, I only ate one, LOL.

But first, a quick trip to BJs. Su wouldn't go in with me because she wanted to guard the doughnuts, LOL. My guy wasn't working (maybe cause he couldn't get his car, LOL) but one of the other strippers I had chit chatted with (him and his BF) was so I gave him the keys. He went to Swinging Dick's the night before but they had showed up after we left (they were the ones we were meeting at the drag club we never made it to) so we are destined to not party together, LOL. He wanted me to stay but I was in my sweats with no make up on so that was a no go. I figure I'll be back there everytime someone comes to visit me. I think I'll have a lot more visitors now, LOL.

When we got home we enjoyed our dougnuts and since we had an unplanned evening in that is when we decided to do the rated R videos for you. So you can thank Franklin for that, LOL. As you can see, even an evening in is not going to be boring with us two around, LOL.

I know I need to play catch up...

but not tonight. Of course a visit with Su would not be complete without some karaoke and we did promise to share. So instead of blogging about yesterday we spent our afternoon working on this. We like to call this montage the best of the worst, LOL. Be warned, do not play around dogs or small children.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Swinging Richard's

Sorry, photobucket erased my video, if you missed it, next time you need to check my blog earlier.

We felt bad that we weren't able to take pictures at Swinging Richard's to share with you so we decided to re-create the night for you. First we re-enact the guy with the talented testacles. Warning this is not for children, do not look at if kids are around.

Next up will be an interpretation of how a nude lap dance could possibly occur. I'm not saying this is what happened last night, in fact, we were sitting on a stool for the dance so unless our dancer was a basketball player this could no possibly happen. Again, an interpretation.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Ok, Leiha's in the shower so I can tell you girls what's REALLY going on. She is starving me to death!!! Those Ritz buffet picture are fake. She asked some guy at the restaurant to take pictures of the food for her. The picture of me at Glady's was completely staged. We were sitting at someone else's table pretending it was our food. Yes, we did get kicked out. So far, all I've eaten is bologna sandwiches.

As for the dancing boys, it's all untrue. At least I think it's untrue. I don't know for sure because she makes me wait in the car while she goes into the "strip club" (a.k.a. Shell gas stations).

I did NOT puke in public. That was actually Leiha! She was slumped over the hood of her car, making gagging noices while projectile vomitting on the Mercedes next to us.

Notice that there are pictures of Franklin and Leiha singing. No pictures of of me ACTUALLY singing, just holding a mic. Those two tormented me for hours with their screaming/singing. I really hope my hearing comes back. The bleeding has stopped, but my ears are still ringing.

So far she's made me clean her kitchen, do her laundry, cook her meals, and make her bed everyday. The worst was making me hand wash her thongs in the bathroom sink. I couldn't even use plastic gloves because she didn' have any. Thank goodness I had some wet wipes with me.

In the evenings, what she likes to do is strap me down to the bed and play videos of Benchwarmers over and over again while she laughs and throws popcorn in my face!

Someone please help me!!!!! Oh, crap!! She's coming back!!!


Start slow then gather steam!

I do enjoy the fact that we don't go hard all the time. I need my wake up time which can take hours. While I work on the internet Su will read snuggled in bed. Of course we already knew where we were going to eat. Su saw a sign for Emeril's the first day she got here so we knew that was going to have to be scheduled in. One of Su's goals while I'm here is to not only get me out and about but she wants me to wear makeup too, just in case there are hot men around. So far, no hot men while we're out making pigs of ourselves (hmmm, could there be a correlation?), LOL. Here we are at Emeril's. Su suggested having a no beef day, we have have eaten a whole cow by now but I pointed out the fact that the special of the day was the ribeye. There goes our no beef day, LOL. The food was fantastic and service was amazingly fast. We had our entree before we had our drinks.

Afterwards we had to run some errands (after all, I am working, LOL) and went to 2 different malls. We each bought a $5 shirt at Wet Seal. The cool thing is, I thought my shirt was $14 so when it rang up I was extremely happy. More stripper money for me, or rather for the boys! I had heals on because I didn't plan on a lot of walking, by the time we got home I was limping!

After a little more work it was nap time in preparation for the evening. It was a lovely nap. Once I woke up it was time to get ready for the night. Well, after a song.
I was going to wear my new top but Su didn't think it showed enough skin, LOL.

Since it was a Tue night it wasn't a very busy night. First order of business is the bathroom. I already had to go, LOL. It was a clean warm bathroom so we were happy. Next thing we did was get drinks. Then we could sit down and enjoy the show. Swinging Dicks has something for everyone. The big muscle men, the lean guys, the young looking ones, the hippy hairy lookng guy and they even had a bald guy with spectacles (we tipped him just for the glasses). They usually had 3 men on stage at a time and with each song they would rotate so we got to see them all. First song they would be in their jeans with no shirt, second song was down to their boxer briefs and the third song was all nude! It's funny. Going up to tip them is interesting. There really is no touching while they're onstage, since we usually didn't tip til they were nekkid, LOL. They wear arm bands where you insert the bills. Most of the guys were very sweet. The would always thank us and when they were off stage a lot would pop by just to say thank you again and some even kissed us on the cheek. It was easy to tell the straight guys, they would look at us while onstage, LOL. What was surprising for us was how not rowdy it was. Since everyone else was so tame Su and I, could not be crazy, which is why I think I like BJs more even though we saw WAY more skin here. It's much more interactive at BJs.

I do have to tell you about this guy who had incredible muscle control.......of his balls! He could lift his balls either one or two at a time, look ma, no hands! It was very impressive. We had to tip just for that. I asked him how he developed that skill and he says it's just something he could always do. He can't flare his nostrils but he had another skill, LOL. I showed him my tongue skill, he enjoyed that. Get your mind out of the gutter! I can flare my tongue, LOL. Another guy did back flips onstage which was interesting to see when he did 2 in a row naked while keeping his cowboy hat on. Again, we're very appreciative of the extra skills the men bring to the table.

For research purposes we had a lap dance. Well, to be honest, I have the lap dance, Su is a good girl. She just enjoys the view, LOL. Here a lap dance is $10 and it's fully nude! We weren't expecting that but we didn't complain. The guy who danced for us wasn't the hottest guy there but he was sweet. He even had a retainer in, LOL. He was a big muscly type of guy. I prefer them more cut but he had a nice 9 inch penis. Sorry girls, no pictures allowed.

Since Franklin wussed out he promised to go back with us tonight so we didn't feel the need to be there too late. We left around midnight and went to our favorite after hours place, the tofu house. I should mention we didn't eat dinner before we went out so we were starving. Needless to say, we almost licked our plates clean, LOL. My stomach was a little upset from having a drink on an empty stomach but the best cure was crawling in my bed and going to sleep.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A day of recovery....

My damn body clock wouldn't let me sleep in so I only got 4 hours of sleep! The thing that got me out of bed was the thought of crawling back in. But first we needed food (big surprise). As you know, I have no food at home so we had to go to the grocery store. I decided I was going in my pjs, I know, high class all the way baby! Imagine Su and I, hungover in our pjs (she sleeps in sweats) shuffling around Krogers. We already knew what we were making, creamed beef. So we go to the hamburger section and I put Su in charge of the meat. I expect her to look at a pound of meat. She looks down at the almost 4pounds of ground beef! Su really hates to not have enough food, LOL. I spend the rest of our time shopping laughing every time I look at our meat. Once we get home we cook, using as much meat as I could fit in our pan and I have to say for a first time, our creamed beef turned out pretty good. We did have some meat leftover (shockingly) so we wrapped that up for later. I piddled around answering emails, etc and Su read until I could take it no more and said it was nap time. Su and I, being the old marrieds that we ware crawled into bed to nap together. Just as I was drifting off the phone rang and it was Lina so I answered (she is after all more important then my nap) and it was a blast sharing our adventures with her. Unfortunately I couldn't fall asleep after the excitenment of talking to Lina so no nap for me even though I was exhausted.

Basically we spent the rest of the day piddling around and watching tv. I painted my toes while watching The Golden Globes. We had bought meat and cheese for sammiches but decided to make hamburgers with our leftover meat. The were so yummy! We put some lipton onion soup in with the meat and used pepperjack cheese and horseradish and to be healthy I had some red onion and a pickle. Su was even more healthy and had some tomato on hers, LOL. For dessert we made sandwhiches!

Come 11:30 which is early for me to go to bed we called it a night. It was a wonderfully relaxing day. Once we take a nap today we'll be ready to party tonight! We're going to try to take pictures of some schlong but no promises!

Monday, January 15, 2007

I need water! (part 2)

I haven't fully recovered from last night but I think I can find the energy to finish this blog. I decided to do it in phases because 1) the first part was already long and 2) I was tired, LOL. Franklin had already headed to BJs prior to us going to dinner but he called while we were finishing up at Twist saying he was still there and to come on down. I was surprised because he's not a night person and it's already 10pm. But you know Su and I were ready to go!

I've been to several gay clubs but those were dance clubs this was an actual gay bar. Su asked Franklin if it was female friendly and he said it totally was. But first I should mention we left our jackets in the car, the gays judge so we knew we had to look good, LOL. We walk in and literally all eyes turn to us. Luckily, F is right there and sees us and pops up to greet us and pull up a couple of seats at the bar. We're openly embraced by everyone. Right away one of F's friends is pointing out which of the guys who is dancing on the bar is straight, which was nice of him. The funny thing is, gay or straight it don't matter, we had fun with all of them. At the other strip club I grudgingly gave away $2 but here we were giving ones away left and right. It was such a fun atmosphere and that's what it's all about. I do have to say, the touching laws are much more flexible in Atlanta, yes, I have mentioned that before but it bears mentioning again, LOL. I wanted to make sure my ones were securely tucked in there, LOL.

Turns out they also give lap dances and since we were in the swing of things, so to speak, we had to experience it. It's funny though because Su just sits there and talk but I don't mind and neither does the guy. The guy is dancing and I'm looking at Su making or listening to comments. Well, I wasn't looking at Su the whole time, LOL. I can't really say our guy was a great dancer but the view was nice enough that we didn't complain.

Remember our bathroom adventure from the night before? Well I had gone potty here and I didn't like it so Su said we would have to drive home to pee so we did! We left F at the bar and promised him we would be right back ad drove home to pee and then went back, LMAO! At the time it sounded like the right thing to do. Towards the end of the night we were talking to one of the dancers and his BF and they were going to a drag club, we were in! I told him I wanted a drag queen in my life, this was perfect! So our dancer, the cowboy (aka the straight one) was leaving so we invited him to join us. Since we needed to drive home to pee one more time we told him to follow the other guys, LOL. By the time we got outside cowboy had lost the others so we told him to hop into our car cause Franklin was with us and he knew how to get there. But first, we went home to pee, yes it was in the opposite direction and when he asked if we were serious about going home to pee we said yes.

So first we went to pee and then we went to look for this club. Cowboy was talking to his friend on the phone and he thougt the club was closed so they suggested the Pink Pony a female strip club. At this time we were game. But first Su started saying I need water over and over again. So we pull over at the first gas station we see and Su and I get out to get water. As we're walking Su turns her head and spews. It literally lasted for maybe 2 seconds and then she turns back around and keeps walking. I can hear cowboy in the background ask did she just puke? I was LMAO! I thought it was hilarious. I had never seen Su puke and it was just such a weird thing because she didn't even bend over. She thinks it was acid reflux because while she was drunk I've seen her way drunker which is why it was such a shock and sympathetic friend that I am I laugh and I tell everyone about it, LOL. She turns to me and says, I told you I needed water.

So we go to the Pink Pony (keep in mind we have been driving all over the place) and there is a line to get in. Now if the line was for food I would wait. The line was to see FEMALE dancers. This is where we parted ways with the cowboy. He stayed with his friends. They were like, if you tip them you don't have to wait in line, I told them I wasn't tipping for this. I won't repeat what Su said, LOL.

You would think this would be the end of our night, you would be incorrect, LOL. It is Su and I after all, anyone who knows us knows its time to eat! if you've been out all night the perfect cure for a hangover is a lat night meal so we went to the tofu house and ate until we could eat no more (a pattern?). Franklin stayed in the car, he wanted to lay down. LOL. The funniest thing about our meal is our conversation. Did we spend it talking about our evening and talking about the fact that we owned BJs (we so did, they loved us there), no, we spent our entire meal talking about our food and how good it was. It would not be an exagerration to say we waxed poetic, LOL.

After we had eaten, then we were ready to go home and sleep. We were home by 3:30am. Just another day in the wild wacky adventures of Su and Leiha.

I need water! (part 1)

Where to begin.... It was another action packed day with Su. We didn't plan it that way, it just happened. The day started off nice and slow. I have a damn body clock which is really getting on my nerves. Went to bed at 2:30 woke up at 8, grrrr. But other then that, it was a nice relaxing morning. Su woke up in the middle of the night to get water and went back to sleep on the couch so I stayed in my room and did the blog. I have to say, I look pretty good first thing in the morning.Once Su woke up she crawled into bed and we looked at the pics from the night before and chit chatted.

Of course, then it was time to get ready for brunch. We were hungry and we didn't want to be late, our reservation was at 11:30, you know the mornings are a bit slow going for me. But Su knows I'm trying to get in shape so we decided we would try to walk as often as possible. The Ritz is on the other side of the mall so definitely walkable. It's so much more fun to walk when someone is walking with you. Since we were going to the Ritz we couldn't go in sweats. We did wear jeans but it was still a little brisk so we had on our fleece jackets and tennis shoes. We brought our boots to change into. What we didn't expect is the doorman to walk us right to the restaurant so here we are, 2 hotties in fleece and tennis shoes. I got self conscious and changed my shoes, Su, she didn't care. Bring on the food! I thought since I have talked about how I like to eat buffets, this time I thought I would show you plate by plate. Just so you know, Su and I shared the desserts, LOL. I was comfortably full. When I told Su that and her response was, well eat more food then! That's why I love her. But no, I was able to walk away. We figured you needed a picture of us inside the Ritz. This is post gluttony. Yes, I cropped the belly out, even though Su's waist looked fabulous (remember this blog is about how I look, LMAO). Su wanted to walk around Nordstrom's a bit so we did that but it was a quick trip, our food was hitting us and we were ready for a nap.

The nap though would have to wait, my neighbor Franklin returned my call and so we invited him to come over and sing with us. He was shy at first but he got over it rather quickly. Su and Franklin both make me stand when I sing. I was singing Don't Cry For Me Argentina (BTW, our voices were ravaged from the day before but we didn't let that stop us) and Franklin and Su decided I needed heals to help my singing. I think they definitely helped me channel my inner Eva Peron, LOL.

We spent awhile singing, laughing and drinking (I only had one, Su said it would help me sing better, I think their drinking made me sound better, LOL). Around 5pm Su and I were ready for a nap, the one we have meant to take 4 hours earlier so Frankling went to eat and we made plans to meet later. We weren't planning on going out, well maybe back to the strip club but Franklin told us about a gay bar where there are men who hang around in their undies so Su and I thought we should check it out. But first we had to nap! To relax in bed we finished watching Benchwarmers, I cannot stress enough, skip this movie. Then we crashed. We were planning on going to dinner at 7pm. Franklin called us at a quarter to 8 and woke us up, LOL. Groggily we got ready to go to Twist, a tapas restaurant down the street.

On Sunday night they have a $10 all you can eat special on some of their tapas. Count us in! I don't have any pics to share of the food, we were so hungry we plowed right in. We did make sure to take a picture before we left, one in the bathroom and one as we were leaving.

Our evening is just beginning but I think this post is long enough. I'll be back later to hear about our adventures in boyland!