Bun, Leiha style!

So remember the other day when I was trying to make a salad 2 days in a row? Well instead of making salad I decided to make my own version of bun, otherwise known as vermecelli. I used to not be able to make it because I could not get the sauce correct. I tried by getting recipes online and from cookbooks but it was never the same as what I could eat in a Vietnamese restaurant so I was destined to not enjoy the benefits of bun at home. Until the day I was in an asian market and saw that they now make spring roll dipping sauce which is the same stuff used for bun, woo hoo! Now I could make my own, minus the things I don't really like like the peanuts, mint and bean sprouts but with lots of cucumber and cilantro. Bun can be made with any kind of meat but I prefer it with pork or shrimp (most often shrimp cause it's easy to cook). Another key to making good bun is finding just the right noodles. Sometimes its too thick, sometimes it's too thin, well you get the picture. This time it was too clear! When I was cooking it I realized that this would not do so instead of rinsing the noodles off and then tossing everything together I cooked the noodles in with the shrimp so it ended up being more of a hot dish but I still put in my sauce as well as the cukes and cilantro and it was so enjoyable I finished the noodles but was too full for the shrimp. Don't worry, I saved my leftover shrimp for the salad I ate the next day. You know I would never let a shrimp go to waste, LOL.
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6 Mannions Speak :

Nes said...

Wow! That looks good, Leiha! How come you never cooked for me when you were here, huh? Lazy ass! LOL! I wish you made bun then...

I still make your cucumber salad a lot though. It makes for a good snack.

You know what's good too? Pad Thai Noodles. It's Thais. Doh! LOL. I've had several Pad Thai Noodles since we've been to Thailand, but nothing beats the taste of the original Pad Thai being cooked on an open fire at a Thai market.

Now, I'm hungry again.... *note to myself: eat before you stop and read Leiha's blog*


Anonymous said...

That looks delicious! Next time we get to visit, you should make that for us. *VBG*

Leiha said...

LOL Nes! I told you if we made it to the asian market I would cook for you, it's not my fault we didn't and who am I to insist? I liked you cooking better, LOL.

Brenda, next time you and your family come over I would love to cook it for you! Nes, same for you, LOL.

Rosie said...

Chick, that looks so yummy. Who knew you were so epicurious? LOL. That even sounds like something I could create. I have yet to make your cuke salad, but I have everything except the red onion (forgot it shopping last night). Oh well, another trip to the store. Nes, I like Pad Thai too. I haven't eaten breakfast yet, but I shall soon. LOL.

Aimee said...

I LOVE thai food, one of the VERY few things I will eat as a leftover.
Leiha girl, I can't wait to come see you & get the korean food outing/education and have you cook for me!
That bun sounds so dang good!

Leiha said...

What can I say Rosie, I have hidden depths (very hidden, LOL). BTW, you could totally make this at home and it would be a lot cheaper then eating out and the boys would love it. I'm not a big thai eater but I bet if I went to Thailand I would be a fan, LOL.

Aimee, my welcome mat is always out for you sweetie.