The Big Salad

Alright, after living here for 3 months I've made my first salad and it wasn't just a salad, it was a big salad! I need a salad wit oomph, otherwise I am still hungry and I'll have a salad and something else. I want a salad that makes me feel full. I actually bought some fixings for a shrimp salad since the shrimp was on sale but I had some turkey that I needed to use (I bougt me some turkey thighs the other day so I could have my own leftovers, LOL) so I made a turkey salad. I pretty much use a lot of what I have on hand and when I originally moved in I bought a lot of beans and such to put into salads where they have remained until today. Here is what I put in my salad tonight:

spinach (I use this instead of lettuce for the nutritional value)
cucumbers (a staple in my salads yet the ones at salad bars I usually avoid)
1 boiled egg (I forgot I had eggs in my fridge, LOL)
peas (I just found out they're not considered a green vegetable, wtf?)
garbanzo beans (extra oomph)
There is not that much dressing on the salad, I didn't mix it up very well before I took the pic. The bottom was actually quite dry. Also, using chopsticks not recommended for amateurs when peas and garbanzo beans are in the mix.

Actually looking at that list, that's not as impressive a salad as I normally like. I did go back to buy salad fixings (which consisted of the cuc and spinach) after I bought the shrimp so I just did a run through since I had just been in that section. I think I need to buy some heart of palm, avocados and black olives, then my salad will be compete. Since I have to go to the post office again tomorrow I can shoot for a salad 2 days in a row, LOL. I couldn't find my favorite salad dressing which is Girard's Champagne Lite (Barb turned me on to this) so I made it with an Italian dressing. Are there fave salad ingredients of yours that I'm missing?

BTW, my new favorite song is Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. It was the song at the beginning of the season for the Grey's Anatomy commercial. I heard it on the radio today and sat listening to it so I could hear who sang it. I've downloaded this as well as You Could Be Happy, also by Snow Patrol. I have Chasing Cars up on my myspace page if you want to listen to it.
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8 Mannions Speak :

Nes said...

Looks good, chick!

I usually add goat cheese or feta cheese, sun dried tomatoes, olives, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts and sometimes depending if I have some left, pasta.

Shoot, I haven't had lunch yet and this is making hungry.

Missi said...

Hm, don't think I know many people that can make a meal out a salad (then again, maybe I just don't pay attention).

My salads consist of lettuce, croutons, bacon bits, and Ranch dressing.

I used to eat salad more, when I could buy it in the bag, but after everyone started getting poisoned by the bagged stuff, I quit eating those.
So a couple weeks ago I decided I wanted some salad, so I bought a head of lettuce to make my own. For some reason it didn't taste right.
Turned out, I had bought cabbage, not lettuce, lol.

MsFlexie said...

Here's one of my fave salads that works as a full meal:

prepare your choice of small tortellini (I use tri-color 3-cheese from Buitoni). Lightly spray with cooking spray and toss. Set aside.

baby spinach
sliced fresh mushrooms
dried cranberries
pine nuts
thinly sliced red onions (optional)
A bit parmesan
Roasted Red Pepper vinegarette dressing
-Toss all the ingredients above. Gently add the tortellini and lightly toss some more.

Reny said...

We have salad a couple of times a week. I tend to clear the fridge out when I make it.

I usually use romaine lettuce, mushrooms (peeled and sliced) cucumber, tomato, (raw broccoli and cauliflower if I have it)a boiled egg,quartered, bow tie or small shell pasta, ham, chicken(or turkey), shrimp and some grated or cubed cheese. my chop sticks are a couple of carrots. I serve it with a roll since my DH likes to make a sandwich of some ingrediants. I give him some beans but hate them myself.
in the winter your new experience) I make a hot salad (my own invention) I saute onions and mushrooms,(sometimes sliced zucchini, add beans and a can of tomatoes. heat and during the last minute fold in enough spinach for the meal. Serve and eat immediately after stirring in the spinach. I also add cheese grated on the top sometimes.

Rosie said...

Mmm, that salad looks good. I love peas and garbanzo's in my salads. They just make it. And I love shrimp in salads. I just love salads! That Girard's is my favorite too thanks to Barb! I'm not too great at making my own salads though, but some of these ideas are great!!!

Aimee said...

Lina, your salad sounds AWESOME! all I would omit is the pine nuts.

Leiha, yours sounds great except for all the beans LOL!


Nes said...

Yeah, I'm going to try Lina's salad. Sounds yummy.

Leiha said...

I like pine nuts in my salad too.

Missi, I am all about the bagged spinach, thank goodness the scare is over. When I first moved in I bought a b and then the scare, I think that's why I hadn't made a salad in so long. LOL at buying cabbage instead.

Lina, that salad sounds great!

Reny, that salad sounds like a feast!

Don't you have a salad bar at your work Rosie? That makes it easier. I make salads at home but I hat making one to travel so I understand.

Aimee, the beans help fill me up, soy beans are also a fave, LOL.