My Mannions demand and I deliver...

I hope the wait was worth it, LOL. This first dress is the dress I love, it's quite different for me in that I am covering more skin then I show yet still feel it's sexy. It flows along the body and it makes me look taller which is unusual for a long dress. I consider this a fun/funky dress. This is a dress I can just have a good time in! Since I was taking my own picture it was very difficult to get the whole dress in. But it flows all the way down. I'm planning on wearing my gold strappy heels with this since I plan on dancing in this and they're comfortable.

Now this second dress is just sexy. You know I love flaunting the sisters. I don't know how I was able to get a full length shot here but not on the other one, LOL. I have a bunch of red shoes but I think that may be too much. What do you think?

I'm wearing my new favorite house slippers in this pic. A long time ago I bought some DKNY slippers from Loehmans and it was like walking on a cloud. I am a delicate flower and I always wear something on my feet even when I'm home. Once those slippers were rags I had to get rid of them. Ever since then I have been looking for slippers that had that kind of padding again, most slippers don't have enough for my delicate sensibilities. Recently I was shopping in the clearance section of Ulta, not because I needed anything but because I just always have to check it out when I'm there and they had these slippers and they were only $3!!!! I bought a pair, went home and slipped my feet in and I was walking on clouds again! I decided not to go through what I went through the last time I wore mine out and went back and bought 2 more pairs of slippers, LOL. I think I need to get more. After all, I'll need a lifetime supply. So if you are looking for comfortable slippers to wear around the house these are it and they're only $3!!!! Looks cute with my red dress, don't you think?
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I love to eat and sleep. One thing is more fun to blog about than the other. In between eating and sleeping I love to travel, spend time with my family and talk about myself. :)
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16 Mannions Speak :

Sara said...

Wow, sexy! I tihnk black shoes are the way to go....

Aimee said...

I'm with Sara, Black, high & strappy! I LOVE that long dress! I'm not a dress kinda girl, I think I own 2 LOL! VERY nice!

Joanie said...

Nah, flag the red shoes. Go with the slippers. You'll be able to dance to dawn...and you are gonna, so be warned! J xx

P.S. Seriously, the dresses look hot!

J xx

Joanie said...

P.S. Could you please change it from "Talkback" to "*Mannions Speak"?

We Mannions like to be recognised!

J xx

Karen said...

Love the dresses chica! Both verra slinky and sexy.

Anonymous said...

I really like them !The red one's my favorite ! Told you I'd blog !

Leiha said...

I guess it's time to go shoe shopping, LOL. My last pair of black strappy shoes went ass up so I need new ones.

I love dresses, mainly because usually I don't have to get them altered like I do pants. Nowadays though for going out I do wear jeans and a sexy top more but it was fun to shop for some dresses. Now I need some more slutty tops, LOL.

I wish I could get away with wearing the slippers, I so would! Too bad they won't fit in my purse for a presto chango midway through the night, LOL.

Joanie, I like the way you think! Consider it done!

Thanks Karen!

OMG, my # lurker just delurked!!!! Hi Karry, it's good to finally SEE you, lol. I know, I owe you an em. I'm always playing catch up on those nowadays. I'm so happy you posted! You've accomplished your 2007 resolution, LOL.

Libby Loo said...

Love the dresses, how fun! And it's a damn shame shoe designers can't make a hot pump that's as comfortable as those slippers. Or somebody can't magically declare slippers as HOT so we can wear them everywhere. Damn!

sparkle said...

Great dresses! You can wear almost any color shoe with the red except red, depending on your accesories! Black will always go, but gold, silver, navy, prints with a little red in them are great too!

I think that you look great in the stripes and almost 6 feet tall!!

Leiha said...

Oprah had a whole clip segment on how painful her shoes were (I work from home, I watch a lot more Oprah, LOL) and I was like, she makes enough damn money she should be able to wear comfy stylish shoes, if she can't, how can we?

LOL, well the accessories will depend on what ones you bring for me to wear *G*. You are after all the accessory queen! Glad you like my dresses chick. Still on the search for some new tops.

Rosie said...

Love the dresses, chica! I'm like Aims, though, not much of a dress girl. I mostly wear pants or jeans with cute topes. As for shoes, I gotta agree with the black strappy type shoes. Or gold. Those would be cool too. Of course, I love the slippers. You got me hooked on slippers too. I can't tell you how many I've destroyed. LOL.


Nes said...

Love it L! It sure is a fun dress and you look great in it!

Black strappy shoes, definitely, but but with platforms! Gives it more the 60's and 70's look.

I also like the red dress. :)

Joanie said...

Okay, we need to get Kate Moss to wear slippers. She will be able to get them fashionable. Heck, if she can get the world wearing Ugg boots, she can do anything!

I do like a dress, gotta admit.
I always sexy and feminine in a dress.

Now I'm thinking maybe I need to buy some new stuff for Vegas and I was trying to avoid it. But like a lemming off a cliff I might just follow my sistahs...

J xx

MsFlexie said...

Yeaaaa! I'm so excited I can finally see the dresses in better light! They are very cute! Long dresses do lengthen a body, contrary to popular belief... it's like when people are afraid to paint smaller rooms in darker colors, thinking it's going to make them close in, but in truth, they give spaces depth and make them appear bigger! Anyway, back to the red dress...

Definitely NO red shoes! I think the color of your shoe will depend on your accessories.

Black is cool for a date or dinner, it will give the whole look a more sophisticated, almost formal feel.

Clear or Gold will also look great.

However my FIRST choice would be SILVER! It will make the whole outfit more fun and sexy, great for a night out and dancing!

My second choice would be a COLORFUL/MIXED COLOR PRINT with some red in it. I would then pick one of the BOLDER colors in the mix and accessorize with it! It will make the outfit more playful, and perfect to transition from day into the wee hours of the night in!

Leiha said...

Ro chick out Ulta, you can't be $3!!!! Can you tell how excited I am about them, LOL. I go through phases where I wear dresses a lot and then I won't wear them for awhile. I do love how easy it is to just throw on a dress.

Nes, I wasn't asking about which shoes to wear with the black dress, LOL. But I love the platform idea. I'll have to see if I can find anything like that that's comfortable.

Joanie, I thought uggs were the ugliest things but I have to say, after seeing them around for awhile I'm sucked in. Of course, I am going to wait til I go to Australia to buy them, I hate paying more then I have to, LOL.

As for the shopping, I have to do it because the girls have all seen what I already have. So it was either find new girls to travel with or get new tops, LOL. OK really I don't care if the girls have already seen me but I don't want too many pics of me in the same outfits, LOL.

I've been wanting to get silver shoes, I have gold. I think silver is fun and matches more of what I have. I can't wait for you to see my dress in person and neither can my ass, LOL.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Flexie, silver shoes would rock. I can't wait to see pics of y'all in Vegas. I'm envious. *sigh* Maybe next year...