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I sent Nancy an email today asking her to put together a list of songs she must have for her ipod. You all may remember she had a plethora of nanos for Christmas but what she doesn't have is a plethora of songs. She has downloaded a lot of the ones I emailed her (I was emailing a song of the day but now it's more like the song of the week, LOL) but she is still lacking in a lot of songs. Not that I rank anywhere near as many songs as most people but way more then she has. Yes, I have a mac and she has a PC so she won't be able to update without erasing everything but I figured this would be a good workaround until she builds up her own library of music. Plus, I borrowed some audio books from Barb when she came so I'll have audio books that Nancy can add to her nano.

So now I have a few days to stock up on songs for Nancy (she really is spoiled) and I am trying to think of fun new songs for her. You may not know this about her but her fave songs are the dirty ones. One of her favorites is Closer by NIN. She also really enjoys Crazy Bitch by Buckcherry and Fuck You Gently by Tenacious D. Her newest favorite sent to her courtesy of me is Suck My Dick by DJ Valentino and those are the only words in the song. She's really enjoying that one. I got that song from Julian Rios' myspace page. As soon as I heard it I thought of Nancy! Should I be weirded out by that? Anyway, I don't really know a lot of new music, I'm an 80s girl and rarely listen to the radio anymore. The songs I have been downloading lately are songs I want to learn for karaoke because turns out I don't know the song as well as I thought, LOL. So I thought I would ask for help. I know a lot of you are really into music and so now that you know what kind of songs I'm looking for I thought I would solicit help from my Mannions.

I went grocery shopping today. Since I'm in a non-cooking mode this is what I bought: 3 bananas, some odwalla pomegranite limeade (want to try it with vodka), 1 tin of smoked oysters (they just sounded yummy), 2 cans of mandarin oranges, cottage cheese and the reason I went, a box of Cheerios, a box of Special K with fruit and yogurt and milk. I don't think that will hold me for 4 days but I'm definitely a mood shopper when it comes to food which is why I have to make so many trips to the market, LOL.

I love corned beef so if I get motivated I will go back to the store tomorrow/today and make myself an Irish dinner for St Patrick's Day. I'll also celebrate by drinking pomegranite and vodka, LOL.
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15 Mannions Speak :

Rosie said...

Well, I'm at a loss for dirty songs, chick. The only ones I can think of are Atomic Dog, Work It and Push It (of which you can tell my partying age, LOL). I still like Atomic Dog!! You really are a good friend!!! And, yes, Nanner is spoiled and I'm sure she loves it! *G*

Let me know how the pomegranite limeade is with vodka. That sounds like a great summertime drink!!


Sarah said...

You absolutely must listen to Jonathan Coulton » First of May, Nancy will LOVE it! This one is from Steve.

Nes said...

THE ART OF SUCKING DICK: Just don't bite me by NWA and She Swallowed it (that's part 2) - NWA.

It's hip-hop, but I love it. LOL!

And Fuck U by Jerry Ropero is more a club/dance music.

I'll hit you with it later. Eh, I'll send it now.

Chez said...

I'm sad I don't know any dirty songs. Sorry Nancy.

Tammy said...

There is always the
"What What (in the butt)" song!

I am sooo sorry...
it is all Libby's fault!

Leiha said...

I don't remember Atomic Dog, I remember push it by Salt n Peppa, I used to LOVE to dance to that song!

It doesn't sound dirty Sarah which means it's probably filthy, LOL. I'll let you know what I think after I DL it.

Thanks chick! Just by the titles I can tell she will love it.

Chez, I had to send you Fuck U Gently, so that you will now know a dirty song EG!

LMAO Tammy, I think we just found Nancy's new favorite song! That is hilarious!

Sara said...

I think I sent you the dirty songs I had. Well the really filthy songs I had. I could probably get some good techno ideas from my brother, if you need techno. But my tastes run more towards the hard rock aspect and those aren't as dirty as you might think. Though ALL NIGHT by DEF LEPPARD is a good one, lots of moaning and stuff. And ANIMALS by Nickelback is naughty. Ok I'll send those LOL

Tammy said...

Oh gee I'm so glad I could help! *giggles*

BTW I looked up that DJ Valentino song and you are wrong.."suck my dick" are not the ONLY words in the song!
I believe it says "suck my dick, suck my mother f*@!ing dick!"
Has a great beat tho! hehe

Bo said...

I LOVE Closer by NIN.Can't think of any really dirty songs,though-suggestive,yes,but gloriously obscene,hmmm...I'll have to think while I type the rest of this,LOL.

I love to buy the smoked oysters & spread some garden vegetable cream cheese on a Triscuit or a Wheat Thin,then top with an oyster-YUM!!!!

We just had our corned beef dinner,for lunch.*G* I've been in the kitchen off and on since about 8:30 this morning,baking,peeling,boiling,
mixing,etc.And I'm REALLY bitchy today-hubs says it must be b/c I can't drink until I fall over,like usual,LOL.It takes all day.I bet I usually spend more money on booze for today than the rest of the year combined.I have to make do with lime Kool-Aid today,and let me just say,it does not compare,LOL.

I'm an 80's fan like you,so the best i can come up with,you prolly already thought of-

Darling Nikki by Prince
I want your Sex by George Michael
Almost anything by 2 Live Crew(gag me)

"Deep" by NIN is really good,too-not especially dirty,but good beat and suggestive.

Enigma's LSD CD is also very sexy.

Leiha said...

Sara, I have Animals but haven't listened to it. I think it must have a song from one of the fever mixes, LOL. I'll look into the def leepard, moaning and groanins is good.

Oops, how could i have forgotten the rest of the lyrics, LOL. Nancy says it's her agro song now so when she needs to let off steam she listens to that.

Bo, I had a hot spinning instructor who would play Closer and I would just stare and fantasize as we cycled to that song, he certainy knew how to motivate!

Shit girl, I've never had oysters on top of vegetable cream cheese, that sounds fatastic! Will have to try it. I just ate these out of the tin and they were good but everything is better with cheese!

Poor baby, you can't enjoy this holiday like it was meant to be enjoyed! I'm sorry. That just means you have to have more food since you don't have the booze to fill you up! My brother mentioned too live crew also. I'll have to see what they have.

Tammy said...

Okay how about "My Dick" by Mickey Avalon, or "Fuck The Pain Away" by Peaches. If she likes rap there is "I Wanna Fuck U" by Akon w/Snoop.
Not my favorite ones but thought you might like to check em out!

A truly horrible song (tho good for a giggle is Sex Over The Phone by The Village People! So bad it's good! Btw the video might make you throw up a lil in your mouth, so be warned! LMAO

Oh and since you liked my YouTube video here is one from one of my favorite movies!

So funny!


Ian said...

Nessie should be able to send you "Lick" and Eminems Gerbil song, I sent them to her a while back, If not I can send them when i get home from work monday morning

Leiha said...

LMAO I will definitely have to check out the village people!

Thanks Ian, Nes said you had sent her soem songs but she couldn't remember which ones they were.

Anonymous said...

"I Like Big Tits" by Joe Walsh.
(Brian loves it of course)
These are so funny. I've never heard of most of them, but be sure I'm going to check them out.


Missi said...

I'm not up on today's music, or dirty music. I know of a couple from when we had wav-man and a couple of songs chopped up into wavs.

One was "Me so horny" by 2-Live-Crew and "Wiggle Wiggle" by Outhere Brothers.