Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

OK, it's almost over but I can't help that I do my post in the evenings. But I am going to share my favorite costume from this year. Ladies and gents, meet Gene Simmons.

No kiddies tonight. Guess it's a good thing I didn't go buy candy. I figured if someone knocked on the door I would give them some of the hershey's kisses I have here. Since I opened up the package I had the kisses in (I put together little giveaways for Karen with kisses) I ate a couple of them. I don't even like kisses that much but now they make them with caramel and dark chocolate!

Nancy wrote to me today telling me they had a haunted house at work and she screamed like a girl. Good thing she is one, LOL. It reminded me of a haunted house I went to when I was in the third or fourth grade. I went in clutching the back of my friend's shirt, cause I'm a big scaredy cat and came out with tears streaming down my face. We got to the end and couldn't find our way out. I remember turning towards the light and there was a hand coming out of a toilet. I screamed and cried more. What can I say, I was in the third grade! Then these bigger kids came by and found the exit for us, and we left and they stayed in, I wonder what they decided to do in there? My dad, ever the sympathetic one laughed when I came out, hmph!

Company is coming

which I love but that means I need to clean, which I hate! First I had to package all of the books and mugs I had in my living room, goodies that I just dropped there once I got home from Karen's last week. So I finally did that and took everything to the post office. Then I tackled my bathroom yesterday and vacuumed. Man, what a difference vacuuming makes! I still need to organize my bookshelves some more and I have boxes that need to go down in the basement and then I need to wash the sheets (for Lina, not for Nancy). I borrowed extra towels and blankets from Dao. But I still need to buy some shower scrunchies for my guests as well as some alcohol, LOL. I figure we will take care of the food by eating out! At least they're prepared for me not cooking for them. I moved the dying plant into my bedroom and put a fresh live on in the living room. I figure it'll last while they're here. You know how I like to pace myself. Tomorrow the goal will be to move the boxes!

I got a blackmail note today. My friend moved into my old apartment in Los Angeles. You all know I moved quickly and had to leave some stuff behind. I was told to send money or the puppy gets it!How wrong is that? Of course I LMAO! Good thing I didn't have a strong emotional attatchment to the puppy. I asked for an ear as a memento.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Photo Booth

Remember photo booths? How fun it was to go in there and have a couple of seconds to pose before the picture was taken? Well my mac has a photobook function since the cam is built in. I turn on the cam, snap a pic and it gives me 3 seconds to pose. Of course I'm posed before I even hit the button, LOL. The beauty is, I get to see myself as I pose, the ultimate self portrait! Since I did Marilyn for Karen's board tonight I decided to play a little with my new feature. Maybe when Lina and Nancy are here we'll try to squeeze into my photo booth for some pics *G* because it's alsways more fun with friends.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Excellent news party people!

Nope, I didn't get anything done today that I had planned and I think I'm getting butt sores from being planted so long but the bathroom can be cleaned tomorrow and the vacuuming can be done then too and if not tomorrow then the day after. I mean I don't have company until Thur night so I have tons of time! Of course my living room looks like a library exploded because I have books to mail out or organize but again, tomorrow is another day.

What I'm really excited about is I just found out they opened a Trader Joe's somewhere around here. Trader Joe's is the economical version of Whole Foods where I love to buy my cheeses (you know I love me some cheese) and they have awesome bulgogi! They also have my favorite veggie mix, soycuttash which instead of lima beans and corn is soy beans and corn with a tiny bit of red bell pepper (great as a side dish or in salads). And I didn't even mention 2 buck chuck! OK, I don't drink wine but the have a $2 brand of wine that people say tastes great. People buy it by the case loads! I was so sad when I looked online for one and found out they didn't have one anywhere in the state of GA!

When Dao told me that bit of news I was like, we HAVE to go! Unfortunately we were already out and about and had no idea where it was so we both started calling people to look it up for us and she got ahold of someone. The store was south of where we were and we did just eat a buffet so food wasn't at the top of my list at that moment but sometime in the very near future I will be making a trip and who knows, it may motivate me to cook more. OK, maybe not, but I'll eat more cheese! I forgot to mention they have an excellent butternut squash soup, that's fabulous with a dollop of sour cream!

Today I also stopped by a local independant bookstore that had contacted Kare. I wanted to drop off a mug and some postcards. So I emailed her to get directions and let her know I was coming. When I walked in and introduced myself her co-worker literally squealed with excitement, LOL. Did my reputation proceed me? OK, so she squealed because she loves Karen so much but hey, I don't mind being the woman who knows the woman! Of course, if she read my blog she would be screaming just for me, LOL.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Don't worry, disaster has been averted!

So my computer has been wigging out lately and I knew it was time for me to get a new one, especially since I do 95% of my work on it. I have spent the past week looking at computers online but I didn't want to buy just yet, I mean, I have been spending tons of money lately. I just bought a new car, jeans, moisturizer! I can't buy a new laptop.

And then I couldn't get my puter to start this morning. It took me a couple of tries. But I remained calm and got my puter back up. Then it crashed on me and I couldn't get it back at all. Now it was panic time! I decided I couldn't live without a computer and I couldn't get anything done with it dying on me all of the time so I decided I had to buy a new puter. Too bad I couldn't get online to see where the Apple store was. I called Nancy, she didn't answer, called Dao, she didn't answer so I decided to do the dishes I put off last night. Yep, that's how calm I was. Then Lina called and she looked up the Apple store for me, yayyyy!!!

So I am the proud owner of a new macbook. And for those of you who don't like macs (NES) this computer can run windows. I haven't downloaded it yet because I'm still working on getting the mac side of things set the way I want. I was able to inport my pics (you know I have tons) but not my albums so last week when I organized my European pics, they're all in a cluster again, LOL. And I was able to inport my itunes library but my playlists are gone:( So now I have to organize them again. It's different getting used to a new computer. I don't like the keyboard and touchpad as much, you know how you just get used to how things are?

My macbook has a built in camera and a function called photobooth so I can just snap face shots anytime I want, like I was in a photobooth. If I didn't look so tired I would show you, but don't worry, you'll see pics of me soon enough. I can also now burn DVDs woo hoo! Not that i want to burn DVDs but I do want to make videos. Pictures of me look even better set to music and now that I can burn DVDs, I can send pics of me to all of you, LOL! Now I know you're excited!

Last night I only got 5 hours sleep, way down from my wanted 8 or the 7 I have been getting lately. I'm hoping to get caught up on my emails this weekend, I know I owe bunches but first I'm going to get caught up on my sleep. Nighty night!

Thursday, October 26, 2006


No nap for me today! I can't believe I'm still functioning. I went to see Karen today but that usually doesn't inhibit by nap time, I just come home and nap but I had so much work to do when I got home that by the time I could take a break for a nap it was 8pm. Don't get me wrong, I still tried to sleep, c'mon, it's me! You know I'm going to try. I figured I would get a half an hour in and be good to go. Unfortunately, couldn't sleep. I know, woe is me! But I am going to sleep well tonight!

You know I did THINK about doing the dishes tonight but instead I just lit a candle, LOL. I'm way behind on my emails so I wrote a couple of those, my friends are higher priority then my dirty dishes. My landlord's father is supposed to stop by tomorrow so I guess I'll get around to the dishes but I didn't nap today, they can wait!

On a positive note, I did shower. Nothing good on tv tonight, all repeats so I took a shower, sure it was at 10pm but hey, I got around to it! Su, make sure you tell Wade!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Brace yourselves...

I cooked last night! I know, don't fall off of your chair Nes! I can't say it's a new trend or anything, I did still have cereal for dinner tonight but I was chatting with Nes last night and she had seafood and suddenly I was craving the shrimp I had in my freezer which I bought when I first moved in, thinking I was going to cook, hah! Almost 2 months later and I cooked, LOL. I do love food so maybe it's not a good thing I cooked. I don't normally have seconds of my cereal! But my shrimp with quail eggs and lima beans was yummie. Speaking of lima beans, I have been enjoying them. Normally peas are my go to veggie but the lima bean has been stepping up! I did buy some seasonings when I first moved in, again, with the intention of cooking and yesterday I finally opened them up.

My go to spices are season all, pepper, fresh garlic an nuoc mam. Nuoc mam is what all Vietnamese people cook with, loosely translated it means fish sauce. I know, sounds gross yet I use it in everything I cook as do all of my Vietnamese brethren. Don't worry, it doesn't taste fishy in the food (it will if you eat it by itself and the smell is strong). My girlfriend Rachael (she does the cooking blog I'm linked to) called me this weekend because she's staying with our mutual friend who moved into my old apartment and she's like he has no food but he does have 2 bottles of nuoc mam, yep, that would be what I left there (it doesn't travel well, LOL). I told him he could throw it away, I guess he wants to keep a remembrance (hmm, smelly fish sauce, he better not use that as his memento of me!). I wonder what I can cook with the grapes and pickles in my fridge? I haven't gotten around to buying condiments. I did buy salad dressing. Have yet to make a salad. Maybe that will be my goal for next week, I like to do things in baby steps!

They're expecting it to freeze tonight....

What you talking about Willis? I am so not ready for this. For one, I don't have my heat turned on yet. I know, I know, I should have done it sooner but I didn't, oops, LOL. I did look up online the gas company but unlike other places I have lived I have a ton of choices so I called my neighbor to ask who she used. She stopped by tonight and she's going to drop off the info for me so I can get my heat turned on. My landlord said he never had his heat turned on and my neighbor said she went 2 years before she had hers turned on but I realized that that is not me, I will pay for gas and be warm! Thank goodness Dao had a space heater for me to use. I have it set up in my living room but I'm going to move it into my bedroom tonight. When I took my nap today I had a turtleneck and sweats on and I was cold! Not good, not good at all. They say normally at this time of year it's in the 70s, today, the mid 50s. This is not a trend that I am happy with.

Tonight I was going to vote for the first time on Dancing with the Stars because Joey was in the bottom 2 last week and I don't want him to go but I was so blown away by Mario's dances that I just couldn't do it. I love Joey but Mario is just fabulous! Let's just hope that Jerry Springer goes home like he should. Tomorrow Lost is on, I missed half last week cause I was on the phone with Lina but the previews look fab. To be honest though, the show I am loving this season is Heroes, each show has left me wanting more. I hope they can keep up this momentum.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Ok, you can spank me now!

No, I did not make it to the gym today but I promise, I have an excellent reason. Brace yourself, I've been WORKING! I know, I was shocked too! I guess a week before Karen's book comes out is not a good time to decide to go back to the gym. It's 11pm and I still have some more things I need to do before I go to bed. But in a weird way, it's been a lot of fun. I am not a person who enjoys busy work which is why working with Karen is such a joy, if there's nothing to do then there's nothing to do but there are times when there is a ton to do, like today. I worked for hours in my office before I got up to get some food and then went back to working. With the release so close I had things that had to get done and I'm also working on things that I want to get done. Karen actually gave me an out giving me extra days, I think she's worried if I work too many hours I won't be happy but I'm the one pushing up the date on things. I find myself not minding working long days because I'm working towards a goal. I'm excited about what I'm doing and honestly, I can't remember a time I've ever been so excited about a job. OK, I was excited whenever I saw celebs, LOL.

I feel weird whenever any of Karen's fans thank me because I'm getting paid for something I am loving so much. Even when I answer her emails I have a smile on my face. It's been fun developing a relationship with everyone. Karen asked me the other day what I didn't like about my job and after thinking long and hard it was the fact we haven't had a chance to shop together yet, LOL. That was my complaint!

There is still a lot I need to do this week so it looks like next week I will get my butt on track and get back to the gym. Don't forget to check Karen's message board every day for the next week, a new contest a day! I'm on my way over there right now to put it up and I decided to put up a new pic of me everyday too. Well, all my talk of work and being excited I didn't want you to think I had changed, LOL.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

While taking a pic of my office

I realized I haven't posted a pic of my bed and since I recently did laundry (after 3 weeks, have tons of undies but wanted clean sheets, LOL) which meant a freshly made bed I thought it was a perfect time to show it off. Now my bed is superfabulous but the most superfabulous bed I've ever been on was Linda's. Now she washes her sheets constantly and makes her bed everyday, I am not that motivated, obviousely.in fact I had a friend describe me as motivationally challenged but that's a whole different post, LOL.

As I was saying, here is my superfabulous bed. The mattress is so high that I you don't get to enjoy the sleigh bed look as much but it's still awesome. I also need a new lamp for my night stand, that is totally temporary. I already have books piled inside my nightstand. I almost bought some decorations for my room today that would have matched my room perfecctly but I have splurged enough for now. Then of course, I was at the Gap and bought a couple of tanks, LOL.

BTW, two days in and my face is looking fab. I do believe my pores are shrinking which I love. I think I'm aging backwards! Well at least my face is, my body is a different matter. I swear, by 8pm my eyes are tired and I can barely keep them open which is bad because I do most of my emailing in the evenings but I have been so tired lately.

I haven't been to the gym in awhile, Mich says that will help me and I know I need to go so my goal for tomorrow is to get my ass to the gym. If I do not go, you are all allowed to give me lots of grief. Well, everyone but Nancy, LOL.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Mindless movies

I have to say the movies I can watch over and over are the mindless action movies that TBS airs all of the time. Today alone they had on The Mummy, which never gets old, pure entertainment, Charlie's Angels, girl power and Bady Boys, I love the buddy movies! I also love the Lethal Weapon movies, if Mel made movies like that I would watch. Of course, as much as I love these movies not all of them should have had sequels. Charlies Angels 2, awful, Bad Boys 2, horrid, now the Mummy 2, that was still excellent. They kept the fun and excitement as well as still having a decent story. I thought the Lethal Weapon sequels were fun too (although, could have done with less Joe Pesci).

I don't go to the movies often but a good action flick is always fun to see. It's even more fun to see from the comfort of my own home, LOL. I honestly can't remember the last good action flick I saw in the theater. In fact, I can't think of the last good movie I saw in the theater, which could be why I never go anymore. Dao has mentioned going to the movies a couple of times but I honestly haven't seen anything that I have been interested in seeing. I'm not high brow in my entertainment but I want something that I enjoy and that is done well, is that too much to ask? Guess it is, which is why I watch my movies at home on the tv, LOL.

I am sitting here...

writing from the luxury of my new desk! Let me tell you a story of my day yesterday. I started off pretty motivated, I had errands to run but figured I would be home in an hour, post office, Nordstrom's (to return my goods), the bank and Staples. The post office took a little longer then planned, they were moving slow today but no sweat. Wish I wouldn't have left my ipod in the car but it wasn't that painful of a wait (I just prefer to get in and get out, plus, my lady wasn't there).

When I went to Nordy's (btw, the order of stops was planned by which side of the road and location, it's all about time management and ease of driving) it was totally painless returning my items, one of the great things about shopping there. I was chit chatting away with the gal. Then I made a fatal mistake. I went to the cosmetics section. Not that I need to buy any makeup at this time. I don't. The problem is, my face has been totally dry and flakey and pretty gross. Oh, I hadn't showered or washed said face cause I wanted to get my errands done and get home. I wanted a new moisturizer. I decided since I am now employed I can go department store instead of drug store and maybe that would help my skin. Linda did warn me that moving will mess up my skin and she was correct. I have been waiting because I knew Estee Lauder had a gift with purchase so might as well get my moisturizer then, plus, Nancy and Karen love Estee Lauder so I thought I would give it a shot. I went to the sales lady who looked totally friendly and approachable, even though she was gorgeous and told her I wanted one thing because it was gift with purchase time. I don't like them to have unrealistic expectations of me, LOL. She was totally sweet when I told her about my skin and she knew just what I needed. Turns out she's a visiting make up artist for EL so of course I told her she could do my make up also. What I had planned on being a 5 minute trip inside of Nordstrom's became a make over! I was embarrassed to have her touch my face but she was a doll. I loved the foundation and bronzer but the makeup was too subtle for me, doesn't she know I need viva glam? I guess I should have told her, LOL. But I wasn't there for make up or buying any. Unfortunately, I loved the way the skincare treatment felt on my face so I got the advanced night repair and the advanced night repair 21 day serum cause my skin needs an emergency treatment as well as the idealist skin refinisher and the hydra complete moisture gel all for the low low price of $280!!!! GULP!!!! Good thing it was payday! And she gave me 2 gifts with purchases, LOL. But I consider it a necessary investment because I want to look 28 for as long as possible (that's how old she thought I looked). So whenever you come visit me, make sure you notice how glowing my skin is, Lina and Nancy I'll still be in the middle of my 21 day treatment when you visit so I could be in an ugly stage so LIE!

Then I rushed to the bank to deposit money into my account, LOL.

Next up was Staples, an office store for my international readers. I needed folders. Just plain simple folders. I did decide to splurge and get some new pens also. After all, I did just drop a load of dough on face creme! There's not anymore splurging for me in the forseable future. ON my way out though, I happened along the office furniture section. I was looking at some software for work otherwise I would never have been in that area. Well, there was a desk marked clearance but no price on it. By looking at the other desks I didn't think it would be anything I could afford or want to pay but I thought I would ask. Turns out, the person I asked, Autumn, was looking that information up right when I asked. The desk was only $38, well for that price I had to get it! My office is the only room not finished in my place and it's not like I was rushing to get it finished since I usually "work" in the living room but my printer looks so sad sitting on the floor and I have crapped strewn all over my table and such. Then she tells me the hutch was $35, well my printer would look fabulous on the hutch and then it wouldn't mess up my desk space and it matches so I had to get that also. She went downstairs to look for a boxed version of the hutch and I flipped through the catalog. My desk is normally $130 and online it's not on sale yet. I also noticed that one of the pieces inside the desk drawer was glued on instead of screwed on so she said she would give me a discount! When she came back she couldn't find the boxed version of the hutch which meant I would have to take the put together version but I was ok with that because what she did find was the bookshelf that matched the desk and hutch which I noticed in the catalog and walked around to look for but couldn't find. The bookshelf was $17, less then what I bought my Wal Mart bookshelves for AND it matched the rest of my office furniture! I had to get it and really it's not a splurge I needed it for my office. It was work related. With the discounts that Autumn gave me (she got some great finds at Target and was paying it forward, LOL) I ended up paying $80 and that was with the $10 insurance plan! My $130 desk was $24!!!!!! Talk about a steal!

Now comes the hard part, getting it home. I live less then a mile from Staples (it's across from Nordstom's) but I have a very small car. The hutch looked so much smaller in the store. We were finally able to get it to fit by taking the legs off, which Autumn did for me which they are not supposed to and we put the bookcase in back. Now the hutch is way smaller then the desk so I was in trouble. Neil has a truck but I can't ask him to come in from an hour and a half away to help me move something a mile away! So I called my neighbor who has an accord. Not a truck but bigger then my car, LOL. I had him bring some screwdrivers because I knew we would be taking it apart. I had to drive his car since he had already started his afternoon libations, LOL. Since I'm so used to driving a smaller car I felt like I was driving a boat and it's only an accord! Autumn helped us unscrew the back of the desk, there were three of us taking it apart in the parking lot before she went in and then I let Franklin try and figure out how to get the rest of it apart. We were there for half an hour, LOL. Then we load it in the car and can only fit one piece so we had to take in the dangling bottom half of the desk and set it inside Staples, the chick who was there had to ask management, she was not someone who thinks for herself. The manager said yes in less then a second! We were back at the store loading the second piece in less then 10 minutes. It took us a few to figure out how to get it in but we did and then we were home, yay! Now we had to put it all back together, boo! But luckily Franklin, southern gentleman that he is stayed to help. I did try and let him off of the hook but he wouldn't hear of it thank goodness, I would have spent the weekend trying to piece it all together.

I was so excited I had to get my things organized on my desk as well as transfer my books over and it transitioned into me cleaning the rest of my place. Today is a day of recovering, LOL.I think I'm going to put a twin bed in here for guests but otherwise, this room is set and all for the low price of $80 and many hours of sweat, LOL.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fashion show!

Nancy is right (did I say that?). I can't tease you with the talk of my new jeans and my fab ass and not share with you. Too bad I no longer have my child photographer so I had to take my own ass pic but I must say, I did a pretty good job of it. It's hard to catch a static shot of my ass looking fab because it's really about how it looks in motion.
I also got a package in the mail from Nordstrom's today. I went shopping in their sale section. They had free shipping if you bought a pair of shoes, I wasn't going to do it but decided it would be easy to take the shoes, LOL. And guess what, I didn't like anything I bought except the shoes, the item I didn't really want! You know how much I love red shoes and pumps are a classic. These will look great with jeans or a black dress. The only thing is the pointy toe makes me foot look big. With the point my size 6 becomes a size 8, LOL. But at least they're sexy bigger feet.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The wait is over!

And I won't torture you anymore, LOL. I was too lazy to put any make up on (big surprise) but I still wanted to show you my new do. Maybe this weekend I'll glam up so you can get the full effect. Here is the before. I just cropped an old photo (does it make a difference I was drunk in the pic? And this is without make up! Even when I wear my glasses I can see the difference which is nice.

Does anyone else feel the need to dress up when they go to the beauty parlor? I had to wear my new jeans and my new shirt and instead of flip flops I wore my boots, which is monumental (while I love shoes, I do tend to wear my flip flops a lot, LOL). Monica is a fab stylist, she takes her time when cutting your hair. The length is the same but there are more layers framing the face and more layers throughout my hair. I can tell a difference, my ponytail is thinner, LOL. Afterwards Monica wanted to curl my hair and who was I to argue? She used a flat iron to do it, which was cool. She showed me some styling tips which I totally appreciated. This is my hair several hours later AND it was a humid day today. I felt like a rocker chick when I walked out the door.
Hopefully I will take the motivation I got from Monica and fix my hair more often, or at least comb it more often, LOL.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I'm a whole new woman today

and I'll be a whole new woman tomorrow, that's right it's that time again, Leiha beautification. I know, is it possible? You would think I would be as ghetto fabulous as I could be, but such is not the case. I never said I was perfect just close *G*. Today Dao and I went to get our brows done. I swear, it's changed the way I look! My eyes are so open I almost don't look Asian! Not only are my brows beautifully shaped but I also got them colored! I know, what? I was like, I don't need dark eyebrows my hair is already dark but coloring them actually helps them look fuller. Normally this is the point where there would a picture of me (because that's what I do) but tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut so I decided to debut the new me all at once instead of in stages so the impact is felt more dramatically. I may have to take a whole new set of self portraits (like I really need an excuse).

I know, the excitement is almost too much to bare!

Monday, October 16, 2006


I posted the wrong link to Patti O'Shea's blog so if you have linked there and noticed nothing changed it's because I had a link up to one post, not her blog so she does update it on a regular basis. So please check Patti's blog again she actually updates it on a regular basis. I'm still grand though right?

Do I have delusions of Grandeur?

Karen says I'm a chihuaha who thinks she's a rottweiler, LOL. Was she making a reference to my height? What am I thinking? Of course I don't have delusions of grandeur, I'm just grand!

One thing I don't have is delusions of being Mario Andretti. Poor Karen, she's so used to driving her sportscar through traffic and today she had to ride with me. She actually make a comment about the fact that I wasn't in the right lane. I was in the 2nd to the right lane on the freeway. I told her the reason I was in that lane was because that lane was my exit, LOL.

I wore a pair of my new jeans today. Yep, my ass looked fabulous in them. Nope, no delusions at all!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I can't believe...

I almost went to bed without posting tonight! OMG, the crap Nes would have given me if I forgot, I'm shuddering just thinking about it. What I am also shuddering about is the fact that I had to set my alarm tonight. I'm meeting Karen early so that means I have to get up at 6:30am, wahhhhh! I know, I know, some of you, like Bo have to get up at 4:30am on a regular basis but still, I'm going to whine anyway, LOL.

The problem I have with getting up so early, besides the fact that I'm getting up so early is I get paranoid about oversleeping so that means I will not only be waking up early but I will not be getting a good night's sleep. It's a vicious vicious cycle. Since I have to get up early I didn't take a nap today (which is amazing in and of itself) so I'm hoping that I can fall asleep easier tonight. The good news is, I'm at a great part in A Caress of Twilight on my audio book where they are fighting the nameless so the drive will suck during rush hour I will at least be entertained. These short drives around town are just teasers when it comes to my book, LOL.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

ghetto fabulous!

I gave myself a pedicure today. I don't have anything to soak my feet in so I took a bath and soaked my whole body, LOL. I love a good pedi, I feel better when my feet look better. Plus, I wear open toed shoes all of the time so the toes need to look presentable. You can't really tell the color well in this pic, I was using a webcam but I'm wearing Aimee's favorite color pompeii purple which is funny because it's not really a purple more like a fushia color and Aimee sent me these gold L's which I put on my big toes, hence being ghetto fabulous! Again, the L didn't really show up well in the picture, but it is there and it is awesome, LOL.

I also went to a denim store that was going out of business and scored. I got some Serfontaine jeans (never heard of them) that were normally $228 for about $75 and some Hudson's that were normally $150 for $75 so I'm a happy camper right now. New jeans and pretty feet, woo hoo! Now I just need someone to appreciate them other then my girlfriends, LOL.

My doppleganger...

I was at the VA today (veterans administration) working on getting my healthcare set up when this guy walks up to me in line. He says that there is a woman who works in the hospital that looks exactly like me and I was smiling and laughing and then he was like the same smile too! Then it was my turn in the office so I walked away but that made me think, is the world really ready for two of me? I'm quite happy with there being only one of me, as I am sure, is everyone else, LOL.

This is not the first time someone has seen someone who looks like me. When I was in Korea there was another girl, I know, the country was full of asian women, but she was also enlisted and had a blonde best friend (my roommate was blonde) and they partied downtown all of the time too and people would mention her to me.

I also had some co-workers who went on a shoot and they said they swore the woman who they met could have been my twin. So did someone steal my mothers eggs and she didn't know about it? I am quite sure she would remember having twins, triplets or even quadruplets! It's weird that with all of the factors that go into making a human being there are others that look like you. Anyone else have this experience?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

My favorite time and yours!

That's right, it's picture time! When I should be hard at work I was busy playing with make-up, nothing wrong with that is there? Nes and I decided we needed new Halloween avatars for The Mall. We are constantly changing our pictures there. I know, shocking news! Unfortunately I don't have much in the way of costumes. Nes said to make do with what I had at home so I went with a clown. I have make-up and really, only our faces show. So I caked on the make-up and took some pics and sent them to her. She said she wanted scary so it wasn't a pretty clown by any stretch of the imagination. Nes was so busy looking for her costume she didn't have any pics to show me so I went to work. Then when she's ready she sends me her pics and she's HOT! How dare she! She said scary, not sexy. Well, I was having none of that! There was no way I was putting scary mean clown up while there was sexy Nes so I dragged my butt out (after my nap) to the grocery store (I desperately needed food also, LOL) and looked at what my options were. I wanted something sexy. This is what I went with.

Much better, don't you think? I do make a good blonde, LOL.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ta Daaaaaa

Only Nancy saw how ugly it was when I got it, it was dark blue with flowers painted around the door. You can't really tell but the drawer and door are pale pink, the same color as my vanity area (used leftover paint). I plan on piling books on the inside at the bottom and for the drawer, well, every girl needs a drawer next to her bed, EG! The pink on the left side is where the knob is and it was hard to get under there. I could have taken the fixtures off but why do that when I can just paint them!

I also added an audio greeting to my blog because Nes is so busy playing with her blog and I'm trying to keep up, LOL. I plan on changing this on occasion, maybe if you're not lucky I'll sing for you.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Shabby chic....

not likely, more like just shabby, LOL. I will never make a living as a painter or a great artist, that is for sure but my night stand is coming together. I just wish I would have taken a pic of it before I painted so you could see the difference. I went to craisglist to get the pic but it had already been taken down. Bummer. I need to put another coat of red on it before I can take a picture and show it to you all. The red is looking quite streaky right now. The good news is nail polish remover took off the paint on my arms.

Today I decided to walk to Nordstrom's because I needed to pick something up and I have not made it to the gym lately. I have been planning to walk to Nordstrom's for a couple of days now but today I actually did it. I woke up from my nap all motivated and eventually I made it out the door. I should have checked the weather. I thought it would be cooler. I had sweat pants on and a jacket. I had to tie my jacket around my waist and roll up my pant legs (plus, they were a tad shorter then I like, LOL). I was ultra hip walking down trendy Buckhead today *G*. Did I mention my sweats were dark blue and my tank hot pink? I thought I would be wearing my jacket! I can't really judge distance. I thought Nordy's would be about a mile, the walk was probably 15 minutes so now I'm thinking not so much, LOL. I didn't get quite the walk I was looking for but hey, at least I walked! If I get to sleep tonight at a decent hour I am going to the gym tomorrow morning! If not, then there's always Thursday, LOL.

Dao and I went to lunch today. She saves my life with those phone calls that say I have no food let's go eat. Remember how I was in Krogers yesterday? Doesn't mean I bought food while I was there. I had 2 power bars and an orange yesterday with my wonderful potato crisps. So today when we ordered I also ordered food for tonight and I have enough for lunch tomorrow. I was like woo hoo, another day or two without shopping! We did stop and buy fruit. We do love our fruit. I was so tired and wanted to get home for my nap but I was out of fruit and we were right there, LOL.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Let me tell you...

Potato crisps, not the same thing as potato chips! I even bought the jalapeno flavored ones and still, no kick. I feel like I'm eating a thin ritz cracker, what a bummer!

Well, I did accomplish a little something today. I went to go get my license plates. I had to do it because my temporary tags expired the 29th of Sept. Now it's not ALL my fault I'm more then a week behind. The car dealership sent the info to the wrong address and so they had to resend them to me. Of course, I got it last week but I only procrastinated a couple of days. I mapped out how to get to the licensing place on yahoo and when I got there I could not find anything that even remotely looked like where I could get my tabs. It was a shopping center, I drove all around twice and even went to the shopping center next door and then I was thinking, crap, I had the address wrong. I finally parked and walked inside the Allstate Insurance office ask them and she knew what I was looking for before I even asked. Apparently, I am not the only one who had a problem finding it. The licensing place was located inside the Krogers grocery store! Who would have thought? The good thing was there was absolutely no line and I talked books with the woman who helped me. I wrote down Karen's name and website address and told her to check her out, LOL. She was jealous of my job, maybe because I was so enthusiastic, LOL. Maybe in 20 years the bloom will be off of the rose.

Since I AM lazy when I got home I didn't screw on my plates, I figured I could do that tomorrow, LOL. But there must be something in the air today because I also started painting my night stand. OK, there wasn't something in the air, just nothing I wanted to watch at 7pm, LOL. I put 2 coats of primer on. Too bad I also have two coats of primer all over my arm. The wad of paint I splattered on the floor came up easily, the paint I have all over my arm, still there. I guess that I am no longer only half white, I'm 3/4 white. Tomorrow I'm using red and pink paint, will that make me 1/4 native american?

BTW, I am totally touched by the words you all used to describe me. I would not have used most of them when describing myself. We all know I'm not vain, LOL.

Where does the weekend go?

It's not like the week is so tough that I need my weekends to recover yet even though I love my job it's still nice to have the weekends where if I want to work I do but if not, that's ok too. So I spend lots of time being leisurely, I know, that's quite a shock to you. Yesterday I planned on walking to Nordstrom's, I even had my sweats on and a tank with built in bra support on the off chance I wanted to walk briskly. Instead I took a nap. In my defense, I had spent a half an hour cleaning. Boy, using that windex was exhausting but my bathroom mirror looks fab! Did I clean the bathroom, no, but the mirror looks great! I also got my office in order. Except for the fact I have no desk it looks pretty office like and the books I had strewn everywhere have been separated and out in appropriate piles, TBR, keeper and Nancy read. If I had a word to describe Nancy is would be SPOILED and she knows it and loves it, LOL.

Today Dao and I had our weekly lunch date. We went for sushi, not very good sushi bur when Nancy the princess comes (that's ok, I'm Queen) we're going to the place that was titled the Best of Atlanta last week. I also bought a nightstand from Craigslist for $10. It needs a new paint job but luckily, I have paint. Too bad I don't have a brush but I'm going to borrow one from my neighbor who just painted her room. I was going to stop by Lowes but I was tired, LOL. So I came back and took a nap! I was tired. I had a good excuse, I was up until 4am. Of course, on the nights I sleep 8 hours I still have a good excuse but this time I had a really good excuse. So instead of painting my new nightstand I played on the computer all day. I didn't even turn the tv on tonight *gasp*. Like I always say, tomorrow is another day and since it's a Monday I'll try to spend more time outside of the bed, then in, remember, I said TRY.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Blog changes

As you can see I've been playing around with my site. Blogspot has a new beta version out that makes it easier for me to make changes, woo hoo! I decided I should do a description of me but I will leave it up to my bloggers. So you all need to use one word to describe me and I will add it to my blog. Do not use a word that has already been used by someone else or there will be ten people saying loud, LOL.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Happy hour, I think not!

My neighbor Franklin and I went out tonight with the intention of finding somewhere to have happy hour. I know there wouldn't be drink specials but I was hoping to at least find food specials. We went to a couple of different places but they had a more restaurant feel then a bar feel before we ended up at the Bucket (or something like that). It was a bar, which was what I wanted. I also wanted a drink, I was thirsty, I had left my water bottle at home. I swear we sat there for over 15 minutes before we finally waved down one of the 4 waiters/waitresses that were standing around and when he came over there was no apology. We ordered drinks and asked for a menu, which he brought and then he disappeared for 20 minutes again! I was literally waving the menu in the air while he talked to another waiter. Again, no apology, no nothing. Franklin was fantastic company and I had a great time with him but let me say, that waiter irritated the hell out of me. I did something I very rarely do, I left him a dollar tip on a $40 bill. Normally if someone neglects you in the beginning they apologize and then give you good service and I'm fine with that but total neglect and lack of caring really chapped my hide so I had to let him know by not giving him a tip. I thought a dollar would be more insulting then nothing.

On the plus side, today I received boxes of books from Nancy which excited the heck out of me, until I realized that I'm still missing my signed Karen and Emma books. I got terrified that a box got lost in the mail so I called Nancy, not caring what time in the morning it was to find out how many boxes she mailed, luckily, I received everything she sent, I think Nancy is just taunting me at this point, LOL. I need my signed books safely back in my possession dang it! I wish this was my basement but this is a view of Aimee's. If I didn't move 3 times a year, this would have been my keeper shelf but at least I can admire Aimee's and look forward to perusing her shelves one day. She also has a bookshelf on the wall we can't see. I'm so jealous!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Since you all asked...

Here is the pic of my newest bookshelf. Isn't she a beauty? All loaded down with Karen's books! It's quite exciting. I remember the feeling of going to Karen's house and seeing the shelves over flowing with her books, I was soooo impressed and now I have my own shelf full of her books, yay! I really do still pinch myself. Notice how I didn't take a picture of the whole room. That bookshelf was the only clean space in there, LOL.

I can not believe I forgot to share this experience with you last night. Yesterday I was introduced to something new. I've heard of them but was hoping to never see one for myself. I got to see first hand, scurrying around my kitchen floor the biggest cockroach in the world! Nancy was on the phone and laughing her ass off because she got the shrieking and screaming and the hopping up and down (that part happened when I tried to step on it, I think the roach lifted me off of him!). I was able to scoop him out the door. Good thing I have no food in my house, if they're looking for sustenance they need to keep on stepping!

I'm watching Return of the Titans right now. I love this movie! It's a movie with a lot of heart and they sing in it also, LOL. It's not really a football movie, it's more about the relationships. Watching the bonding moments makes me think about and miss my girlfriends.

I also wanted to say welcome back Joanie! I'm sorry that you were so sick. I missed seeing you around here. I hope that you get better soon!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Tonight I was going to be a brat

and post a picture of my new bookshelf which just happens to be overflowing with Karen Marie Moning books (including a couple of copies of Darkfever) but I didn't want Aimee to get say I was rubbing it in (which I would have been, LOL). Although, I will inform you that these precious books are not mine, they are what I mail out for various contests and promotions. But it's still wicked fun to see them all there.

Tonight I was in the mood to clean, it doesn't hit too often. I think it was the fact that I bought a vacuum yesterday. Too bad it was a good tv night so not a lot of cleaning got done. I did rearrange my picture frames and plants, it's hard getting everything just so and until I get the rest of my books (coming soon) everything is temporary. Because everything needs to be framed around them, LOL. I know most of you will understand. I'm already kicking myself for not buying another bookshelf yesterday! I know I'm going to need it.

Now let's talk tv! Dancing with the Stars had a major upset tonight. I think I'm actually going to have to start voting (online) to make sure my faves stay in the competition. I'm still torn between Joey and Mario. Lost, OMG, the beginning was awesome! My only gripe is everyone is spread all over the island. But other then that, I'm so happy this show is back. My big recommend is the Nine which comes on after Lost. It's tough because I have been watching Kidnapped but I had to check this out and I'm so glad that I did. I love Scott Wolf (Party of Five) and Tim Daly (Wings) and the show had me hooked from the get go. This and Heroes are my fave new shows of the season and hey, if you missed it you can catch it online. Sarah and Chez, you could be watching the shows without waiting a year! Go to ABC.com. During the commercials tonight I downloaded some of the songs everyone recommended. I will let you know what I think of them once I hear them (I didn't have time to listen, I was watching tv!).

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

How important is a schedule?

I love not setting my alarm before I go to sleep. I haven't had to use my alarm since I have moved here which is awesome. I pretty much set my own schedule which is awesome! I can't think of one thing that is wrong with that, except...... back in the day when I had a real job I would wake up, take a shower and then go to work. Now I wake up and go to work (which means roll over and grab my laptop, LOL) and then I do various other things during the day but not always take a shower. Sometimes not having a schedule means I can't fit a shower into my schedule. I know, it's gross but it's true. I did not take a shower yesterday. I am the same girl who on my days off if I didn't take a shower during the day would take one at 11pm. My how times change. Now I'm not saying that this happens often, it does not but it's happened a couple of times, LOL.

Karen was riding in my smashing new car yesterday and she said that we were getting more looks in my little ice blue Hyundai then when she drives her sporty car. You know what that means don't you? Other then the fact that I really need to pay more attention to other cars when I am driving (I drive like a grandma, eyes straight both hands on the wheel) I really need to shower everyday and bring out the boobies more!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Fall is here!

After living in Los Angeles I don't use the changing colors of the leaves or the cooling of the temps to know when fall is here because the palm tree leaves don't change color and really, the temp doesn't change much either. I know I no longer live in LA but I've been programmed, I can't help it. For me, fall is here when I start seeing nuts in the stores, I'm talking real nuts! I was at the farmers market that wasn't really a farmers market and they were selling pecans and I was like ahhhh, summer is over. Of course I had to buy me some. I love shelled nuts. I wish they would have had filberts (if I was in OR there would have been a plethora) but I enjoy pecans too. Too bad my nutcracker didn't make the move with me. Luckily, I can crack pecans the same way you crack walnuts by squishing them together and I didn't have to bring out my hammer which is what Dao suggested, LOL.

Is there something that signifies the changing of the seasons for you? I know for our Kiwi and Aussie it's getting warmer. I know some of you have children in school (yay for you Mich!) but is there a memory or a moment that makes you think, ok, summer (or winter) is over?

Sunday, October 01, 2006

New blog pic!

I don't know why but it usually takes a couple of hours for new pics to show but by the time most of you see this it will be a new pic (and if it's the old one I'm sure you will rush back to see the new me, LOL). Joanie motivated me to play with my camera. OK, I don't need a lot of motivation on the end but still, my cam needs to be replaced, half the time the pic is out of focus so I have seriously cut back on my picture taking but after looking at a fab pic of Joanie that was black and white I decided I needed a black and white pic. It would have been better if I had some hair spray. I burnt my fingers trying to put rollers in my hair that stayed curly all of 5 minutes. I wanted to go with big beautiful Texas hair, as you can see, that did not happen, LOL.

I am weirded out whenever I see pictures of myself not smiling. It's such a totally different look for me. Not that I spend my life smiling but I do spend my life smiling for the camera so when I don't it's weird to see myself that way. When I'm looking in the mirror I'm usually doing something, like dressing and shockingly, I'm not usually staring at my non-smiling face, I'm checking out my outfit. I must say, I prefer to see myself smiling but this has been a change of pace. But since I took some other pics I might as well share one of the ham that you know and love.
Sundays are pretty busy for me. Dao and I pretty much have a Sunday standing date, we eat and we shop, usually for food, LOL, We saw a sign for a flea market so we pulled in and it was more like what you would see in Tijuana, all kinds of vendors but not a flea market so then we went to a farmers market and it was like a big grocery store but with all kinds of interesting things, I guess sort of like an international market but not really a farmers market. They have poor signage here in GA. But we did buy some fruit and stuff at the farmers market and it was a cool place, we're going back next week. We got this thing called a dragon fruit because it was all cool looking and I had never had it and I love fruit. This one piece of fruit cost $3! So when we got home I cut into it, turns out I don't like it but Dao told me I had to eat it because it cost $3 but luckily she took some home with her because she knew I would throw it out if I had to eat the whole thing by myself, LOL. I was expecting something a little tart like a kiwi but it had a weird almost jicama taste. I guess next time I'll ask someone first. We also bought a pineapple which I cut and we split. Basically, I told Dao as I'm putting this pineapple in separate containers we are like an old married couple but with separate residences and just like old marrieds, we don't have sex, LOL. I do enjoy my Sundays with Dao, we also went to the mall and while she found tons of stuff for herself I found nothing. I am trying to only buy things I really want, what a concept!

Also, I watched Ugly Betty online. Turns out on ABC you can watch some of their shows on the internet after they have aired. So if you miss Lost this Wed (and really, what is more important then Lost?) then you can watch it the next day online. You know what that means my fine international friends, you don't have to wait a year to find out what happens! There is also a new show coming on called The Nine I'm interested in. BTW, I really liked Ugly Betty and if you missed it when it aired, check out ABC.com.

Speaking of international friends, I spent the evening chatting online with Nes (and playing with the webcam, almost as much fun as being there) and then I got a call from Sarah who lives in New Zealand! What a wonderful treat! I swear one of these days I am going to go to Australia and New Zealand. I have always wanted to go to Australia but with Sarah in NZ I can't be so close and not visit her also. Of course, I have her tentatively penciled in for RWA 2011. Now that will be a party!

BTW, the song I downloaded last night that was my fave was Viloent Femmes Good Feeling, it's a mellow song but I think it's really beautiful and I can't believe it's the Femmes.