Saturday, April 29, 2006

You better love somebody!

OK, I watched the Daytime Emmy Awards tonight and Rick Springfield was rocking the house which made me think of a few years ago when I went to see him in concert. I rarely pay money to see people in concert. I don't spend much money on music and in this case I didn't buy the tickets either. I had a friend who worked in radio. It was a small station but she was able to call in a favor and we got to go see Rick Springfield for my birthday. She had no idea what kind of seats they were but I didn't care, it was free and it was Dr Noah Drake!

Anyway, we get there and head to our seats. We keep walking more and more forward. Our seats were in the front row one seat away from being dead center! They were awesome. The Motels opened and the lead singer still had an awesome voice. Then it was time for RS. He was awesome, so much energy and enthusiasm. There's a metal fence between us and the stage but he steps out onto it into the audience and walks among them as he plays. With the spirit of my girlfriends egging me on when he walked by me I totally touched his ass, LOL. Then there's one song where he asks people to come up. I totally hopped that fence (good thing there was a chair on the other side for me to land on) and got my ass onstage. So I was dancing along to RS and then when it was time to leave I was not going until I got a hug from Rick. I did, LOL.

Watching him on tv tonight was fun because he really is that energetic onstage and the funny thing. He's my dad's age!

Friday, April 28, 2006


It's a staple in our Vegas adventures! For some reason I didn't drink that much tequila this trip. Barb is our tequila instigator and we didn't see her until Thur. Thur night I had a little bit of a tummy ache so I had stopped drinking but Barb doesn't drink alone, enter Nancy, LOL.

Of course, after the look on their faces when they were done I was very thankful I didn't drink the shot with them, LOL.
I did have a shot on Fri night but that was pretty much it. Sat night I didn't drink tequila, thank goodness! I had drank enough other stuff. Part of the fun of tequila though is the bonding. I do love the tradition of it that we have and I promise next year I will get my tequila on!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Best Brunch Ever!!!

Every time I go to Vegas I always see the signs at Bally's talking about their Sterling Brunch, it has lobster, champagne, caviar, etc. So last year I told Su that I wanted to do it this year. It's expensive as hell but I wanted to try it at least once. I debated whether to do it this year since I was unemployed but I really wanted to and when Su asked if I was still interested I decided to go for it and boy am I glad that I did! Of course, we never do anything alone and this became one of our many RBL adventures. My partners in crime for this trip were, Aimee, Linda, Boadicea, Nancy, Barb and Su.

From the moment we sat down the champagne was flowing. Our waiter, Anthony, was perfect for us. Nancy jumped when he popped the champagne and she said he should warn her next time, his response, I'm a guy, I never warn before I pop. We knew right then that we were going to love him. We barely took a sip of our champagne and he would be topping it off and the water was Evian (not that a lot of us were drinking it, LOL). The quality of the food was awesome. Just some of what I had was smoked salmon, caviar, oysters, crab, sushi, lobster, rack of lamb, scallops, shrimp and pate. I didn't have room for the duck or beef. Tony actually cracked our crab for us!

We were laughing and joking with Tony so much the next thing you know we were also laughing and joking with the table next to us. It was such a wonderful experience. And I haven't even mentioned the dessert yet.
My favorite was the white chocolate pistachio covered strawberries. Divine!

Brunch felt like an event. We took our time eating and drinking. We lingered over dessert. A couple of the gals had some coffee a couple of us still drank champagnen and all of us had an awesome time. Definitely a highlight for me and I'm willing to save my money to go back next year. Always ask for Anthony, he'll treat you right. Although so does the maitre' d. He had a rose waiting for each of us when we left. What a perfect ending to our meal.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Did I mention I was getting married?

Well, at least for an evening I was. The gals and I were going to Chippendales and Halia and Madie wanted me to dress up as the bachelorette because they get more attention. Who am I to say no? So I got dressed up in a white top (do I qualify to wear white, LOL) and a short jeans skirt and wore this gorgeous veil. It was a lot of fun! Too bad there was no groom or else I could have headed to the chapel and gotten married by a fat Elvis. As it was, I got rip roaring drunk instead!

Honestly I don't know how it happened. Actually, I do, I drank, LOL. It did come as a suprise though how drunk I became because I have drank a lot more then that and was nowhere near as drunk as I was. I think it was the sake that Halia bought me at dinner. I wanted a buzz going in, just in case I did get pulled on stage but I have only had sake one other time and that mixed with the vodka I was drinking added to a very happy drunk me.

I didn't get pulled on stage but Nancy did. She went up and had to simulate a lap dance. She could have done better, I'll have to work on that girl, LOL. She was too tame. She lost to the girl who showed her favorite sexual postion by flashing her ass. After the show we went to Mandalay Bay. Too bad I was too drunk to appreciate it, LOL. The girls were worried about me. All I remember is telling them I'm ok, I'm not blacked out so I'm ok. Not that I would know if I was blacked out but it made sense at the time. I was also giving Nancy the thunbs up sign just to let her know how ok I was, LOL. I guess Nancy says I was telling her to tell the other girls I was ok because I knew they were worried. But I rallied and was sober enough to go to breakfast and be coherent, LOL. So the lesson learned here was don't mix my sake and vodka. Notice that I didn't say don't drink, LOL. Well, at least it was the bachelorette who got drunk, isn't that how it's supposed to be?

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Things I've learned

while staying in Vegas.

You can't hear your roommate's snore when they're in the closet: OK, I didn't make her sleep in the closet, she did that on her own, LOL. I kept waking Nancy up all night long one night because she kept snoring (loudly) and telling her to roll over. It got to the point where she had laid in every position possible and was still sawing logs. I found out the next day that my other roommate had come in and had a heart attack because when she got in there was a body laying in the closet. I did not send her there, Nancy figured she could sleep anywhere so she just went there, LOL. I also learned to wear my ear plugs, LOL.

You can't see if you have both contacts in one eye: Sadly, I was sober when this happened. I hadn't worn my contacts in awhile so I figured that was the reason my eyes were so blurry and not clearing up. I took the contact out of my left eye and then when I went to take it out of my right one I couldn't find it, I thought sh*t, I dropped it. I have in the past thought a contact had gone in my eye and dropped it instead. Linda asked me if I had put them both in one eye. That was just ridiculous and I didn't even entertain the thought. So I put on my glasses and my vision was still blurry in my left eye! I check, yep there was another contact in it, D'oh!

Don't do a pelvic thrust on someone's hip, it hurts: You know how it goes, you're in the moment and you're not really thinking. For some reason I grabbed Su and just did a big old pelvic thrust into her, the problem, my aim was a little off (could it be the alcohol) and I hit her hip with my pelvis instead of her butt. It hurt at the time and then the next day when I was showering I noticed how tender the area was, LOL. So if you're going to thrust your pelvis into someone don't hit the hip, LOL.

Don't ride an elevator alone when dressed like a slut: I had this outfit that was totally outrageous but fun, I did it more to entertain the girls then anything and I had to go to my room for something (I was at RBL Central) and this guy started talking to me telling me how sexy I was, LOL. After that I never went anywhere alone that night.

Do not let friends sign your butt with a marker: It doesn't wash out easily. It was funny getting my butt signed but then the next morning when I'm laying by the pool with someone's signature on my ass, it's not quite as funny. OK, it is but it's hard to get the signature off, LOL. Next time, I'll have them use a pen.

I'm sure there are many more things I've learned this week, too bad I already forgot them, LOL.

Friday, April 21, 2006

My version of clubbing it

Cleopatra's Barge is a staple when we come to Vegas. We always go at least once and usually twice. It's a nightclub located at Caesar's Palace that usually has a live band or a dj there. Sure, it's a hot spot for hookers and pimps but hey, they don't have a cover! Wed night when we were there after hitting several other spots Su ordered her cranberry vodka as vodka with a splash of cran. Guess what? They actually listened and the drinks were beyond strong. Honestly, it wasn't even pink they were so strong and this time we went they had a Dj who went around asking people what they wanted to hear so when he played my request I totally had to get up and dance like an 18 year old and when Bizarre Love Triangle came on I had to hop up and down and bounce all around but the problem with that scenario is while I do sometimes have the mentality of an 18 year old I have the knees of a retiree.

Luckily by last night my knees had recovered. The plan was to go to Mandalay Bay where we would dance to 80s music at the House of Blues. The problem was it was a quarter after 10 and they didn't open until 11 so we headed to the Coral Reef to have a drink. They had a pretty rockin band there and tons of people. I loved this crowd. There were women dancing who were at least 60 getting their groove on which was awesome! It's not as cool as HOB but you know what, I don't care. I was sitting or dancing with my girlfriends and we had a great time together. So much fun that we never did make it to the HOB, LOL.

25 cent martinis rock!

Commander's Palace is one of my favorite places in Vegas. Is it because they call me Ms Mann the whole time? I made the reservations so everytime they asked me a question or addressed us, I was Ms Mann and no one else had a name, LOL. But that is not the reason I love it there. It's not even because the chef sent out something for us to thank us for returning. I would say the exceptional service was a strong reason but while the service was nice it was not the exceptional service of last year. The reason i love Commander's Palace is the 25 cent martinis (in case my title didn't give it away, LOL). It can't be beat and we have lots to choose from. So we order tons of food, sample each others and drink martinis while laughing and having a great time. I love it. This pic is Halia, Madie, me and Nancy. I know Nancy's eyes are closed but I look good in this pic, LOL. I actually took the time to put makeup on today, what a difference it makes, LOL.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Yellow and Blue make Green

One of our fave spots to hit when we're in Vegas is Quark's bar at the Hilton. Our favorite drink there is the Warp Corp Breach. It has tons of different rums in it and dry ice so it looks all space agey and it tastes delish! We try to get there at least once a trip if not more. The ribs there are also wonderful.

Another thing we love about this place is that it has Star Trek characters walking around and they stay in character. They're actually pretty funny and quick and had us in stitches. My fave guy was the Andorian. You can't tell from this pic but he's blue. Since I thought this looked like a wedding pic I told him he was going to be my husband (I'm not getting any younger, if I have to tell him he's marryng me, so be it, LOL) and I told him since I was yellow we'd make a good pair. His response,"would our children be green?"

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

You know what I love?

Coming to Richie's and seeing pictures of myself all over. Now that's a good friend, LOL. He swears that at least one of the pics was already out and not put there because I was visiting. I also love it when friends cook for me because that means I'm not cooking for myself. Richie made breakfast this morning which was wonderful and then Julie made dinner for both of us tonight, a traditional Korean dinner. Thanks Julie's mom! I did eat a salad for lunch, I'm very proud of myself for that, LOL. Of course, I could have been super proud and gone to the gym but I didn't bring any workout clothes and decided to spend my time being a vegetable on the computer but since I walked to Joe's new gym today I figured I earned it.

I was totally thinking of that song, "Walking in LA" by Misisng Person today when I was walkng in LA because let me just say, when I lived here I never walked anywhere but to my car or the snake pit. But visiting here and being carless I walked yesterday and today and it wasn't such a bad experience. I strapped on my ipod and just headed out the door. The glorious LA weather definitely helps. Of course if I had a car on my next visit I wouldn't walk again but it was a nice experience, LOL.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I am so weak!

You all know how much I love food. I don't think I've made a secret of it. All of my plans of late have revolved around meals, LOL. I ate so much on Sunday that I decided on Mon I was going to eat well. I didn't want to go to Vegas already fat because I know I'll be leaving that way, LOL. I started off pretty decent. I had some leftover pho from Sat and some grapes. Then more grapes later on. But then I started chatting with someone about my Easter dinner and the next thing you know I'm heating up the potatoes from the night before, that would be the gazillion calorie potatoes, they are delish! But I was like, that's ok, a minor bump in the road.

I meet my friends for dinner at the Silver Spoon, an old school diner in West Hollywood. It was supposed to be my friend Tyler and I but it became a party with 6 of us going. We had a few drinks in the bar and then headed to the patio to eat. I was looking at the salads, like a good girl but then Tyler says that you're at a diner, don't go for the salad and then Julie is pointing out that they have fried chicken! What do you think I ordered? You guessed it, the fried chicken! And damn, it was good! What can I say, I'm weak!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Eat early, eat often

A lot of you know, this is my motto on eating holidays and today was definitely an eating holiday. I had brunch and Michelle and Rossi's and dinner at Stephanie's. Let me just say, it's difficult to practice that plan if I have to save myself for another meal so at brunch I practiced some moderation, which was a shame because Michelle had made a spread. What was also another shame was the fact that I couldn't take any leftovers home. Michelle always hooks me up with leftovers (I love her). All of my meals are pretty well spoken for so I just stocked up on water, fruit and snacks for my in between meals.

Rachael came to the brunch with me and I have to share her Easter brunch outfit. I absolutley loved it! Just another example of why she's such a rockin chick!

At Steph's house it was kickboxing friends and Dave. Now David is someone I've known since my Seattle days so we go a ways back and are totally comfortable with each other and he is one of the funniest people I know. When he's on he's on and he was on tonight so not only did we have great food but we were all laughing so hard he cried. Dave and Brian L together is almost too much. Loved it. I also loved the Easter Bunny cake that Steph made. It was almost a shame to eat it, almost, LOL.

The pic I didn't include is the one where Dave and I have our tongues out. It's not a good look for either of us and it wasn't very Eastery. If Julie has a good copy of it on her camera I'll post it later, it was funny.

Eye of the Tiger

I don't know how many of you know this but the actual reason I came to Los Angeles this weekend was to support my friend Brian D. He has been training with Joe for well over a year and this was his first fight. How could I miss it? After all, I did help train him. When Joe needed someone to spar with Brian and to work on Brian getting used to being hit I was the one for the job. I had no problem hitting Brian, I just didn't like it when Joe let Brian hit me back, LOL. Even though I knew I would be as nervous as a mother hen I totally wanted to be there to support him so a bunch of us from class, my gang really, I love them and miss them tremendously went to support Brian in his venture.

It was interesting watching all of the fights leading up to Brian's. They had an exhibition fight with these 2 kids who were like 8 years old. It was cool to see but still, I was nervous for both of them. It also made me realize that after 2 years these 8 year old boys were still better then me, LOL. Thank goodness Joe didn't talk me into fighting because let me say the women who fought last night were fierce. I was totally impressed and it humbled me. It could be because the 8 year olds were better then me too, LOL.

Finally it was time for Brian's fight. Most of the other kickboxers who were there come from Muay Thai schools. Brian is Joe's first fighter so he didn't have all of these other fighters cheering him on but he did have us and we made plenty of noise, LOL. We represented! On Brian's first round he domintated which was great because my legs were jello. I wanted him to win so bad and he did! It was so awesome to see all of that training and hard work pay off. I was so happy to be there with my friends supporting our friend. Of course, from now on Brian will just have to em me the gory details, the commute is a bit much.

The Snake Pit part deaux

Alright, I borrowed Julie's camera cable so here come the pics, LOL. Here are a couple of pics we took from the Snake Pit. Featured here are Richie, Julie, me and Brian and I also included a bonus pic of Julie and I because I want to. What I'm not including is the one where Brian and I are pouting, it's not a pretty look for either of us.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Snake Pit

Wow, one day gone and I'm already late on my blog. I'm guessing that will be the pattern for the next couple of weeks, LOL. Flying wasn't too bad yesterday except for the massive turbulence. I had a layover in Vegas which is funny because I'll be flying there on Wed but the cool thing about that airport is it's wireless so I just opened up my laptop and played while I was waiting.

Rachael picked me up at the airport but she had to go back to work so she took me to her work where Richie then picked me up, LOL. A few phone calls later and we're meeting Brian and Julie at the Snake Pit. Here's what I love about the Snake Pit besides it's name. It was only 2 blocks from where I used to live, it's on Melrose, it's not too divey, more like a neighborhood bar and the drinks are cheap AND strong. Sign me up!

I had only planned on staying for a drink or two. I had had a long day but you know how it goes. I was having so much fun with my friends and 5 drinks later it was time to call it an evening. I took a pic to post for you all but I don't think I packed my USB cable. I'm always in search of one it seems. I'll have to see if Rachael has one I can borrow.

Anyways, by 10:30 I was at Rachael's and by 11 I was in bed, LOL. I know, I'm an animal!

Friday, April 14, 2006

It's finally here...

Vacation all I ever wanted... Actually, it's not like I need to get away from work or anything since I pretty much live the life of leisure but still, vacations are always fun. First off, I get to eat again! In preparation for my trip I've been watching what I eat, which is no fun. I'm used to watching what I eat go into my mouth, LOL. But I know myself and when I go on vacation I like to eat so I might as try to at least eat sensible going in. Now I'm worried my tummy shrunk, oh well, I'll get it into fighting from soon enough, LOL. Then of course let's not even begin to count the calories from drinking. I am not a lush, I swear but I really do enjoy all of the new martinis out there plus it's a social thing. By the time I make it back home I won't drink for at least a month, or my next happy hour, LOL.

But the main reason I get so excited about going on vacations if I get to see my friends and I have some truly great ones. It's funny that the people I go back and spend the majority of my time with are newer friends but there's still some oldies but goodies in there like Richie and Rachael. They always make me feel welcomed and loved and missed. How can I not love it and love them for that?

And there's my Vegas girls. We go every year but it doesn't make it any less special. I can't imagine my life without my RBLS. I truly feel you have helped make me into the woman I am now, now whether that is a good thing or bad thing I don't know, LOL. We drink, party, laugh and dance but what the Vegas sleepover is about most to me is friendship and I can't wait to go back and spend some time with the best girlfriends in the world.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

A Natural Woman

What is a natural woman nowadays? I was wondering that tonight as I was coloring my hair. I can't even remember when is the last time my hair was completely my natural color. I did almost let it grow out this time because it had been so long between colorings I had 4 or 5 inches of grow out and the grey hair didn't bother me that much but then vanity got the better of me. I take a lot of pictures when I'm on vacation, or rather, I have lots of pictures taken of me while on vacation, LOL. When my hair was short I played around with lots of different colors because if I fried my hair I would just cut it out but over the last few years I've gone conservative, no more blonde or bright red streaks, LOL. I've gone with black, my hair is naturally dark brown (Nancy actually had the nerve to argue with me over my hair color when we were younger because ALL asians have black hair, LOL) but I think it looks better black so black it will be again, in about 20 minutes, LOL.

My boobs are naturally mine, which you can tell by the size of them, but I'm not adverse to helping mother nature a little. Of course when wonderbras were all the rage I was using them too but then I always worried over the disappointment some guy would have when the bra came off. The kicker was when I went to see Rocky Horror Picture Show and when the rice was thrown it went down my immense cleavage and I was wearing a bodysuit, top under a dress. I had to reach under the dress to scoop the rice out, that was the end of my wonder bra phase. My friend and I bought $10 bra inserts in Chinatown. I made her put them with me in the car and then we went shopping some more. I look over at her and her insert is in the center of her chest, LOL. I still pull mine out every now and again but that's only in case I'm wearing something that flattens out my chest.

I'm also over mascara. I hate putting it on and my eyelashes aren't much to be desired even when I have it on so I've gone the fake eyelash route. Of course, I don't do this often because I don't wear make up a lot but when I go through the effort of getting ready I like to actually have eyelashes and I've finally gotten to the point where I don't gouge out my eyes trying to put them in.

So yeah, I would say I'm a natural woman, who just likes to help Mother Nature along a little.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Vegas 2003

We had tons of newbies come to this sleepover. I believe that this was Sandra's first one, she thought that she would come one time and that would be that, hah! I also got to meet Laurie, Brenda, Beth and Linda T! Linda T came as a friend of Joey's and we never let her leave, LOL. Now she's my life saver here in Portland!

Lots of fun times at this sleepover. This was the first year where OGs was more about the girls then the guys. Instead of sitting at the stage we were in booths and we had so much freaking fun with each other. Of course we still shots but we also laughed and danced our asses off. The guys were fun but they were really just window dressing. That is the trend that has continued on at the sleepover and I love it.

This was also the year that we went to the Peppermill for the first time en masse. They put us in a back corner which was a good thing because we tend to get loud and maybe a little raunchy. I can't remember why I decided to demonstrate how to give a blow job on a banana but the guys who walked by when I bit the tip off cringed a little, EG. Ann has the pic of it so I cannot share, LOL. I loved the Peppermill. The food was inexpensive, the salads and fruit salad were huge but the best thing was the drinks. They were humongous and usually cost under $5, they also have a beautiful fireside bar. But I noticed over the last couple of years the quality went down and the price of the drinks went up so I no longer go there.

I have to share this pic because I just love the look on Nancy's face. Since Donovan was my guy she never had a dance with him but I had bought a table dance for the girls and Nancy felt so naughty and it shows in her face. I love this picture.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Today is a day of celebration

My blog had it's one thousandth hit today, I'm so excited. When i checked earlier in the day it was 1004 and now it's at 1022 so not only did we have our thousandth hit but we pretty much lept past it. I emailed Nancy earlier to let her know and she suggested we have a blog party tonight but then she went to bed before the party began, some people, just because they have to get up at O dark thirty.

Today, instead of being about me, this blog is about you, my tens of fans who come here on a regular or semi-regular basis. It always makes me happy whenever anyone visits and even happier when someone takes the time to post. I know there are a lot of people who visit who don't post.

Honestely sometimes it's hard for me to come up with stuff to post, I'm unemployed and home a lot, LOL but having the blog makes me pay more attention to what's going on because I want to share it with you. I know almost all of you who come here personally and that was the point of this blog, a way to keep up with my friends and let everyone know about the changes that have been happening in my life without writing the same thing in 10 different emails (although I probably wouldn't have written about my love of the cheese platter in an em to all of you it would be something I wrote to some of you, LOL).

So thanks everyone for visiting. If it happens in my life it happens on my blog.

BTW, I go on vacation on Fri but never fear, I'm bringing my laptop and will try to keep you updated daily. Notice I said try, I do have a tendency to be running from one thing to another in Vegas but I will definitely make my blog a priority and will of course post pics, as long as they have been sanctioned by all involved (so basically a lot of me and Nancy, LOL).

Monday, April 10, 2006

Dancing is an art form

that I don't think I posess. I just find it so difficult to follow someone else's lead, LOL. Of course, it has a lot to do with your partner and a lot of the pressure is on the leader but unless I have a strong leader it's hard for me to let go. Let's just say my toes got stepped on on more then one occasion today. I'm great at just dancing on a dance floor (it's all about the pelvic movements, do those and the guys don't care what else is going on) unless I'm dancing with a guy who wants me to react to their movements. I'd rather just close my eyes and do my own thing and let's not even discuss line dancing. Ok, lets. The elctric slide is so simple yet I cannot do it without counting, 1, 2, 3 clap! It's mortifying for me, LOL. I think it's time to bring the Lambada back because that is about the only partner dance where I'm good at!

I can't remember my partner's name here but he's actually a really good dancer and of course it helps that he's closer to my height, earlier I was dancing chest to belly with a guy, it's hard to be sexy dancing with a guys belly. Notice my impressive chest action here (I had to lean more forward then the other gals).

I wanted to try and give you an idea of what the store looks like. It's a neighborhood market. To the left of this pic is the deli and where everyone is dancing there are usually tables and chairs. This was taken at the end of the night, just imagine about 8 or 10 couples on this floor. It's insane, we get lots of traffic jams. This is Linda and Bruce dancing. Linda is fantastic at the tango, damn it (I'm not jealous). Bruce was a horrible dancer the first day but he went home and practiced and now he's one of the best ones. I guess if I would do some homework I would get better. Nah, I'll just blame my partners, LOL.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sorry for the late post

I was so tired when I went to bed last night. Laying in bed playing on the internet is exhausting, LOL.

Ok, as promised, here's a pic of my latest do. I swear, I put my hair in rollers and this was 5 minutes later and it had all fallen out! I'm buying me a curling iron (big barrel, EG). I just wanted to give you guys and idea about the length. I was running late so no make up either, good thing I'm a natural beauty, LOL. It's great having Jordan here, my own personal photographer.

Yesterday I went to a baby shower for my dear friend Sandra's daughter Jackie. Jackie and I had never met but we had chatted on IM a few times. It was so wonderful to finally meet her, she's so much like Sandra I loved just watching her speak. And I love any opportunity I have to see Sandra! She's promised me a deluxe dinner in the near future. She does know the way to my heart. I also let Jackie know I've heard of her famous apple pie (laying the groundwork, LOL). Here is the pic of mom, daughter and baby to be. Aren't they beautiful?

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Vegetarian hamburgers, they're not so bad

I have so not been exercising since I've moved so to make up for that fact I'm trying to eat more healthy. It's a constant struggle because truth is I'm usually better at the exercise part of it but until I get up and out I decided I'll have to eat better. Well not only is it time but I'm going on vacation in a week so this is sort of preventive maintenance since I have no control over what I eat when I'm on vacation, LOL.

I am also trying to get Jordan to eat better and turns out he's enjoyed his veggie burger on whole wheat bread. I do still let him have ketchup, mustard, pickles and lettuce so it's done up like a burger (mine was plain, well I did have a pickle too, LOL) and he enjoyed it with the carrots and celery I cut up. Only problem was, I was still hungry afterwards but I did not succumb and didn't eat anymore right away. I also resisted the lure of pizza tonight, dang my sister and her skinny butt!

I actually enjoy healthy food as does Jordan (he loves broccoli) but I think my downfall is the convenience of unhealthy food. Today we were driving by KFC and Jordan mentioned that he hadn't had KFC in a long time, I love KFC but I told him it would have to wait until after my vacation and he was ok with that. He's actually lost 3 pounds since he moved in with me and that's just after having spent a week in WA eating like crap. He hardly drinks juice anymore, we always drink water. I think I've made him more aware of what he eats, what's healthy and what's not but hopefully I've done it in a way that doesn't make him self conscience. The fact that he's losing weight is great but I'm stressing to him it's about being healthy. It's not easy but I have Jordan by my side fighting the good fight! Well at least until I go on vacation, LOL.

Friday, April 07, 2006

The Double Ds

2002 was a great sleepover for me. The previous year Nancy and I stayed at a seperate hotel because we got a great deal but we missed out on so much just traveling back and forth so this time we stayed at Bally's where everyone else was at. It was great to see old friends again and to meet new ones. The time spent with my girlfriends is what Vegas is really all about. I would have a great time with them no matter where we were.

This is also the year that Nes, our RBL from Amsterdam, who just happens to be asian, joined us. Needless to say, she was my partner in crime and my sister at heart. I've been thinking about her a lot because we lost contact for awhile but now we're closer then ever and I'm so excited!

This was also the year of the Double D's. We had to choose between two very hot strippers, Dex and Donovan. Now Dex could dance his ass off but Donovan had the body! Turns out Donovan also had the personality so he won hands down. We all had a lot of fun with Donovan and he had lots of fun with us. This is Barb having fun with Donovan.

Not that we didn't also enjoy our time with Dex because really, there's enough lust in our bodies to go around. This is one of my favorite pics from that year. Dex is great eye candy but it's really about Rosie, Nes and I being there and having fun.

Neither Dex nor Donovan work at Olympic Gardens anymore and Nes still lives all the way in Amsterdam but we have the memories and the pics to remind us of that great week we had together in 2002!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Boys will be boys

Living with a 9 year old boy has been an experience. First off, they never stay clean! He can be at the park for 5 minutes and come back covered in mud. He usually just heads straight to the laundry room whenever he gets in to take off all of his clothes. He likes to fart and scratch a lot. I'm trying to teach him to be more subtle but he doesn't care, he's got to fart when he's got to fart and he's got to scratch when he's got to scratch and he doesn't care who's around. He's also constantly hungry. Boys eat a lot!

And when you have an active boy around you may be spending time at the emergency room. Jordan was riding the bike hills that the park has and somehow he fell and the bike landed on him and cut through his shirt and his belly. Luckily, he only needed stitches (11) but he handled it like a trooper. He was more scared at the thought of getting stitches then the actual stitches. He cried when he knew he had to get them, he didn't even feel it when she was giving them. And as soon as he was stitched up he was happy and ready to go. Of course he moved like an old man but pretty much when we got home he said it had been a good day. He says he could have done without getting hurt but overall a good day. BTW, he says it's my fault he got hurt because he was watching a movie when his friend came over and wanted to play and I told him to pause the movie and go outside, LOL.

Some of the best things about having a 9 year old boy around is he is so very affectionate. He always tells me he loves me, all of the time, I never get tired of it. He still kisses me, when he's happy about something he jumps into my arms to give me a hug or sometimes he gives me a hug just because and he lets me hold his hand. I love holding his hands, even when it's because we're sitting in the ER and he's nervous or scared or because we're driving and I just want to. He loves to help in the kitchen and gets upset if I start without him. I love it when he reads because he'll lay in my arms and I'll read my book and he'll read his. There are so many wonderful things about having a little boy in the house again.

Jordan with his Uncle Andy. This was taken last weekend.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

It's hard to get a good ass

picture! I wanted to show off my new jeans and how great they make my ass look but it's difficult to convey. I had to take my pants in today to get them hemmed so I had Jordan take my pics for me. He didn't take too kindly to all of the directions I was giving him in trying to get the perfect ass shot so I had to take over while he waited outside for me since we were leaving as soon as I got my pics. Not quite happy with them I decided they'll do because Jordan was waiting, LOL. While in the dressing room waiting for the alterations chick to come down I decided to take a couple of more shots, trying with the mirror etc. Jordan figured out which room I was in because I was taking pics of my ass. Am I warping this kid? Well, here's the winning pic, the funny thing is, it's the one of the ones that Jordan took. I know I could have used this as an opportunity to share my new do with you too but since I hadn't originally planned on taking pics of me and my new pants my hair was in a ponytail. I have plans this Sat so I'll actually do my hair and take a pic so you all can see it. Thank goodness I have a new hair dryer:)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The dreaded day

At least I know it was for me. Lately I've really fallen in love with wearing jeans. I used to not wear them often but over the past year or two I've really been working on my denim collection. So with the purchaes of all of my fabulous new shoes last Dec. I decided it's time for some expensive jeans. I'm a Ross shopper, I look for bargains, spending a couple of hundred dollars on jeans goes against everything I am but there's a reason the jeans cost so much, they make you look fabulous.

I tried to find the pair of jeans I wanted at Xmas but it was horrible, I couldn't find anything I wanted or that fit me correctly. I wanted to let my brother know where to buy my jeans, the size and style. I informed him I must have a gift card or cash to buy my dream jeans. He told me if I came home for Xmas he would get me something nice (for all of those Xmas's he didn't, out of sight, out of mind). So when Xmas morning came around and he handed me a card I was ecstatic. I love getting what I ask for, LOL.

I wanted to wait until I got rid of my holiday weight before I bought my jeans but then I decided to move and forget losing weight, I'm just trying to prevent the dreaded weight gain which so far, I'm unsuccesful at. I'm going on vacation in a couple of weeks and decided it's time. I want my jeans even if my weight is not exactly where I want it to be. Like Linda days, if I lose weight I can still wear them:)

So Linda and I headed to Nordstrom's grabbing tons of jeans in 3 different sizes since I wasn't exactly sure where I was at now. Then came the trying on of all of those jeans. You know how it is, you grab 10 jeans and hope you look decent in 1. I was happy that the damage to my waistline wasn't as bad as I thought, yay, but still could have been better, LOL. Luckily, the first pair of jeans I tried on looked pretty good so I didn't have to start off the experience humiliated. Linda was there to coax me through and turns out Linda knew the manager ofthat dept, Sarah, who knew everything there was to know about the jeans and they both made the process that I was dreading so much more fun. They told me what they like, what they didn't and of course, I had an opinion, but at that point I was really listening to them, my experts. The salesgirls were incredibly helpful too. I actually ended up with the pair that the salesgirl picked for me. So this day I was dreading was a huge success and even though I worked up a sweat trying on all of those jeans, I had a ton of fun.

These are the jeans I bought. The embroidery is a little different, dark blue on mine but this is the cut. The brand is Goldsign and the jeans are comfortable as hell, cut wider in the waist, slightly higher and designed to make my ass look fab (better then this girl in the picture, LOL) Now I'm ready to buy my second pair of expensive jeans but I guess I should wait until I get some income coming in since that will be my own money.

Click on the pic to see a larger picture.

Monday, April 03, 2006

New Board

OK, I am part of a new board and of course had to share. Nes and some of her friends started it a couple of weeks ago. It's a very non PC board so if you're easily offended this is not the board for you but if you want to talk shit (which you know I'm great at) and have some fun this is the place. So far I think there are only 18 members so you're getting in from the ground up. I hope to see some of you there.

6 weeks, really?

Ok, tonight was my second tango lesson. I swear, each week gets more fun. Is it because I'm getting better? I don't think so, LOL. I don't think i was worse but I really do need to learn to relax into the dance and let my chest convey the power it's meant to convey, I always knew my boobs were special.

Tonight there was a completely different mix of people then last week and Linda was there and it was so much fun. I think it helps that we were really getting more comfortable with it. I felt comfortable enough to run my mouth, alright, I know it doesn't take much but it was so easy to make comments and you know I can't resist. I only whispered to the people near me, I tried not to be too distracting:)

In tonight's class we had to learn the etiquette of asking a partner to dance. Man, in the tango it all falls on the man. Not only do they have to lead and make sure my dance experience is wonderful but they also have to be the one to ask. But do they come up and ask? NO! That is incorrect. It's all about eye contact. The male will make eye contact with the female who is usually sitting at a table with her girlfriends and then he'll nod to the dance floor and the female will nod and then go about her conversation as the male makes his way over (and she surreptiously watches). Then he puts his hand out and guides her to the dance floor and they dance for two songs, no matter what. If she's a crappy dancer or stinks it's rude to not dance the whole set and then the male will escort her back to where she was and then before he leaves thanks the female and flatters her. So we had to practice this. All of us girls had to sit and wait for one of the guys to nod at us. As you can imagine there was a lot of laughing going on. The first guy I danced with flashed me a little leg before I danced with him, LOL. The most important part was when they (we did this 3 times) led me back to my seat and told me how wonderful, glorious, splendorifious I was. I, of course, made sure they remembered this part of the ritual.

BTW, if a female doesn't want to dance she avoids making eye contact and if she does make eye contact and she absolutely doesn't want to dance with him she shakes her head vehemently no but she probably won't get asked to dance much after that, LOL.

So only 4 more weeks to go before I'm a master of the craft but here's how I look at it, if the dance is bad, it's the leaders fault *G*.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Spring forward!

I love daylight savings time but I hate losing that hour of sleep. Ok, I forgot it was DST so I woke up when my body said to woke up but my body said to wake up at 9:30am which sucks because I went bed at 2am. That is not 8 hours sleep. I know, it's 7 1/2 but that does not equal 8! I guess if I would actually do something active my body would let me rest more but I did clean the house yesterday, vacuuming is physical! OK, I digress. I woke up at 9:30 but really it's 10:30 so I should be awake but that doesn't make me feel better because I like to lounge in my bed for awhile, play on my computer, maybe read before I finally physically get up and now I've lost an hour of lounge time!

I actually have plans and have to leave in 4 1/2 hours. Alright, so I have nothing I need to do in that time other then get ready but seriousely it's a bummer losing that hour in my bed, LOL.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

The sound of silence

Is there really such a thing as total silence? I don't think so. Now that there are no longer street sounds, I notice all kinds of sounds that the house makes. I swear, sometimes we're sitting downstairs and it sounds like someone is walking upstairs (Kathy didn't like it when I said that, LOL). I was the only one home the last couple of days and there was noise coming from everywhere, a running toilet, rain, wind, a bug on the window, creaking noises, the heat and just other sounds I can't even begin to identify.I swear, I have if I wasn't so level headed I could easily be freaked out by these noises because try as I might sometimes I can't figure out what the sound is or where it's coming from. Maybe there is something to be said for garbage trucks and honking horns.