Friday, March 31, 2006

My 3 Loves

As many of you know, I am a part of a family called RBL Romantica and this month will be my 6th Sleepover which is our annual party in Vegas. In honor of that I will be posting pics for the next couple of weeks because I am very excited. It's 5 days of drinking, eating, laughing and just having a great time with my girlfriends. Don't get my wrong, it's not all drunken debauchery. Actually one of my favorite memories from that first year was being in a roomful of women where I could talk books to my heart's content. On the internet I am always aware of what I'm saying because I would never want to hurt anyone's feelings, I think people forget that author's are people too. But in person I will give you my opinion on everything (as those who have met me know, LOL). Nancy became better at remembering books and authors after that because she wanted to be able to participate in conversations too. To walk into RBL Central first thing in the morning (ok, early afternoon) after a night out and just sit around and talk,it was heaven.

The RBLs also introduced me to my first male strip club and let me say, I took to it like a duck to water. Since then I've become a connoisseur and let me say, nothing has topped Olympic Gardens. Maybe because we're allowed to touch, EG. So the sleepover brings to me 3 of my loves, friends, books and mostly nekkid men.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

mmmm Cake

I posted awhile ago about the cake Joe had made for me when I left Los Angeles. Joe, for those 1 or 2 not in the know is/was my kickboxing teacher. On my last day of class he brought in this cake that he had ordered specifically for me. The white chocolate border around the cake is supposed to be bamboo and represent strength and the flowers represent growth. Anyway, I wanted to share the cake with you and share Joe.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I can give a couch potatoe lessons

10:00am - woke up (went to bed at 3 so that was only 7 hours sleep, below my normal 8) and played on my computer, I swear, my laptopp makes it so I never have to leave my bed!

1:00pm - finally left my bedroom and moved myself and my laptop to the living room, mainly because I was hungry. Heated up some leftover soup and watched As the World Turns (that Carly always getting into trouble but she can act her ass off) and played on the puter.

2:00pm - Guiding Light (Dinah, another aweseome actress, loved her when she was Kelly on OLTL)

3:00pm - All My Children (flipped around alot on this one, this show has gone downhill fast)

4:00pm - Oprah (methheads, not pretty)

5:00pm - Will and Grace back to back episodes

6:00pm - That 70's Show

6:10pm - made rice and ran the dishwasher

6:30pm - Malcolm in the Middle

7:00pm - Entertainmnent Tonight

7:30pm - Extra

7:40pm - dinner (rice, chinese sausage and bamboo in chili oil)

8:00pm - America's Next Top Model (I finally succumbed and am now hooked on this season. You know I always root for the asian but by the end Gina was just too pathetic for me to root for, buh bye!)

9:00pm - Lost (why is it the final minute is always the most interesting?) and pedicure (multi-tasking)

10:00pm - Heist (it has an Ocean Eleven feel to it, very fun, did you know Dougray Scott was supposed to be the original Wolverine but MI:2 ran over in shooting? Now Hugh is a movie star and he's doing tv)

And that is my oh so productive day. It's a given that I played on the computer on and off but I just wanted to give you the gist of what my days are like. Of course, Jordan is currently in WA which is why I've been even more lax then I normally am. Once I'm done watching tv I'll go up to my room and read to my hearts content. It's been a nice day (I'm guessing Ms Flexie's day was the total opposite, LOL).

Chop chop fizz fizz

When people make a big change in their lives it's usually either followed or preceeded by a haircut and I decided why buck the trend? You know how it is, when you have long hair you covet short hair and when you have short hair you covet long hair. But don't worry, I didn't chop it all off. I went medium

Basically the real impetus for this cut was I really couldn't do much with my hair anymore, it was so long. It took two clips to hold my hair up. Plus I was growing out my bangs so i needed a transitional cut. I love what she did with my bangs but my hair is a little shorter then what I wanted but that's not a big deal. It'll grow. What I would have liked is more chunkier layers. My layers are barely there! I guess the hairdresser doesn't realize I don't go for subtle, I like to bang people over the head with my look, LOL. So once I grow it a little longer I'll look for a hairdresser who's more funky, like me.

I will post a pic of my new do soon.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I have a new fascination...

With MySpace. I know MySpace is not new, my friend worked for the company that started it so I signed up from the beginning but I never did anything on it other then to go on every now and again to clean out my inbox. Originally my post was funny and I said I wanted someone to take care of my feet for me but for some reason I got weird emails, LOL, Plus, once MySpace started growing I didn't want my brothers to see that so I made it a little more normal, well, normal for me.

For the longest time I only had 3 friends. I'm talking for years. 2 used to work for Euniverse and Nancy because you know if I'm doing something she's doing it too (well, except for kickboxing, LOL). I posted on my site that if you're not a friend don't bother asking for a friend request. I am not someone out there trying to collect as many friends as possible.

I went from having 6 friends last week (3 people were actually my friends and found me) to now having 17! My RBL girlfriends were posting their sites and that was that, LOL. Then I decided that all of my friends were girls and I know I have male friends so I checked the emails of people I knew and surfed around to find some guys to add. It's not cheating if one of them is my brother. Actually, he was offended because I found him but didn't do a friend request, LOL. He did the same though so he couldn't get too upset. Now that my brother is my friend I'll really have to be careful about what I post.

Then I was looking at some of my friend's sites and they were so cool so I had to mess around with mine and make it not look so boring. OK, we know the real reason for my new fascination with MySpace, I'm unemployed and have nothing but time so if you're reading this and are a friend of mine here is my MySpace page.

Before I didn't use myspace a lot because I figured people could just email me but this is a way to monitor people! I know if you checked your email because I can see the last time you logged on. Plus, I get to check out your other friends (Kelli has some hot lookng friends!). Big sister is watching you, LOL.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Last Tango in Portland

Remember the neighborhood market next to Linda T that I had mentioned in a previous post? Well, tonight they started TANGO Lessons! Hello, count me in!!! Unfortunately, Linda was out of town for this, our first session so I went by myself. I knew Jennifer, the owner or the store but no one else and even though I was tired from my trip to WA I sucked it up and went. I knew I would have a great time and I did.

There were 13 or 14 of us and two teachers who were really passionate about the Tango. It's always fun to have a teacher who really loves what they're doing. This is a once a week six week session. Because I'll be out of town for 2 of those Sundays the teacher has said he'll train with me to catch me up and then at the end of our 6 weeks he fully plans on us showing off our skills with other students of tango. It's very exciting. Gives us something to strive for.

You all know how competitive I am so I fully plan on jumping into this with both feet which is good because we have homework! We were given music to learn and yoga poses to work on (to strengthen our core). The hard part for me is learning not to lead. Before you laugh, a lot of the other girls had the same problem. It's hard for me to give up control, I can't help it.

We're learning the Argentinian Tango which is very different from ballroom tango (I took 1 class a long time ago). In this one we lean in at the chest. The female instructor had to lean in a lot less then I did, LOL. I had to lean very forward to get my chest to touch my partners. The the entire dance is controlled by our chests, forget being lead by his hand on your back, that is just for show, you are lead by your chest and when you're my height sometimes they're leading you with their stomach, LOL.

I've been told that in 5 more classes I will be a tango star. I can't wait. Now I need to work on getting those long legs that you always see Tango dancers with.

Saturday, March 25, 2006


A couple of weeks ago Nancy bought a few powerball tickets for our roadtrip to the coast. One of my favorite fantasies is to lay in bed and figure out how I would spend my winnings if I won the lottery. The problem is, I never buy lottery tickets, LOL. On our drive to the coast we spent our time fantasizing about our dream trip. We were going to Spain, France, Italy and Turkey with a Mediterranean cruise thrown in. But alas, we did not win.

So Nancy and I have been buying tickets since then because no one has won. The problem is, I kept forgetting to buy the ticket so I should say, we have been planning to play since then. On Wed I was 2 minutes too late to buy our tickets, it was a bummer but no one won so we knew, we just knew that we had to buy tickets for tonight so I made my sister go out and buy them, LOL.

Last night Nancy and I were laying in bed, it's after 1 am and we start talking about what we would do with our winnings. We have some very definitive plans. We are going to travel our asses off. There are tons of places I want to visit. We decided no private planes because we here too many stories about planes crashing. We'll just travel everywhere first class. But if we're going to be traveling so much yuo know we'll be eating like there's no tomorrow so we decided we had to have a personal trainer. Someone who would get our lazy butts up and motivated. But we decided if we're going to have a personal trainer traveling with us he also had to be a man whore, I mean c'mon, we'll be paying for everything. Then, of course, we decided that there had to be two of them because if we're going to have man whores we each had to have our own, otherwise, ewwww.

So now we need twin personal trainers/man whores. But we're economical girls and we know we're going to be sore from our workouts so they must also be a masseuse and if they're going to be a massesuse and they're traveling with us they might as well be personal chefs also. I mean we can't eat every meal out. We have to have someone try to keep us from being 800 pounds, I like to eat.

We've also decided that they must be metrosexuals also, one word, manscaping. I picked two features that our guys must have, dark hair and a six pack. Nancy's requirement was that they were men. We've even named them. Nancy's guy is Don and my guy is Juan. We figure we'll have enough money that we can name them whatever we want.

As you can imagine we were laughing our asses off planning how to spend our riches. Imagine two girls whispering (we had Jordan and Brandon, Nancy's friends child) sleeping in the other room and laughing so hard that we had tears in our eyes. I think about two hours after I crawled into bed is when I actually got to sleep. Now you've seen how we're going to spend our money so everyone think good thoughts tonight. You can see we really need to win.

Comment from Nancy: I have to say this is the best idea we have come up with in a while. It is frugal - we are getting 4 people's jobs out of one person. Hey Just because were loaded does not mean we should not be thrifty. Leiha did forget one thing about Don and Juan - They are personal chef, personal trainer, man whore, masseuse TWINS. Yes twins.
I picture it this way - Nancy laying on the beach of the French Riviera the sand is lapping gently at my feet while the sun soaks into my skin, when out of the blue you hear someone (me?) shrieks "Don, Get me a beer!" (Sigh those people with new money will never fit in)

Pornstar Butt

That is my new nickname. This is a quickie post tonight. I am at Nancy's. Jordan has spring break next week so I drove him up so he could spend some time with family, plus it was a good excuse to see Nancy. She pointed out this site to me. You type in your name and it gives you your sexual nickname. Mine is quite appropriate. So is Nancy's. Hers is milk giver, EG!

One of these days I'll figure out how to do the link properly, just click on the blank image above.

Friday, March 24, 2006

The things we do for beauty...

For some reason this popped into my head today and I thought I would share. It's funny how smart we think we are and we're so not and the things we do for vanity's sake is ridiculous! I would guess that I was about 25 or 26 at the time this happened. I had a zit on my chin and I really really wanted to get rid of it. I mean, really. You know that little tingling sensation when you use certain cleansers? Well I was thinking if a little toner did such a good job how about a lot? I doused a cotton ball with some clinique toner and held it to my face, and held, it and held. Sure my face was burning but hey, isn't the burning sensation a good thing? Yep, you guessed it, I burnt my face! So instead of this little unsightly zit I had a cotton ball sized burn on my face that EVERYONE asked about. It was one of the stupidest things I've ever done. Nancy and I were roommates at the time so she got to see it first hand. Needless to say I never tried that again but I have heard that toothpaste works great or abreva or orange peel or.....

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Did anyone watch the Amazing Race this week?

TAZ is how I'm getting my reality fix right now. Every now and again I'll tune in to listen to a song on AI but I just can't sit through a whole episode of that. If I had cable I would probably watch Top Chef since I caught the first episode but I'm not interested enough to have Nancy tape it for me. I am hearing good things about America's Next Top Model so I may have to check that out soon.

Back to TAZ race though. I am not a big fan of the Danis but I was so happy that it was the mother daughter team who went home. At first I felt bad for the daughter when the mom spazzed out last week but then the daughter had to do a challenge and she spazzed out too, then I was like, it is time for you to go home! It was funny how the Danis were following them and they were driving in circles on the autobahn, LOL.

I am a huge fan of the hippies. They like to take time to enjoy the view and they always have fun on their challenges. They're actually pretty smart guys, I went onto TAR website and they speak several languages. I thought it was funny when one of the guys had to change in the changing room because he didn't have underwear on.

Can't stand the pretty boys, they may be pretty but their attitude turns me off and you can tell Phil is not too impressed by what comes out of their mouths either. The old couple kicked some major ass. Lake and his wife are this year's asses. I thought it was just him until this week, she's pretty bad too. Ray and Yolanda's ugly side is coming out. When Yolanda told the nerd she had a big butt and that's why she couldn't get her shorts on I was offended. That was totally rude. Speaking of the nerds, I am enjoying them too.

So let's go hippies and nerds!

PS: Next week's Lost looks awesome!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

How well do you really know me?

Don't you think it's time you found out? I'm very curious to see how people will score on this quiz.

The link above works, it just doesn't have a pic. Just click on it to take the test. Come back and let me know how you did, LOL.

Monday, March 20, 2006

I am ashamed to admit this...

But when Su got to town I did not know where the liqour store was. I remember when I moved to Los Angeles and how amazed I was to see all of the bottles of alcohol so readily available at the grocery store and drug store. I loved it even though I wasn't (at the time) a big drinker it's still nice to be able to buy booze conveniently. Now 8 years later I'm back in the Northwest (which I'm loving) but I'm back to having to go to liquor store to get my alcohol and it's a pain.

The store that I thought was a liquor store was a mexican mini-mart (Su had a good laugh over that one). It had a sign that said beer and wine, d'oh! Anyways, we had to pull over and ask at a gas station. We were only a block away which was great but it was closed! It was only 7:30pm but the store closed at 7pm!!!! We were none too happy but when the gas station attendant started giving us directions to a store that was open later I got excited but he lost me at highway. I told him I didn't want alcohol that bad (we had just driven in from Portland). So we had a glass of wine and I can safely say for anyone who comes visit in the future, I now know where to buy alcohol.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Oh the joys of weight gain

My boobs are getting bigger and my ass looks spectacular in a pair of jeans. Unfortunately, while my ass looks awesome in those jeans the roll over the top of them is not so hot so this week I vow to join a gym. I am a naturally lazy person. Don't let those years of kickboxing fool you, in between classes I could be found at home napping in preparation for the physical exertion but now I'm not kickboxing but I'm still napping, not a great physical combination and since the weather is conveniently crappy here I use that as an excuse to not go walking.

But while I'm lazy I'm also someone who is very aware of her money and if I spend money to join a gym I will go and get my money's worth. I think at one point my last gym was losing money on me I went so much, LOL. So now I've decided it's time to get myself back on the gym going track not only because my body desperately needs it but my mind does to. I loved going to the gym, I've made lifetime friendships there so hopefully by joining I will start to get a sense of community here. Although really, what gym will be cooler then Easton?

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Final day of play

well, until the next time around, LOL. This was going to be our mellow day. Su and I wanted to go to Tillamook to the cheese factory. But first there was breakfast. Linda was already up but Su was still in bed but awake so I crawled into Linda's bed to chat. After awhile I dragged Nancy's but out of bed to join us. Pretty soon the smell of cooking bacon had us wandering downstairs. Now I had been to Linda's house and had commented on the fact that she had a pancake mold for every holiday, I was entertained by that fact, now I get to reap the benefits. I have never had pancakes made with a mold, oh my god, they are so yummie! They were the best pancakes I have ever had, so light and fluffy. I am now a convert. Plus, it was fun to eat the heads off of the bunnies and ducks, LOL. I forgot to mention the homemade syrups. We ate so much breakfast (the look on Nancy's face was almost orgasmic....I'm assuming) that we were full for the rest of the day.

The trip to Tillamook was fun. First we dropped off our cars along the way so we wouldn't have to backtrack when we came home then we piled into Linda's rental. Awhile ago I had made 80s CDs for Nancy and Su but sent the wrong ones to them, so they did an exchange this trip so Nancy had her CDs which she hadn't had a chance to enjoy so we listened to them on the way to the coast and sang our hearts out. Too bad my voice was not up to it's normal subpar level, all of the late nights and previous nights karaoke took a toll, I don't know how rock stars do it on tour, LOL. But we gave it our best and sometimes our best was way off key but the ride was a blast.

Along the way we saw a sign for the Blue Heron cheese & wine company. The thing that caught Nancy and Su's eye was the fact that they had a petting zoo. Of course I was there for the cheese and Linda to keep us all in line, LOL. The inside of this store is so cute and they had all kinds of samples which I was enjoying. There was a special on brie so Nancy and I both bought 2 rounds each (you all know how I love the cheese). We got the garlic herb brie, yum. While Linda and Su were enjoying the wine tasting, Nancy and I were having a fruit and cheese plate, we were all enjoying ourselves. The plate was a steal with tons of cheese and fruit and we even gave half of our plate to the other gals and we could barely finish it. Next thing you know Su is coming over looking for a sample of blue cheese to go with her wine. The wine guy sent her over because he said it would go awesome together. Well blue cheese is one of my faves so I got a sample too and ended up buying a wedge of blue to add to my cart, LOL. We bought some feed for the animals as we left and Su and Nancy went to play. It was cute. There was this goat with long hair, big horns and bad teeth that I loved but no way in hell was touching. Su tried to feed the ostritch like bird (we weren't sure what it was) but turns out, it's not gentle when feeding from your hands. It pecked the hell out of Su's trying to get the food but trooper (or knucklehead) that she is she tried again and got the same results. It's hard to eat gently out of your hand when you have a beak.

After that we went to the Tillamook cheese factory. The main reason I wanted to go was because they had an ice cream shop so we all loaded up on ice cream and then took the self guided tour. Unfortunately, it was Sunday so we didn't get to see too much action but it was still fun. I was more impressed by the tiny Blue Heron then the mega Tillammook.

Then we rode along the coast. We stopped a couple of places to take pictures but didn't stay long. It was too cold. We visited a light house but it was a little stumpy. Su kept swearing she had been to the places we went but then again, she swore that she had b een to Blue Heron too and it turns out she hadn't, LOL. She promises to send us pics of her previous visit, we're still waiting. I would have to say the best thing about this drive was the best thing about the weekend, the 80s music! OK, I'm joking, the best thing about our day on the OR coast was the company. You just can't beat the laughter (and the singing at the top of our lungs, LOL).

Friday, March 17, 2006

Pop goes the world

To start the evening off we went to Morton's Steakhouse for drinks This is Linda's Cheers or I should say one of Linda's Cheers, where everybody knows her name. The bar was dead, we got there a little bit before closing but that didn't inhibit our fun one bit. We all ordered our drinks but then one of the bartenders pulled out a Pomerey Pop which is a split of champagne in a little bottle that you drink with a straw. You know how they say you get drunk faster when you drink from a straw? That is true! Nancy thought I had a rash because my skin was burning red, that was because as an asian I have a slight allergy to alcohol which is why my skin changes colors, sometimes more then others. My sister kathy and brother Gramer get really red and my mom can't drink at all. The pop is our new favorite drink, at least for Nancy and I. Champagne with a straw! What could be better. So we weren't at Morton's for that long but we definitely made the most of our time. We also all did a shot while there, LOL.

We decided to go to Karaoke at a dive bar near Linda's house so we would be close to home. I love dive bars. The one thing I forgot having lived in Cali for so long is dive bars usually equal lots of cigarette smoke. So as soon and Su and I walked into Suki's we both gagged at the same time, Nancy says we got dirty looks but hey, I couldn't breathe. The good news, it wasn't too crowded so we were able to get a couple of songs in. Linda was smart and didn't sing, the rest of us, not so smart, LOL. We did the fun classic songs, I will Survive and Dancing Queen. Here's the thing, I can't sing in all of that smoke. I would literally sing a couple of words then turn my head and cough and that's how it went the whole song. But the crowd was friendly and the drinks were strong so we had a good time. After the DJ said that there would be no more room for songs we decided it was time to go. BTW, my alias was Chloe, or as Nancy likes to spell it Chloie. I think Nancy's spelling is the reason Su picked Jane as an alias. After we left it was breakfast again where the patrons were amazed that Linda got hashbrowns with cheese on top, LOL. To top it off when we got home Linda put in some Meatloaf and we sang Paradise by the Dashboard Lights at the top of our lungs and we thought about staying in that night, pshaw!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Girl time!

Sat morning was pretty slow moving for some of us. The some of us would be Su, Nancy and I. Lina and Linda actually got up to go do some shopping while the rest of us laid around in Linda's bed. It's incredibly comfortable and king size! We had made plans for all of us to meet at Jake's Crawfish at 11:30 with Sandra. Plenty of time for us to get ready, or so we thought. It's amazing how fast time flies when you're lying around talking. Considering the directions the internet gave us sucked we did excellent and got there on time. Unfortunately, Jake's didn't open until noon. Luckily, Spartacus, the adult store was across the street so we could kill time. They had a no spanking policy luckily for Nancy because we were all dying to try out the whips and paddles, LOL.

At noon we headed back to Jake's and proceeded to have the most awesome lunch. The great thing about eating with a group of friends is trying everyone's food. I ordered the Seafood Newberg which is what is in the pic above, it was delish. It was great to see Sandra. She's been so busy with work, remodeling and family life that this was our first visit since I moved to the area. But I'm close so that's all that matters. We also had some splendid desserts while there.

After we said our goodbyes to Sandra we headed to the Notting Hill area to shop. I must admit, I wasn't as into this as I normally would be, I was cold and tired but I put up a good front and we shopped for a couple of hours. You know how it is when you're shopping with friends, even if what you try on looks bad they want to see it. So I tried on this top that looked horrible on me, clung to every roll on my body but the gals were outside the dressing room waiting to see. So instead of just telling them it looked bad I opened the door and said no. I was just letting them see what it looked like. Well Nancy, the great friend she is starts immediately shaking her head and saying no, No, NO over and over again. She might as well have said Good God Almighty NO! I look at her and say, "I already said NO!" and then went in and changed. She's so good for my ego, LOL. Did I tell you all I was in the market for a new best friend?

After we went home to Linda's I had to take a nap. There was no way I would make it through the night without one even though at this point we didn't know what we were doing. The rest of the gals played games, sober this time, LOL. Once I dragged my butt up we went to go eat at a neighborhoood Italian recipe and then went back to Linda's to get ready for the evening. We had been going back and forth over what to do that night because we knew we would have fun no matter what but finally we decided to go out to Morton's and have a few drinks. Unfortunately, we had to drop Lina off first. That was a bummer but I won't complain, she did fly out from the east coast for 2 days just to be with us and that was awesome! I'll have to come back and share our evening with you later or else this will be a super long post.

Portland here we come!

Because we were trying to hit happy hour we actually got dressed up at my house which is funny because it's 2pm and we're dressing for the evening. It's in situations like this I wonder how I dress on my own on a regular basis. We debated what to wear, tried everythong on, got second and third opinions, borrowed each others accesories, gabbed, changed outfits, changed accesories and had a grand old time. So much better getting ready with girlfriends. Once we loaded up the cars we headed into the big city. Lina road with me and we gabbed and laughed our way into Portland. Su rode with Nancy and they sang to 80s music all the way. They sang so loud that Nancy gave herself a headache, gotta love that girl.

After we got the grand tour of Linda's place (since I was the only one who had ever been, take that Nancy) we headed out to the Portland City Bar and Grill, the happeningest happy hour in Portland. It was so happening that we couldn't find a seat anywhere and since we were starving we needed a table. Linda decided to make a sweep of the area to see if she knew anyone and guess what she did! One of her neighbors was soon leaving so we got the BEST spot in the house. We ordered fab drinks and gorged on some great food. After that we headed to the restaurant that had the sexy woman but they were full so we had to wait so we headed upstairs to wait. I can't remember the name of it but it had a very minimalist IKEA feel to it. This is where the pic was taken. It was a cool place with a great environment but they don't do mixed drinks that rules it out for a future visit from me, LOL. Then we went downstairs to the peruvian restaurant that has the best drinks. Unfortunately I ordered something that wasn't the sexy woman and didn't like it, luckily, the waiter was cool and replaced it with the sexy woman. It is the habanero infused drink I had a couple of weeks ago. I swear, I was salivating over that drink today wondering if I can infuse my own vodka, LOL. We were bummed that we were so full because the food there was phenomenal. We still ordered a couple of things to split and I will definitely going back there for dinner soon. It was sooooo good.

After that it was time to hit the Viewpoint, a male strip club. For a Friday night it was pretty dead and the MC noticed as soon as we walked in. We were all a little too sober for this place so the first thing we hit was the bar, LOL. We chose a table in the corner near the stage. Like I always say, I'm tight with my 20s but loose with my ones. These guys work on tips. It was fun at first but they are very aggresive in coming up to you. You see, we actually tip and a lot of people don't so they coming back over and over again and they have a no touching policy. WTF??? When we found that out we were none too happy, time to move on. I guess I'll be saving my ones for Vegas. We ended the evening with breakfast at a pancake house. There's nothing like eating a big breakfast after a night out drinking. I would call our first night in Portland a raging success.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I love lazy mornings...

OK, let's be real, this is me we're talking about. I love lazy mornings, afternoons and nights! Unfortunately I had to get up early to catch the garbage man because I owed him money and I needed my garbage picked up. The problem, I don't know what time he comes and since I forgot to put put the garbage I really had to get up anyways. So at 6:30am, tha's right the morning after drinking my ass off I was up at 6:30am, I haven't slept off my hangover, for all I know I could have still been drunk, LOL. Anyways, I got up to take out my garbage and wait for the garbage man. Lina was already up, she wakes up early all of the time and add onto the fact that she came in from the east coast and she probably got the least amount of sleep this trip of anyone. Thank goodness for Lina, she cleaned up the mess from the previous night.

If I was in better shape mentally and physically I would have helped (it is my house after all) but since I was not I crawled onto the couch and waited for the garbage man and waited and waited. Eventually Su woke up and when Nancy came down (Lina woke her up and since Nancy didn't know it was only 8:30 she figured she better get up, Nancy sleeps even more then me) we talked her into making breakfast. I was still hurting so I stayed on the couch (have I told you what a wonderful hostess I am) while Nancy and Su made a breakfast for us of pigs in a blanket, it was yummie, lil smokies and crescent rolls and scrambled eggs. That hit the spot. Then we all sat around watching the tape Nancy brought of the season finale of Project Runway and premiere of Top Chef (that guy who got voted off was an ass). Then Nancy went to her room because she had no idea she had gotten up so early and was horrified, LOL. Before you know it we were all lightly napping. Now that's the way I like to start the day (except for the 6:30am part).

Hungry Like the Wolf

I could not resist posting this pic, LOL. I am not sure if were actually playing a game at this time or if they just decided to do their own charades but Nancy had just gotten there and had no idea what they were doing but she couldn't resist participating (OK, she didn't get a choice) but she had no idea why she was doing the claw. I love how Su got into character for this, look at her face. The saddest part for me is I'm not in the pic but taking it! But don't worry, I'll have made up for it by the end of the weekend.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Girls gone wild

Alright, maybe not too wild in this picture but this is one of maybe two pictures that can be shared with the general public. That's what happens when you bring out the camera 4 hours after you start drinking.

Some friends of mine came to town for a long weekend so to kick things off and be totally wild we decided to have game night at my place on Thursday night. Su had flown in from Austin the day before, Lina had come in from NJ that day and Nancy drove in from WA. The gals in the picture are Linda and Jennifer, two of my local friends. I've known Linda for years and met jennifer through her. Since we had people traveling that day we decided to be low key. So we stocked up on food (aps), liqour and games and had a grand old time.

My only words of advice is not to play truth or dare jenga when you're drunk because the next thing you know someone is wearing your pants and you're sitting there in your undies.

PS: I also chose this pic so that you can get a peak at the inside of my house. It's coming together, yay!

Way to go Chloe!!!!

The natives have spoken, sorry I haven't been around, I have had visitors in town. First off, I don't have Bravo so nancy records Project Runway for me. Luckily she was one of my visitors so she brought the tape down on Thur for me to watch. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to watch it until Fri. Of course, we looked online to see who won. We couldn't wait. We were all excited that Chloe won. But I felt like I shouldn't post until I actually saw the episode.

I have to say, I was quite impressed by Santino. He had some dresses that I absolutely loved. I can't believe that Daniel was still in the running. I was not down with his looks at all. He in fact disappointed me and I got tired of his snippy attitude whenever Tim (who I love) would question him. Shockingly, I was torn between Santino and Chloe but Chloe had my heart and I loved most of her looks! I could have done without the shrugs though, I hate shrugs. I also loved Chloe's reaction to winning. How cool is she? My friend Su lives in TX and she's going to go and visit Chloe's store. She is going to pick something up for me. I figure for $25 I can get an original Chloe keychain, LOL.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I've gone a killing spree...

When we moved into our house Kathy pointed out we were infested with ladybugs. I didn't think anything of it. They're just ladybugs. Unfortunately, they were all over the place but you know I was like, live and let live. I don't really like to kill anything if I don't have to unless they're ants or roaches and only if their in my place. I won't step on one outside. But when they're in my territory I let them be.

I used to live in a house that had lots of spiders, I never killed them. I let them be. So that was my policy towards the ladybugs. Until the bites started appearing. If there is a flea in a 1 mile radius, I will have a flea bite. When I was on the east coast dressed from head to toe I got mosquito bites on my face. So next thing you know I'm starting to get a random bite here and there and before you know it, I look like I have the chicken pox. OK, not that bad but bad enough. Now the ladybugs have to go. When they were a harmless entity I was ok letting them live in peace but now it's war!

Nancy kept telling me that ladybugs don't bite but I had bites to prove that they did. I was talking to Christy via email and she told me what I thought were ladybugs were asian lady beetles. Those damn asians! I've now declared war on them. I've been vacuuming them up like crazy. No more living in peace. It's eat or be eaten and this is not how I want to be eaten but that's a whole different post, LOL.

Stephanie's Tart

Strawberry Mascarpone Tart (or in this case Strawberry, Blackberry & Kiwi Tart)

One sheet Puffed Pastry (Thawed)
1 8 oz Container Mascarpone (standard size)
1 c. whipping cream
1/2 c sugar + a little extra.
1 tbsp. lemon juice.

1. Slice fruit into reasonabley attractive slices or sections. In season pure strawberries are divine, other berries, peaches, nectarines, grapes etc, could always do the trick. If fruit is not sweet enough toss with sugar and let it sit for a couple of hours.

2. Bake pastry shell. Roll out and fit into tart pan. If no pan, roll out a little bit and bake on a cookie sheet. The square shape can be attrative and rustic looking (how Martha is that), just fold up sides to make a little crust. Bake shell according to directions around 25 mins @ 3:25. Crust should be golden and smell like a fresh croissant. Flatten the center using a smaller pan, bowl or plate, just enough to make a depression to fill.

3) While crust is baking whip the whip cream till firm. I like to make the whip cream on the overwhipped side (standard whip cream is very fluffy, overbeat it too much however and you get butter) For this recipe I like the whipped cream to look a little extra beaten, cuz it loses its form over time if you make the tart ahead and when you mix it with the mascarpone.

4) Mix the mascarpone with the sugar and lemon. Sugar to taste. the original recipe calls for a cup but I think even a 1/2 cup is really sweet. Fold the whip cream into the mascarpone to keep fluffy. (chef's note for some reason my whipped cream was taking forever and wouldn't get too dense. I ended up beating the mascarpone in and it fluffed up. Might be a little lighter if you fold it in, but it worked just fine.)

5) Once the crust has cooled, spread the mascarpone mix onto the crust. Spread the fruit out in a patter or just pile it on. For the overachiever you can make a glaze, not as necessary with the sugared fruit, and probably not necessary at all but this is how pastry chefs get their tart shiny. "Melt" (ie heat at a low heat) some apricot jelly or jam in a pan with a little bit of water. Take a pastry brush and brush over fruite and crust edges. You should get an added luster to your tart.

I find the bottom of the crust gets soggy if you assemble ahead of time, so when home I prefer to assemble it right before you eat it. When going out however, as in this case it's easier to just make it in advance.

Note from Leiha:
I highly recommend this dish, it was the best fruit tart I've ever had and can't wait to try this recipe myself:)

Monday, March 06, 2006

If you invite them, people will come...

Moving to OR didn't mean I lost friends, it just means they have a new place to visit, LOL. This week Su is coming in from Austin, Lina from NJ and Nancy from WA and we're going to party like it's 1989 (I like the music better then). Normally I feel a lot of pressure to entertain when I have friends come to town because I'm not much of a touristy type of person but I'm not feeling the pressure now, I haven't even lived her a month. I don't know anything, LOL. Plus, I have a not so secret weapon, Linda T! She will be our tour guide through the bars of Portland (what, you thought we were going to tour the gardens?).

I love entertaining and having my friends over for something as little as watching tv together to a big party. My sister, not so much. I think if she knew more people here she would vacate the premises but I have her trapped, LOL. We're only going to be at my house a couple of days and then we're transferring to Portland. The girls wanted to check out my new place and of course meet my family. Jordan is excited to have company. I was joking with him and told him he had to give up his bed and he was willing to, he is a sweet kid, when he's not being a 9 year old pouty boy, LOL.

So today will be spent cleaning. Not just putting everything away which we've finally done (having visitors coming will light a fire under your butt) but wiping down counters and mopping and cleaning the bathroom, fun stuff like that! But it'll be worth it because my friends are coming and that makes me happy.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Bring on the Oscars!

I'm a little removed from the Oscars then I normally am because I'm not in Los Angeles this time. It's not like I do a lot on Oscar night but it's still fun to know that the Kodak Theater is right down the street from my apt. Now I am watching the pre-Oscar stuff on E and thinking, I miss the weather, LOL. Actually, it's pretty nice here right now so I can't complain.

I haven't seen any of the movies but I still have faves and want to make predictions.

Best Actor: David Strathairn, Good Night, and Good Luck; I went for the long shot because I wanted to and he's older then the others and served his time.

Best Actress: Felicity Huffman, Transamerica; I've loved her since Sportsnight and she gives great speeches. Plus Keira Knightly and Reese Witherspoon have mouths that bug me.

Best Supporting Actor: Matt Dillon, Crash; He's come a long way baby. He's logged a lot of miles on film and I think it would be neat for Dallas from the Outsiders to win. Yes, I love George Clooney but he's been accolades for years. I think it would be a greater coupe for Matt to win.

Best Supporting Actress: Don't care but Michelle Williams is another woman who's mouth bothers me, LOL.

Best Director: Ang Lee; Power to the asian people!

Best Movie: Good Night, and Good Luck; You know I love me the gays but they've won a lot of awards so I'm going to for the underdog who this time is not a gay, LOL. Plus, I do really want to see George up on the stand. Now I wished I would have stayed at the museum the night they screened this movie. George actually showed up but I do what I always do and chose to hang with my friends instead. What was I thinking, my friends would have been there the next night, LOL.

I hope that the gowns are fabulous and the speeches entertaining. I have high hopes for Jon Stewart.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

I don't call myself Hardass Ha for nothing!

All week long I've been asking Jordan for his spelling test results from last week. He missed school on Mon when he should have gotten the results. Every day he tells me he doesn't know how he did, he didn't get the results, etc. Guess what his mom finds when she's changing his sheets? Yep, the spelling test results. He got a less then stellar 5 out of 12. Now that's pretty freaking bad and he knows it. We would have made him study more if we had seen the results but he wouldn't have been punished. Now lying to his Tita Leiha, that's a whole new ballgame.

Jordan was outside playing at the time so Kathy and I discussed punishment. I wanted to ground him and take away all privlidges but Kat wants him to play and get exercise. Then I said, ok, but he loses tv privilidges but Kat likes to watch a show with him before bed so she didn't want to be punished so then it was down to no video games. Since the other punishments were just for the weekend and this one wasn't as severe as I wanted I said it had to be for a week. Kat said she's bad at remembering after a few days about the punishment, guess what, I'm not, LOL. So no video games for a week.

Jordan was none too happy about this just as he wasn't happy when I told him that if he forgets his homework again on Mon he will be punished. There's a new sheriff in town and she's called Hardass Ha!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Kinky in Helsinki

Let me just say, there is something psychological about having pretty toes. When my toes don't look good, I don't feel good. With my move my feet took a beating. The weather is much different up here plus, I just didn't have the time to give my feet the TLC that they need. I was going to buy some nail polist remover when we moved in because my polish was chipping and looked gross but Kathy said she had a big bottle of the stuff so I didn't and my feet continued to get worse and worse because our stuff was still in WA and then when we finally got it it was buried under a mound of boxes, yes I should have spent the buck to buy the bottle of remover, LOL.

Anyways by the time I got to LA I was in dire need of a pedicure. There was no way I could walk around Los Angeles with ugly feet! Rachael has a fave nail place, TJ's. She didn't need anything done but was kind enough to go with me and get a manicure just so we could hang (awwwwww). She also helped me pick out the color which is a really cool purplish color by OPI called Kinky in Helsinki! How can I not love a color with that name? It's so appropriate for me! My toes looked a hundred times better. Now I was ready to be back in LA! Thanks Rach!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

When fondue becomes a fondon't

Did I mention in my previous post the amount of alcohol I consumed? I didn't think it was that much, until I woke up. I was hurting. I have to start remembering to drink more water and stop making my own drinks, LOL. I had plans to go to breakfast with Ritchie but we saw each other the night before and neither of us wanted to get up early so Javier made me breakfast. I had tentative plans with Dave but those fell through. The night before Javier had to leave to go to a fondue party which brought up the topic of fondue. I love fondue. Of course, I've only done it once but I love it, LOL. Brian L mentioned he had a fondue set so he invited me over for lunch and Steph too if my plans fell through for lunch so I gave him a ring and it was on!

Steph, Julie and I made a mad dash to Trader Joe's to pick up some supplies, the parking there is a madhouse! We shopped while Steph tried to park. Julie also brought her leftovers from the party so we showed up with 3 bags of goodies and 2 plates of cheesecake! Luckily Brian's gf Sabina was cool about us popping in, LOL and we just started unloading. As much as I tried to I was pressed into service, cubing bread for our dipping. Steph did the cheese, Julie read the recipe, Sabina was preparing everything and Brian was posting. It was a lot of fun. Us gals were very weary from the night before and by us gals I mean Julie and I, Steph is younger, LOL. But we were all having fun chit chatting, sitting around the table and knoshing on the veggies and hummus that Julie brought. Brian brought out some homemade pesto that was delish! I have to get that recipe. Anyways, we had 3 kinds of cheese and wine to fondue up. Sabina was taking care of the cheese and Brian was toasting the bread. Julie and Steph were drinking the wine, I was chugging water, no hair of any dog for me! Music is playing (Brian has a great song selection) and it's just a casual relaxed atmosphere around friends. Really fun! Then it's time to light the burner.

Well brian went to light it on the table and nothing happened. So he took the burner into the kitchen and pulled out the fondue fuel (who knew there's such a thing as fondue fuel) and he's chatting with us, showing us womenfolk how it's done as he is pouring the fuel into the burner when the next thing you know flames are leaping up his arm towards the fuel! Apparently there was a small flame in the burner that we hadn't seen. Brian reacted as any person would when there's a fire leaping around his hands and through the burner and the fuel down. He handled it all really coolly. He turned to us to make some kind of comment but then had to turn back around since we were screaming that the kitchen was on fire! The fuel had spilled and the flames were following it. Unfortunately Brian did not have a fire extinguisher so for the longest minutes of his life he was putting it out with towels and water. He was a rock star. One of the bags behind him had started to burn and Steph just stomped it out, pretty cool. My ineffectual hitting at it with a rug was not doing the trick, LOL. Julie was keeping a cool head as Sabina jumped in to help put out the fire. Julie was the one directing them and pointing things out. I went outside to find some sand but all I found was dying little plants so i didn't want to add kindling so I stayed out of it. Finally after thinking it was out a couple of times it was. They pushed the towels and such out the back door just in case anything decided it wanted to burn again. The fuel was tricky. Amazingly enough, nothing was damaged in the kitchen, even the floor was fine. I don't know what kind of flooring they had in there but it looked like just the fuel on top of it burned. Brian was able to keep it from reaching the cabinets or curtains thank goodness!

Once the fire was out we resumed heating up the cheese, what else are we going to do? Actually, Brian and Sabina handled the almost burning down of their house quite wonderfully. Both were mellow afterwards and if they were shaken up they handled it well. Unfortunately, Brian did burn his hands and singe some of the hair on his arms but all in all, nowhere near as bad as it could have been. We were worried about the disposal of the towels and such so we called the fire dept and they came out (goodie firemen!) but they seemed disappointed that it was all after the face, LOL.

When everything had calmed down and we got most of the cheese melted we sat down and had a wonderful cheesy meal. Brian's last fondue party and I was there. I haven't sworn off fondue, I've just decided if I ever do fondue it better be an electric pan, LOL. I'm avoiding fondue fuel at all costs! The lesson here is make sure you have a fire extinguisher that and if you don't have one then at least have marshmallows so we can make smores.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

S A T U R D A Y Night! It's the good old rock and roll...

LOL, I've been known to sing that song a time or two at karaoke but that is not what this post is about. I'm writing about my whirlwind trip to LA. So I debated who to tell that I was going to LA. I mean, I was only going to be there for one full day and I've only been gone a month. Did anyone even have time to miss me (DUH, of course they did!). I emailed my friend Julie and she volunteered to host a potluck at her place, how awesome was that? So she sent out an invite via email Thur night, I added more to the list and off we go. If people could make it great, if not, it's totally understandable (some people didn't get the invite until Fri).

Sat is a hectic day. I'm staying at Javier's who inherited my old apt. He stayed at his girlfriend's, I totally was willing to sleep on the couch, it's super comf (my old one) but he stayed at his woman's. So I was back in my old stomping grounds in my old abode! Rachael picked me up at 10, we went and had mani/pedis and lunched. While at lunch I got a call from Steph wanting to know why I wasn't at kickboxing (I called Joe earlier in the week, no call back so i thought I was off of the hook, LOL) so I rushed home, borrowed clothes from Julie, went to KB late, came back and went through the boxes I had left and Javier and I took 5 boxes of books to the post office to mail to myself. I love me some media mail! That was my big plan for the day since there was no way they would have fit in my car with the rest of my stuff and I need my books back, LOL. So with that out of the way I was a happy camper. Javi and I went to Trader Joe's (love this store) to get stuff for the potluck. His contribution was vodka and cranberry juice. I don't like to tax him too much, LOL. Too bad he brought diet cranberry juice! Since I had such a busy day (c'mon, I'm usually good for one thing, I've already overtaxed myself plus I did do a long drive) it was nap time!

Then it was time to beautify for the potluck. I picked up some false eyelashes because Rachael and I were talking about them and my non-existent eyelashes and she told me to wear them, so I did, I'm so easily swayed. They were fun. Of course I brought a cheese tray. I would have liked to cook one of my specialties but it turns out this IS my specialty (and to be honest, I stole the idea from Rachael who always has fabulous cheeses at her parties) but I also made a kickass salad. I like a lot of stuff in mine. Two of my fave ingredients are heart of palm and TJ's Soycuttash which instead of lima beans and corn is soy beans and corn with a dash of red peppers for flavor. It delish, try it!

Now I'm going to make a list of great dishes that my friends made. Most have promised me recipes and once I get them I may have to post some. Julie made a baked ziti and roasted veggies, both awesome! I didn't eat any of my food to save room for hers, LOL. Brian L brought his soon to be named awesome yogurt soup, Rachael, who is currently homeless is also a fellow blogger ( and chef but being homeless limited her options so she made a yummie homemade salsa. It had pineapples in it so I was thrown but the flavor was so good! Wish I had eaten more of that. Michelle brought a bunch of dips, veggies and hummus or as her bf Rossi calls it, a bunch of food that you can't eat (he's a meat eater, can you tell) and Stephanie made a strawberry, blackberry, kiwi marscapone tart that was so damn good! At the end of the party we grabbed the rest of this to snarf down.

But the potluck wasn't all about the food, it was about me, as it should be, LOL. Actually it was nice because I didn't have a going away party when I left so this was sort of it. Everyone showed that I expected and we had a great time. Lots of laughing and intermingling. I would post pics but have yet to find my USB cord, I swear, you guys are going to be overrun with pics when I find it! I thought when I left I really appreciated my friends but going back after having been away for a month was sort of bittersweet. It made me miss them even more. Dont' get me wrong, I am enjoying life here but it's so very different then what I had in LA. Everything was established and I had a great life with great friends and it was nice to go home again. Of course, I won't be making that drive anytime soon so I told them to come visit me. I make a fabulous cheese tray!