Wednesday, May 31, 2006

So I didn't get any packing done today...

But I did get the rest of my pictures put in an album. I am all caught up! I even put some pics in these frames that I had bought when they were on sale and sat on my floor, for a few months! I still have 2 sets of frames that are really cool, it has a leather matting and they hold 4 pics but the problem is, the pics they hold are small and I'm someone who likes to fill the frame when I take pictures. OK, so the frame is usually full of my head but it's full, dang it, LOL.

So now I have to actually take some pics that are improperly framed just so I can put pictures in these frames that I've had since January! It's a good thing I'm moving because once I get my stuff out of storage (after I actually get it into storage) I wil need space to put all of the picture frames I have. I think I need a baby grand just so I have more room to put my pictures. Did I mention I bought 3 more picture frames this weekend? I was at Ross and went crazy! I went to buy frames for my brothers and my dad to put their fishing picture in. They're boys and would never do it on their own but how can I buy frames for them and not myself? I could not.

So when I do finally get a new place and get all of my pictures up you are all welcome to come visit the Museum of Natural Leiha. You can see how she lives in her natural habitat and view many many many pics of her that will be hanging on the walls, sitting on her bookshelves, on her as yet to be owned dresser, hopefully a mantle will be included in her new abode, mainly because she needs space to put her pictures. And as parting gift, you too can take a picture with Leiha. She's not shy.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Memorable Memorial Day

Sorry I'm late with my post, blame Linda, LOL. She called me up yesterday to see what I was doing. I was deciding whether to go to the movies to see XMen 3 because I was craving the popcorn and wanted to procrastinate what I really needed to be doing which was packing. So when she invited me over for leftovers and margaritas I was like a comic boook character I was out the door so fast! First I had to stop to pick up tequila for the ritas. If we were in Cali this would be simple, I could pick it up at the grocery store, drug store or even a mini-mart. Here I have to find a liqour store and I only know one which was of course, closed for the holiday. So Linda gave me directions over the phone which were pretty awesome and I did a great job of getting there considering I didn't write anything down. I just couldn't find the liqour store. I called Linda to let her know so she told me the address and I literally was right there so I got out at the produce store (since I needed limes anyways) and asked and it was literally on the other side of the store, the entrance I did not come in. To be fair, the liqour store could not be seen from the direction I came in, LOL. But now that the minor disaster was averted I was back on track!

Linda had BBQd chicken the other day so we were having that along with grilled and roasted veggies with a choice of two aioli sauces and we also made nachos and Linda had the best homemade guacamole I had ever had. It had zing, whereas most homemade guac is a little bland. Of course, to top it all off we had ritas! Linda had picked up some flavored mixers at William Sonoma when we were shopping the other day and lucky me, I got to try out the new flavors with her. First on the bill was ruby red grapefruit, I swear, you couldn't taste the tequila and I saw her pouring it in! It was yummmie! Next up was mango and it was even better! After that we went up to the store to visit with Jennifer which is a good thing because if we were at her house I would have been tempted to eat more, even though I was a thin wafer away from maximum overload and of course I would have been tempted to try out the other two flavors, lemon meringue and key lime. Guess we'll have to save those for another day, LOL.

Monday, May 29, 2006

I have a love/hate relationship with...

Target! I swear, I need to ban myself from that store. Today I went the for packing tape and spent $30! Yesterday I picked up my pics from there another $30 and let's not even talk about the day before where I spent as much as the last two days combined! Of course, part of the reason is my laziness. I wait until I'm out of everything so I end up buying essentials all at once and we know how quickly shampoo and face wash adds up. Of course, I needed that bronzer, it was on sale and had a coupon and I've been meaning to buy black eye shadow and of course I had to buy that skirt that was on clearance! But I blame Target for this, it's their fault I spend so much money there. I am making a vow to boycott Target, until the next time I need something that is important to my health and well being!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

What do you do with all of your pictures?

As you all know, I love pictures and I especially love pictures of myself and now with digital cameras so prevalent it's been great I take more pictures then ever. The problem is getting the pictures from my computer into an album. Yesterday I ordered a bunch of prints online to pick up at Target, I ordered so many that instead of one hour it was going to take 24 hours, LOL. The funny thing is I have more pictures to order, I just have to upload them from my camera. But I decided to start on what I do have and that would be the 162 I picked up today and a couple of more piles of pictures from last year. I just finished putting my vacation pictures from the Jersey Shore into an album. Now I have to go and buy more albums because I have filled one and a half and I think I have about 300 more pics to put away, haven't even touched the pics I picked up today. I'm hoping to get the rest of my pics in an album by Monday just in time for me to order more prints and start the process all over again. See, being a ham comes with a price, LOL.

And since I'm talking about pictures I thought I would include a picture from one of my vacations to New Orleans. This is one of my fave pics from that trip, which is one of my fave trips. This was from our first night in town and basically we hit the ground running, or rather, drinking, LOL. My roommie Barb had a bottle of tequila waiting for me when I landed so I could play catch up, I like to think I did a credible job of catching up *G*.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Happy hours make me happy

Today I decided I had to get out of the house. I needed to do some shopping and who better to call then Linda when it's time to shop? So I went to Target before I met with her because she was going to see a movie and then we met at Nordstrom's where we picked up these cool tights that she wore the other night for tango, You can see them in the pic below. I decided I must have a pair (or two, LOL). Of course we met in time to go to happy hour. We went to Stamford's which was 10 minutes from where we were. It had a nice cozy atmosphere and big happy hour menu to choose from. The drinks aren't on special but with those food prices it was worth it. I went with a Stoli lemonade and Linda had a Grey Goose martini. After we put our order in the waitress carded us. Linda looks at her and goes, are you serious? It was hilarious. It must be all of the years of good living that makes us look so young *G*.

There is just something wonderful about sitting around having drinks and apps with a friend. Not only do I love happy hours because of the discounted drinks and food but I love the socialness of it. Happy hour isn't when you go out to get trashed. It's when you go out and have conversations with your friends and maybe get a little buzzed, LOL. I am a fan.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Exercise, ugh!

Well, not only is summer right around the corner but I'm meeting the girls in a couple of weeks in Seattle and then let's not forget my European adventure so I decided it's time to get my butt moving. Of course, I have said that before but this time I actually got up off of the couch, LOL. Tue night I decided to do push ups and crunches. Oh my goodness, it's been much too long since I've done a push up. I could barely do twenty! I made myself do a hundred, sets of 20 except for the last ones, I had to do 2 sets of 10 because I was so sore. In between I did some ab work. I did crunches and bicycles and such. Then yesterday Barb called me on my way out the door, I was going for a walk. It was wonderful to talk to someone while I was walking, made me walk further then I normally would. Last night I wanted to do more push ups and sit ups but I was too sore. I couldn't do one push up, LOL. Tonight, same thing, I'm too sore. So once I recover from my bought of exercising, I'll do it again. Since I don't work tomorrow I'll definitely get out and walk, as long as it's not raining, I'm not that motivated, LOL.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Smile of the Day

I went to the DMV to get an Oregon drivers license today, mainly because my license expired from CA otherwise who knows when I would have gotten around to it. As it was, it took me a month after I found out it was expired to get my license, shhhhh, don't tell anyone. I actually went in last week but I failed the written test, oops! I think some of those questions were ridiculous. I did grab a test manual to study while waiting for my test, I glanced through it quickly, guess I should have studied the book the hour I was waiting for them to call my name, anyways, I took said book home with me after I failed the test. Of course, I didn't open the book but I had it by my nightstand with the intention of studying.

Today it was raining when I went in so I forgot to grab my book so I grabbed a new one. That's when I noticed I had the wrong manual! I was studying for a commercial driver's license! Ok, not really studying but scanning the wrong book! Maybe I would have passed the last time! At least I had plenty of time to study this one, that would be about an hour and a half. I only missed one question today but I have to say, i disagree, I should have gotten that one correct, LOL. Once I took the test and passed, it was still another frustrating 30 minutes before I got my actual license but you know a 2 hour wait isn't going to stop me from smiling for my picture, hello, I'm going to have this license for awhile, or at least until I move to another state (and sometime within a year after). The guy who gave me my license, that would be the 4th person I dealt with said that I had the smile of the day, LOL. I informed him that was because I was a ham. It's a gift, LOL.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bloggers here, bloggers there, bloggers, bloggers, everywhere!

I have noticed that most of the bookmarks on my site are blogs so I decided to share some of them with you.

My Life Below Sea Level This is the most recent edition to the blogging world. Well, my blogging world, LOL. This is Nes' blog which she just started. You may get a sense of deja vu since she is using the same set up as my but her voice is most definitely her own and you will enjoy reading it. Plus, she's already blogged about me, how cool is that?

Cosmo Chix This blog features one of my favorite authors and my best friend forever Emma Holly. I had to inform her of the fact when she mentioned my name in the acknowledgements in her newest book All U Can Eat. If you buy the book I will autograph it for you, LOL. My only complaint is that the blog is not updated everyday.

Roofer Author This is Gennita Low's blog. I love it. She's funny, has a quirky sense of humor, she always has interesting pics and she's a great author. I love to peak in and see what she's up to and she's great at updating her blog.

and last but certainly not least...
Fresh Approach This is my friend Rachael's blog. She also has a fun unique voice. She's a chef and always has fun interesting ideas about food and is always willing to experiment. I love that she recently made a purple potato pizza. Too bad I'm too lazy to try it but I think the next time I visit her I'll have to try to get her to make me one. If I do find the motivation to make it though, you know I'll share with you (and buy ready made dough, LOL).

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Last Tango in Portland

At least for me for awhile. Sunday night was our big finale! Our final exam so to speak. Our instructor had rented out some space for our milonga, our dance. We were going to dance with his instructor's students, the problem is, they weren't that social but that's ok, I had a blast with our peeps and we represented. This is the pic of most of our class. It's funny how quickly you forget things. We didn't have a class last week so we were all rusty. But we still had a lot of fun with each other, something the serious dancers didn't seem to do. I know I was laughing everytime we got a move wrong. Why not? It's a dance! But I guess for some of them it's more. They were quite impressive to watch and our instructor and his instructor really loved what they were doing which was cool. Me, I think I'm ready for a new dance. Of course, I need to find a new home and job before I sign up for anymore dance classes but that's just a technicality.

Another note about Sunday night. Be careful what dress you wear when dancing. I wore a boobalicious dress, thinking that would distract people from my dancing. The only problem is, I was sooo boobalicious that if I turned wrong, oops, there's my nipple, LOL. Let's just say I was concentrating very hard on keeping my chest glued to theirs, LOL.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Friday Night Fid

When I was thinking about moving one of the places I thought about was Bend, OR because I have a great friend who lives there. Fid is actually one of my oldest friends. We were both stationed together in Korea way back when we were youngsters. Waaayy backk when (actually, I'm still a youngster compared to him, LOL). Anyways, I didn't end up moving to Bend but it's great being so close to him.

We don't see each other often but when we do see each other we have a blast. Of course, I would like a little more notice then what he gives me. He calls and wants to meet and of course, he wants to meet now and I'm in my PJs and half an hour away and since it was rush hour he was waiting over an hour, LOL. We met were I could leave my car and we went into Portland's Pearl District. I had given Linda a call when I was on my way to meet up with him but she didn't answer. It was 5pm on a Friday night, I figured that chick already had plans. Well she did but they had been cancelled so Linda met us at our favorite place, Andina. It's the peruvian restaurant with the sexay women drinks that we both love. I wanted Fid to check it out, plus, the last time I was there I was too full to eat much and I wanted to try more of the food, LOL.

Have I mentioned before how Linda knows everyone. Both Linda and Fid feel like they know each other. Linda has spent a lot of time in Bend and Fid used to own a bar there, appropriately called, Fiddys. Since there was no ice to break we all had a great time. There was lots of drinks and eats to be had. We decided to check out the other restaurant bars in the area since we were there and they were in walking distance. We hit two more bars but weren't ready to call it a night so we took Fid to open mic night at the market where Linda and I work. You think I'm not shy? I have nothing on him. He was up there singing up a storm. There was no screen for me and I can't remember the words without it so I didn't join him in his singing adventures, LOL.

Since we weren't ready for the party to end we went to a neighbor's house, this is, after all, a neighborhood market and did some karaoke there. Now that's the way to end an evening!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Bad beef jerkey is better then no beef jerkey...

Those were the words of wisdom I spoke to Jordan today after we had stopped to stock up on road food and lucky for us, we had good beef jerkey! We also had hot dogs, funyons and a coke! Why were we on the road you ask yourself? Well, we were heading to the WA coast to meet my family. My brothers Andy and Adam had bought a fishing boat trip as a Xmas gift for the boys in the family and of course, they wanted us gals there to greet them after their grueling 8 hours gathering food, LOL. Adam did mention something about wanting me to clean the fish in his email but we both know that was a joke!

This was a wonderful gift on their part because everyone in our family is always going in different directions so I was happy for the boys to all have this time together, including my dad. They were thinking about bringing Jordan along but we he had school. Little did we realize that it was parent teacher conference and he could have gone, luckily, Jordan didn't know he was under consideration or he would have been bummed. All of my brothers love fishing so going out on the boat was a great treat. They all had a fabulous time, well, all but Andy who got sick as soon as they hit the open water and didn't become upright until they pulled into dock, LOL. But that didn't stop him from taking a pic with the fish for his myspace page!

While we waited for the fish to get cleaned (by professionals of course) we went to eat and it was a really awesome time. The food was not very good but it was great for all of us to sit around and enjoy a meal together, let me tell you this happens very rarely in my family. Of course I had to get a group shot, LOL. I'm going to print this out and frame it.

BTW, Jordan is in so much trouble for blowing that bubble!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A life in flux

I have spent the past couple of weeks trying to figure out what I'm going to be doing and where I'm going to be living. I've decided it's time to move on but the question is where? when? how? Wow, I guess that's more then one question. As much as I love living with Jordan I've decided it's time to move on. I hope you all have learned by now to always write my address in pencil. So now I know I'm moving the question is where?

I can move back to WA and live with Nancy. I could move into Portland and give the city a shot, I could move back to LA where I have lots of friends and I even have an invite to Atlanta. I've been mulling it over. I hate being in transition which is what my life has felt like for awhile. As of this moment I plan on moving into Portland mainly because I'm already here and I have barely spent anytime in the city. I have invites to stay everywhere and where my friends are concerned an embarrassment of riches. Part of the reason making the decision was so hard was because I have so many friends opening up their homes to me. I have options because I have friends. Thank you!

Of course, the move will be made after I spend some time traveling! I'm going to put my stuff into storage for a month or two and I'm going to do something that I always have wanted to do, have talked about doing for ages and have never done. I'm going to Europe! Amsterdam to be specific. I know that once I move again and get settled I will have to get a job and I'll be lucky to get 2 weeks vacation so I want to use this time while I'm not employed to actually do some real traveling. My girlfriend Nes lives in Holland and she has invited me for a visit (again, I have fantastic friends). Now I just have to get my passport, LOL! Once I have more details on whats happening I will of course let you know.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It's summertime!

How do I know this? It's not because it was incredibly hot today in the Pacific Northwest (OK, I don't know about the whole PN but it sounded better then saying Cornelius). It was so hot Jordan didn't want to play outside, well, until we gave him the go ahead to play in the water, LOL. Nope, the reason I know it's summer is because I bought some watermelon from the store and had it was wonderful. Watermelon is my favorite summer fruit. During the summertime I know it's time to go shopping when I'm out of watermelon. When I lived in LA I would buy huge watermelons even though it was only me because I would eat chunks of it out at a time. It was the best after coming home from the gym. I would dig into the watermelon like it was food from the gods. So now I'm excited because watermelons are back in the store and that means they are back in my fridge.

Now it's time to work on my tan. I'm using Jergen's tanning lotion and after 3 days I swear I think I'm seeing a change. I'm very excited. I guess I should now buy their tanning moisturizer because I'm going to look funny tan everywhere with a white face. Maybe if my lipstick is bright enough no one will notice?

Monday, May 15, 2006

I've been spanked and not in a good way

Last night I had a wonderful time with my friend Brett and his family. I have known Brett since the days of Northwest Cable News which means it's been over 10 years. He lives in WA but turns out his mom lives the next town over so when he came down for Mother's Day he invited me over for game night. Brett loves the game night as much as I do. When I was home for the holidays he and his wife had us over and we were there until 1 or 2 in the morning cause we played so many games.

This was my first meeting with Brett's mom but there was nothing to worry about. She made me feel at home right away and let me say, their house was fabulous! Brett brought his son Brandon down as well as his sister Angela, her bf Ben and her daughter Pele so there was a houseful of us, including Sandra's hubby Ron. As soon as I walked in Ron had put a fishing video in for Brett, oh no! I hadn't even had a drink yet! Luckily it didn't last too long. We then moved into the kitchen to snack to our hearts content. I see where Brett gets his hosting abilities from. There was shrimp, guacomole, cheese, fresh fruit, crackers. I couldn't stop eating.

Then is was game time. It was Angela and Sandra against Brett and I. We were playing spades. I can't believe how bad our luck was. We started out behind and finally came back from the edge just to go backwards. I swear, I thought we were going to hit zero, LOL. I was quite impressed with the other team's play. There was nils and 10 for twos flying around which made for an exciting game. It would have been more exciting if we were the ones who won, LOL.

Next it was time for dinner. I had barely digested all of my snacking but you know I was up to the challenge. Dinner was made by Angela and it was awesome. We had homemade potatoe salad (who knew it didn't come in a tub?), huge salad and tuna steaks! I wish I would have had more room for seconds, LOL. What I did have room for was dessert! Angela made me the best banana split I had ever had! It was heaven in a bowl.

Brett went with the root beer float with a matching mustache. After that, more games! I wanted to give Bunco a try having never played it. I had heard of it before. Thought it would be fun. Turns out we couldn't really figure out how to play it so we put it away quickly and pulled the cards back out. This time Ben was Angela's partner. He's no Sandra, LOL. He does't have the cutthroatness that the rest of us had, LOL. He just wanted to play and we all wanted to win. At least Brett and I ended the night as victors, at 1am, LOL

Saturday, May 13, 2006

The birthday girl

You know I can't include a picture of her without including a picture of me, LOL. This is Kimberly, the youngest of my sisters. She just turned 23. They grow up so fast, LOL. I had a fun time these last couple of days. Kim and I got to spend a little quality time together which gets harder the older we get. Of course she made sure we spent Q time together because she had her present all picked out and we had to go get it. Then we spent yesterday afternoon watching Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen movies are the ultimate chick flicks. I have to say I prefer the BBC version myself. Here you didn't see them fall in love. Suddenly he's just declaring himself out of the blue. We also ate ice cream cake while watching the movie but I have to say this is where Kim and I differ, while I am a staunch proponent of the Baskin & Robbins ice cream cake Kimberly and my sister Kathy are all about the Dairy Queen ice cream cake which A) doesn't have any cake in it and B) doesn't come in different flavors like B&R. Hello? You can't beat the chocolate chip mint ice cream cake! If i ever get married I want an ice cream cake from B&R, LOL.

Since I'm sharing pics (when do I not?) I'll also include this bonus one. Don't mind the ducked head behind us, he's not a family member, LOL. It's Andy on the left and Adam on the right. They also came out to dinner on Thur night. For some reason though Andy didn't want to pay for my dinner. How rude!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Dueling Camera

You all know how much I love to take pictures, especially of myself, let me just say, I've passed that trait onto my little sister, LOL. We went out tonight for her birthday, just an intimate dinner for 16 at a sushi restaurant in Seattle and afterwards we went to play pool which is fun even though I suck at it. Just cause I'm bad at it doesn't mean I'm not going to talk sh*t, LOL. Anyways, both Kim and I had cameras and while we're at the pool hall we were busy snapping away and taking pics of each other. My brother is like WTF? Because while we were taking all of these pics we were also playing so we were holding up the game, LOL. But of course I had a wonderful excuse for looking for the perfect picture. My blog! I was looking for the perfect pic of Kim and I to post since she is the birthday girl and I think I have it. The only problem, my camera cable is in OR so I will have to wait until this weekend to post it, LOL.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

On the road again....

Just can't wait to get on the road again. Scr eech! Actually, I can wait yet here I am in WA even as I type, LOL. My littles sisters birthday is today and she's having a birthday dinner and according to her I just have to come. My coming next month doesn't matter to her cause it's not her birthday so four hours later I'm in Everett waiting to go to dinner with my sis, LOL. I actually drove up last night since you all know I do so much better in the evening. There's a better chance of me making the whole drive without stopping to sleep that way, LOL. It takes me about a good two hours to get into the swing of my drive and the second two hours just flew by. I wasn't even counting the miles or anything. I really am getting the hang of this driving thing which is good cause now they've talked me into driving to the coast on Wed cause all of the men in the family are doing a big fishing trip there and of course, they'll be more manly if us womenfolk are there to send them off!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Pretty in Pink

I know I've blogged about this before but there is just something about getting a pedicure that makes you feel good. Yesterday I decided to give myself one since my feet could use a good soaking after my grueling 6 hour shift. Actually, I think I'm doing better, I didn't hobble back to my car, this time I was able to actually walk upright but that doesn't mean my feet didn't need a little TLC. Plus, my toes got trampled on Sunday night so I thought it best to cut the nails down as much as possible, less of a target, LOL.

I went with a pale pink. I own about 20 reds but I like to change things up every now and again and since my nails are all short right now I decided to paint them too so I won't have the hands of a 5 year old. I'll have the hands of a 5 year old with nail polish on them! There's this weird phenomenon where if I paint my finger nails when they are shorter then the paint makes them look longer but when I paint them when they're long it makes them look shorter. Can anyone explain that to me?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Finger lickin good

I attempted my first ribs today. I've always shied away from them because of the work involved. I have to boil them then bake them? Forget it! But my friend encouraged me to give it a shot and with a guideline given to me over the internet, what I like to call ribs for dummies I did it! The taste was awesome, lots of flavor but that could have something to do with the rub that Linda gave me. This was my first time using it and I swear I could get high off of the scent, it was that intoxicating. Unfortunately, as my friend said, he could give me a guide but there are a lot of variables and my meat came out a little tough but doesn't it look pretty?

I used liquid smoke for the first time, that was thrilling, LOL. Now my ribs virginity is gone and I look forward to shedding other virgin areas of my life, my cooking life that is!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Project passion

That is what we learned about tonight in tango. I was actually a couple of minutes late os I had the cliff notes version from my partner Burce. He kept leaning over asking if I felt him projecting passion. I told him nothing was poking me yet but if he started to project too much to put on a condom, LOL.

Tonight's class was basically a review in preparation for our big dance in two weeks with his instructors students. I happened to ask how long they have been dancing and while we have been dancing for 6 weeks they have been dancing for 2 years. It should be interesting, LOL. Ward danced with all of us followers to see if we could handle the moves he threw out at us. We could. The followers have it, now it's up to the leaders to lead, oh the pressure! On them, LOL. Apparently it's the followers job to make the dance look beautiful. I told them I would wear lots of makeup!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sombreros and thongs

Sorry I missed posting last night, I was out celebrating Cinco de Mayo with Linda. Since this was a holiday and I was feeling quite nice I actually took the extra step of putting on makeup, I know, amazing, LOL. You all know how lazy I am. I even accessorized, gasp! So I met up with Linda and I was ravenous, it was good that the first party was only 5 minutes away. These friend's of Linda's are realtors and they have this party for their clients and friends. When you get there the give you this big old bingo sheets with 9 rows across and 9 rows down and you fill it out. It has all kinds of questions on it and you walk around trying to fing people to fill in your sheet with and get Bingo. Linda and I were so into it when we got into the elevator that we forgot to press the button. That was quite embarrassing when we ended up back on the first floor, LOL. There were questions like, who is wearing contacts, who's birthday is May 5th (that one was easy to answer when they brought out the cake, LOL), who was the ex-athlete, who has size 5 feet (couldn't find that one), who yodels? There were all kinds of questions and what a great ice breaker. We were talking to everyone. I fell under the doesn't drink coffee one but then someone else had that spot already filled and I wanted to help so I told people my best joke. It's not for everyone, a little dirty but what a great ice breaker, LOL. I would share with you but it's best told in person.

I had so much fun playing the game that I forgot to tell you that it was an open bar with bartenders! You know I love the open bars, LOL. I had an orange drop, which was a little too strong for my tastes, then I had a tangerine maragrita which I enjoyed and a watremelon one. They aslo had food and cake which I of course enjoyed as well. The big highlight for Linda was when one of the gals thought she had had work done because she looked so good! We had a good laugh over that one.

Unfortunately, we could not stay and so we didn't get bingo but they did have sombreros so I grabbed one of those on the way out. Honestly, if I would have seen it sooner I would have worn in for the party. The sombrero was definitely the icing on the cake of a fun party.

Next up we headed to Nordstrom's because they had a private shopping party going on and you know Linda is all over that. I swear, I will never be able to shop the same way again. Not only was there champagne (and really how decadent to walk around the store with a champagne glass in your hand) but there was shrimp and other appretizers and desserts too. Linda is a power shopper, her stuff is ready for her when she gets there. I was just enjoying the view. Until I got sucked into the makeup counter. So I ended up buying some new eye shadow, a line called TINte cosmetics. The owner was the one who did my makeup, how could I not support her? She tried to sell me on some gloss too but considering I had 4 glosses in my purse at that moment, it was easy for me to resist. The highlight of Nordstroms was they had a build your own thong stand! Linda told me about it and I rushed right over. How could I resist? I couldn't! The toughest part was picking your colors. I looked at some of the thongs that were done to try to decide but I went with my own color combo because I march to the beat of my own drum. I went with a blue base, hot pink straps and the crystal decoration. It was either that or the brazilian flag, LOL.

Linda got a black and pink combo. The funny thing is while we were waiting for our thongs to be made we totally wanted to get more. It's a dangerous thing that kind of power. I can't believe I almost forgot to mention the gifts with purchase. Linda shopped enough for me to get some gifts too, LOL, We got red sequined heart change purses, which I love! Right now my change floats at the bottom of my purse, I will so be using this. Then we got these big red wallets which I'm so going to use and I got a bright green umbrella which is perfect for me! Needless to say, I will be glued to Linda's side for every Nordstrom's party. I hear the Christmas one is the one to go to.

Next up was some friend's of Linda's (and really, who isn't a friend of hers?). Too bad I can't remember their names right now, LOL. This party was much more low key, a bunch of soccer moms but instead of soccer it was baseball but the food and drinks were great. I ate so much I couldn't drink, LOL. As people were leaving she had me tell my joke, LOL. Since I didnt' get to wear my sombrero earlier I totally did to this party. That was the highlight for me at this party, wearing my new sombrero. Now I need to find more occasions to wear it. I can't let it go to waste. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Sunshine, on my shoulder...

After the exhaustion that was my last couple of days I was really looking forward to today. It was supposed to be the best day of the week, weatherwise. I woke up this morning with Jordan and as always went back to bed once he went to school. I actually slept in which was nice. I haven't been able to sleep in for weeks, thought I lost my ability to sleep, I'm glad that it's coming back. I swear, I couldn't even sleep in Vegas, you know how painful that is for me, LOL. I guess all it took was a little labor on my part, I don't know how I feel about that.

After playing on the net some I did what I had planned to do all week. I put on my smallest bathing suit, grabbed some blankets and pillows, my phone, lip balm, water and a book and spent a couple of hours outside working on my tan. It was glorious. The weather was perfect, not too hot and a slight breeze. If it is too hot then I won't last, I will head inside in half an hour if not sooner. It was so nice. It was quiet and relaxing and I read for awhile, talked on the phone a bit and just lay there.

When I lived in LA, my friend Rachael and I would go to the park to lay out. While I loved the company I do enjoy the luxury of having a back yard I can walk out into and enjoy. I think next time I'll bring my ipod out so I can listen to some tunes when I'm feeling too lazy to read. Remember, this is OR so the rain is coming but today it was sunshine and I am happy.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

It's hard out here for a pimp!

Ok, I'm not a pimp but I am a deli slicer and that's tough too! I'm doing some fill in work at the gorcery/cafe where I do tango lessons and let me tell you, I've never worked so hard in my life! From the moment I get in to the moment I leave I am on my feet. The good thing is the day flies by. Yesterday I didn't even get a break. Today I took one a half hour before I left just because I wanted my break so I could sit for a minute. I'm covering for one of the gals who is on vacation and Jennifer, the boss is also gone this week so poor Linda has only me. Really, Linda is the main reason I'm there, that and the free food, LOL. But literally, from the moment I get there until the time I leave I am working.

For example, today I made 8 trays of bacon, 3 trays of cookies, boiled eggs, sliced cheddar, swiss, provolone, gouda, pastrami, salami, roast beef and turkey (my arms are going to be huge) then went to work the counter during the lunch rush while Linda worked like a woman making the sandwhiches. I'm constantly asking Linda how much is this? What do I do here? It's a good thing I'm such excellent company for her, LOL. Then when the lunch rush was over I finished slicing and making cookies then had to clean the slicer and the kitchen and then by that time it's almost time to leave. I didn't even have time to finish cleaning the rest of the dishes because we had people trickling in constantly for sandwhiches.

I miss the days where my job consisted of playing on the internet all day long, LOL. But I am enjoying getting out of the house for a couple of days a week and I get tips, which is fun. Really, I should start wearing lower cut tshirts and higher cut shorts or maybe I could at least put a little lipstick on, LOL. There are so many regulars which I think is wonderful, they tell me what things cost! Of course I remember no one's name but I'm starting to remember faces and pretty soon I'll know their sandwhiches too. While I don't look forward to hard labor (and this is) I am having fun, even though I come home exhausted after my grueling 6 hours.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Thelma and Louise

Those of you who travel with me know that my favorite way to take pictures is the Thelma and Louise self portrait. Remember that scene where they take their picture driving down the road in the convertible? I'm not so bad as to take pictures while I'm driving but I do love the Thelma and Louise pictures. How else can I make sure I'm in the picture if there's no one else around to take it? Even when there are plenty of people around I still love doing it. I've gotten so good that sometimes I can't tell if I took it or if someone else is taking it. I just think it's a fun way to take pictures and with digital cameras, if it didn't turn out, no problem, you take it again! I think one of the reasons I loved our waitor at Balllys was instead of one group picture with him he took a Thelma and Louise picture with everyone at the table. Now that is the way to my heart! Here are a couple of my faves from my last trip. One is Su, Nancy and I at Chippendales and the other is Madie and I at Bally's nightclub.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Dance your ass off

Last night was Sunday which means it was Tango time! Can you believe that next week will be our final class and two weeks after that the big dance? Eak!

Since class was yesterday Linda and I decided to meet for lunch. I was thinking of going for a nice leisurely lunch and gabbing with Linda. After all, we hadn't seen each other for a few days, LOL. Well, Linda had other plans. She felt like cooking, which I will never complain about but when she cooks she doesn't cook alone. So off we went to the market and then back home where we donned aprons and she put me to work. I sliced shallots, diced onions, grated cheese and cut prociutto (her secret, use scissors, works like a charm, I love the kitchen scissors, one of my favorite things, it's so versatile). I also was in charge of the artichokes that I picked out at the market. I chose 2 of the biggest chokes there. The only problem is, they were so big that they took forever to cook. They were monsters. They finished cooking after we were finished eating, LOL. So mine is wrapped up for Jordan and I to enjoy today. We had a wonderful penne pasta dish that tasted like summer, in it was kalamata olives, toasted pine nuts, mozzarella, a little fontina, grape tomatoes, grilled onions and shallots, fresh basil and arrugula and prociutto. Mix in a little olive oil and season to taste. It was so yummie!

Here is a way Linda and I differ. When I had cable I watched a lot of the food network. I loved watching it but I never once cooked a dish from watching it, although I did try and master the cool whip dollop that I learned from one of the shows (nope, didn't master it). Linda on the other hand sees something she wants to try, prints out the recipe and makes it. So we also had pancetta fontina biscuits with a cinnamon butter side. She saw them make it on the food network that day. They were delish.

After we stuffed ourselves he headed over to the market to get ready for tango. Jennifer is out of town so Linda is overseeing things and there was a big order for today so they were prepping. So here I was sweeping, putting away chairs and filling condiment containers up. How did this happen? I came to tango, LOL. Actually Linda and I were there early because we missed last week's class having been recovering from our champagne brunch in Vegas while they were dancing. So we got a little one on one time with Ward, out instructor. Let me say, it really makes a difference partnering with someone who knows what they are doing. I actually fel somewhat competent. In fact, Ward got so excited by one of my moves he kissed me on the forhead, yay! Of course he also was saying what if I do this or I may do this and I spent the whole dance yelling at him, I'm not ready!

For class I wore my Dance your Ass off tank. It was a hit, LOL. I told Ward I wore it for him. One of the other guys asked me what other dances I do. I said pole dancing. He asked if that was the dance with little girls in costumes, I said, no, that is the dance with big girls topless, LOL. It was a wonderful day even though my feet were killing me. I'm still in search of the perfect dancing shoes. But it was fun to finally have some moves click for me.