Saturday, September 30, 2006

What are you listening to?

I want to update my ipod and I've decided to let my bloggers help me pick out new songs. I admit, I am a fan of love and pop songs but it's always hard for me to come up with new songs to download. I've decided I need to move some of the love songs I've been listening to off of my list and I want something different. Of course, I see nothing wrong with adding new love songs, LOL. I watched the season finale of Duets (I was on the phone during most of it) and the night before Alfonso sang with Jon Secada so I want to DL his song, Just Another Day Without You, I used to love that song. I also watched Jerry Maguire the other night so I also want to DL Secret Garden by Bruce Springsteen. So any song that you suggest I will add to my playlist but I reserve the right to take the song off after a week if I just don't like it but I'm going to give it a shot. Right now the songs I'm enjoying are Blink 182-I Miss you, Bob Marley-Is This Love, U2 & Mary J Blige-One, Shakira-Hips Don't Lie and Diana Ross-I'm Coming Out. Just wanted to give you an idea of what I am currently listening to. As you can see, I like older songs as much as or probably more then current songs.

Friday, September 29, 2006

My name is Leiha and I am an addict....

I'm sorry that I am just now sharing this with you, my friends (and some people I don't know). I've been an addict for so long, I can't believe not everyone knows it. I've accepted it as part of my life. I've tried quitting, trust me, I have and I got close to weaning myself but I have never been able to make the final break and I admit it, at this point in my life I have given up. It started slowly back when I was 18 or 19. I had friends who were using and the next thing you know, I'm hooked.

Addiction runs in my family, my mom and several of my siblings are gambling addicts, I have a brother who is an alcoholic, I should have known it would happen. I have decided it's much too hard to give up my addiction and really, who does it hurt? The withdrawals are not worth it. I need my fix constantly. When I wake up, during the day, before I go to bed and when I wake up in the middle of the night. If I don't have my DCT at hand I get the shakes. My lips need their daily conditioning treatment constantly. I have one in my car, one in my purse, one in my bathroom and one I carry from the living room to the bedroom so it's always at hand. Yes, I cannot live without my lip balm and it can't be any lip balm. Others can do in case of emergency but I must have my brand and I must have it now. Is it wrong to embrace my addiction? I tried fighting and denying but now has come acceptance. My name is Leiha and I am an addict....

On the plus side, my lips look fabulous!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Queen for a Queen...

I am typing this from the comfort and lofty position of my new bed. I didn't realize how high up my pillow top mattress would be. I sort of hop up and down to get in and out of bed. Thank goodness I don't need a step ladder since I make nightly trips to the bathroom but I must say, I like being up here. The only disappointing thing is my mattress is so high it covers a lot of the headboard so you can't enjoy the beauty of my sleigh bed as much but really, I can't complain.

I was talking to Nes today and realized I have not slept in my own bed since June! Since then it's been hotels, floor mattresses, couches, air mattresses but no bed to call my own. I was so happy to make my bed last night. I admit it, I am not a bed maker, I figure I am going to be crawling back in by the end of the day why make it? Even though I love the feeling of crawling into a made bed after you wash the sheets. With my new bed I was tempted to make my bed this morning, alas, that was not the case and my bed remade unmade but it was a nice thought.

I moved one of my end tables into the bedroom because I don't have a nightstand and reaching ALL the way down to the floor for my water or lip balm was very inconvenient. It was going to be a temporary move but it looks really good with my bed so now I think I'm going to buy new end tables for the living room. 3 weeks in and I'm already rearranging, LOL.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

If I wasn't sitting down...

I would have fallen! I have finally done it! After many posts and lots of mentions Linda has finally posted to my blog! Where do I go from here? I knew she read my blog, was/is featured heavily in my blog but to actually get Linda to post, well that is a monumental achievement. I'm sort of lost now, where do I go from here? I think it's time to strive for global domination with my blog!

I came on tonight to brag about my new mattress but that news pales in comparison. Tonight I will just bask in the glow of having Linda, the original trivia Queen posting on my blog.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

All U can eat crab legs and trivia!

Can life get any better? I was driving down the street and I saw a sign that said Fri nights: All U Can Eat Crab Legs and trivia!!!! You know I have to go eat there! Now the question is with who? I called Linda because she is my trivia partner and she enjoys seafood, too bad she lives in Portland, LOL. Dao works early early Sat morning so she can't go with me. I think I have to find out how my neighbors feel about crab legs and even more importantly trivia!

I didn't have a blog back when Linda was visiting me. We were at a bar in Santa Monica getting ready to leave when they started setting up a trivia game. Of course Linda and I had to stay! We had a fabulous time. After each round he would call out the scores so you would start looking around to see who your competition was. We were neck and neck with another team. Going into the final round we were tied for first. Did I mention there were about 12 of them? Unfortunately, we lost but we had so much fun, talking trash and kicking butt, LOL. So if I'm going to go play some trivia I have to have a partner who will hold up their end. Anyone want to come visit and be a part of Team Mann?

Went to a booksigning for Charlaine Harris tonight. I really liked her. She was very fun and interesting. I wish I had more questions to ask.

While watching Dancing with the Stars you can't help but look at the fabulous bodies. Mario and Joey have fabulous tushes but it's the girls bodies I look at. I think they're outfits are so much better then they used to work. While there are bosoms aplenty and legs for miles it's their backs that I wish that I had. I swear, those female dancers have the most glorious backs. I experience serious back envy while watching this show!

Monday, September 25, 2006

I'm either lactating...

or I peed my pants, at least that's the way it looked like when I left the gym this morning. Have I mentioned I'm a sweater and I'm not talking about a surrealist, what would I be if I could be something, it's whenever I exert myself, in any form I start dripping sweat and when I spin I watch the sweat stain grow from my chest out and when I'm walking out I can see a nice sweat pattern at my crotch, it's oh so attractive! I only really notice this when I'm wearing tanks with built in bras versus my normal sports bra loose tank combo but it sort of entertains me to watch the stain grow, LOL. It's either that or stare at the clock which I do a million times while in class too!

I went to Ross today with the intention of buying a new purse! I was quite disappointed that this Ross had the smallest purse section I have ever seen in a Ross so I spent my money on new underwear. Yes, I buy my undies from Ross, it's a great deal and they're cute! Looks like I'm going to have to spend more then $20 on a new purse, maybe I should wait a payday, LOL. I think my sis wants to come out this way and lord knows she loves to shop. Of course, she loves her Coach purses and there is no way I'm spending that kind of money on a purse. Well, not until I marry an Atlanta Brave so I can invite Jenna to the wedding (and buy lots of purses, LOL).

A couple of boxes of my books came in today. You know what that means don't you? Time to go get me some more book shelves. The ones I have aren't full yet but they will be once the rest come in. I've decided to move my TBR pile into my bedroom and I also need a book shelf for my office. You know I'm not looking forward to putting these suckers together but at least this time I can do it while watching tv!

Speaking of which, tonight I watched Heroes on NBC and it's definitely my fave of the new fall season. It's definitely a builder episode but I found myself not wanting to miss any of it, unlike Studio 60. I was totally doing other things while that was on. This has sort of a Lost feel to it and you know I love Lost. There is definitely a build up to something big on this show and the re is a fun Asian guy in it. Everyone else is angst filled about their new ability but the Jap is totally excited and it's fun to see his reactions, he can teleport and manipulate time. In case you are reading this after it aired, it will re-air tomorrow on NBC. That is my tv tip of the day. I would love to hear if anyone else watched it and what you thought.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Eat, eat and be merry!

Today my big plans were to go eat Korean food for lunch with Dao. Can you believe she has never eaten Korean food? If you have not had Korean food you have to try it. It's the best bbq beef! They marinate it and it's cooked at the table. For some of you, the side dishes will be a little scary, like kimchi but the beef is well worth a trip. I recommend kalbi which is marinated short ribs (my fave) or bulgogi which is another marinated beef. Anyway, I looked online to find a good restaurant and this place had great reviews. The problem was we couldn't find it! We were in the area, we had the address but we still couldn't see it! We called and of course, English is not their primary language but luckily on our second drive by we saw it.

We both got the kalbi and out comes the bowls of side dishes, I can't remember how to spell what it is called. They also brought out lettuce leaves to wrap our meat in and dip in the sauce. The waiter put the meat on the grill for us. Most places I go to use gas grills but they actually had fire hot coals to put in our grill! He set the rest of the meat and the tongs on the table next to us and when it was time to turn the meat I grabbed the tongs. I'm used to cooking Korean at my table (as anyone who I've dragged to a Korean restaurant knows) and the waiter comes running over to inform me that he would do the cooking. I told him I was used to doing it and he was surprised. I told him the people in Atlanta were lazy. I know! Coming from me that is most shocking, LOL. I let him cook our meat for us, I didn't want to get him in trouble and we just sat there and stuffed our faces. We had so much food we actually had leftovers. I can't wait to eat them tomorrow!

Here's what it's like eating at a Korean restaurant. The pic is a few years old but you'll get the gist. Of course there are a lot more people eating here but even with only two of us the table was full of side dishes, part of the reason I love Korean food so much, LOL.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Tolerance, what is that?

Of course I am talking about my alcohol tolerance! Yesterday I went to the liquor store and bought some vodka and cranberry juice. I wasn't carded, wahhhhh. Anyway, I was originally going to get drunk with Nes via our computers but she got on late and then my neighbor wanted to borrow my computer. Not one of the boys next door. So Shannon came over and then Franklin came over and we gabbed and drank and the next thing you know I'm drunk. There were several factors: 1) I haven't had a drink in awhile. 2) I had cereal for dinner. 3) When I'm drinking I should never be my own bartender, each drink is stronger then the previous, LOL.

Needless to say, today was not a very productive day. BUT, I did buy a mattress today! Woo hoo!!!!! When I finally felt like rising I went to this new place called Mattress Liquidators. So new, that they didn't even have signs up. Apparently, their grand opening isn't until next week but they have already started advertising. I called to find out the price range and their mattresses start at $250. Since I wanted to only spend $300 that sounded good to me. Then I get there and the mattresses that are there are in the $700 -$800 range (the rest of their stock isn't in yet). Because they're liquidators the mattresses normally sell for around $2000. So it's a great deal but I have no interest in spending that kind of money. He's trying to sell me on buying a mattress I can sleep on. I told him I am perfectly comfortable on the air mattress I'm currently using, LOL. I mean, I do understand why people spend so much money on mattresses but I don't have the money right now to be spending. I laid on a bunch of beds but really, couldn't tell that big a difference. I decided to come back later when the rest of his stock was in. Salesmen don't like it when you leave so the next thing you know he's showing me a $1999 mattress that they are selling for $799, it has a tear in it which I don't care about and he offered it to me for $400. SOLD! Unfortunately, the boxspring doesn't come in until Wed but what's a few more days? Even better, Franklin is giving me his bedframe that he doesn't want!

Tonight I went to a party at the frat boys house. I saw one of them yesterday and he invited me. I did not feel like drinking tonight, for obvious reasons and if I'm going to be partying with frat boys I need to be drinking so I didn't stay too long. I did get to meet all of the roommies and they're 24, 24 and 25! It's actually a birthday party for the one who turned 25, LOL. They're all very nice and I would hang with them but since I didn't have anyone with me and I wasn't drinking I chit chatted for a little bit and then came home to catch up on my blog, a girl has to have priorities, LOL.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Why is it...

the commercials are so much louder then the programs? I swear, every commercial I'm turning down the tv and I know the goal is to get you to listen to the commercials but now I turn the sound so far down I don't hear them, that will show them!

So according to my source at the Weather channel fall officially starts this weekend, I have to say, according to personal thermostat it started 2 nights ago! I have loved the fact that it's been cool enough since I've moved in that I haven't had to use my A/C but now it's cooling down so much in the evenings I have so close the windows and today I didn't even open them. I thought since I lived in the south now that for some reason it would be warmer longer (OK, I am used to LA weather) but I'm already ready to break out the turtlenecks! I'm not used to seeing or feeling the different seasons. Well, I see the seasons on tv but I think I need to adjust to experiencing it first hand. For the last 8 autumns I lived in LA where the fall was the same as the summer and spring and pretty much the winter too, I liked that, LOL. But I do like wearing layers and I do have sweaters I haven't worn in ages so that will be fun, I just don't like to be cold, so fall I can handle, but this winter better be mild or momma will not be happy! OK, I can't pull that line off, can I?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Since I bragged about having my clothes available...

I actually wore something other then sweats today! I put on a black sleeveless top with my favorite black pleated skirt (fave cause it's too big so it hangs off of the hips, too bad I forgot that means my undies show, pink ones, LOL) and some pink and black pumps. I wasn't doing anything special other then running some errands but I do have clothes that need to be worn as well as shoes so yeah, I dressed to go to the post office, LOL. I don't want to be a total bum, although I'm thinking I need to buy me some more pjs! You can never have too many.

Of course, I still need to buy a bed but I'm feeling the urge to buy a purse instead. Luckily a purse will not cost as much as a bed (not the purses I buy, LOL).

I also want to let everyone know that the season premiere of the Office and Grey's Anatomy are on tomorrow. In case you don't know about this site, Grey's has a great blog by the writers of the show; With new episodes it's fun to go on here and see what the writers of the episode have to say. These two were favorites of mine last year and I look forward to seeing what the upcoming season brings us. As for tonight, what's a reality junkie to do? The results show for Dancing with the Stars, Top Model and The Biggest Loser all on at the same time! I ended up flipping between Dancing and Loser. Sorry Tyra!

Why is it...

...that I get what little energy I have in the evenings? It's after 11pm and I'm ready to vacuum. Unfortunately, I no longer live in a house and I don't think my neighbors would appreciate it. The thought at vacuuming at 11am doesn't appeal to me but I guess I don't have a choice if I don't want my neighbors to hate me, LOL. I did do the dishes and put my shoes in the shoe organizer I bought 2 weeks ago. OK, the real reason I was so motivated tonight, I downloaded some new songs and wanted to listen to them, LOL. One of the songs I downloaded was Toby Rand's version of Solsbury Hill as well as a bunch of disco songs. For the rock chicks out there I also added Lita Ford's Kiss Me Deadly (what a fun song to sing to!).

One of the joys about my move is having all of my clothes available. I packed all of my things into storage except for what I brought to the Netherlands for a month, then I was in Atlanta for 2 weeks still wearing the same clothes and then I moved and I didn't want to dig around for clothes so basically for more then 2 months I wore the same things over and over again. Not that I didn't pack plenty of clothes to change into but there were skirts that I was looking forward to wearing. They were packed up and during the summer when it was perfect to wear them they were packed away, sad, to not be out in the world like they should be. Now they are happy again! OK, well, I'm happy again, LOL.

I watched Dancing with the Stars tonight. Everyone was at the top of their game. While Mario Lopez is the frontrunner to win, I love Joey "whoa" Lawrence.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Yay, I have TV!!!!

But now that I have it what am I going to do with it? To be honest, I think I'm just used to having the TV on. Not all that much great tonight. I thought the new show Heroes came on but it is not premiering tonight so I watched the premiere of The Class, it was ok. I channel flipped until Studio 60 came on. It was good, not great. Since there's nothing I normally watch at this time I'll probably give it a few more episodes. I was excited that it was the season premiere of Oprah. I have to admit, I go back and forth on her show. The year before last I watched a lot of Oprah, last year, not so much. I thought that Oprah was meant to be this season since her premiere coincided with my cable installation but I have to say, Oprah and Gayle's Big Adventure was sort of boring. The fact that Oprah doesn't know how to pump gas was pretty bad, LOL. Is she really in touch with us common people?

The great thing about having my own internet is I can now bring my laptop into my bedroom with me. Why do I need to leave my bedroom? Oh yeah, I still don't have a bed but when I get one, look out!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow...

You're only a day away!!!! The day is almost here. My comcast guy will be coming out and he will be hooking up my TV and my internet!!!! Party over here, woot woot!

Actually, let me tell you a little story about my comcast. Originally I was only going to sign up for basic cable which is just the networks for $15 and then internet but then I decided I might as well get a phone line since I may need it for work and can get everything for $99. The phone wasn't necessary but I figured, might as well. I explained to the guy that I needed internet hooked up ASAP, I work from home and then he proceeds to give me a date 3 weeks later! He says that he will put me on a cancellation list in case something opens up and I should call in. Well I wait to call in until I have an actual TV because it helps to set up the cable when you have one. Once I got my TV I called in everyday. Nothing! Finally I asked why are you so busy? And the woman on the phone proceeds to explain to me that because I got a phone line I need a different technician and they have to wait for the line to be available or some BS like that. Needless to say, I was NOT a happy camper. I asked why did someone not tell me this in my previous 4 conversations since I told everyone I needed my internet ASAP. She apologized but what good does that do me? By this time it's Thursday and my cable will be hooked up on Mon. So I hang up but I was fuming so I called back and cancelled my phone and my $99 package and went with the basic of the basic because while it didn't move my date up, it was the principle of the thing. I will not be giving them extra money if I can help it. No, I am not cutting off my nose to spite my face, nothing is on cable anyway (except Project Runaway and Gene Simmons show, LOL). What I hate about comcast, it's a monopoly. It's not like I could have called Adelphia to see if I could have gotten a better deal or a sooner date. They hold us over a barrel! I am revolting the only way I know how. Viva la revolution!

But I will not take that out on the cable guy tomorrow. Now if he doesn't show up then there will be hell to pay, otherwise, I will go to bed tonight looking forward to tomorrow.

Y'all know I'm sweet...

well turns out the mosquitoes know it too! I believe I have mentioned a time or two about the fact that if there is a flea or a mosquito around I will be bit. Well, in Los Angeles we had so much smog I didn't have to worry about bugs, I never got bit. But now I'm living in the south or as I affectionately like to refer to it as mosquito country. Two nights ago I made the mistake of taking my garbage out at night. My blood was too much for them to resist. I have a bite right between the eyes! What I want to know is how something can land on me and bite me on my face, between my eyes and I not know about it til later? I would have had satisfaction if I could have at least killed the bloodsucker. I also currently have bites on my hand, arm and butt. How it got to my butt I do not know (OK, guess I should have worn pants around the house, hey, I'm enjoying living by myself).

Anyway, yes, I will be that person walking down the street using one hand to scratch her face and the other to scratch her butt. When I itch, I scratch. Welcome to the south! At least I've seen no flying cockroaches here.

Friday, September 15, 2006

I don't mean to toot my own horn...

... no wait I do! I just have to let you all know I take a damn fine DMV picture! As soon as I saw the pic I knew I had to share with you, my tens of fans. See what years of dedication to my craft of being a camera hog will get you. A picture that you will be proud to show the bouncer when you are getting carded!

I have to say, this was the most painless trip to the DMV ever! I was a little worried because I didn't make an appointment but I needed to get my license because apparently the finance company wants proof that I actually live here for my car, I wonder why? I told the dealer I wasn't driving to Mexico, why didn't he believe me? So I show up at the DMV at noon, the worst time ever, the clerks are all at lunch and everyone else is using their lunch break to go to the DMV but I'm not really a morning person so being showered and in public by noon is actually early for me, LOL. I usually try to be presentable by 1pm. I left my hair down because of the picture, I usually have it in a clip, you know I'm lazy, not that leaving it down meant I did anything different, well, other then comb it, LOL.

I was also worried because this was the south and things are done more slowly. Well not at the DMV! They had a ton of windows open, someone to greet me and go through my paperwork as soon as I go there and it was moving so fast I didn't even bother pulling out my book or ipod. I was in and out the door in half an hour people! Do you know how amazing this is? No wonder I had such a big smile, well that and if I don't smile the pic looks bad, LOL. BTW, I had to take a second pic cause my eyes were closed on the first one. I think it was cause I had Asian eyes and they looked close, at least that's what I told the woman who took my pic, LOL. I got my license for 10 years. I have no idea why, I've never lived anywhere for that long but on the OFF OFF chance I'm here that long I didn't want to have to go through the process again in 5 years, painless as it was, plus, my pic was awesome!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Back by Popular Demand

Military Barbie!!! Nes requested pics of me with an M16, unfortunately there aren't too many pics of me in uniform to begin with (but I have tons of Drunk on Soju Barbie) and we only went to the range once a year so here is my two pics of me with my weapon. Yes, I used to have a perm, it was the late 80s! Obviously both pictures were very staged, for one thing, if it wasn't then the person standing in front of me while I hold my rifle is in trouble, LOL. Yes, they gave me live ammunition! But I didn't have any while we were playing, for obvious reasons. The chick in the pics with me was my roommate Julie. We lost contact over the years but she was a great friend while I was in Korea.
I'm including this other picture because of my fingernails. I think they look beautiful in this picture! Once a year we had to practice like we were real soldiers. I think I was looking through a compass, I have no idea how to read a compass, then or now, LOL. I know, I love my cover here too. I swear, I have no idea what I did with them! I don't know why this picture makes me look so short, no one is standing next to me!Because that pic was taken while I was stationed in MD I no longer used an M16 but used a .45 instead and let me say, I shot worse with that then the rifle! But c'mon, we only practiced once a year!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

You would think

that a class called core strength would not be full of squats, dips, steps and jumps, well you, or rather, I, would be wrong, LOL. Have I mentioned the fact that I have bad knees? Normally I wear knee braces but I did not bring them to a class called core strength, thinking I would be working on my core muscles! Needless to say, these knees were not bending down as far as the instructor wanted them to but it was actually a pretty fast paced class. Of the ones I had taken so far it's the one I enjoyed the most, mainly because time didn't seem to drag, LOL. Yes, the instructor was sort of cute but I swear, that had nothing to do with my enjoyment!

Today was actually a very productive day. It was pouring down rain this morning so there was no way I was going to the gym but since I didn't go yesterday I knew I had to go today but I also had to get some errands done today too and I had plans to go to Dao's for dinner and Rockstar Supernova. That's a lot to do in one day, well at least for me. Usually I would have cut something out but today was a whole new me. I went to the post office and Staples and had 15 minutes before my class started at the gym but I was right at Target and I needed a couple of things. I'll have you know I was in and out in less then 10 minutes. I think that could be a world record for Target shopping. As you all know, I don't normally walk with a purpose.

As for Rockstar Supernova, I was rooting for Toby but if someone other then him had to win I was happy it was Lukas. I think Dilana kicks serious a$$ as a singer but when you are in front of a national audience, at least fake some humility. I do like that hey hey song that they sang at the end, it's catchy. I think that while Dilana would have rocked as a lead singer I don't think the boys wanted to deal with the drama, I know I wouldn't.I'm a no drama mama!

Burning question....

Literally, my tongue is still burning. Why is it, when we heat up soup that we can't heat it up to where it's edible? I always heat soup to where it's boiling and then I have to blow on it to cool it down. I have yet to warm up soup to just right. Is this just me?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ask and you shall receive...

As you can see, I run an interactive blog. Nancy wanted to see my vanity area so here it is. Not much to see really, LOL The color is a pale pink, it was a ghastly grayish purple before. On the walls you can't see are pictures, duh! The doorway you see to the right is to my bedroom and I'm standing in the hallway doorway. Normally I leave the toothpaste and mouthwash out but for the pic I actually put them away, LOL.

Yes Nes, I still have to post the pics you wanted. If you didn't chat with me yesterday I would have done them then, LOL. The scanner is in my office along with my office chair. I have no desk so I lay on the floor when I go in there. That room will be the last to be decorated.

Today I bought a tv, woo hoo! It's only 24 inches but it suits my needs for now. Maybe one day I can spring for one of those gorgeous flat screens but not today, LOL. I tried calling comcast to get my installation date moved up, so far no luck. I'm going to try again tomorrow. I have a very snowy picture of ABC so I watched Dancing With the Stars. It's so easy to get sucked into this show. It sounds so cheesy but you end up rooting for people. Emmit Smith kicked ass! I loved watching him dance. I was rooting for Jerry Springer too cause he was trying his damnedest. I thought the guys did much better then the girls overall. I'm trying to make myself get up and do things during the commercial break, something you don't do when glued to the computer, so I put some dishes away, got some books ready to mail, updated my ipod, moved my speakers and you all thought the tv would be the end of everything! I actually feel more motivated with a tv! Just imagine when I get cable. Well, let's be real, then I'll have more channels and will be channel changing, LOL. I might as well enjoy the motivation while it lasts!

Monday, September 11, 2006

I was going to...

scan some pictures in for my fans today but I got distracted. As you all know I do not currently have a tv, I'm getting one this week since my cable is being hooked up next week. Apparently I need a tv when they set up, LOL. Anyway, I am someone who is used to having the tv on so not having one has been a big change for me. Then I decided to check out since Jenna is always posting links on her site from there. It's opened up a whole new world to me. Last night I was watching clips from Scrubs and The Office as well as some Supernova performances. I decided I'm rooting for Toby, BTW. Tonight I was watching clips from the BBC version of Coupling. They tried to do an american version but it sucked. My friend Julie turned me on to the BBC version and I've watched all of the episodes on DVD. If you get a chance to rent this I highly recommend it. Here is my favorite clip from the show. It means more if you have seen the whole ep but it's still funny. Patrick has set up a romantic night and Sally thinks he's breaking up with her. The dance made me laugh out loud the first time I saw it and I had to watch it a few more times just cause it was so funny.

Sorry, the link is not working for me but if you copy and paste you can see the clip.

Today I also experienced the longest hour of my life. You guessed it, I went back to the gym. I decided to do spinning at 10am. When I woke up I thought I would go to the evening class but decided it would not get any better at night so I should suck it up and just go. When I looked at the clock I could have sworn I had been spinning for 40 minutes. I was shocked to see it was only 20 after the hour and I started the class 5 minutes late! It did not get better from there. Bascically I wasn't worried about keeping up, I just tried to pedal, LOL. At least the instructor thought I did great, she never came over to correct me. Same thing in KB, I may not be up to speed but at least I know what I'm doing, or not doing as the case may be. I was soooo happy when the instructor said it was the last song. Too bad she didn't tell me the song was TWENTY minutes long! It was a long long hour but I was drenched in sweat and had a great workout so I will be going back, once I can walk again, LOL.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The good news is...

...I can walk, I must say, there must be a lot of weakness leaving my body because it hurts when I walk. Some of my sore muscles I understand, my calves because there was a heck of a lot of jumping, same with my heels, which get tender really easily. Of course we ended the class with abs so my abs are aching but c'mon, the tops of my feet?!?! What is up with that? Tomorrow, if I can walk I plan on doing a spinning class. If I can't walk then I will do the stretching class, either way I will drag my butt to the gym. I need to make the gym a part of my everyday life, so sore muscles or not I will go and do something.

I thought I would share some pictures of my new pad since it's been awhile since there have been any pics posted and I know you all miss them. Tomorrow, I'm hooking up my scanner, woot woot! I think my apartment is cuter then the pictures convey. I saw a really cute couch in the laundryroom today. I'm going to see who I need to talk to to get that, LOL. My plan is to put the tv in front of the windows. I don't get hardly any direct sunlight so watching tv with a window backdrop should not be a problem. I'm going to hang my plant in the corner behind the red chair (which is super comf and where my butt is constantly planted). Once I get more bookshelves I will disperse the pics a bit more so that they're not all crammed together but this just gives you an idea of my place.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Pain is weakness leaving the body

That is what Lina tells me and that is on a sign hanging in my brand new gym. I like to say, pain is pain, OUCH is what I say to pain! But I knew it was time to join a gym, it's been almost 9 months and boy does it show. Muffin tops are yummie to eat but you don't want a muffin top belly. Plus, for me, joining a gym is part of getting my life in order. I'm a little sad because I loved my last gym so much but I'm sure I will make friends here but that's not the point of joining the gym. The point is to not only get my body in shape but to bring normalcy back to my life, a little bit of structure. When I lived in LA my life was work and the gym. Now that I work at home most of the week the gym will be even more important because I could easily not leave my apartment for days and be happy.

Dao has a fitness center in her apartment complex that she invited me to use but I need more motivation then that, plus, just regular cardio bores me. I need to be in a class environment. Partly because I need someone pushing me. If I work out on my own I don't push myself and also because I'm competitive. When I'm in a class I want to be one of the best.

Today, I was not one of the best, LOL. I signed up yesterday and decided to jump right into kickboxing today. Who needs baby steps? Unfortunately their kickboxing is nothing like I'm used to but I knew it would be like that. It is all cardio and no form. The teacher looks like he has boxing experience and when they kicked they just whacked the bag with their legs but oh well, my form sucks right now anyway, LOL. The hardest part has always been the cardio for me and this guy liked to jump rope between each set, eak! That meant taking my gloves on and off. My gloves are actually more professional then what they used, mine lace up, you want to know what a bitch it was getting in and out of them? Joe used to lace me up. I went and got my bag gloves and just kept those on (they're not at padded, very thin so I could hold the jump rope). There was lots of hopping and jumping and going up and down on steps, lots of cardio. Now I'm no full and pretty aware of my body so I definitely took some time outs during the class, as did the others including the instructor, LOL. This class is not my cup of tea but I'll give it a couple more chances to see if it grows on me. In the upcoming week I'm going to try many different classes to see what I like and don't like. At this point I just want to get in and do something. Of course, this is all depending on if I can walk on Monday. I'm always most sore 2 days later. I could just be doing a stretching class on Monday, LOL.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

It's amazing,,,

the difference putting things together with the right tools make! I put that table together today in a snap. Of course, I also skipped the wood gluing part of it but it didn't work too well on the other table so I figured, why waste my time? If I need it, I can out it on later, after my table has collapsed and everyone on it broke, LOL. I didn't get my pictures hung up today, once I do, then I will try to get some pictures up, if my cam cooperates. I used one of my new lamps today (the outlet doesn't work for the other one, my landlord has to get an electrician in) and it's pretty. The shade is black but it has a funky pattern on it so light comes through, the best part was I got them on clearance at Target. That's right, no ugly floor lamp for me and my living room. Why is it living rooms don't have light fixtures? Anyway, I'm happy with my lamps!

My painter gave me a new plant for my house. I'm very excited but it's a hanging plant so I need to put a hook in the ceiling. I will definitely be asking boy # 1 to help me with that project since I can barely reach the ceiling standing on my comfy chair. Plus, I don't want my plant to come crashing down! AND, I have to get a base for the plant since it doesn't have one, how the heck am I supposed to water it? Take it down everytime? So I have to make another trip to either Lowes or Home Depot. So far I have resisted the plant section but now I have to go there and if there is a pretty plant calling my name, well, I will just have to buy it. For me, besides pictures of myself, plants really make a home. That was part of the reason I had to drive my stuff was to take my plants. Sure, they are just regular old houseplants but one of them I brought with me when I left the Army and it was planted in a baby food jar so I have had that plant for awhile. Too bad I don't remember which pot my baby is in, LOL. So much for sentimentality!

Have I mentioned how great it is working from home? It would be even better if I had a tv but still, I almost worked this afternoon in just my bath towel because I could but then didn't want to have to keep adjusting it. Instead, I wore my boxer shorts! I love office casual days (which would be everyday!).

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Is it a bad thing...

when there are pieces left over? First off, the bookshelves came with extra nuts and bolts or whatever they were, that is not my fault. I just chose to not use all of the nails I was supposed to use, so those nails leftover are by choice because really, why do I need to hammer in 24 little nails to hold up the back of my bookshelf when a fraction of that will do? I got tired of hammering. It's not like the 24 nails were support, the back is more decorative then anything. As for the 8 screws that go to my end tables, I honestly tried to screw them in. I started putting this end table together on Sunday. It was a bitch but all I had left to do was screw in the screws that attatch the top of the table to the legs. The problem is, apparently my screwdriver did not make the cut and did not move with me and my swiss army knife was too wide to fit the hole so I borrowed a screwdriver from Dao and tried today to screw in the screws. Let me say, it wasn't working. I kept turning and turning and I felt no grab so I said screw it (or not, LOL). There are a couple of pegs that the top sits on, it's not going anywhere, just don't pick up the end table by the top, LOL, Unfortunately, I bought 2 end tables, you know, one for each end of the couch. So far I haven't gotten past taking it out of the box. I remember what a pain the first one was to put together and have been procrastinating. While procrastinating I put together some metal drawers from IKEA, screwed in a rack in my closet and my bathroom and ate dinner. I really wish I had a tv right now so I could work on my table while watching tv but since I don't, I'm going to go lay down and read instead. What's another day?

BTW, my living room is coming together fabulously! My bookshelves have not a lot of books but lots and lots of picture frames, LOL. Tomorrow's task, other then putting together that freaking end table will be to hang up my pictures. It's almost done, yayyyyy!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The good, the bad and the ugly...

The good is my new pedicure! I got a spa pedi and man, it was heavenly. I had a lot of fun playing with those controls, I wish they had a crotch attatchment, I would be buying one in a heartbeat (who needs a new car?). I am not a convert to the spa pedi, a normal pedi will no longer do. My feet look so much better it makes me smile when I look down and see my toes. I am so glad I treated myself.

The bad is I was at office depot for an hour waiting to get a 7 page fax! Talk about ridiculous. I think the fax machine was writing out everything by hand. What a waste of precious birthday time. Luckily, I brought Nora Roberts new book Morrigan's Cross to keep me company.

The ugly is my roots. Turns out Leiha Beautification is a lot of work and I am too tired tonight to finish the job, LOL. So my roots will stay grey for another day but at least I bought the color so I am one step closer. I didn't even get my last bookcase put together. Well, I put it together, very badly and then found out I had the bottom shelf upside down and now I need to take the whole thing apart, I hammered in the back, arghh. I gave up and decided that I really don't need to be ALL settled in tonight. I guess I should have listened to Ann's advice and had the boys put it together for me. I'm not used to being a Southern girl yet, LOL. The painting is also not done, ugh! One more day!

Overall though it was a good birthday and that's because I have wonderful friends who show me they love me in so many ways and my family even remembered to call so I am going to sleep happy to be one year older, if not less grey.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Surprise! It's my birthday!!!!!

OK, maybe it's not a surprise for anyone who reads my blog, LOL. But my birthday this year will have a new name, it will be known as Leiha Beautification Day! As you all know, life has been a tad hectic for me and sadly it's the looks that have suffered. You don't even want to know when was the last time I had a pedicure. Usually I give myself one and I did unpack all of my polishes but these feet need professional work. Then there's the grey hair. Luckily, I don't see this as a sign of getting old because I got my first grey hair at 23, of course I am no longer 23 but that's neither here nor there. I'm bringing another woman into the shower with me tomorrow. Ms Clairol and I go way back. Honestly, if my grey hair looked sparkly like Nancy's and added highlights I would keep it. Or if I went grey all over. But nope, my grey hair is dull and dingy and in big enough patches to not ignore but not all over enough to let them take over. I will also be plucking my much neglected eyebrows and as an added bonus, I'll even shave my legs (so that the woman who gives me a pedi doesn't have to feel the hair), even though I'm asian and I don't need to shave often, it's still good to throw a blade on the legs every now and again.

Now don't be jealous because of my wild birthday plans, LOL. Dao and I will also be going to eat Vietnamese food and you know food is always a highlight for me. Last year my friends didn't buy me presents, I just had them all take me to eat. I made my birthday last a month! This year it looks like it'll last a day, LOL. But I don't mind. I am so happy to be here and to be almost settled. Tomorrow will be the last of the painting. I have my living room almost set up. I only put together 2 of the 3 bookcases, I got tired of hammering it together with a pan. I will also be buying a hammer tomorrow, that pan will never be the same. But it's sooo nice to have some of my things put out. I think I'll be all set up tomorrow. Well, except for the bed, tv, microwave, vacuum and broom, LOL. But hey, I finally have the books I got from RWA on a shelf and I told Nancy I want my keepers. Feel free to mail them anytime because you know I can't be fully set up until I have ALL of my books on hand.

I hope that you all have a wonderful day and just think of me, washing the grey right out of my hair and partying in high style! Or unpacking, LOL.

Honey, I'm home....

Alright, I'm moved in, woo hoo! I slept last night in my brand new bedroom, a pretty light green room. I'm on an air mattress right now but that did not dim the pleasure of sleeping in my new home. Plus, the air mattress was pretty comfortable. I did wake up in the middle of the night freezing so I will work on getting a comforter today. I've just been using a sheet at Dao's but apparently, it's a little cooler in the evenings at casa de Leiha.

Greg is painting up a storm but it's still a process since he's having to put on two coats to cover up the ugly old paint job and primer. But he finished my bedroom which was priority # 1 and today he'll finish the living room which means I can put together the book shelves I bought yesterday at Wal Mart! You know I'm chomping at the bit to put those up and finally give the books I picked up at RWA a home. I don't even remember what books I got there since they've been in a box this whole time which is a shame. Plus, with bookshelves up I can pull out my picture frames (high priority) and knicknacks and I'll set my plants on there too. The cornerstone of my home is my bookshelves, LOL. These are some el cheapo shelves but they will be so decorated with pretty books that it doesn't matter. Plus Brenda (BAM for you gals from RBL) and her hubby brought me a couch and a comfy chair too which is awesome because by tonight my living room will be set up. Well, except for the fact that I don't have a tv or a table to set it on but who knows. I may hit some Labor Day sales and come home with a tv, that I will be able to watch on the 18th, LOL.

This morning I spent hanging up my clothes and putting away my shoes. I'm sad because I think I really purged. There's space in my closet! OK, my shoes and jackets are in the closet in the other room but still I think once I get everything I need for my home it'll be time to restock my closet.

I've decided that today I must go to IKEA. No move is complete without a visit to IKEA. It's not big things I'm looking for from there, I love IKEA for the little things, like the 50 cent bowels (one can never have too many bowels) or the 100 tea light bags. Plus, I need more shoe holders, a new cutting board and a dishrack. Necessities! AND I looked online and therre's an IKEA 10 minutes away. I swear, the more I find out about my area, the more I love it. Now, I just need to find the closest Ross!

Happy Labor Day everyone and remember, only one more day until everyone's favorite holiday (OK, maybe only mine).

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Never fear...

... the internet is here. Well, it's there. I guess it's here and there since I am currently at Dao's place but I'm talking about my place. I talked to the two people I knew in the building and neither had internet, gasp, groan! One of them was getting it but how was that going to help me, I knew it would take her two weeks too, LOL. But the guy who is over painting my apartment, Greg, a really nice guy, suggested I talk to the guys who live in the house next door who were outside drinking and playing a bean bag tossing game. That would be the three guys in their mid 20s AND their friends. He even offered to walk over with me to make sure I felt safe, awwwww. I told him I could handle it but that was sweet. So I saunter over there, LOL, yeah right, more like waddled over there and told them my situation. David right away said for $20 he would do it which is what I was planning to pay. He told me his password which was cool. I was expecting more secrecy but then wanted to make sure I could log on so he came over to make sure it worked. He was joking about the money and wouldn't take it but he did invite me over to drink with them. I told him I was too tired this weekend, let me get moved in but I'm in for next weekend, LOL. He says if they ever get too loud let them know or come over and join them, which do you think I will be doing? I figure since he wouldn't take my money I can bring a bottle of Grey Goose over. I think I'm going to love my new neighborhood!

Friday, September 01, 2006

I am the funniest person I know...

OK, not really but I am pretty dang funny, just ask Nes' hubby Jan Kees. He says I should be a stand up comedian. Unfortunately, he would be the only one paying to see me and since I know him I would comp him anyways so I guess I better keep my day job. I bring this up because I have to say, I was on a roll today when I was on the phone with the comcast guy trying to get my stuff set up. I had this guy laughing his ass off the whole conversation, I felt like I should have have a drummer there for my punchlines. I decided to get the cable/internet/phone bundle since I will need a fax line and I am working from home. Then he proceeds to tell me that there would be a $25 installation charge FOR EACH SERVICE!!!! That's when I had my big laugh. I was like, is he going to come by 3 different times? Last time I installed my own internet. He said, well it's good you have some skills, I told him the option I was going to do was order basic for $15 and install internet that day myself (if you order internet after you order cable it's cheaper, go figure). So then of course he was willing to reduce my installation fee from $75 to $30. Then he tells me I have to wait until the 18th to get it installed. Can you hear my gasp from there? Unfortunately I have no choice in that other then to call back and look for a cancellation but I have a plan, I cannot be offline for that long. Hello, I'm the person who would check in from gas stations! I'm going to get friendly with my neighbors and pay them $20 so I can tap into their internet. I have talked to two of them already so I'll go to them first, LOL. Wish me luck. Otherwise I'll be spending a lot of time at the library and my work hours would suffer. I'm not a 9 to 5 girl, I'm a 9 to 9 girl with lots of breaks in between. Having to go somewhere to work would seriousely interfere with my breaks and force me to concentrate for longer periods of time. I do not like that option, LOL.

These are the last of my scanned pictures for now. It's more action Barbie! Two of the biggest events I covered while in the Army were the relief efforts in Somalia and the restoration after Hurricane Andrew. This is a pic of me as I'm driving up to where we're staying in Somalia. As you can see, I lost my desert cover for my helmet, LOL. We were sitting on top of all of our camera equipment. I think I was a little shell shocked after having been driven through the city. The best thing about being there was I was with guys I had known for awhile. We all were stationed in Korea together and eventually we ended up in MD together and then we deployed together. I was very comfortable with these guys and since there were only 4 of us and I was the only girl that was a good thing.Boredom was one of the biggest factors while we were there. We played a lot of cards and since we were who we were we even had some movies on Hi-8 to watch. We were supposed to only be there for a month, of course it ended up being two. The army issues undies to men but not to women and we usually washed out own clothes. They had a laundry service but they didn't use detergent so I had a line in my room where I hung my undies versus outside. All of the guys had their military issued boxers, I had stripes and hearts and polka dots, LOL. So if you ever deploy, buy some white undies!

Deploying to FL wasn't quite so traumatic but it was still an experience. Lots of places didn't have water, we weren't allowed to drink the water and just the damage that you saw. Evergreen trees with no branches and forget palm trees standing up. Gen Colin Powell came down to visit the tent cities and talk to the people. He is someone who just emanates power. When he showed up the civilian press didn't even know who he was, they just taped him cause we were. What I liked about him is when he went in to talk to people he didn't want the press there. He wasn't doing photo ops. He truly cared. It's hard to see me because Gadson is so tall standing next to me and I blend but here we are walking along taping him. Gadson said that Gen Powell reached out to shake my hand but I didn't take it. I was mortified. I was so focused on taping him. I would have loved to have shaken his hand.