Thursday, February 28, 2008

a special thank you

Karry, I'm so sorry I haven't sent you an emailed thank you. I received the hand made red scarf you made for me last week and I love it. Unfortunately, it's almost cold enough for me to wear it. My fellow readers should follow in Karry's footsteps and make me something. I love hand made gifts, LOL. OK, I'm teasing. You don't have to make me something, you can buy me something if you would like *G*.

Nothing like driving thru tornadoes...

to keep you awake, LOL. OK, I didn't really see any tornadoes but Karen was about a half an hour ahead of me and she say three of them. What I did see was a lot of freaking rain. Lots and lots of rain, LOL. Monday night I flew up to Atlanta and stayed with Dao and then met up with Karen on Tue to help her with her move. They were teasing me because they knew I drive like a grandma but I so would have been right with them but I kept pulling off for sushi and not being able to find it. I have been craving sushi forever and decided to not eat my typical road food (as you know, funions and beef jerky) or fast food and have some healthy raw fish! I followed the billboards. The first place I saw I drove past because it was fast food Japanese but I couldn't find anything else so I went back, parked, tons of cars, good sign, go inside and look at the menu, no sushi! Well crap! I'm hungry, haven't eaten all day and it's after noon. I keep driving because I know I've seen signs for a sushi place on the freeway before. I see the billboard I'm looking for and try to find the place. I can't. I have to get gas anyway (I like to try and combine my stops) and ask them. I have to go back the way I came. To be fair, the billboard never said turn left at the third light. When I get there I find out they are only open for dinner! I'm pissed, I'm starving, I don't want anything else so I get back on the road. I know sushi is no longer in my future but I wanted away from that exit, LOL. I admit I must eat and I do love ice cream so I got a burger and a cone at Dairy Queen. Ate the ice cream first of course. I really tried to be good but it wasn't meant to be.

So let's get back to the weather. It was raining when Dao dropped me off. I was yawning like crazy and when I do road trips the first few hours are the toughest for me. I need awhile to get in the zone. Well the rain kept me nice and awake. I had to keep two hands on the wheel (OK I do that anyway, LOL) and concentrate. The rain was so freaking loud I just listened to music. I did talk to Nancy for a little while but luckily that was during one of the lulls. Now I said I didn't see the tornadoes but I did notice a heck of a lot of debris in the road and remember thinking, wow, that's some heavy rain, LOL. Driving in those conditions was exhausting. I know, here I am saying it kept me awake but it also drained me. I could have powered on stayed at a hotel there but decided to stay in Tampa. I was just done, LOL. I slept so hard I woke up disoriented which rarely ever happens to me. I wake up pretty much alert, except for being tired, LOL.

The on Wed was a breeze. The hard part was driving the speed limit. During the rain didn't have to worry about the cops, LOL. Moving is such a pain but my next one will be it for a long while and you all know that you are all welcome at my door anytime, no matter where I live.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Leiha's rants and raves

Leiha decided it was time to do another rant and rave because she feels like it.

Leiha wants to know who keeps thinking mustard is a good color for clothes. Leiha walked thru the mall this past fall (yes, Leiha has been thinking about this one for awhile) and saw a lot of stores displaying mustard clothes. She wants to know, have you ever been able to carry off mustard clothing? Leiha knows Nancy's version of wearing mustard clothes is when Nancy eats a hot dog and gets mustard on her shirt. Leiha finds that much more appropriate then a whole shirt or dress made of mustard. Leiha thinks it's time for designers to stop trying to force mustard colored clothes on us every few years. It's ugly.

How difficult is it to flush a toilet? 2 year olds know how to flush a toilet! And when you flush a toilet can you make sure the bowl is clean? Leiha wants to have an automatic flusher like the guy from Ally McBeal. She is tired of going into public bathrooms where the toilet is not properly flushed. For the love of God, flush the damn toilet!

This is a rant and a rave. The rant is about poor customer service. Leiha is still upset that she was not able to enjoy the low country boil when her friends were in town. She was so upset that she emailed the restaurant. Turns out, the person who gave her the information on the phone was correct. The low country boil is all day. The hostess was incorrect when she told us it wasn't until 2. So not only was the hostess a cow (Nancy's term for how she acted) but she was a dumb cow. Management has reacted appropriately and will be sending Leiha a gift certificate but that doesn't make it better. She is sad her friends won't be there to enjoy it with her but she has promised to eat for them. After all, Leiha is that kind of friend! The rave is for good customer service. Leiha went to Publix the other night and it must have been a little slow. As she was shopping two people who worked the registers were standing in the aisles and they said hi. Then when she was in line a bagger came over to unload her cart and then another bagger escorted her out to help unload her bags. Leiha has not seen that kind of customer service in awhile. It was amazing how good customer service will put you in a good mood. Leiha has decided that since she could take the time to complain to management when her service was bad she will not take the time to email when the service is excellent. Leiha will be writing Publix to commend them on the quality of the service that night.

What about you? Any new rants and raves you want to get off of your chest? Dish it!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The calm after the storm...

As I'm sure you've figured out the girls are long gone. They left last Wed but since their flights didn't leave until the afternoon we had enough time to enjoy a leisurely breakfast a la Lina before we kicked the girls to the curb, LOL.

Ahhhh, blessed silence, oops, I mean, damn, I miss them already, LOL! They know how much I love them. Thursday was a day of laundry and getting back on track at the gym. The plan had been to work out while the girls were here. We even made them bring workout clothes but that didn't happen. Well, Lina snuck in a couple of workouts, I did not, LOL.

On Friday we went to go see Disposable Heroes again. I know, we're turning into groupies, LOL. They were playing at a different bar this time, Frank's Front Row. It was more of a dive club. The cool thing is when the band saw me each member waved and Gary gave me a shout out after the song was over. Awwwww. They rocked as always and Su, they sang Living on a Prayer almost acapella with the audience. I did you proud singing at the top of my lungs. I didn't request Duran Duran or Poison this crowd was more of a rocker crowd and I didn't want to get stoned, LOL. I can't wait to watch them during Bike Week.

Speaking of bike week there is a bike week 2008 myspace page. I had to accept their friend request, hello I will be attending after all, LOL. Unfortunately I don't have a pic of my bike to send in. I wish I had a bicycle, I would take a pic of it to send in, LOL. They do request bike pics after all.

The race was last weekend. The big one. You might have heard of it. It's called the Daytona 500. The race is on Sunday but I guess there was a lot of pre-race activities on Sat because traffic was AWFUL! Then I needed to get gas I was on empty so I pull into this gas station which has cars parked everywhere. I saw signs some places had a parking spot for $60! Crazy! Anyway the gas station is full of parked cars but what I didn't realize was there were cars parked in front of the pumps also! I just thought people were inside paying. I was so ticked! They should at least make it so you could pump gas! I had to drive around and squeeze into a spot to get my gas. If I wasn't on empty I would have driven off. Then it took me forever to get home. I didn't even leave the house on Sunday!

Oh wait, I almost forgot to tell you about our date night Sat night. We didn't plan on it. I was in sweats and Lina in shorts and we went out at night to run errands and grocery shop. We decided we needed to eat before we went grocery shopping so we went to Angel and Phelps since Lina hadn't been there yet. The thing is, they're a bit spiffier at night and Lina didn't want to go in but I saw a kid in board shorts so I decided we were doing it dang it, I was hungry, LOL. They have live music 5 nights a week and these guys were great, sort of bluesy jazz. Turns out our next door neighbors go there every Sat night so they stopped by to tell us high. I couldn't decide which app I wanted so I had the waiter recommend and he said without skipping a beat the artichoke crab dip, sold! I also split a mediterranean salad with Lina and she had roasted potatoes and we both had a martini. The food was fabulous, our waiter was fun and we just had a great time. A totally random night. Of course by the time we were done the grocery store was closed but the dinner was worth a trip to the store on Sunday.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I know I know...

I've been slacking! No excuse really but I did read two books this weekend, LOL.

So after our busy Saturday we decided to chill on Sunday. Actually it wasn't a conscious thought to chill but we were all moving pretty slowly, not a big surprise since we didn't get to bed until 5am. We lounged around chatting until Nally and Ana had to go home and then we continued to lounge around. Su and Nancy decided to hit the pool but it wasn't warm enough for me and I was freaking tired and decided to nap instead.

We finally got moving in time to go see Juno. We'd all been wanting to see it and we wanted a low key evening. The movie was wonderful. I enjoyed it much more then Atonement. It made us laugh but we also cried too. Very touching and I'm rooting for Juno for the Oscars. My brother saw the movie and loved it also. I highly recommend this movie. And good news party people, this theater not only has stadium seating it has popcorn seasoning (this is the point where angels sing). Unfortunately they didn't have my favorite flavor which is bbq so we used white cheddar and another cheese flavor, lol. Turns out, Nancy was not a fan of the popcorn seasoning. I cannot relate. I'm ready to go back to the movies just for more popcorn. I guess I could walk there get the popcorn and come home but I don't think it would have quite the same appeal then.

After the movie we stopped into the arcade that is next door. I told you, we live by a lot of things. This place is an arcade/waterpark/go-kart track/miniature golf park and they had a bar! So we went to the bar first then we scattered to play the different games. I love the shooting games although I suck at them so I made Lina play too so I could play longer LOL. I spent all my money there whereas Nancy and Su spread the wealth. They even did dance dance revolution. Lina won a bunch of tickets for us so we had to cash them in before we left. I contributed 4 tickets that I got off of the floor, LOL. We had 255 tickets you and know we had to use all of them. We got 4 surfboard key chains and then we proceeded to spend the extra 55 tickets. We got 2 tootsie rolls, 1 dum dum (he even opened a new bag so I could get the flavor I wanted and then I ended up giving it to Nancy after all that, LOL), 1 fireball (not hot so I spit it out) and 1 tiny plastic dolphin. Did we make it work or what?

We were hungry so we headed to the closest pizza place of the millions of pizza places that exist around here and boy did we make a mistake. If there's such a thing as bad pizza this place was it. Good thing I was going to eat leftover lasagna at home, LOL.

On Monday we had lunch at the Dancing Avocado. Su and Nancy walked there while Lina and I drove, I did have to work after all, LOL. Lunch was ok but not as good as the other meals I had had there. We split a black and blue wrap which was a steak wrap with blue cheese and there was no blue in it! They forgot one of the main ingredients! After lunch Lina and I went home while Su and Nancy went to the bar, the big lushes, LOL.

That was the day my brother was supposed to be on Oprah so they stumbled home to watch with us. You know how that turned out, LOL. After that we headed to the Brickhouse to enjoy the last hour of their happy hour. When we asked about it they hushed us because apparently happy hour only pertains to locals, which she knew we were because we had been there one other time, LOL. Of course the reason we knew about the happy hour was we read it on the menu but apparently tourists don't read. It was a little more crowded and we wanted to sit in front of the grill where our guy The Cincinnati Kid was working so luckily one of the guys moved down so we could sit there. It's a good thing we did too because they slipped us some free fries, score! Lina was making dinner for us so we had to eat light which is difficult because their food is awesome. We decided to split some wings and try the shrimp poppers. When we ordered the wings we wanted 2 different kinds, garlic and bbq, the waitress was going to say we couldn't do that but we knew the Kid would hook us up. OMG, the wings were fantastic, especially the garlic ones. Now I'm a little sad I know how great these wings are because I've been craving them. They were so flipping good! The shrimp poppers were pretty awesome too. Shrimp, some jalapeno and cream cheese deep fried. All kinds of yummy goodness there, LOL. Since I was the DD I drank singles while the lushes had doubles. I'm sure our conversation left the locals and the tourists with burning ears *G*. Here's a pic of the Cincinnati Kid, we dubbed ourselves the kidlets. I think I was supposed to email him this pic but I think I threw his em address away, oops! Those rockers are getting to me, I've never posed like that before, lol.

When we got home Lina, our goddess had dinner ready for us, cornish game hen, broccoli/cauliflower casserole and mashed potatoes and home made gravy....swoon. I ate until I could eat no more. I know you would expect nothing less from me, LOL. Since the girls had to get up early there was no more boozing that night (which is why they boozed it up so much during the day, LOL) and we just had a relaxing night in.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Not a good munch Pt 2

OK, that title meant something for Sat but I never got around to posting about it because Friday got so long, so this is Pt 2.

Saturday was exciting because there was a restaurant on the other side of the river called Caribbean Jack's that has a low country boil on Saturdays, woot woot! I couldn't wait for the girls to visit so we could go there. I called on Friday to find out the time of the boil and the pricing. She told us 11 is when it started and it lasted all day. Since Lina has no interest in a LCB she stayed home. I know, I cannot relate, LOL. Since we planned on pigging out we decided to walk there chatting all of the way. We get there all in high spirits when I notice the sign says the LCB starts at 2pm! It's a little after noon. Needless to say, I was not happy and that is an understatement! I mean, I called. There are freaking signs saying the time of the boil and she couldn't give me the correct time? The hostess was a total waste and just stood there staring at us. We had no intention of going back at 2, we had walked there!

Luckily there was another restaurant I was curious about and heard good things so off we went. This restaurant is on the same block as the Dancing Avocado called Angell and Phelps and it's connected to a chocolate store. Definitely a good sign. By the time we got there (not the same block as CJ, LOL) we were hot, sweaty and tired but luckily the service was wonderful as was the food. We split salads and entrees so we were able to get a little of everything and most everything was a winner. Once sated we were happy again. OK, we were happy as soon as we sat down but we were really happy once we had food in us. We peaked in the candy store but weren't really tempted we knew Nally was on her way and she makes candy! OK, Nancy and Ana did get a piece but that is all.

Since the karaoke sucked at the bar on Fri night I pulled out the karaoke when we got back to our place. You know nothing says good times like karaoke. Plus, I've lived here for over a month and my neighbors hadn't experienced the karaoke love, it was time, LOL. Unfortunately for me, I had been slightly sick since before the girls got there and my voice had no power to it. I could barely sing which was very sad for me but Su and Ana picked up the slack with Nancy giving it her all also. Since it was the afternoon Lina wasn't drunk enough to sing LOL.

While the wife and the doggen went to the grocery store Su, Ana and I went to the pool. It wasn't very warm but the lure of the hot tub got me. After relaxing in the hot tub Ana and I were reading for naps. Su actually jumped into the pool, crazy woman. Next up was the nap. I didn't really get much of one because as soon as I would fall asleep, something would wake me up. Having an apartment full of women does that, plus my phone kept going off. Su and Nancy headed to their favorite dive bar (luushes) while Lina made dinner and Ana and I kept her company waiting for Nally to arrive and that woman arrived bearing presents! A bottle of rum and a basket of chocolates! Do we love this woman or what?Inside this basket were marshmallow fluff filled chocolates, chocolate dipped rice krispie treats, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered pretzels and solid chocolate! I am not a big chocolate eater but you couldn't tell that by how much I ate this weekend, LOL.

Once the girls came home we had dinner. Lina made stuffed bell peppers for dinner but since I'm not a fan of bell peppers she made me stuffed artichokes! Yes, she treats me wonderfully.
Tasted as good as it looks! Like there was any doubt. On top of that she made a greek salad and her world famous butternut squash soup. Yes, we were stuffed afterwards. The funniest part was Nally, who is two weeks from delivering had the smallest appetite. Su says it's because she has no room with the baby in there so being the good friend that I am, I offered to eat for two (and I did).

After dinner it was time for, you guessed it, karaoke! After all, Nally hadn't experienced the karaoke love and boy did she jump in. What a riot. She loves her the Grease songs and boy can she channel John Travolta. We slowly started getting ready to go out while we took turns singing. We enjoyed the band so much we wanted to go back and check them out again. The guys were stoked to see us come back because obviously they realized how awesome we are.

Nally was a rockstar with her rockstar belly dancing around on the dance floor. It's funny because there were a lot more people there on Sat night with a bunch of chicks standing around being all cool but none were cooler then us dancing fools on the floor although I do admit, since there were more people I did go sit with Nally on songs I didn't really like. They had some guys doing crazy white boy dances that had us cracking up. Our mantra that night was I'm F*cking Matt Damon and it was even cooler when Mikey (guitarist) knew the song too, LOL. We kept shouting to each other I'm f*cking Matt Damon! We requested the song but not all of the band members knew it, LOL. They did sing Talk Dirty for Me so that made me happy.
The head bangers, LOL.

At the end of the night we were talking to the band and decided while others were getting individual shots we wanted a group picture. The lead singer wasn't around but we had the rest of the band and Mike posed us for this pic. How fun is this? They kicked us out of the bar but then we were talking to the band outside but then we got kicked out outside by security. I know, how that happens I don't know but apparently we couldn't hang out outside the bar either, LOL. So reluctantly we said goodbye to the band and were on our way home to eat leftovers but then Nancy was pouting because she wanted pancakes dang it! Yes, she knew there was an ihop right down the street so Nally drove us there. People didn't believe me when I told them she was our designated drinker, LOL. I should mention that a bunch of girls in Daytona always gets attention. I can't tell you how many times people wave, honk their horn, hoot and holler etc. Well that's nothing in comparison to the IHOP in the middle of the night. We were the center of attention. I was outside with the purse when Nancy was seated and she jokingly said we had no money. She had to come get me so she could prove we could pay, LOL. We were seated away from everyone but that didn't stop all eyes from being on us.

One drunk guy actually had the nerve to come over and sit his butt down on our booth. Unfortunately for him he sat next to Su. We all had a great time watching her move first her water, then her silverware then her body away from him. He's trying to be all rico suave when in reality he's a drunk slurring his words. He said something and Su asked him if he was speaking english. He didn't enjoy us laughing over that and told us we were not a good munch and took himself away. We're not a good munch, ha, he wishes!

There was also a girl wearing bright orange duct tape as her outfit. Just enough to cover the vitals and that's pretty much it. I wonder if she lost a bet. While IHOP was fun it was time for us to head home. Of course, that didn't mean go to sleep. We stayed up until after 5am talking books and everything else. I am going to be so hurting come Sunday!

Disposable Heroes

OK, I didn't even think to use the video function until the end of the night but here's the band singing their last song. The sounds not so great but that's to be expected. I had to compress the vid in order to upload it. You can tell Mike thought I was taking a pic in the beginning, the ham (so not something I can relate to) and yes, that's me cackling in the background.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Oprah Alert (Update)

I forgot to mention it sooner but my brother Adam (the cute one) will be on Oprah today. He didn't do any speaking and he may or may not be visible but her was there with the builders of the house so when they show them you may see him. That's Adam on the left and Andy on the right with a friend of theirs in the middle. OK Andy is good looking too. What can I say, we're a good looking family.

OK, so we watched the show instead of going to happy hour at 4pm and let me just say, my brother owes me some drinks! You couldn't see him at all. He had me go on Oprah's site to try and see him. I was really irritated that they didn't pan the whole group. Not fair to those on the right side where Adam was. He's standing on the right behind the bald guy. Next time he'll have to color his hair fuschia, LOL.

We're not a good munch...

So many things to share, get ready for a novel, I'm playing catch up tonight.

On Friday we woke up raring to go. Of course I lie, LOL. I planted my butt on the couch to do some work and eventually the other girls got moving because they wanted breakfast. Lina was working on some stuff for school so she wasn't home. I wanted leftovers for breakfast, Nancy and Su wanted Sonic for breakfast. Yes, you read that correctly, they went to Sonic and had a coney island dog (chili cheese foot long dog) for Su and a hamburger for Nancy. She was bummed she forgot that she wanted a corn dog so I'm sure she'll have to go back, LOL. They also grabbed tater tots which you know I have a weakness for and came home. I can't make fun of their breakfast choices when I was eating steak and crab, LOL.

When Lina came home she took the girls walking along the beach to check out some stores and let me work in peace, LOL. Then I noticed the time and called them home so we could go eat lunch. You know we plan our schedules around our meals. I wanted to take them to the Brickyard which I heard had the best hamburgers in town. Obviously, not a place to take the wife. I was in sweats because we had planned on trying to make it to the gym that day, ha! What optimists, LOL. The Brickyard is actually pretty small and as you can imagine, like many many places we go into in this town, we stand out. But we're always ones to make ourselves at home. We sat in front of the grill since the bar was pretty occupied and hey, I'd rather watch the food. We decided to split 2 orders so we could try and be healthy. We went with the pulled pork and a burger with everything. I have to say, the burgers were fantastic as was the pork. The guys working the grill warmed up as soon as I asked them why they weren't cooking naked. They had a bunch of signs over the grill and one of them said top 10 reasons to cook naked. I couldn't read the reasons why but thought it was a nice opening line, LOL. Keep in mind the cooks looked bikers themselves. His answer was he cooks upstairs naked. He uses a special wand to stir the sauce. My comment was it must be a shallow pan, his was but a thick one, LOL. Now we're friends with the guys behind the grill and they had lots of fun answering our questions and listening to our conversation. As you can imagine, we have things to say amongst each other that are really not meant for mixed company or actually not appropriate for public places but when has that stopped us? We got there just before happy hour so didn't order drinks but by the time we finished eating we thought we should at least find out what their happy hour specials were. When we found out their $2.75 well drinks went down to $2 well, that was just too good a deal to pass up so even though we had paid and decided to leave we called the waitress over for some drinks. I was driving and still had some stuff to do so I just had water while I watched Nancy an Su try to suck down the doubles they ordered, LOL. Nancy didn't like the drink and tried to pound it, that didn't work but it was funny to watch.After we left with a promise to come back after all the guys said if they have the time they would do anything requested (I'm bringing some dollar bills) we headed to the grocery store to grab food for dinner. Lina sent us with a shopping list and we wanted in and out of the store as quickly as possible so we went in as a team, the girls thought they would just push the cart (simultaneously) and were not happy to hear me send them all around grabbing avocados, etc, LOL. The last thing on our list was phyllo dough so I sent them off to get it while I waited in line but shockingly, there was no line so there I was waiting for the girls with the cashier and bagger looking at me and I'm avoiding eye contact. Finally I had to call and say hurry up there's a line so Nancy came running. The funny part is there was a page for a Ms Buchanan just before that and she thought I had paged her, instead of calling her, LOL.

When we got home Ana and Lina were there. Lina was working on dinner and Ana and I chatted and helped where we could while the other girls went shopping (and it turns out drinking, lushes!). When the drunk girls came back it was time for dinner which was lasagna a la Lina with sausage and ground beef and gruyere croutons with roasted eggplant caviar. After we feasted on that it was dessert time and Lina made a strawberry napolean that was to die for! It's in the pics below. It was phyllo dough with whipped cream, fresh strawberries and chocolate sauce! It was HEAVENLY! So light yet fulfilling.

After dinner we all got ready and headed out to the bars. We hit the Boothill Saloon and had a shot and left. Went to Froggy's and walked in and walked out. We really do stand out in these bars, LOL. Then we went to the NASCAR bar where they had karaoke on Friday's. Yay! Except the song selection was awful! Boo! Of course that didn't stop my from singing the classic, "I touch myself". It was a winner. We did decide to do one group song but like I said, the selection was sucky so we picked December of 63 by the Four Seasons because we had been talking about it earlier in the night. That was a fun song to sing.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about the woman sitting next to me who passed out. It was awful. They were screaming as she collapsed. Luckliy the wife was there because she had training so she helped the cop who was on the scene until the ambulance got there. She was there partying with her grand children. They said she was ok even though she didn't regain consciousness.

After our karaoke we decided we wanted to go dancing at a club called Razzles. It was a few blocks away so we decided to stop into the Mai Thai bar for a drink since it was the halfway mark LOL. Remember the band we loved on New Year's Eve that we couldn't remember the name of? They were playing there! We were totally stoked and ended up staying and partying there.There name is Disposable Heroes. When we got there a lot of people were just standing around watching the band. We wanted to dance so we spent the evening dancing and rocking out to the band and when they were between sets they came over to chat with us. That's when I made my request for some 80s music. They laughed over my Rick Springfield request but they ok'd the Poison Talk Dirty to Me Request and when the guitarist Mike offered up Duran Duran I got so excited that I said I would show skin for that, LOL.
Mike is the one in the pic with Ana and the other dude is Gary, the bass player. One of our favorite things about Mike is he takes his shirt off for every show. If I had abs I would start the show topless!

Unfortunately for them my hands were full when they played Duran Duran, LOL. I had a drink in one hand and my cam in another. Can't leave home without that! We had so much fun with each other and the band and lucky for us, they were playing there Sat night but that's another day. I had meant to catch up on the entire weekend but that was not to be. Everyone's in bed and I'm ready to hit the hay.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Our day in pics

I don't have time to write up a post, we're on our way to brunch so I decided to share our day with you in pics. The rest is up to your imagnation.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Happy Friday!

We went to Ana's Mardis Gras party Tuesday night and had a blast! We pulled in and couldn't find a parking spot they had so many people there. Even more importantly, they had a spread! Unfortunately, we were late. I could blame it on the fact we live an hour away but we were very late when we left, LOL. Luckily Ana is an extremely good friend. They were having a low country boil which you know I love. So she put aside some food for me, woo hoo! Of course it was a little conspicuous because they had two long tables covered in newspaper outside when I first got there but within a few minutes it was all cleaned up. They had told people the food was all gone and the next thing you know they're putting newspaper on the table and dumping food in front of me. I did offer to go eat in the house, LOL. It was awesome! A lot of times there is too much seasoning and you can't taste the crayfish all you taste is seasoning. On this boil I could taste the food that Jack took so much time cooking. To top it off they also had muffulettas and king cake! Both things I've wanted to try but haven't. To me the muffuletta tasted like a pizza sandwhich. It was so yummie. Here's something I found online to tell you what was in the sandwhich:

The sandwich consists of the round loaf of crusty Italian bread, split and filled with layers of sliced Provolone cheese, Genoa salami and Cappicola ham, topped with Olive Salad: a chopped mixture of green, unstuffed olives, pimientos, celery, garlic, cocktail onions, capers, oregano, parsley, olive oil, red-wine vinegar, salt and pepper.

My tummy is growling remembering that. The king cake is something that is traditional to celebrating Mardis Gras. This was the definition of a king cake:

A delicious danish dough, braided with cinnamon and sugar, baked to perfection and topped with fondant icing adorned with Mardi Gras colors of purple, green and gold sugar.

Also, there's usually a little plastic baby inside and whoever gets that is responsible for providing the king cake next year. I'm not a big cake eater but this cake tasted like a cinnamon roll! I kept going back for more! Don't worry, I was getting small pieces but oh so delish.

I didn't have enough tummy room to eat the jambalaya but I did have some of Ana's crab salad which she made with blue cheese! Two of my favorite things!

Not only was the food fabulous the company was wonderful. I had met a bunch of them at Ana's birthday party last summer so we had fun catching up with them.Here's a pic from the bar we went to after the Mardis Gras party.

From one party to another. Su and Nancy made it to town yesterday! Since we were in Orlando we met Ana for lunch after I picked the girls up. We ate at this place calls K restaurant which Ana recommended and the food was wonderful. Sorry, no pics of the food, we were too busy catching up.The wife had school so she couldn't go with me to meet the gals but that worked out because once school was over she went to work making dinner for us! We made the evening a little party and had appetizers for dinner. There may have been a few drinks involved also. You know how it is the first night we get together. Lina even made a drink she created called the Genie martini, it was fabu, like everything else last night. Let's see, we had crab salad on endive with a side of melon, beef sandwiches, brie served in a pastry shell and orange marmalade and caprese kabobs (mozzarella, basil and tomato). We did get in trouble for going to the hot tub after hours but oh well, it's not like I didn't expect my neighbors to hate us by the time the girls left, LOL. This weekend we're adding Ana and Nally to the bunch. Party time!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wanna play with my kitty?

That's right, even though I always swore I would never get one I finally crumbled. But my cat doesn't poop which I love. If you want to play with my kitty just look to the right and meet Maukie, my online kitty and run your mouse over her. Actually, I plan on changing Maukie's name but I'm waiting to see her personality. Unfortunately because she blends into the background you can't see her tail. Who knows I may have to change my blog for my kitty. I swear, she's changing my life already!

Monday, February 04, 2008

My ass is out of commission...

But before you start weeping and go into full mourning for my Pohrnstahr Butt I want to assure you that it is just for tonight. Whew! I know, what a relief! I injured my ass at the gym. I would like to say I was doing squats or leg presses with 200 pound weights when the injury to my right buttock occurred but unfortunately, that was not the case. There I was, laying on my tummy and doing swimmers, yeah swimmers (lift right arm and left leg then rotate arm and leg like a swimming motion) when all of sudden I got a cramp in my ass! How embarrassing. I cramped up from lifting my leg, LMAO. Yes, feel free to laugh. I tried to limp my injured ass back to the machine Lina and I were rotating on but she said I needed to stretch out the cramp. I can't believe how much it hurt! So I laid there and massaged my ass. I was complaining over the fact my ass hurt and I wasn't even in jail, LOL. Luckily, like the super trooper I am, I was able to recover and do the rest of my workout. OK, she did modify some things for my injured cheek but it was still a hell of a workout. Oh, you can't do that machine, why don't you do some tricep dips. Yay me, not! BTW, the injury was cause from dehydration, insult upon injury. I normally drink a ton of water but didn't drink much today. That won't be happening again anytime soon LOL.

This weekend was a lot of fun and part of the reason I wasn't around to blog. I may have had a drink or two along the way. Saturday we were coming back from the gym and noticed there was a lot of activity on Main st. We were wondering what was happening then Lina remembered they were celebrating Mardi Gras and having another block party. Woo hoo! You know we had to go. I was going to go super casual until Lina walked into my room looking boobilicious. You know I had to bring the boobs out then. Here is one of my new leather skirts. Unfortunately you can't see the pink playboy bunny on the side of the skirt. My hair looks like butt, I was too lazy to comb it out after I got out of the shower so it dried ugly. Oh well, I figured Daytona is full of ugly people so I wasn't too worried about it. Not saying I was ugly but I didn't feel the need to go glamazon. I didn't even put makeup on, LOL. OK, a little lipstick. We weren't out too long. Just enough to hit a few bars. This one was taken at the Cruisin Cafe which is the NASCAR bar. Lina looks gorgeous doesn't she? Good thing I have a strong sense of self, LOL. As we were walking down the street the guys who were selling beads called us over. They wanted to give us beads but of course wanted us to flash them. I told him as soon as he pulled out his dick I would. He couldn't step up to the plate. Like I'm going to give him a show for a few beads, as if! But I still got my beads, LOL. As you can see I also airbrushed on a butterfly. I really wanted to get a dragon airbrushed on my butt, maybe next time, LOL.

Sunday we laid around and watched the last couple of episodes of Rome. I'm so sad that it's over. We'll need to find a new show to watch soon. Rachael suggested the Tudors. Let me know if you have any other recommendations. After we finished watching Rome we decided to hit the pool. This was our first time laying out. I know, I can't believe it either. I need to work on my tan. I will have to start taking advantage of the pool more often.

After tanning it was time to get ready to watch the SuperBowl. We walked to a sports bar, I was excited because it's called the Oyster House and I wanted oysters but they were packed so then we went to CityWalk at the Mai Tai bar. Not a sports bar so not packed and found a couple of seats at the bar. There were a couple of guys there who had just moved to Daytona also from S Carolina and it was fun talking sh*t to them. I was surrounded by people rooting for the Patriots, especially Lina. She had explained to me the whole legacy thing, history in the making but I have such a soft spot for underdogs and listening to everyone saying the Giants were going to lose made me root for them. Of course, I wouldn't have been upset if the Pats won, I mean, it's not like I'm invested in either team and it would be cool to see a team go undefeated and I told Lina if the Pats win I'll be happy for them but I'm rooting for the Giants. She threatened me with the ultimate threat, not cooking for me. Luckily she cooled down today because she didn't make one soup for me, she made two, a salmon chowder and a broccoli cheese. Whew, a life without Lina cooking for me would have been awful!

Alright, that was my action packed weekend. I don't know if I'll be able to post tomorrow night. We're off to celebrate Mardi Gras (again, LOL) at Ana's. Let the good times roll and bring on the shrimp!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Rachael sent me this...

and it's flippin' hysterical! I love Sarah Silverman and I just think Matt Damon is cool.

BTW, Lina is making me a dinner of herbed roasted chicken, cheesy cauliflower bake and lemon pistachio brussel sprouts saute. Is your mouth watering? Mine is just typing that. Who needs Superbowl Sunday? I'm feasting tonight!

Sorry for the delay...

One of my guest bloggers was supposed to blog on Wed night but she forgot and last night I was pooped. I swear, when I drink at home it puts me right to sleep.

So I weighed in on Wed. The bad news is I didn't lose any weight. The good news is I didn't gain any and trust me, that is good news. Going to ATL really messed with my workout schedule and my eating one (not that I'm complaining, LOL). As it is, I'm not expecting much of a loss the next couple of weeks, if any. Superbowl Sunday is this weekend and Lina is using food to lure me to the bar to watch the game with her and then of course, the girls are coming in on Thursday. I did tell them to bring their exercise clothes and tennis shoes, we plan on walking to a lot of places to help balance out all of the eating and drinking we always do, LOL.

Oh and Ana is having a Mardi Gras party on Tuesday and they're going to have a shrimp boil, how awesome is that? So as you can see, the next few weeks will be a struggle for an eater like me. You know food is my weakness but I'll try the whole walking to my food plan and see how that goes.