Saturday, March 29, 2008

I peep'd again...

As you know I have a lot hate relationship with peeps. I thought I had safely made it thru Easter peep free but then Lina and I were at the drug store 5pm and all I had eaten all day was a bowl of cereal and pointed them out. I decided to continue the tradition and succumb to the lure of the peep, LOL. I have to say, incredible hunger makes them more palatable. I devoured the entire package. Good thing I got the small one!

So today was spent at the hospital. Our little Lina is sick. She has a viral infection. They pumped her up on fluids and morphine. We both cheered when we heard she was getting morphine. Unfortunately, her take home drugs, not quite as good. It was a pretty good small hospital. They checked her in right away so she had a bed. I don't know why they didn't give me a bed too. I had to sit in a chair! Lina insisted I put my feet on her bed, isn't that sweet? She even covered my feet with her blankets, yes we are old marrieds LOL. I tried to tie her shoes for her but she wouldn't let me. I didn't want her to bend. While Lina enjoyed her drugs I did some work. I did get distracted by the drunk girl who insisted she wasn't drunk. She was very loud. We were also pretty grossed out by the guy in the bed next to us who puked. It was an awful sound. Then we were entertained by the old guys across the bed from us. Listening to them talk provided us with lots of chuckles.

Lina was sent home with a note from her dr excusing her from school on Tuesday. Reminds me of the army, the only reason you don't show up for work is because the dr told you not to. Don't worry, I will make sure the wife follows the dr's orders.

Something to make your day feel better...

And the winner is...

I said I would pick a winner on Friday, I didn't say I would post it, LOL. BTW, Lin I ship worldwide. I have so many international readers I would never not include you all. Brenda, you know I still let people enter if they've won before. After all, I don't have so many posters that I can eliminate people, LOL.

But Bo knows me well, go for the Asian Goddess element and I learned something new too. I had no idea who Bast was. So my kitty is now named Bast because Bo is right, a Goddess should have a Goddess cat. You can stop puking now Nes. BTW, you gave me names of YOUR kittys! Like I wouldn't realize that? You can try my seasoning when you come visit, LOL.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Name my kitty...

Now it's your turn to win. You don't have to come up with a caption, just a name for my kitty, that would be the cat on the right side of my blog. I hope that you have been keeping her company and petting her everyday. I don't want her to get lonely and have to get another cat to keep her company LOL.

Because I'm a softie, everyone who comes up with a name will be eligible to win. I'm hoping that one of you gives me a name that inspires me. I can't even remember her official name. I just call her kitty right now.

I bet you're wondering what your prize is because you know there will be prize. Well I finally did it, I ordered barbecue popcorn seasoning online! It was hard for me to justify because the shipping was more then the seasoning but I justified it by buying one to give away to a Mannion! I'll tell you right now, it's not the same as eating at the theater, I think the difference is the butter, I was using it on 100 calorie popcorn which means no butter so the seasoning doesn't adhere as much. It's more powdery this way but still quite tasty. I'm curious to see what the winner thinks. I'll pick a winner Friday night.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Move over Tim Gunn...

Green Lantern's sidekick is now the Sultan of Style. Now why am I posting this comic? Because it's funny! Well also because I came up with the caption and won a contest LOL. I was on heromachine this past weekend and noticed they had a blog and had a caption this contest. I have to say, after reading the other entries I knew I was going to win. Quite modest of me huh? It's cool to see my words in the comic. They have a new caption contest up if you want to give it a shot. Click here. I think this new one is tougher.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

I hope that you all had a wonderful day. Lina and I spent the day relaxing and just chilling out. We went and lounged by the pool for awhile. The wind kept it from being too hot. It also kept us from noticing that we were burning, LOL. It's not a bad burn, for me I got burned on areas that normally see the sun, the torso and inner legs. I wish I would have taken my shower before my nap since the burn didn't show up til after. Now the thought of the hot water on me has kept me from showering all day, don't worry, I'll take one before I crawl into bed but it's going to hurt. I hate cold showers so that is not an option.

After my nap I finally tackled something I've been post-poning for a couple of months. Remember the hundred dollars worth of pics I got printed? I needed the box they were in so I opened them earlier this week and today I finally put them in albums. I had stocked up on albums but one of them needs picture corner tabs so I was able to put all the pics except from my Vegas/Jersey pics into albums. I had over a year and a half worth of pics with many trips during that time so I'm happy to have them printed and put in albums now. I have to say it was fun looking at all of my pics and trying to decide which ones I want to frame.

Friday night we had grand plans to go to a local gay bar that has a drag queen show. We dressed up because you know those gays judge. I must say, I looked fabulous. Just because they're gay there is no reason they can't enjoy my fabulous ass and boobies. I must say, looking at this pic, this dress makes me look short. Ha ha, yes, I know I'm short but shorter. Maybe I should have the hem taken up because the dress is very flattering.

We went to dinner at Angell and Phelps. The last time we went there we were in sweats so it was nice to be a bit more presentable. Although this time people were looking at us because we looked like hookers, LOL. Dinner was enjoyable. They always have live musicians play there and the women who sang were pretty good. We split a mediterranean salad and then Lina had a cheese ravioli in a tomato sauce and I had crab cakes. They were both appetizers but big enough to be entrees and because Brenda has been hassling me I took some pics, LOL.I was full after one crab cake and because we were going out I left the other one. That was painful for me.

We walked down to the gay bar but the show wasn't starting til midnight and it was only 10 something so we walked to another bar but we really stood out there so we headed to Frank's where the band was playing. I had burned a CD full of pics for them from band week to drop off. We hung out there an hour and then went to the gay bar. Talk about a disappointment. I guess the fact that they let people under 21 in should have been a giveaway. It was more of a hip hop bar then a gay bar and let me tell you, there was no reason to dress up! We still hung out waiting for the show to start. We shouldn't have bothered. This guy came out dressed as a guy instead of a girl and lip synching! What? I was looking for some fabulousness and that was not what I was seeing! We gave it 3 performers even though the 2nd performer had a drag queen dancing while he lip synched Lina says she saw something poking out that shouldn't have been poking out and it was pierced, LOL. I missed it unfortunately. After the 3rd guy came out not dressed in drag we left and went back to Franks to hang with the band. At least we know where not to go, LOL.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Another shortie...

cause I have to get to bed but my posters have been so good I couldn't leave you with nothing.

Here's a couple of observations of men.

So Monday night while we were out this guy who seemed drunk or just incredibly stupid was trying to talk to me. There were 3 girls because we were talking to Ashley who is the gf of the bassist. So he finds out my dad was in Vietnam and he says his was too, he says, "we could be related". I told him, "then shouldn't you be talking to them two." Not the smartest pick up line in the book, LOL.

Today I was at the VA and came out of the room and there's a line outside there. I bumped into the rail and was distracted for a sec. I had a dress on and I must admit, my boobies do look great in this dress and this guy just looks down at them and goes mmmm hmmmm. Now a part of me is totally offended. The nerve of that guy! I just walked off without looking at him since I was looking at what I bumped into but I must say a part of me was like, well damn right it looks good and took it as a compliment. That part I kept inside. No need to encourage such behavior.

One of the guys who works the check in desk remembers me. He said, "there goes trouble." I waved of course, LOL.

Please share any funny stupid men stories you have with us.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Yes this post is a little late but hey, you already know I march to the beat of my own drum LOL. I just wanted to use this picture. I must say, I LOVE corned beef but only when it's cooked at home. Whenever I've had it out it's always too dry. How can a meat so fatty be so dry? Since I knew we were going out on Monday I did my St Pats dinner on Sunday. Course I didn't make it to the store until late in the day and didn't have anything to eat all day so I carried my groceries in and then put the corned beef on the stove before I unloaded the groceries. That sucker takes a couple of hours to cook and I was hungry! I was going to deviate and get brussel sprouts instead of cabbage but they didn't have them so went with the cabbage instead. The food turned out wonderfully which is good because I've been eating leftovers until today and to tell you the truth, I could have eaten more. Good thing I had my roommate swoop in tonight to make me dinner because I was clueless on what I was going to make. She just shipped up cous cous with black beans, real bacon bits, cheese and avocado. It was delish!

Monday night we went out, naturally, LOL. We wanted to check out this Irish bar we have been wanting to check out but the line was outrageous. So we decided to go to Frank's Front Row where the Disposable Heroes were playing. Totally not planned. But when we got there and were walking by they were pretty dead so we kept walking, LOL. We walked down to the other Irish pub who also had a line but not quite as bad. Unfortunately the line was not moving AT ALL! After 15 minutes we decided it's ok to look like groupies because I was ready to sit down and the good thing about an empty bar is you can sit, LOL. We sat at the bar instead of up where the band was to look less like groupies but they totally noticed us when we had to go to the bathroom, LOL. But it was nice because they came over to chat when they were between sets and since the cat was out of the bag and we were outed we went to dance with the band when they played Duran Duran. They know I love the Duran, LOL. It was a fun night but we didn't call all of our drinks. We woke up a bit dehydrated to say the least, LOL.

The funny thing is, I said I wasn't going to drink that night, uh, yeah, that didn't happen, LOL.

BTW, 4 days later and my place still smells like burnt popcorn. That's right, I burnt my microwave popcorn! Eventually the smell will fade....I hope!

And the winner is...

Su!!! Since there's a skull on the hat it's actually pretty perfect that Su won. I promise, I didn't rig it, if I did, Su wouldn't have won, LOL.

OK I planned on blogging tonight but I got side tracked updating my myspace page. So it's a quickie tonight.

I thought this was funny. It's a montage of nicknames Sawyer calls people. I do love Sawyer!

Now click here to find out what your Sawyer nickname is. Don't forget to come here and tell us your name. Mine is bedwetter, LOL!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

OK I lied

No pic of your prize today. I was out all day and am exhausted. I mean truly exhausted not just my normal constant state of laziness, LOL.

I really looked cute today, I should have taken a pic of my outfit, I was styling. I wore my new shoes, it was test time and let me say, they failed. They will be going back even though I did look wonderful in them. I'm sure part of the reason was I haven't worn heals in ages but still, I knew that they wouldn't be comfortable for any amount of time and I'm a girl that needs comfort!

I had plans to meet Ana in Orlando at noon but by the time I picked up Jenna I knew I would be late. I tried not to be late. I got into the shower in plenty of time but I got distracted and the next thing you know a few minutes here, a wrong turn there and voila, late! I did call Ana to let her know though and she was very understanding.

Jenna and I will never be roommates. We spent the entire car ride down (and back) talking about food. Food glorious food! We pretty much figured out if we lived together we'd both be fat.

Ana joined us and we proceeded to feast. We had them cook back in the kitchen since it was such a warm day, plus this kept the grill covered which meant easier access to the various kimchees. Easy food access is nice but I'm not adverse to reaching if need be, LOL. I got what I always got, kalbi. I told them how good it was but they decided to march to the beat of their own drum Ana with the chicken and Jenna with jap chae which is a glass noodle dish. Of course they enjoyed mine the best. I told them, LOL.

Afterwards Ana was off to meet her family, she was taking Little J to see his first movie Horton Hears a Who. How cute. Jenna and I tried to find this bakery that she loved because we had discussed all of the asian pastries we loved and were on the hunt. We couldn't find it but had planned on coming back to do some grocery shopping so off we went to Nordy's.

Ohhhh, my beloved Nordstrom's. It took me less then a minute to return my goods. When we came in we noticed there was a big set up at the makeup counter so off we went to check it out. They were doing free makeovers. I went with the NARs girl because she was asian. Hey, I have asian eyes, might as well go with someone who knows how to work with them. We went with the smokey look, I don't know if it looked smokey but I had a lot of eye make up on. Not that I'm adverse to it, I told her I wanted dramatic but since I don't normally wear makeup during the day it was a lot. Plus she went sheer on the lip gloss, I need some color. Jenna didn't want a makeover so she just watched but then she saw the foundation on me and was curious and the next thing you know she's sitting in the seat getting a makeover too LOL. She looked great and got the foundation. I am leery about buying foundations because I have some that looked great in the store that don't look great anymore including my tinted moisturizer that I don't want to spend the money on it anymore.

My feet were killing me so we went into the shoe section and I found what I was looking for in the UGG section. I found the comfort in the sole that I was looking for and they were cheaper then the other shoes. I don't think they are quite as dressy but they are nicer then wearing flip flops out. The salesman tied them on for me, that was hot, LOL. These shoes had more of the cushioned sole I was looking for.

And since the shoes cost less and I did return some items I felt justified buying a new pair of flip flops because I really do need a pink pair and these are so comfy!On the other shoes I had to go up to size 7 because of the width factor but on the flip flops I wanted size 6 because flip flops look weird when they're too big and why pay for something that doesn't fit right? The good news is, they'll ship it to me for free, sold!

So Jenna and I drove back to Chinatown (let me tell you, I've never made so many wrong turns in my life! Every stop I made today ended with me backtracking, starting with Jenna's house, LOL) still on the search for pastries. I'd given up on grocery shopping because even though I wore my new shoes out of the store I was still pooped. Unfortunately the trip was for naught because the store was no longer there.

Driving home we were severely disappointed and of course started talking desserts again and decided the next best thing would be a shake. She found out I had never had a shake from Steak and Shake so we stopped there when we got back to DB. I must say the shake was quite tasty but what I really enjoyed were their fries. She had gotten a small order to go with her shake and they were shoestring fries which I love!

Thus ended my adventures with Jenna. By the time I got home I was dead on my feet, it was after 7 and I desperately needed some sleep. Needless to say Lina and I didn't go out tonight. I slept til 9:30pm and woke up with tired legs. I haven't worn heals in awhile and to wear some for 8 hours, even if I was sitting for half of that time killed me. Jenna and I are already talking about our next adventure in eating. Too bad I'm getting back on track tomorrow. I can't go try Checkers fries, she highly recommends them, LOL.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Hi all!

Lina and I decided to stay in tonight, we almost didn't but since we are you will get a new blog post 2 days in a row, LOL.

Let's see, what else did I want to tell you about. The problem is, when I go for awhile without blogging I forget what all I wanted to talk about.

Last week I was bored so I did some online shopping. Very dangerous indeed. I saw on Nordstrom's website that they had these awesome boots and they were half off and it said it fits wide calves. Well, they lied! It did not fit my wide calves, LOL. So now I need to go to Orlando to return them. Of course I could mail them back but hey, if I go to Orlando I can go find a Korean restaurant to eat at. Woo hoo! You know I like to make things work for me and since I'm going to Orlando I should invite Ana and since I'm going to eat korean I should invite Jenna, LOL. So we're going to have a girls lunch tomorrow in Orlando. Unfortunately Lina has to work because she's a fan of kimchee. Maybe I can find a korean grocery store and bring us some home, lol.

So back to the shopping. I also broke down and got some UGG boots. The crochet boots I bought at the Gap are wearing out so I thought it would be worth the price to buy the UGGs. Plus, they had crochet ones which are way cuter then the suede ones, not to mention cheaper. Of course that was not the case on the other UGGs I bought. Yes, I bought 2 pair of them! I was on a spree, LOL. The reasoning was, Lina and I always walk to the bars and since we're walking I don't wear my heals so I end up wearing flip flops all of the time. I always hear how comfortable the UGGs are both their boots and their sandals. These though were not either so it was a crap shoot. Now the shoes look fabulous on me but I'm not sure if I'll be able to walk to the bars in them. I'll need to take them on a test run but my initial trying on doesn't bode well. What do you think of the shoes?
They do look great on me but it's way more then I would normally pay for a pair of shoes.

So last night we met up with Dao and went to Universal Citywalk. We got there pretty late but the good thing about that was parking was very easy, LOL. We decided to go to Margaritaville, mainly because Emeril's had a one hour wait. Actually when we went into the ville they has a wait too but they also have 3 bars and were able to find a seat there. No wait, voila! The food was pretty good. I had the corn and crab chowder. I think it was a tad too seasoned but still tasty and the crab, shrimp and mushroom dip. I don't think I tasted any crab but again, it was decent. Afterwards we just walked around. Not a lot to see but we were just chatting anyway.

Su loves lighthouses so I took a pic of this for her, even if it is a fake lighthouse, LOL. and this blog wouldn't be complete withouth pictures of me!
Something almost as exciting as new pictures of me would be a new Mannion contest. I know, you're wondering if it's your birthday. It's not! Although it may feel like it, LOL. While at Bike Week I picked up a baseball cap to give away to one very lucky Mannion. I'll have a picture up tomorrow and will announce the winner on Monday. You know the rules. To enter you just have to respond to this post. Feel free to tell me how fabulous I look, LOL.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Blogging early...

since I promised to blog tonight and Lina and I are heading to Orlando tonight to meet up with Dao who is in town. We're going to Universal Citywalk. Not really grand eating but somewhere easy for us to meet up at.

So last night I went to bed at 2am even though I was exhausted. So tired I couldn't sleep. I had driven back from Karen's and the drive flew by thanks to the modern convenience known as a cell phone. I talked to Linda for 2 hours, Lina for a half an hour (yes we live together but I had been gone for 2 days and we needed to catch up before I got home, LOL) and Nancy the rest of the way. Anyway I finally got to sleep at 2 and then for no reason I woke up at 4am and couldn't get back to sleep! I was up until 7am!!! Oh the horror! You know I'm a sleeper. It was awful! I got maybe another hour and a half of sleep. Did I mention how awful it was? Needless to say I was a zombie today. Lina had the afternoon off and spring break was starting for her and I didn't want to do anything. But I'm rallying dang it, LOL.

I tried one of those 5 hour energy drinks that gas stations sell for my drive home and I think it really made a difference. Cause the drive to the Gulf coast was rough but that was also because I left in the morning after suffering daylight savings time and not getting the proper amount of sleep then. Plus I always seem to drive better at night. So I'll try it in the morning next time since I don't chat on the phone then because it's so early. But there was no crashing and I didn't feel wired like when I have red bull. The taste is not great but it's like a shot versus drinking a whole red bull which always makes me thirsty.

So I'm thinking the Gulf coast is going to be all quiet and staid and then I walk past a guy who looks like he has an interesting hair do then I look again, that wasn't his hair flopped to the side, it was a snake wrapped around his head! I should have stopped him and asked to take his picture. Next time I will.

I have been craving sushi forever and finally got some on Tue night at this place Karen has been raving about. I wanted a lot of sushi so I ordered a boat. It says it's for one person. OMG, it was more sushi then I could eat. Is that possible? Apparently it is, LOL. I took a pic and will post it below tomorrow. I need to hop in the shower now and get going. Yes, that means my giveaway will have to wait for another day:)

And here is the sushi boat! I am a big fan, LOL.

And the winner is...

Debbie D! Congratulations chick, aren't you glad that you came out of lurkdom? Email me your address and I'll forward it on to Brenda. This is a banner week for my Mannions because I have another prize to give away but I don't want to blow my wad all at once so I'll wait a day before I post it. I would have posted the winner last night but Nancy didn't pick a winning # until after I went to bed. It's all her fault. I sent her a text to pick a # between 1 and 5 and I get a message back in the middle of the night with the # 15, LOL. She says I said 15 but I just checked my sent texts and I said 5. I knew I wasn't wrong (it so rarely happens, LOL).

I drove to Karen's yesterday and came back today so I'm pooped. I just wanted to let you know the winner. I promise to do a catch up blog tomorrow.

Monday, March 10, 2008

A Mannion giveaway

Loyal mannion reader BAM accidentally purchased 2 copies of The Outlaw Demon Wails by Kim Harrison and decided to give her extra copy to another loyal Mannion or a loyal lurker Mannion, LOL. If you are interested in winning the latest book then post here and say hi. Thank you Brenda!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

I know, I know, I'm a slacker...

...and the sad part is, it's not because I was doing anything exciting or even doing anything, LOL.

I am happy that this weekend is daylight savings time. I like the extra hour of light. It doesn't mean I'm going to do anything productive with that extra hour, chances are strong that I am not, LOL but I still like it being lighter later. Probably because I am not a morning person so I don't need it to be lighter earlier. It does me no good then.

Jenna aka Gennita Low and I went to lunch yesterday. It had been much too long since we've seen each other. Time easily gets away from you. I was starving and thought I'd call up my asian sister to go feast with me. Yep, we went to the chinese buffet, don't tell the wife! Afterwards she took me to a wonderful used book store and while I didn't think I needed anything I walked out with 4 books, LOL. I also stopped by Casa de Jenna to meet Bad Puppy. Apparently it's not only men that he thinks is competition for her affection. It's funny because one second he's growling but the next he wants to be petter. He's a cutie pie though.

Some reality tv thoughts:
I was happy Cristian won on Project Runway, I loved that he showed vulnerability and not cockiness but in reality, it's Rami's collection I would want to wear. I think the reason he didn't win was his color choices.

I am so sad that Bernie got the boot on the Biggest Loser. He was the only person on the black team that I would want to win. You know Bob holds my heart so I really want a blue team member to win even though they are cocky. It's nice to see Jay come into his own now that his brother is gone.

On Rock of Love the only girl I like is Amber but she is way too good for the manwhore known as Brett Michaels.

Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew is over. It was a pretty ugly look at addiction. Which is probably why the celebs on the show were so D list (is there an F list?). I have to say these guys really put a lot of themselves out there for the show. I hope that they are able to fight their addictions but even Dr Drew doesn't expect a hundred percent success ratio, how sad.

Next week, Top Chef starts!

With Lina working so much lately an school I have been slacking on the workouts. We've set up times for me to workout in the mornings now 3 days a week, that being said, I'm going to Karen's during two of those days planned, LOL. All I can do is keep trying. I do still go to the gym but you know Lina works me out so much harder then I work out myself.

I was going to fly out my nephew for spring break but the ticket prices were almost $700. I guess that's what happens when you're a major spring break destination. I feel really bad because he was so excited. I might try to fly him our for a long weekend but he's not a great student so I don't want him to miss school, LOL. Plus, I'd like some time with him. I may have to wait until the summertime.

Last night is was butt cold but I told Nancy and Su I would try the pork parfait for them. The things I do for my friends. I have to say, I love fair food but I didn't try anything at Bike week other then the ice cream and potato chips that I really liked and the pork parfait was the worst! I actually ended up throwing it out and I'm asian! We don't waste food, LOL. The only good thing was the bbq sauce and maybe they were hoping that would cover up the taste of everything else. Such was not the case. And some visuals from Bike week for you all. I wish I could have gotten a better picture of the pasties but I didn't want to be too obvious, not that I think she would have a problem with obvious, LOL. Some meat pictures for Su.
And this dog was too adorable to not take a pic of. I think everyone who saw him took his pic, he was definitely the star.

Monday, March 03, 2008

More bike week...

Here are Lina's pics and a vid from the other night. Yes, that is the pic of the pork parfait. Maybe we'll have a real pic at some point. I told Nancy about it on the phone and she squealed. I feel like I would be letting her and Su down if I don't try it. Although I must say, so far I have not been wowed by anything other then the potato chips, LOL. Lina and I are pretty ready for the bikers to be gone. Not because we mind the bikers but the sounds of bikes going up and down the street is incessant. Calgon, take me away, LOL.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

That's not thunder you hear...

but the constant sound of motorcycles going up and down the street. Welcome to Bike Week 2008! I wish I had more pictures to share with you but by the time I get my cam out to take pictures of the crazy people the moment has passed. Plus on Fri night I didn't bring my camera because I didn't want to bring my purse. Bad call. We walk thru throngs of people (so many people a 5 minute walk is 15) trying to get to the Full Moon Saloon where our boys the Disposable Heroes are playing when I realize my drivers license fell out of my pocket! So now we have to back track and pray no one found it and guess what? We found it! Two things saved me, one, it fell face down and two, there were all kinds of Jesus loves you cards on the ground so people weren't paying attention to it. Whew! This time we put the dl in Lina's wristlet and back we went. The guys started early and Lina had to work so we only got to see a few songs but hey, at least they knew we were there to support them and it's not like there wouldn't be many more opportunities to see them. They're playing 7 out of 9 days at Bike Week. It was cool seeing them back at the Full Moon where we first saw them on NYE because we got to see all of this energy that they have to contain when they're in smaller venues.

Lina and I use the Full Moon as our home base, going in and out, checking out other bars but always going back to the Moon. The good thing about that is the bouncers remember us (how could the not?) so we don't have to constantly bring out our IDs. The funny thing is the first time we went in the bouncer was like back again, I said yep. Turns out he thought I was from Bike Week last year, LMAO. I told him he probably remembers me from NYE because it turns out, not a lot of asian bikers. In fact, I do believe, I was the only asian walking around. Easy to remember me. Well, even if I wasn't asian it would be easy to remember me, LOL.

They shut off Main St to regular cars and it's all about the bikes. They're parked all up and down the street and bikers are riding up and down the street constantly. The noise is deafening. I need to get out early enough to get a god pic for you all. Here's one I took last night. Not the best angle but I was high on fumes, LOL.

I did walk by this bike that was red and shiny and had skulls coming out of it. I told the guy it was pretty. I don't think that was a compliment. I should have said cool. I was distracted by the redness of it, LOL. If I see the bike again I'll take a pic to share. Actually there are a lot of cool bikes. Just so many people on the streets I don't feel like stopping to take pics after all it's not like it's a pic of me!

Fri I was craving junk food like crazy but I resisted the urge during the day because I knew there were all kinds of food stuffs waiting for me that night. I was ravenous by the time we went out since I hadn't eaten since breakfast. I was saving my calories, lol. I started with an ice cream cone. Lina wanted pizza and the only other food around there was the ice cream and since I knew I wanted one anyway why not get it then? So I watched the band while licking my soft serve, as you can tell, I'm a hardcore rocker! Since I wanted to catch as much of the show as I could I decided to eat at the Moon and got the pulled pork sandwich. I did have a choice of a hunk of a pork chop (picture a caveman eating it it's so big) a turkey leg or a pork parfait. That's right I said pork parfait, LOL. It would be pork, mashed potatoes and bbq sauce in a parfait cup. Lina was grossed out at the thought and I must say I was a little too but I may have to try it just because sometime this week, LOL.

After the band played we chatted with them for a bit then went wandering off. We wanted to see the next band though so we came back, as we always do. I ordered some homemade potato chips. They looked so good. And they were. Then I went off to get us drunks while Lina held the chips. When I came back I couldn't find Lina and you know what that means? I couldn't find my potato chips! Code red, code red! So I'm looking for her and I wander over to Gary and Mikey. They're heading to another bar and want me to come with them but I can't leave Lina (or my chips) so I tell them we'll meet them and of course where do I find Lina? Where I had left her earlier. So off we go to join the guys at Diry Harry's across the street. The cool thing about them is they love other bands. People stand back from the stage unless they're dancing and these guys are right up on the stage rocking out to the band, very cool to see. We spent all of our money (I drank much more then planned LOL) and so went home to get more, so convenient, LOL. Course by the time we get back neither of us are drinking anymore. Once I stop, I'm pretty much done. We met the guys back at the Moon hung out for a bit more then headed home, exhausted and a tiny bit buzzed, LOL.

I have to say, either the pulled pork or all the drinks didn't sit well with me, couldn't be the ice cream or chips, LOL. I stayed in bed all day (which is not unusual on a Sat) but I couldn't read or anything. I was too scared to eat since my stomach had been upset but finally dragged my butt to the gym for a weak workout but hey I went and then got some soup to eat and yay, it wasn't food poisoning (I was worried, LOL). By the time I got home it was time to get in the shower and begin again. This time though, no booze and no pulled pork. All I ate were a couple of cheese fries and a funnel cake. Hey, I have my priorities!

I took this pic with my phone, hence the poor quality (and she was dancing so the movement made it more blurry). I have to say, this was one of the more conservative outfits. There was a woman who was about 20 years older then me with chaps and fishnets and a thong and let me just say, she did not have a pornstar butt! Actually, lots of chicks in chaps but they usually wore boy shorts with them. I saw girls who cut the asses out of their jeans to make them look like chaps. There was a chick riding on the back of a bike who had on a teeny tiny bikini top which she then pulled to the side and road down the street topless. Her tits looked great, she got her moneys worth, LOL. Unfortunately, no man candy for us ladies.

Here is the song the guys have been ending their show with at Bike Week. I know Bo will love it. The cool thing is they end the show with the drummer singing lead.