Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I am an old lady...

Or at least I am walking like one, LOL. That's right, before my old gym membership is even cold or final I got a new membership to another gym. I walk in with my ikea bag full of kickboxing gear while everyone else has their bag gloves, they give you a pair when you join, I have 2 pair of my own already but didn't want to give the impression I could kick butt because at this point I couldn't. Everyone else sits on the bench just hanging til class starts and I'm putting on my ankle braces and my knee braces, LOL. In the future I'll leave my ikea bag of gear at home and gear up before I get there.

Because there is a class immediately before us we have to roll out our own bags and I was the last one in there and moving slowly since I'm not used to these weighted bags and moving them myself so the instructor moved it for me and I ended up in the front which normally I don't mind but not when I'm so far out of shape and then class begam, OMG! She started with high knees then jumping jacks, then hopping on one leg, the jumping jack combinations. Remember the above comment about strapping on my knee braces? I have bad knees. So it was bad, on top of bad. Plus there was no stretching so my calves felt like they were going to snap. Needless to say I was barely moving and that was just the warm up! Then for the punching kicking combos we teamed up and I teamed up with the only guy in the class. He was supposed to kick and then I would kick. The good thing is my skills are still there but my stamina not so much, he was doing two kicks to my one and then eventually by the time we got to the combos he was doing 5 combos to my one, LOL. I never recovered from the warm up! And they don't do water breaks, LOL. Luckily, I know what I can and cannot do so I'll stop and take a break and the instructor never bothered me because I do know what I'm doing, I'm just doing it very slowly, LOL.

I wanted to go to class tonight but my calves are killing me but I will go tomorrow night. I want to get back in the habit of at least going 3 times a week. It's time to get back on track! As much as I missed kickboxing I had forgotten the fact that I was always sore, ugh, LOL.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Pumpkin Party!!

Your friendly guest blogger... blogging on Monday instead of Sunday this week. I was so busy partying with the 10 year old set I just didn't have time to blog until today. We had a lovely time and I really wanted to share the pictures of the fun...

Thank goodness it did not rain, my little house just would not have fit everyone. We carved pumpkins outside, young and old alike. This is a picture of mom, dad, Arturo, and Suzanne (gym friends) carving away. I love when everybody gets a chance to act like a kid for a while :)And for some of the fabulous finished products with their proud owners: BrandonBrandon, Tyler and AeronJordan We of course had Dance Dance Revolution set up. If you take a close look in the background of this one you can see my new blue walls - I am going to put up a white chair rail where the white line is now... I will keep you posted on the progress of the room. What is a party without a little arts and crafts?? We made fabulous masks, and I know you want to see the finished products. Collin - (yes, his mask is on upside down... but he likes it that way!)Brandon Jordan and Nancy Now you have to indulge me a little, these are just some super cute pictures of my dad and I with my cousins... isn't my family adorable?
Thanks for sharing my fun pumpkin party with me - Everyone have a happy and safe Haloween:)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I am ready to murder again...

Yup, I bought some new plants this weekend, LOL. I had 2 dead plants that needed to be replaced. Really the reason they keep dying is because my place doesn't get much light so I'm forever trying to find plants who can live in the cave that I live in, LOL. Hopefully these plants will do well. I'm going to shuffle some things around and hopefully that will make a difference.

I was actually pretty motivated this weekend. Actually it started Fri night. I finally left the house to run some errands. I went to cancel my gym membership and they still said I had to fax or certify mail in my cancellation. I was pissed. So I drove to kinkos right from the gym. The gym I'm looking at joining is month to month, thank goodness. I drove over there too but they were closed. They are only open for a few hours a day but they do kickboxing classes every day except Sunday. So I will be going there tomorrow to sign up. Nancy is kicking so much ass at the gym I can't let her outshine me LOL.

I also went to Borders to pick up Innocent in Death by Robb (which I read in bed on Sat and enjoyed, I have to say I guess who the killer was pretty early) and there ws a skiny chick there admiring my sense if style. Who can blame her, LOL. Of course she was complaining cause she can never put on weight, bitch! But I did talk her into buying Kiss of the Highlander and The Dark Highlander, LOL. I don't go up to people in the romance section and impart my knowledge but if they come up to me, that's a whole new ballgame *G*.

Then off to Nordstrom's I went. I wanted to buy some Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. Way more then I want to spend but I don't like foundation, it never looks right in pictures so I figured I would go with the light coloring of a tinted moisturizer and Linda swears by it. Plus I did some research on Amazon and it was highly rated. They also recommended using it over your regular moisturizer so my face will certainly be moist, LOL. Since I was there I also bought 3 tops.

Basically, I think I just went into spend money mode this weekend since I have been a hermit all month. On Sat I got a mani/pedi, as well as bought some false eyelashed and velcro rollers at Sally's Beauty supply and got my plants and essentials at Walmart (don't tell Rachael) and went to Lowes to buy some screws for my dresser and today Dao and I went to Ross where I bought some decorative things for the house and Ulta for some conditioner after we ate lunch of course. As Nes likes to point out, that's what Dao and I do, LOL.

I also repotted the plants I bought today as well as tried to fix the dresser, unfortunately, still ot the correct size screws. I think I will have to make a trip to Ikea to get what I need. You know that means spending more money, LOL.

I have to say I'm pretty impressed with myself. I'm not normally so active. Don't worry, I was still able to spend plenty of time lounging in my bed, after all, I am still me, LOL.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

ok, this is a shortie!

I didn't get a chance to read last night, by the time I went to bed it was after 1am and I knew better then to open the book so I'm going to do the unthinkable and crawl into bed at 11pm. I wanted to crawl in at 10pm but still had just a couple of more things to do, LOL.

In case you missed the big announcement at Karen's board today, she launched her new website Sidhe-Seers, Inc. I hope that you all check it out because we both worked hard on it along with our fabulous website designers and she's joining us here in the blogospere so make sure you pop onto her blog and say hi to her. You'll have to search to find her links but it's worth it. Bo was the first one to post at her new blog:) She was also a lot of help to me today, thank you Bo!

Karen also had a chat on her message board that is now posted. Definitely some things that make you go hmmmmm and makes Bo go insane, LOL.

This weekend will be a work free weekend I have decreed and if tomorrow is slow, I may just start my weekend early, LOL. I think I need a mani/pedi and I will have a book to finish!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I can't believe I'm blogging...

When I have A Lick of Frost by LKH in my hands. Thanks to Beaty's post on RBL informing me it was out I went to the bookstore today, unfortunately I was in a rush because I was going to go babysit for my friend so I didn't have time to get the JD Robb I wanted. I'm reading the paperbacks on those and still haven't got the newest one. The good news is the book was 30% off and I had $5 in Borders bucks which is like cash in the store so my book was only $13! Woo hoo! Unfortunately, I had told my friend I would babysit for them tonight so haven't had a chance to crack it open and it's now midnight. Do I risk it? You know I'm going to read for a couple of hours. How can I not?

I haven't been reading before bed very much lately which could be why my TBR pile is actually a mountain but last night I picked up Julie Ortolon's new book Unforgettable. I started it this weekend. I only meant to read a couple of chapters but it was so good I couldn't put it down. Her characters were very real, some things about both of them irritated me but the characters were real, not perfect and it was wonderfully written. I finished the book at 2:15am. Good thing that has been to be about the time I've been going to bed lately. I'm planning on next week to get back on a little more of a schedule but since it's off, might as well go read A Lick of Frost, LOL.

BTW, who watched The Biggest Loser? Could you believe that? And I never ever ever watch the Bachelor but nothing was on and I got sucked in. This guy seems genuine, well except for the fact he's made out with several of the girls but at least he's not Brett Michaels.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Gold Rush Days

So yesterday I went to visit the 'rents, err, I mean Brenda's parents so we could go to Gold Rush Days, Dahlonega's annual festival. I'd been a bit of a hermit lately and I knew the parents wanted to see me *G*. Of course, another draw was festival food, LOL. I parked at their house and then Mary and I walked to the festival, which is the beauty of a small town. The live close enough to walk into the heart of the city, LOL. Unfortunately, I put on sandals I bought 9 months ago but never wore. Needless to say, I have a couple of blisters today.

The first thing we did was get food. Mary wanted a gyro and I love them so that was our first stop. These suckers were huge! So we grabbed them and our drinks and walked to the park to sit down and eat. Too bad we were so excited about our food we forgot to grab napkins and mom is a messy eater, LOL. Since the gyro was so huge I didn't finish it, a girl has to prioritize stomach room and it's a good thing I did, a couple of places gave samples, yummmm candied pecans (if the sold smaller bags I would have bought some but I didn't need $6 worth) and there was a fried apple pie that was delish! Mom says she knows how to make them, good to know. Oh yes, we also had a sample of some pumpkin bread. When we weren't sampling we wandering the different booths checking out the jewelry and crafts. I got a fabulous new pendant. It's not a great pic of it but you'll see me wearing it a lot in the future *G*. Mom also got a new necklace from a different vendor.

After a couple a couple of hours we were both pooped and had digested enough to get the roasted corn. I'm a sucker for fair/festival corn. We also grabbed some lemonades and butterfly potatoes (they looked like fries but were too oily and soggy, bummer) and a funnel cake as well as a corn dog for dad and headed home with our bootie. Once we got back I kicked off of my shoes and we feasted on their back porch until it was time for me to go home. The ride back was a killer though because everyone else was leaving at the same time and my hour drive became an hour and a half. Luckily I didn't go for the turkey leg like I wanted to (mom said no, LOL).

BTW, I have only heard from a couple of you over the fact I'm in the DEDICATION of BLOODFEVER!!!! So if you were in such a rush to start reading that you didn't notice go back and read Karen's wonderful words to me. Good thing I didn't let it get to my head, my head was already big *G*.

Friday, October 19, 2007

I do think about posting...

then I get distracted and the next thing you know I'm too tired, it's late and I want to go to bed, LOL. At least I can console myself with the fact I'm still more regular then the other girls!

On Tuesday Dao and I went to see the Wedding Singer the musical. It was free! Anyway, I thought it would be fun because in the movie they sang all kinds of 80s songs and Dao and I could sing along. Well they must have heard our singing because they didn't sing 80s songs, it was all original songs with the exception of the song Adam Sandler sings to Drew Barrymore on the plane (which I really like). It was a cute musical but not something I would recommend to people.

The random thing is when we were walking to the car this guy is passing with his gf or wife (he sat on the other side of Dao, we didn't talk to them) and he made a comment about my shirt falling down. You all know how short I am, a lot of times a sleeve will fall down, the top of my boob wasn't even showing. He was just being a dick and of course he says this as he's passing so by the time it even registers he's gone. D was more pissed then I was because it was just so stupid, LOL.

BTW, D made me these carrot cake muffins that were to die for! I don't normally like carrot cake but these were awesome. She made a special batch so I could take some in to work. The ladies at the post office love me, as they should. Sure, D did all the work but I brought them. Actually I frosted them and since I had the frosting in the fridge and was in a rush it wasn't pretty. I let them know the shoddy frosting job was my work, LOL.

The real highlight of Tue night was D and I decided it was time to finally eat at the Varsity. Of course we had 2 cars and they have a drive up where you park and they come to you so D parked at the drive up and I parked in a parking spot and went and sat in her car. Apparently they're known for their coke also. Something about their coke is supposed to be really good so I ordered it. It tasted like coke. I also ordered a slaw dog and a chili dog. The chili was the way to go. I had forgotten that when I went to Varsity jr I had a chili slaw dog, now that is the way to go. Now we know.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Busy busy busy...

Today Bloodfever is being released (yayyyyyy) so I have been working on things to prepare. I noticed not a lot of you entered the contests on Karen's board, hmph! You do know I was giving away all kinds of goodies don't you? Of course, knowing me wouldn't have won you any favors. I would send Nancy how many people entered and she would pick a random winner. I like to be as fair as possible. Plus, it would look funny if all of my friends won but still, you should at least try. Lina put together some pictograms and that contest will be going until noon Tuesday with the prize being an ARC. If you haven't pre-ordered your copy of Bloodfever make sure you go buy it today. I want to stay employed, LOL. Plus, I love this book and can't wait to hear what you all think.

I didn't really do much this weekend but I am proud of myself, I left my bedroom, LOL. I did decide to finally go to the Mexican fast food place that I just discovered a few months ago, discovered in I went when I first moved here, wasn't impressed and went back a few months ago and loved it. So I hadn't been back since before my vacation and I always think I want to try their breakfast burrito which they only do on the weekends so I go in my pjs (they literally make their burritos faster then going through the McDonald's drive in) thinking I was going to run in and out. Well, I drive up and the sign is gone. They are totally shut down and I was so close to getting a free burrito! So I had to go next door for a breakfast pizza. Unfortunately, the pizza parlor, not as fast as the burrito joint so I sat there in my pjs for 15 minutes waiting. The bummer part was the pizza wasn't as good as it normally is. The good part was Rachael called and kept me company while I was standing there in my red heart pjs.

Dao and I went to eat korean food today. I have been wanting to go for awhile but I was so busy this morning that I didn't have a chance to shower before she showed up. Luckily that didn't inhibit my enjoyment of my food. Unfortunately, I have been so busy since then that I haven't had a chance to shower all day and since technically it is now Tuesday I am not going to bother with a shower now. Very rarely do I go without a shower and my hair feels gross but I just wanted to show you that I was too busy to shower yet here I am blogging. Yes, the guilt got to me. I do think of things I want to blog about but by the time the evening comes around I'm too pooped to blog but hopefully that will be changing soon.

OK, time for me to go night night. Tomorrow Dao and I will be going to see The Wedding Singer, the musical. How fun huh?

Monday, October 15, 2007

I did not forget to post!

Whew! What a weekend - and next week doesn't look to be any slower.

The biggest news since I blogged last is I got a new job. I will be transferring from the QA department to the sales department in the next two weeks. I will be supporting the salespeople and I am really excited to have contact with the outside world again!! Yes - there is a small raise involved also :) It is not really enough to quit Borders, well unless I was responsible with my money... and how boring would that be? LOL

On Friday I went to my first class at the gym - Bootcamp 101. I was so scared to go, what had I gotten myself into?? Luckily I was able to keep up (except on those stupid squats - BLECH!) for the class and had a great time. I think my favorite part of the class was at the end running relays, it was like I was in the 6th grade all over again. I will be going again this week, I need to kick some relay ass!

Yesterday was working and then dinner at my parents. It was a dream meal... bbq ribs, collard greens, and herbed rice. How did I get so lucky you ask? Well I whined to my mom about how good it would be and viola - we had it on Sat!!! Yes, I am spoiled and love it.

Today I went and saw Jessie James is Killed By the Coward Robert Something (cant remember the last name) I really wanted to like the move - the trailers were great, plus it has Brad Pit and the brother Aflec. All I kept wondering throughout the whole movie is ... Is this movie going to ever end?? Visually it was beautiful, and the story was good, but it was so slow. I really wish we had seen something else.

I also orderd tickets to Spamalot (the stage version of Monty Python and the Holy Grail) for myself, Lina T and her brothers family. They are so exited they made dinner reservations before I ordered the tickets! Ummmm you can guess who was procrastinating on that one... Till Linda pointed out I would be disappointing 3 cute kids if I didn't come through!!!

The real reason I am posting so late is because I decided to tackle painting my bedroom. I have had the paint since October of last year... so not bad, just a year later and it is time to get that taken care of. LOL My rule was I couldn't move into my big bedroom (big being a relative word in my house) until the painting was done, so it has been a year of sleeping in the small room in a small bed... it is time! I thought I was going to have help, but both the people who were going to help cancelled. I took a shower today, Honest! So at midnight I have the dark blue bottom half of the walls completed - un-taped and the touch up done. When will the light blue top half be completed you ask? Another year ?? Well... with the babysitting, working, and working out I have scheduled for next week... perhaps the following week??? When it is done I will provide pictures... it looks pretty good so far ;)

I wish everyone a happy week - Your guestblogger - Nancy :)

Thursday, October 11, 2007


I haven't mentioned the fact that when I got back from Charleston I was so into the chimichurri sauce that Linda made that I made my own and of course had to go out and buy some steak to eat it with. I made mine with grapeseed oil, cilantro, garlic and chives. It was delish. Dao was on my side of town the day after I had gone shopping so instead of us going out to eat like we normally do I offered to cook for her. After she picked her jaw up off of the floor she accepted. Turns out I had never cooked for her. Now, I can cook, I just don't do it often, it's not as much fun cooking for myself. While we were at the beach we had so much fresh veggies that I was also on a veggie high and had bought cauliflower (turns out it is very expensive), broccoli, mushrooms and yellow squash so we had steak with lots of veggies. I even threw on a couple of the pickled green beans that Nancy had bought me. It was a feast and Dao was properly impressed as she should be. BTW, I used some of Linda's world famoub bbq rub on the steak, yum! Of course that was last week and the last time I cooked, LOL.

So I finally decided what I wanted my family to get me for my birthday. Funny how the two who really wanted to know have their birthdays this month, LOL. Lucky for my sis I already bought her present. I decided to get a new song chip for my karaoke. For those who will be visiting me, here are just some of my fun new songs:

IRIS The Goo Go dolls
TOO SHY Kajagoogoo
WHO CAN IT BE NOW men at Work

Of course, with the pace my family works at I'll get it in time for Christmas, LOL. One of the reasons you haven't seen Nes around is because she got a new song chip too. The first song she sang off of her new chip was Bitch, her theme song LOL.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Call off the dogs....

OK, I got an email from BAM today who was worried because I haven't posted in awhile. No need to send a search party after me, I just really haven't felt like blogging recently as you can tell. I have been a little busy but also tired too plus I haven't been reading other blogs much either so I've fallen off of the blogging bandwagon. Hopefully I'll be back on soon.

In case you don't know, we're having daily contests at Karen's message board to get ready for the release of Bloodfever next Tuesday. I can't wait for everyone to read it. It kicks some serious petunia!

Yesterday I was driving home and they had a lane closed on one part so there was a tiny backup and the wind was blowing and there were leaves flying all over (it was getting to rain) and it was surreal looking and cool, especially since there was a church right there but the appeal quickly faded when chunks of something started hitting my car, LOL. I don't know what it was but the wind and the leaves quickly lost their appeal!

Do you ever get to the point where you're so tired that you can't sleep? I was like that last night. I was soooo tired yet I stayed up doing nothing then I finally laid down at 1am but couldn't get to sleep til 2 which I don't let get to me because I don't have to answer to an alarm clock. Then my sister called me with a question at 3:40am! She had a dilemna and needed to talk to me. Fine, being the supportive sister I am I don't even yell at her (LOL ok I'm not a yeller) but I didn't make her feel bad and gave her my infinite words of wisdom. Then proceeded to be awake until 4:30am. I finally get back to sleep and my sister calls me again an hour later! OMG! I know! I told her to not call me again, first off, middle of the night phone calls from family members always give you that instant of terror and secondly, I wanted to get some sleep, LOL. I know it took awhile for my friends and family to adjust to me being on the east coast but it has been a year! If I wasn't such a cool person I would have called her when I knew she was sleeping but since it wasn't deliberate on her part (like my FRIEND who likes to wake me up on my birthday, you know who you are, LOL) I didn't retaliate. Needless to say, my nap was much needed today!

Normally I have a new trip or visit planned shortly after I take my last one but I'm thinking that if I don't take a trip this winter that I may get laser eye surgery. I know the friends who have had it have thought it was the best thing they could have done. Do any of you have words of advice on it? I also figure maybe I can finally get my vacation weight off if I stop taking vacations LOL.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

A little bit of this and a little bit of that!

Hello from Guest Blogger Linda! I have to admit that I really do not have a fabulous topic to blog about today! So it will be just a few thoughts! I'm still having trouble that Christmas Displays are going up right next to the Halloween ones! I know that Nancy brought up the subject of Christmas last week, but already seeing it is a bit much! And in my mailbox- the November issue of Bon Appetitt and the Christmas Book from Neiman Marcus! Now by my calendar it is only October 7! My niece's 14th birthday. So why the rush?

I know that in the next weeks I will be inundated with every catalogue possible along with their sister publications and probably even a few distant cousins! And many the same ones over and over with just the cover picture different! I am able now to just recycle without looking through 90% of them. But even the ones I like begin to stack up! Of course then they join my stack of cooking and travel mags which I'm only at Sept! So already 2 months behind with Nov. already arriving!

I'm also thinking that our weather went straight to winter and no stopping at Fall! In the past we have had a beautiful Indian summer in October! But no, Snowing in the mountains, cold, rainy here - Must be because we have hired a painter for our 3 row houses and he needs a week of dry weather to pressure wash and paint! I have to finish moving my Herbs off the deck before! At least the BBQ can stay put!

I now have an early morning wakeup call because there are 2 construction projects going on. One directly behind, that uses our driveway for access and then one on the side. They begin work between 6:30 &7 am! Very loud trucks etc. So I was at least trying to look on the bright side - hunky contractors, construction workers with out shirts etc...No such luck! Now I just have to get up and no eye candy at all! Yes, that is a self pity whine!

My body is slowly adjusting to exercise again. My Yoga class started up last week and i have my pilates and personal trainer set up for this week! Believe me, my lack of stomach muscles due to surgery is becoming quite evident! It's going to be a bit of a battle to get them back in shape! At least there is a hot tub!

Well I'd better get back to moving my plants! I hope all of you have a great day!


There has been a song that has been driving me crazy all summer long because I didn't know the name of it so could never download it. Last night I was watching a show online and they played it in the background so I could listen to the words and type them in and look it up (which was my plan whenever I heard it on the radio but since I hear it in the car could never remember the lyrics by the time I got home, LOL).


The video is kind of trippy but then again, so is the song. If you've watched tv over the summer a part of this song was used for that 2 geeks and a girl new show on CBS (not the title can't remember it, LOL) but they never played the lyrics! Oh, by the way the song is called Young Folks by Peter, Bjorn and John.

Other songs I've recently downloaded (or asked Nes to DL for me, LOL) are:

Kenny Chesney: Old Blue Chair and Girl from Boston (my friend always plays these songs and they wore on me LOL)
James Blunt: 1973
Brandi Carlile: The Story
Feist: 1234
Alicia Keys: No One
Nickelback: Rockstar
Ingrid Michaelson: The Way You Are
Elliot Yamin: Wait for You
Wyclef Jean: Sweetest Girl

Su, this means you'll need a new CD soon since I just downloaded them. First thing I did today was update my ipod which then motivated me to get into the shower since that's when I turn my ipod on (and when I clean but who wants to do that?).
I almost look forward to driving so that I can hear all of my new songs.

A couple of songs I also listen to a lot are:
Sean Kingston: Beautiful Girl
cast of Spring Awakening: The Bitch of Living

Due to vacation and work I was woefully behind on the new television season so yesterday I spent the day in my room, only leaving to go to the kitchen or potty and watched all of the new shows I wanted to watch. 2 eps of Grey's Anatomy, 1 Heroes, 2 Private Practice, 2 Chuck, 2 Life and 2 Dirty, Sexy Money. I am happy with Greys although I think Callie needs to be the kickass chick that I know and love. I am a Gizzie fan, I saw them 2 together from the beginning but I still love Callie. Private Practice is not must see for me. I will prolly catch it online. I think Amy Brenneman's character Violet is a weak link. Tim Dly is a hottie though. Heroes is still fun and must see for me. I enjoyed Chuck and since it comes on before Heroes I'll keep watching it. Life was good as was Dirty Sexy Money. DSM is more soap operaish so I'll keep watching that one for sure. Billy Baldwin is in love with a transexual, count me in!

FYI, for you Office fans, NBC now is airing the full show online, something they didn't do last year. I love this show which is why I have to watch Grey's online. I'm caught up on the Biggest Loser so that and Heroes means I am not watching Dancing w the Stars this season. I seem to be an every other season type gal. I am sad because on at the same time as Biggest Losers is Beauty and the Geek. I do love that show but I will try to catch repeats of that. Haven't caught America's next Top Model either. Something else is on at that time.

Another fun new show is Pushing Daisies. Nancy, this is by the same guy who did Dead Like Me (one of her fave shows). Its quirky and cute and I really like it and the lead guy is too cute.

So now you're caught up on my music and tv. BTW Jenna, I asked my family to get me a new song chip for my birthday (they're woefully late, good thing I'm always late with their presents, LOL). Let me know when you want to come up and do some more karaoke, LOL).

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

More trips thoughts and pics

I know, I am milking the heck out of this trip, LOL. Here are pics taken outside of the house and inside by BAM. I think the best part of the house was the porch but it also had 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, score! Renting a house with your girlfriends is definitely the way to go.

I didn't mention the fact that we went to Savannah on Saturday. Number 1 on our list was eating at Lady and Sons, Paula Dean's restaurant. You know how much I enjoy that place. Unfortunately it is #1 on a lot of people's list so they filled up for lunch so Linda and Mich spent the afternoon waiting in line for us to get on the dinner list. We also walked all around Savanna visiting the little parks/squares that they have troughout the city. It was a hot day, I was wearing white, I'm a sweater, needless to say, I should have been getting tipped by the guys who passed us because they were getting a free show, LOL. To recover we took a carriage ride through the town. I am someone who falls asleep in moving vehicles (which is why when I'm road tripping I drink a lot of soda, LOL) and the carriage ride was no different. After this we headed down to the riverfront to eat some oysters and chill out and have a drink, then to the Vu lounge in the hyatt to have a couple of more drinks then it was dinner time where Su didn't say but 2 words while eating her first plate of food. Did I mention she was hungry? I don't think the food was quite as good as the first time we were there but it was still dang good, especially the cauliflower au gratin.

Sated and exhausted we headed home.

On Sunday Gennita Low (she was in town for a workshop) and I spent the day singing karaoke. OMG, I created a monster! Of course she was shy at first, just listening to me sing but I knew that as soon as I turned on the second mic and handed it to her she would love it, and she did! We sang songs together, then she sang while I was cleaning the kitchen, she was singing while I was changing the laundry, she was singing while I was taking a shower, yes, I think she got over her shyness, LOL.

While we were singing the other girls (the ones left, Mich and Brenda left that morning) went to Magnolia plantation.

Then when the girls got back it was time for our final meal which Linda called the leftover meal but we called the gourmet meal. We had 2 different kinds of steak and Linda whipped up a chimichurri sauce (which is a sauce made with cilantro, garlic, oil that was divine) to go on our steaks, fresh shrimp (was going to BBQ them but the mosquitos were in kamikaze mode dive bombing their bodies onto unsuspecting victims, LOL) and risotto. OMG, Barb and I couldn't even move for the rest of the night. Now that's what I'm talking about!