Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Final cruise thoughts...

The last night dinner on the cruise was like an episode of Jerry Springer. Not fun when you're up on stage with them, LOL. We had a table that sat 10 but for every night there were only 6 of us, two sets of three. Our tablemates were great, they were in their early 20s, a little reserved at first but they loosened up. Kimberly saw some of our tablemates during the day before our last dinner and they mentioned one of the girls had met a guy and he would be joining us for dinner. We were intrigued and nosy, LOL. When we get to dinner there are 4 new people there. We figured they were people who were supposed to be at our table but just came for the final meal. Our tablemates get there and Kim asked about the guy but they said they'd talk about it later. Then we proceeded to have one of the most uncomfortable dinners of our life! Two of the people there were cousins. The guy was an army ranger. His cousin said something he didn't like so he took off his uniform jacket and then put her in a headlock and was knuckling her. This was at the dinner table and she wasn't laughing which means we weren't laughing. She had turned all red and he said she deserved it. She moved to sit next to me and the other guy that was with them. Turns out she had hooked up with this guy but hadn't wanted to sit next to him. After the headlock incident the tone at our table changed dramatically. Basically it was us and them. We had our own convo going on in a very stilted way. The guy in the uniform didn't even eat. Finally he left with the other girl that was with them and finally the other two left before dessert but not before turning to our tablemates to make plans to meet with them later which I thought was really weird since they hadn't talked at all during dinner to each other.

Once they left the tongues started wagging. Apparently the guy in the uniform was the guy our tablemate had met up with. He even gave her a bracelet from his deceased friend that had special meaning to him yet he brings another chick to the table! Needless to say he was crazy. We told her to avoid him at all costs. Our tablemates were expecting just the guy to join us, not the entire Jerry Springer clan. It gave us something to talk about over dessert (even our waiter was participating, LOL).

Remember the supportive women who were cheering me on during my karaoke performance? Over lunch on the last day we were sat at a table with some of them. They totally recognized me, LOL. The funny thing was, one of the women thinks she remembers me from my visits to the Pentagon when I was in the Army. How wild is that?

Since I was determined to be a bit more active this trip I jumped at the chance to dance the electric slide on the Lido deck (where the pool was) and the cha cha song which always reminds me of Mich and I love and then they did the Mississippi Slide which I had never done but I was game. Too bad the song lasted forever. I was done at the end of that one LOL. At karaoke one of the gals sang the electric slide so I was up again. I remember learning the electric slide at the NCO club in Korea. I had sweat dripping down because I was so bad and so nervous. I still suck at it but I love it, LOL.

One night in the lounge they had the soul train dance. I was excited because when they said that I was thinking conga, no, I wasn't drinking, LOL. Then I figured out what they meant and I was like, shit, I can't dance and walk at the same time! The soul train dance is when you have girls and guys lined up on opposite sides and then they dance down the center to the end of the line and you do it over and over til the song is finished. After one or two trips down I really loosened up, plus I got some good partners on the last few dances, LOL.

Thats about it for cruise memories. Kimberly went home today. I think she's planning on coming back when my nephew comes and visits. She's ready for her next cruise! I really think for the money spent it's an incredible value. Plus Carnival does a military discount even if you're ex military which was nice. We had an interior room which I thought would feel claustrophobic but it didn't. If you need a cruising partner call my sis up, she's ready to go! Me, I need to get my ass back to the gym. That's a slow process much to Lina's chagrin, LOL. Oh well, there's always tomorrow!

Monday, April 28, 2008

My cruise in meals...

I didn't eat quite as much on this cruise as I did on the last one since I was missing my eating buddy. Kim doesn't eat quite as much as Ghlutton and I didn't want to be a pig all on my own. Kim did impress me with how much she did eat though LOL.

Now I did get excited about my food and forget to take pics at times but here are the pics I did remember to take. I didn't get the cheese tray every meal, they kept serving it on a warm plate and I didn't want my cheese all warm and soft.The molten chocolate cake is the dessert everyone raves about. It's pretty good but I prefer my recipe (my recipe in that I got it from Rachel and then gave to Barb, LOL) better. The dessert that was Kim's favorite was the black forrest cake. It was not too chocolaty, not too heavy and the bits of cherry were a treat.

I did enjoy the proscioutto and melon but there needed to be more melon to balance it out. My favorite meal of the cruise was the lobster! I had two of them. The tails were small! I should have ordered another one! Kim wanted to bring some back to our room but we didn't think that would fly, LOL. They always serve mushroom risotto and tiger shrimp with it and both are delicious.

This was a salmon ceviche kind of dish. It was ok, not wonderful. The seafood pasta was too salty, good thing I had ordered two entrees that night. I did eat the seafood out of it though. I also got the indian food which was better. No pic of it though.

The tiger shrimp cocktail was served every night. It was a fan fave. I did enjoy the duck. I can't remember how it was prepared. I think it was smoked. And that is all of the pics I have of food. I did make sure to have an ice cream cone everyday. Or rather, the fat free yogurt. I do cut calories where I can, LOL.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

You can dance...

little icon singing you can jive, having the time of your life. See that girl, watch that scene, dig in the dancing queen...

So my main goal for this cruise was to sing with the band the last night of the show. Hello, I did that on my last cruise and I feel like I can't go backwards LOL. The first night of the cruise we went to the karaoke room (they had karaoke every night! woo hoo!) with our table mates. They were a little younger then us but were nice people. A little uptight but boy did they loosen up as the cruise continued on, LOL. So I wanted to do my standard, crowd pleasing "I Touch Myself" but out of the hundreds of songs, they didn't have that one so Coco decided on "Talk Dirty to Me." Now keep in mind, this is not my normal crowd and skewed a bit older but that wasn't going to stop me even though I was a tad bit worried. I should have known better. Once I started singing there was this group of 15 to 20 middle aged women in front of me and they were yelling out "go Coco!" and just totally supportive and hooting and hollering so I started singing to them. I rocked it! Had a great response from the whole audience. I had planned on singing another song but I felt like I couldn't top that moment so didn't try, LOL.

On our way to see the show put on by the cruise we walked by the lounge and I looked in as we walked past and who did I see? MUSIC ASIA! That would be the band that played on the cruise Su and I went on. My chances of singing with the band just sky rocketed, LOL. The showroom was packed so we headed back to the lounge and they were on a break so I talked to the guitarist Michael to see if he remembered me. He so did not! How could he forget Coco? I have no idea! I went over to talk to the other guys and they remembered me. Joseph the keyboard player even remembered where Vivi and I sat. Vivi, he asked about you. I told them my one mission was to sing with the band and they were more then happy to have me sing that night! I decided to do "Dancing Queen" again. Too bad they didn't have the words for it anymore! I had to sing it from memory so half way thru the song I lean over and say I don't know the words. I was afraid that was going to happen, LOL. Oh well, it was still fun. They wanted me to sing another song with them, what can I say, I was that good (actually their music drowns me out, LOL). I decided I better print out some songs before I sing with the band again.

And I was going to sing with the band again, LOL. Unfortunately I wasn't the only special guest star, LOL. They had other guest singers and even a couple of guest drummers. It really sucked when they had a guest singer after me who could sing! I told them not to do that again, LOL. Mon night I did not only "Dancing Queen" but Pat Benatar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot". I was doing pretty good on it until the last verse. The music felt off so I was like should I be singing at this point? I did of course cause I thought that was where I was supposed to sing but I was kicking myself for messing it up. Turns out it was the guitarists fault! Woo hoo, it wasn't me! Again, why did I doubt myself?Tuesday the band had off so we talked Roberto into coming to the beach with us. He's the drummer who sings Journey songs better then Steve Perry. He really rocks it and is such a nice guy. I didn't realize at the time the guys only get one day off, I was thinking they had Thur-Sat off but they turn around and do a 3 day cruise after our 4 day cruise so I was even more touched that he spent the day with us. He was too tired to join us that night but Michael the guitar player came out with us. We went to Senor Frog's Where you Have to be this tall to drink: Whew, that was a close one! Michael kept buying me shots so I had 4 shots of tequila. I didn't think I felt a thing but Kimberly says I was getting giggly. Who me?Senor Frogs was fun but the crowd is a bit too young for me. I enjoyed the music but the DJ kept talking over it. That drove me crazy. I don't think they played one song in its entirety. We then headed to Bamboo where the crew usually parties. Much more my style. Very laid back.

They had karaoke during the day on the last day of the cruise. At night I spent my time hanging with Music Asia so this was perfect. I could work on my instrument some more. The karaoke was in an area a lot of people walk by but that didn't stop me. They also had a vast range of people singings from kids to old men, it was fun. First up for me was Pink's "Who Knew". I'd never sung this before. I really shouldn't sing it again, LOL. I did ok but not great. After that I did Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire". I rock this song. If the band knew how to play it this would be what I would always sing. The only down side is, it's a short song. Not enough time on stage for me, LOL. The last song I sang was "Hit Me With Your Best Shot". Figured I needed more practice, LOL. The last night of the cruise I had planned on videotaping one of my performances to share with you all but Kimberly had my camera card because she was going to print pics for the band and she missed both of my songs! I was none too happy with that. Although she did say she could hear me, LOL. I was really working on projecting my voice so I could be heard over the band which just means I yelled my songs. I don't think that improved the sound, LOL. I sang the same two songs, you got to stick with what you know or rather, don't know, LOL.Just think how much better I would have been if I had been practicing! Next time, my pretties.... ohhh next time......

Friday, April 25, 2008

I tried to post last night

but blogger wasn't loading my pics and my post was all pics, LOL. I'm home! It's exhausting spending your days on the beach and your nights at the bar, LOL. I decided to do this first post on the beaches. We stopped in Freeport and Nassau in the Bahamas. The water was so blue and the sand was fine. Kim and I got burned on the first stop but that didn't stop us from going to the beach in Nassau. My back got burned so I just put on sunblock and laid on my back LOL. Kim and high five guy look twice as dark as me, which is so not fair!
This is Tuesday morning docked in Nassau. Not a great photo of Kim and I but this was Freeport so I had to include a shot from there. I couldn't leave the Bahamas without a coconut drink! They walk along the beach and you order it from a guy who will crack open the coconut right there. It came with 2 refills since the coconut doesn't hold a lot but we left before my refills. I had a pina colada. I also ate the coconut from the top part of my drink. If he would have come back around I would have had him scoop out the rest of the meat. It was the most fun part of the drink for me, LOL. And finally a pic of me on the beach because I know you want it LOL.

OOPs, looking at what I thought was Freeport was Nassau because I have the same suit on. I tried to upload more pics but blogger is being a butt. Will show Freeport tomorrow.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Honest to blog...

I keep meaning to update but then I get tired and it goes downhill from there. Since I'm leaving for my cruise tomorrow, woo hoo, I figured I better get on the blog and get posting.

For those mornings when you need entertainment and I haven't updated you can play the new improved match game on the right, featuring yours and my favorite person, ME! I did think about adding some of you all to the mix but then I found 10 pics of me I could use so I didn't need to, LOL. I'll be updating the game and adding new pics here and there, just for fun. My high score is 200. Board games are my specialty, LOL. I get distracted online.

Brenda was recently on vacation in the Florida panhandle. Unfortunately, she was too far away for us to hook up but she did send me a pic of her big fish. Yes, she actually had a picture to back up her fishing story. Hopefully she'll pop on and tell us more about it and where she was. She did say this sucker weighed more then her first born and only child. When I was a kid my family used to fish all of the time. I wouldn''t mind going sometime but I prefer a cane poll. I'm not really good at casting. I also like to have a bobber on my line to tell me when I have a bite. As you can guess, I'm not a great fisherwoman, LOL.

The other day Lina and I were watching Throwdown with Bobby Flay and he was making Philly cheesesteaks. It made Lina homesick and I reaped the rewards. Guess what I had for dinner the next night? Having been to philly and having had the cheesesteak that Bobby Flay was competing with (can't remember his name) I have to say, Lina's was better. She puts mushrooms in hers. I know I have gotten out of the habit of taking pics of food. With my cruise I will get back into the habit, I promise.

Kimberly is here. She's digging on the light that my apartment gets as well as the pool. We hadn't made it to the beach yet. We're going today after we pick up high five guy and have lunch. She also saw dolphins off of our balcony which tickled her. She even enjoys the little lizards that run around here. I think what most tickles her is the fact that Nancy sent a pic from home and it was snowing! She is VERY happy to be here. The bitch already has a better tan then I do! Of course she cheated and went tanning a few times before she came here and then 2 layouts at the pool and boom, she's a darkie and rubbing it in! What a bitch, did I say that already? LOL!

We went to krispy kreme yesterday, aka krispy krack! I had planned on getting one donut. Kim wanted 3 or 4 so I told her we might as well get a dozen. It's difficult coming up with a dozen. We picked a bunch and then asked how many was that and it was only 8! We got to where the he/she that was helping us picked our last donut. Kim and I both had the same reaction, was it a girl, was it a guy? We kept going back and forth. Our opinion kept changing. In the car Kim and I were lamenting the fact that we had a dozen donuts but we don't have much left at this point LOL. Our donut box looks like a box of chocolates. We all have been tearing piece off of different donuts and just eating bits and pieces here and there. It's a fun way to eat them.

Alright, time for me to hit the shower. I hope that you all have a fantrashtic weekend!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My friend the rock star!

Dave is someone I worked with in Seattle. I think we met in 95. We ended up in Los Angeles and maintained our friendship there even if a year would go by before we would see each other. Our relationship is very comfortable. He's funny, I'm funny, LOL. Nancy knows and loves him. Su met him when she visited me in Los Angeles. I hadn't talked to him since I left Los Angeles, you don't think I'd talk to him more since I moved then when I lived there do you? But doesn't mean I can't boss him around. When I didn't like my placement on his myspace page I made him move me up, LOL. I'm one of the guys who's a girl, you still must appease me! Anyway, when I talked to him I found out he was now the lead singer in a band. He had just joined a band as a bass player (even though at the time he didn't really know how to play) when I left LA. It was a lesbian punk band, LOL. Now he's worked his way up to lead singer. I found this youtube vid. It's over a year old so I'm sure he has even more spit and polish, or at least more spit.
It's funny for me seeing this side of him. I remember the sweaters he used to wear to the tv station, even though he had floppy hair back then he was still preppy. Now look at him, LOL.

I told him this was the beginning of his career as a lead singer. Of course that means all credit must go to me. This was at my going away party in Los Angeles which means we HAD to go to a karaoke bar. This was a private room. We had snuck in a bottle of tequila. Once he starts playing to more then family and friends I'm taking all of the credit. I told him so (it's best to prepare him ahead of time). Of course, I can't leave you without a pic of me from that night, LOL.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Been working on my tan...

But it's a slow process. I swear, every time I go out I get a tiny burn. Yesterday the weather was wonderful so Lina and I tanned. Her tan looks wonderful, me, well as Lina says, I'm neapolitan. I'm red, white and brown (well not quite brown, LOL). Luckily the red is just a tiny part on the right side of my right bosom, the sun was on the right side of me, can you tell. It's like a red stripe. It seems like I can tan one day a week. I'll really have to pay attention to the sun while on my cruise.

Since my sister is coming in this week I spent the weekend reading. I read 3 books this weekend. I know, I was in total vegetable mode. I read The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever by Julia Quinn. You know historicals are my first love. Her stories are no complex and her books are not as hot as most books out there but I find them comfortable, easy, fun reads. I also read The Dream Chaser by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I enjoyed it. I don't normally like the non dark hunter books much but this one was good. Course there are so many pantheons I can't remember who is who but oh well, still a fun book.

Today I read Unlawful Contact by Pamela Clare with a special guest appearance by Su and I. I mean, right there that's a reason to buy it, LOL. But this was a great book by Pamela and I'm really proud and happy for her. She put a lot into this and it showed. Marc and Sophie had a wonderful love story with lots of action. I do enjoy the fact that the language is so raw at times because I find that very real.

Other then that I spent the day cleaning. The sis will be here on Wed and really, it's not like she's company but I needed to clean anyway. The rug in my room was becoming a hair rug, which would have been fine if my hair was beige like my carpet but it is black and really unattractive laying all over the floor, LOL.

Lina and I went to Carribean Jack's last night. Remember, that was the place that I sent an email to because they told us the low country boil wasn't for another couple of hours when in actuality we could have eaten it when we got there. So we decided to finally cash in some of my coupons and go there for dinner. We sat at the bar because to sit outside there would have been a wait. I had a pomm tea which is a long island iced tea made with pomegranate juice instead of coke. It was strong, imagine that LOL. I only had one. Lina had beer. For dinner I had apps since I really wanted seafood. I had seared tuna and crab cakes and Lina had a portabello stack. Unfortunately the food was a big disappointment and Lina and I have resigned ourselves to the fact that most places we eat here will be crappy, LOL. We did order dessert. It was an ice cream cookie sandwich with the cookie being the size of my head and you know how big my head is! We didn't make a dent but it was fun trying, LOL.

Good thing my roommie cooks for me and it's fabulous. Tonight she made mexican wraps using lettuce instead of tortillas, it was fabulous, filling and light. Yay for me!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm aging backwards...

I have to say, if you look at my face you'd think I found the fountain of youth. I got my hair cut the other day, while it was much needed I still feel the loss of the 5 inches I cut off. Yes, I still have long hair but it's no longer unusually long but it does look healthier and have more body now. I also had my bangs cut and I think I look younger with bangs. Add that to the fact I've been using this alpha hydroxy lotion to make my pores smaller and wow, I'm a new woman, LOL. Just wait until I get back from my cruise. Of course by then I'll be fat so I'll look even younger cause the fat will stretch out my skin, LOL.

I can't believe I forgot to tell you about my cruise. I'm going out of Orlando to the Bahamas a week from Sunday. I had invited my friend the high five guy down for bike week cause I thought he would have a lot of fun but he couldn't make it so he decided he wanted to come down and do a cruise. You know I'm game. Especially when I found out that we get a military discount because I used to be in the Army! Hello, why didn't we know this when I went on my cruise last year? The deal is better then a return passenger deal, score! Course when my sis found out she wanted to come along too but her on again off again didn't want to commit since they're on again off again so it's going to be a 3some. Good thing she's little. She gets the top bunk, LOL. It'll be an interesting cruise cause high 5 guy likes to drink a lot and Kim doesn't drink at all. Nothing like the extremes. My goal is to get in with the band so I can sing with them. I hope it's a band full of men, I'll have a better shot *G*. I'm already salivating about the soft serve ice cream.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Me versus the watermelon...

and the watermelon won! Actually, I would call it a draw. I wanted to go to the Flea market/farmer's market on Sunday and Gennita couldn't go cause she got roped into something or another so Lina went with me. She had never been to one. But first we went to lunch at this middle eastern cafe we had been meaning to try since we moved here. I have to say, I wasn't blown away. I thought the meat on my gyro was overcooked and the gyro itself was dry. I also ordered a spinach turnover but I didn't like it. Lina loved her cheese pita but didn't like her stuffed eggplant but we would go back in a heartbeat for their desserts alone. Lina twisted my arm into trying some things off of the menu. She originally suggested we order 1 of everything but we ONLY ordered 3 things, LOL. A lady finger, a pistachio baklava (I've only ever had walnut) and one other dessert that I can't remember the name of but it was my favorite. Lots of honey, shredded pastry dough and pistachios. TASTY! I was craving this dessert last night.

After we were satiated on our desserts we headed to the market where they had everything. I talked to a guy about piercing my belly again but he says it still doesn't look healed which is a bummer. I wanted it pierced before the cruise. I also told Lina I wanted a white leather belt cause I loved the one Dani wore on Tila Tequila and next thing you know there's a display of belts. I was so excited at the $5 price tag I didn't haggle. I mean, it would have been at least $10 at Ross! So there I was basking in my glow of a well bought belt when I see the same belt somewhere else for $3! Took the bloom off of that rose really quickly, LOL.

I didn't buy anything else on the flea market end of things, I wanted to get some shirts for my nephew but I saw them cheaper by me so we wandered to the farmers market side of things. I wanted fresh fruits but there's not a lot of choice this time of year. I got some ruby red grapefruits and I bought some garlic pickles, LOL. Nancy can tell you, I do love pickles. Speaking of which, I just read a story the other day, there is a guy who sells pickle pops. It's frozen pickle juice that people eat like popsicles! So don't be so quick to dump your pickle juice, freeze it up and feed the kids, lol.

Lina bought Xmen 2 and 3. She wanted a veg night in. So she said let's buy a watermelon cut it in half and just grab a spoon and eat. Now I love me some watermelon but I've never done this. You know I was game. Once we settled in for the night she cut it in half and off we went. A few bites in and Lina was taking a break. I lasted a few more bites. She said she would go back and finish, she did not. Wuss! I of course, wasn't giving up. I ate as much as was edible. For some reason there were pink parts that were too hard so I didn't get it all but I can say I did you all proud.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Meeting my almost namesake...

My friend Heather, another girl I met online thru RBL emailed me not too long ago to let me know she was going to be in town on vacation with her daughter. This was their first vacation since she adopted her little girl from China a couple of years ago and I hadn't seen Heather since before that time. We were all very excited for Heather when she got her little girl and it was even more exciting for me when I found out her name was Leila! My almost namesake! OK, we pronounce our names different too but that doesn't matter LOL.

Needless to say, being a mother has taken over her life and Heather and I hadn't talked in years but you know what? It doesn't matter. That's the great thing about these relationships I've formed over the years with my online friends. With online not only does distance not matter but neither does time. I couldn't wait to see Heather and meet Leila. We made plans to meet for lunch. Heather was staying with an old friend and their family at a beach house 15 minutes away so it was totally convenient. I drove down and met her friends and then Leila, Heather and I went off to lunch. Leila is a littly shy at first but that doesn't stop her from talking and from asking all kinds of questions. Why this? Why that? It was funny and it was wonderful to watch Heather and her together. Both the center of each others world. We just live in it, LOL.

The place we went to wasn't that great but on the plus side it was right on the water. There we were talking when Heather yells she sees dolphins. We rush down to the dock to try and get pics. There were two of them but they were never jumping when we had the camera ready. I need to work with them on timing, LOL. They did stay in the area awhile so that was fun.
My favorite Leila story was when we were leaving the house to go to lunch I mentioned the fact that Leila must have gotten hold of the scissors which reminded me of when Kimberly did that (I should dig up one of those pics, EG). So we were talking about that and then moved on. 20 minutes later while we were at lunch talking about something totally different Leila leans into her mother and says don't talk about her hair. Apparently, she likes to process things before she comments sometimes, LOL. Lunch was wonderful and we had no trouble talking about any and everything. Afterwards I wanted to go back on the dock and get my pic with my almost namesake. She's not the ham I am but we're working on it. We did do a couple of self portraits together, with her wanting a re-do cause her Mickey wasn't in the pic (a girl who knows what she wants, I can relate, LOL) but I used this pic because let's face it, my boobs look great and I wasn't even trying Who needs to try? LOL! Here's mother and child. Aren't they cute?

After lunch Heather wanted me to come in and look at a video of Leila. Yes, the dreaded family videos. What, I'm in the video? Not so dreaded. What, it's a video of Leila watching me sing the Rose enraptured? Thrilling yet horrifying, LOL. I like to put stuff out there for you to see but I don't necessarily want to see or in this case hear it myself. Apparently Heather was reading my blog and played the video and Leila loved it and would have her play it over and over again and just watch it. Yes, my fan list is growing leaps and bounds. I think that makes one person a fan of my singing, LOL. Of course you know what this means don't you? That's right, I need a new song and video for my new fan! Heather is going to try and compress the vid of Leila watching me so we can share the magic that is me thru her with you, LOL. The funny thing is I don't think Leila put together the fact that that vid was me since it was done so long ago and the house we were at didn't have internet connection to say, look, that's me, LOL.

They are leaving tomorrow (Sunday) but luckily I was able to meet with them again today. Yes, I was able to squeeze them in between naps, it was difficult and I did ask for an hour and a half to get ready so I could lay in bed for an extra half hour, LOL. Since Leila had eaten Heather and I went off to lunch by ourselves (which Heather heard about when she got back *G*). We went to a place called Boondocks where the food was a little better. My one disappointment were the oysters. They were totally bland and had no flavor but the crab and shrimp stuffed portobello and the cheesy garlic bread made up for it, LOL. To get seated right away we sat in the sun which didn't seem like a big deal til the sun came out, LOL. Plus I think we were there for awhile, I wasn't paying attn to the time because we were so busy just chatting. We swung back by the house to grab Leila and go to the beach. Well the sun that was in abundance at lunch was long gone by the time we got to the beach. The house they were staying at is a block away from the beach and the beach was gorgeous. Too bad our towels got soaked on the sand and it was windy and cloudy so we didn't stay too long which is a good thing because turns out I got sunburned at lunch but didn't realize til after my nap, LOL. Course we couldn't leave the beach without taking some pics. I took a bunch of Heather and Leila. She didn't want to get in the water so she would keep running back to the towel and then coming back, it was too cute. I couldn't decide which one pic to post so you get several:)

Of course I had to take a self portrait on the beach. It was after all my first trip to the beach since I moved here, yes, I'm a slacker but we already knew that, LOL. If you look on my shoulder you can see the beginnings of a nice shiny new sunburn, LOL. Like I said, good thing the weather got crappy on us because I sprayed suntan oil all over me once we got to the beach. Would not have been pretty to say the least!

I feel bad for Leila because now she has had a taste of vacation life and she's already not looking forward to going home. She went to Disneyworld. Her new friends turned her onto gum which she had never had before and she went to the beach everyday. Leila loves vacations and so do her mommy and I, LOL. Hopefully they'll be making many more trips to FL in the future.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Oh no she didn't!

OK, I have a lot of stuff to post about but it's late and I is tired so I'm going to give you a little blurb so you'll have something to look forward to tomorrow. I won't be on until late but I did have lunch with my almost namesake Leila yesterday so I'll be posting pics and talking about it on my next blog.

For my fake birthday I decided to treat myself to a pedi. I really needed one. So I planned my errands so I would be in the area I needed to be in. I walk in and they take me right away. I get seated in my spa chair, the water is running, my feet are soaking and someone else walks in and she wants the girl that is getting set up to take care of me. She says she'll wait so my girl gets her seated and situated and turns to me and says someone will be with me in 5 minutes. Oh no she didn't! At first I was like whatever because my first instinct is to not make waves but then my second instinct kicked in and I said I was leaving. The manager rushes over and has the nerve to tell me the other lady had an appointment. I was like no she didn't. I saw her walk in and ask for her. Now I'm not mad at the client who wanted her girl. She said she would wait and was not being a diva but I was mad at them for pushing me aside and trying to make me wait. I was there first. I wasn't waiting. They waved over someone to take care of me right away and asked if that was ok and I said yes. I didn't care who gave me a pedi, I don't go often enough to have any favorites. I just didn't want to wait while someone who walked in after me got served first. Lucky for them my butt was already seated and I really wanted the pedi, LOL. Of course I didn't take it out on the girl who gave me my pedi, she was great and got a great tip. Situations like that take advantage of your good nature. Most people don't want to make waves and just accept things as status quo but then sit there and fume. I'm glad I said something because if I didn't, I would have been pissed but at myself.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy Fake Birthday to me...

If one was to look at my drivers license today one would think it was my birthday. It is not. But it's what uncle sam thinks it is. According to all my legal paperwork I am 6 months younger which means I'm just turning 37. I think I may need to start celebrating this birthday when I turn or don't turn 40, LOL.

Nancy remembered to call today. She always calls and sends presents on both birthdays. Is it because she's such a fabulous friend? No. It's because she can never remember which is my real birthday LOL. She's a little late on the present but we're always late on presents with each other. Nes I did tell her to send an extra bag of chips for you. She had 2 months to get them here.

Speaking of Nes, I don't think I mentioned it because Nancy didn't know until yesterday but I shall be having visitors from across the pond in June. Not only will Nes be coming to FL but my #1 fan, her hubby will be joining her. They are adventurous travelers and like to pack a lot into a vacation. JK whined to Nes that he didn't want this to be a chick vacation. LOL he knows my pace and his do not match. Lucky for him I don't have the time to be wandering all over FL with them so basically I will be home base as they jaunt to and fro. Basically we'll be hooking up for meals LOL.

My sister called me today while I was at Office Depot. She doesn't like talking on the phone too much but she's coming out here in a couple of weeks and we're going on a cruise so I figured that's why she was calling. She's like guess what? My guess is, "you're pregnant." That was me being a smartass. Then she turns around and says "yes, I am." My first reaction was crap, I have to stop guessing that. My other sister was a young mother and I guessed she was pregnant before she told me, cause I was trying to be smart. Kim is 24 so not too young but definitely not ready to have a child. So I start questioning, why wasn't she using birth control? She said she was. She said she had taken 3 pregnancy tests and was going in to see the dr. She told me who it was, her on again off again. Keep in mind, I've been her mom since she was 5. Well actually before that. I was the one who got up in the middle of the night to feed her when she was a baby. Hearing this was not good news to me and I started sweating. It was just running down my body while I'm standing at the counter at the Office Depot. The next thing she says is April Fools!!!!

How awful is that? I swear it took 10 minutes for me to top sweating. I am going to kick her in the butt. Needless to say she is gloating up a storm. I'll never hear the end of it, LOL. I think I'm going to cancel her cruise!