Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Voice

Tonight I live blog my new obsession, The Voice. I originally decided to check it out because I enjoyed the premise and due to the judges and the contestants I was instantly hooked.

Since I actually really enjoy all of the singers and can see each of them being The Voice I decided to live blog during the show to share my opinions and of course, if anyone is checking in during the show, I'd love to hear yours.

I can tell you that the judges will be performing "You Can't Always Get What You Want" by the Rolling Stones, I hope it's better then their Queen medley was. Miranda Lambert (Blake's wife) will be performing with Dia (correction she will perform tomorrow). I don't know her music but will be looking forward to checking it out. Brad Paisley, Ne-Yo and Pitbull will also be performing. I don't know any of their music so not really excited about them. More excited to see the judgers performing with their artists.

I'm looking forward to a great night of music! I'd rather someone win because they killed it versus someone winning because the others sucked.

Almost showtime!

The judges opened the show with Queen's Under Pressure. Brave of them to tackle a Queen song again. I know they were scheduled to sing the Stones, I wonder if they decided to try and reclaim their Queen dignity. The only one who didn't work for me was Christina. Her voice didn't work with this song for me. Adam is really a rock star. That man knows how to move on stage, even just standing at the mic. Blake has a great voice but look at him standing on stage versus Adam.

Adam is as gorgeous as ever. When they were close up on him I wondered if those were his teeth, they are perfect. CeeLo has his red outfit (at least it's not a track suit) and sunglasses on. Blake looks good. I think Christina's make up looks good, especially her lipstick I just wish her hair didn't look so fried and she wore clothes that flattered her body more. She's not fat she just wears clothes that are too small. I loved her embellished mic stand though!

Dia looks beautiful in her long red dress. I like the versatility she has with her looks yet still her. Beverly rocking the leather pants. I love Vicci's glittery eye makeup but miss the big badass warrior hair she had last week (anyone know what color eye shadow she had on last week? I loved that bluegreen!). Javier has a hat on again? Ugh!

They all say they love and support area and I may be a big softie but I believe it.

I have to say, I wasn't really excited to hear that the musicians were going to sing original tunes. I prefer to hear songs that I already know (same thing when Glee did original songs, how can Nancy sing along?).

First up is Javier. He sings "Stitch by Stitch." I was hoping he would do something a little different but it's still a slow song. That being said, I loved the song, the chorus is catchy and I could listen to this song many times. He sang it beautiful (was there any doubt?). The judges raved more about the person he is since it's a given that he has a great voice. Christina can barely bring herself to say anything it seemed like. She is only really effusive with her girls. I must say, her hair does look better here then in the opening number.

One thing I've noticed is the singers like to stop playing the guitar halfway through the song so that they can connect with the audience. To me, it just proves that the guitar playing by the singer was unnecessary.

Just teared up watching Dia's package talking about Blake.

Absolutely LOVED the duet between Blake and Dia! They sang "I won't back down" by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. I've loved that song since he sang it after 9/11 when he stared into the camera as he sang it. They had a very Men in Black look (or Blues Brothers, LOL) to them and you could tell how much fun they were having on stage. This was the most carefree I've seen Dia. She was all over the stage rocking her cute pink guitar. I hated that they cut away from them when they were turning their heads left, right and front in sync. Poor decision by the director. We don't want to see the guitarists at that point! I think I might be buying this song on itunes!

I love Vicci's voice but I don't think her song was enough to beat Javier. I liked the song but didn't love it. I think I would need to hear it a few more times. It didn't have the wow factor like when she sang "The Dog Days of Summer."

What the what?!?! Pitbull and NeYo aren't singing with the contestants? Why are we wasting our precious showtime with this? This show doesn't need filler! They have plenty of talent on the show!

Beveryl and Xtina's duet is "Beautiful" by Xtina. She does love to promote herself, LOL. I will admit it's my face song of hers. Loved Xtina's makeup in the clip package, she looked great. I couldn't decide how I felt about the duet but as the song progressed I enjoyed it more and more. I think Beverly really was able to hold her own which is saying a lot.

What have they done to my show? Now they're hawking a new show for NBC. Boo!

The commercial for the new show the chick was singing Beautiful. I hope they didn't make Bev sing this song to promote their show instead of a song that was the best for her and Xtina!

Another one I couldn't decide how I felt about. Dia was singing her original song "Inventing Shadows". At first I didn't like it very much and was disappointed but the more she sang the more I liked the song. Very rarely do I like a song the first time I hear it. I have to agree with the judges that the shadow dancers behind her while she was singing was unnecessary but I'm irritated that that's what they spent their critique time talking about. Really? That's not something she has any say in. How about talking about her performance? So far I think it's a race between Javier and Dia.

OMG, I think I've just been pulled back to Team Adam! The duet between Adam and Javier was "Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson. I wasn't too excited when I heard they were singing that but they sang the song to perfection! They sounded fantastic together and looked wonderful on stage! Not only that, Javier wasn't wearing a hat! He is definitely the man to beat now. Color me impressed!

Song by Brad Paisley. I was ticked for another show intrusion until Blake started singing with him. Feel better now.

Wow, Beverly just stole the show with her original song "Love Sick." She might come in as the underdog and win. Her song was catchy and everyone was rocking and Beverly killed it. Everyone but Blake were on their feet after she got done performing. Add in Xtina's die hard fan base and we have a down to the wire competition. I love Beverly and wouldn't be upset if she won. She's someone who's paid her dues. I'm so happy for her.

Damn, just when I think Vicci is out of her and CeeLo perform an amazing duet! Pat Benatar is perfect for Vicci and they did "Love is a Battlefield" so her war dance works here. I love how Vicci just embraced CeeLo's theatrics. The background dancers were kids which is perfect since V and C are so short. I absolutely loved this performance! All of the judges were on their feet after this.

Final Thoughts:
I think they all did wonderfully. Just watching the recap of the performances made me appreciate all of their songs even more (I told you I need to listen to songs more then once, LOL). It is actually pretty tough to call. I won't be a wuss and not make a decision. Right at this moment I would say Javier will win but I think my opinion could change in 5 minutes. I can't say I would be sad to see any of them crowned as winners. What did you think of tonight's show? Who do you think will win?