Friday, February 27, 2009

The days are flying by...

Which means the days I don't blog are flying by, LOL. Seriously I had the best of intentions when I went on this road trip. I was going to update every day and if not every day at least every other day. As you can see, that didn't happen. The reality is, now that I have more to blog about I have less time to blog, that and it's so much easier and quicker to do a 2 sentence update on facebook, LOL.

So I woke up bright and early Sun morning after going to bed after 4am. Unfortunately due to that fact I was practically a zombie. Not good for a road trip. On the days I hit the road I like to hop into the shower and leave. Not this morning. With only 4 hours of sleep I was dragging ass. So I didn't get out the door til after 1pm. I almost took a nap before I hit the road but decided since the trip was only 5 hours I could make it. Since it was Sunday I knew the best way to make the trip as pain free and quick as possible was to talk on the phone and that's what I did for 4 hours. Before you know it I was in Los Angeles.

I admit, it took me a little bit to get oriented but I had my gps so there were no worries. I showed up at Rachael's exhausted as you can imagine, LOL. We lugged my things in and I got comfortable on the couch. Luckily she has a super comf couch. On this trip I brought my own pillow and it really made a difference. I do believe this was super bowl Sunday so instead of watching it we sat around catching up and then turned on the tv to watch the Office, LOL. She also fixed me a kick ass salad to enjoy with my tv viewing.

On Monday she needed to go pick some grapefruit and I was totally game for that. I love picking fruit. So we get to the house where we're supposed to pick grapefruit and the chick isn't there. Luckily Rachael brought her own ladder and there was a stick lying around so we still picked grapefruit. It was fun. I love the fact it was winter time and I was picking fruit.
After our fun adventure there Rachael turned me on to the beauty that is Yogurtland. Oh Yogurtland, how I miss you so. It's a self serve yogurt place with 12 or 14 flavors to choose from. The serving sizes are monstrous. My favorite flavor is actually the plain tart yogurt. I loved that and the tart pineaple and tey were both nonfat flavors. The tart lychee was fun but the tart mango was just ok. What's even better is you have full access to their toppings bar! One section was all candies, cereals and nuts and the other was all mostly fresh cut fruit with some canned thrown in. I would always get the fresh cut mango. The best thing is the price! Since you're charged by weight and not per topping my yogurts were always under $2! Score!!! I went there 5 times in two weeks since it's a new franchise and it hasn't reached the pac northwest. I talked to a chick who went there 30 times in the past month, she had only missed one day. She was skinny as a rail of course! For those thinking of franchise opportunities, open a yogurtland in WA. You'll make a fortune on me alone.

OK more will have to wait for another day. I don't want to blow my wad all at once.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pull up a chair and get comfortable

because I have a lot of catching up to do, LOL. Nancy and Brenda have been getting on me for slacking. What happens is, I have so much to talk about I end up just avoiding everything. Sorry. I do think of you. If you want to follow me with a little less detail I'm pretty good about updating my facebook, that takes one or two sentences, LOL.

I spent a lot of my first visit with Barb driving around and visiting people. I was meeting up with RBLs and with Moning Maniacs. I drove into Sacramento on a Fri. to see Linda W. I had planned on getting there for an early lunch since I was meeting with some MM at 4:30pm but that didn't happen. I left later then planned (imagine that) and the trip was longer then I thought, oops! Instead Linda and I ran some errands and split a salad and had soup. We tried to eat light but I wasn't very hungry come dinner time.

We met up with Gina and Sarah in downtown Sac and had a wonderful time talking books and everything else. I say it all the time but I mean it every time, I just have so much fun meeting Karen's fans! I always feel like I'm meeting friends. We took some awesome pics with the MacHalo outside and had some interesting conversations with some people while we were in the bar, LOL. I'm kicking myself for not bringing some of Karen's books to give away to people on this trip!

I met up with another MM on Sun, Alice and she was so sweet. I felt bad that I only had an hour to spend with her and just when we were getting into in depth convos with her about books we had to go (Barb was with me). Korean dinner was calling my name, along with meeting Halia and Madie of course. We had so much fun at the restaurant. Everyone there was korean and they got a total kick out of the MacHalo. We tried to get the waiters to take a pic with it but they got busy so I let them off of the hook, LOL.

I drove to meet Bobbi from RBL. I've known her online for years so it was great to meet her in person. On facebook I learned what a Martha Stewart she was and she brought me oranges from her tree as well as a delicious orange cake and some candied orange peel she made, all of which I ate. Surprising I know, LOL.

On my last night in town I went out with Barb and her friends Dan and Anthony, who I know and also consider friends and her niece Leanne who I met at Barb's birthday. We had a fabulous dinner in the Castro district. I can't remember the name of the restaurant but the host/co-owner was very cute. Just eye candy since the Castro district is the gay part of town, LOL. The drinks there were wonderful. There was a grapefruit one I really enjoyed.

Afterwards we went to Nob Hill which is a gay movie theater/strip club. I had high expectations, this is San Fran after all. Boy was I in for a disappointment. They only had a handful of guys who didn't really dance as much as flex and they were only on stage one at a time. The guys weren't good looking, couldn't dance and except for one guy had no personality. I got $20 worth of ones when I went in and left with most of it, LOL. Dan did warn me I would be disappointed but I needed to experience for myself. It's hard to top Atlanta. They definitely set the bar, LOL. Barb and Leanne left the theater early, they had no interest. I was hoping for a diamond in the rough, there was none, LOL.

We met up with them at Martunis, a piano bar and had a wonderful time! We stayed until they closed and were eventually able to work our way up to the piano. On our way to breakfast Dan asked Barb if we were staying overnight since Bart had stopped running. The plan was, we parked Barb's car at the Bart station and Dan and Anthony picked us up and they were staying in town for the night but we were going to take Bart back to Barb's car. Barb didn't realize Bart closed at midnight. Oops!

Over breakfast we decided to borrow Leanne's car to get home. I hadn't had a drink in a few hours so was good to drive and neither of us wanted to stay in town even tho we could have stayed at Leanne's. I was tired tho and driving on roads I didn't know in a car I didn't know so it was a stressful drive home but by 4am we were home safe and sound.

Then the next day I was getting up to drive to Los Angeles. I didn't leave quite as early as planned, LOL.