I have finally recovered!

I meant to blog as soon as I got back from Vegas but I was pooped. I wasn't hung over, just tired. I am just not used to that much activity on top of not taking a nap!

The trip started out so fun. The guy sitting in the seat next to Nancy took off his jacket and pulled out guns that don't need bullets! Of course we started chatting him up. Turns out he's a back up dancer for Cher! Nancy said as soon as she saw his arms she knew he was a dancer. I was too busy drooling to figure that out, LOL. He's not really much of a gossiper but he would answer any questions we had. We grilled him the entire flight, LOL. He was also a dancer for Madonna and has met Oprah and Whoopie. He's totally not a name dropper we were the ones asking all of the questions. Jamal worked on Cher's farewell tour also and blogged all about it. Here is his blog. He says you need to search the archives for it. It has been a few years. Like me, he's not a big updater. It was interesting learning the behind the scenes stuff about a world we don't know about. He was in the original broadway production of The Color Purple and is now working on putting together a production of The Harlem Nutcracker. I knew I was going to pay the price for not napping but it was too much fun talking to Jamal. I also told him he must check out Yogurtland while he's in town.

Nancy and I felt like we hit the ground running in Vegas. Well, our version of running, LOL. We decided to try a rental car this year since I didn't really want to drink and we were split between two hotels. I think it worked out nice. Of course they didn't tell us it would cost $10 a day for an extra driver. We'll need to read the fine print next time. Getting the rental car took longer then I thought it would so then we were rushing to Red Rock Hotel and Casino to meet up with the girls and to make our spa appointments. We almost had a heart attack because my gps wasn't getting a signal and I didn't mapquest the drive since I had a gps. Luckily we were able to get it working, after a panicked call to Rosie, LOL. We were so tight on time we couldn't go to Yogurtland, darn it!

We got to the spa with minutes to spare before our treatment. We had time to say hi to some of the ladies who were lounging by the pool and that was pretty much it. My masseuse was wonderful. Linda T has been telling me for years about the hot stone massage and I loved it but I think I prefer the swedish more. I like more contact, LOL. Nancy has the body scrub and I assume she loved it, I didn't ask, LOL. After our treatments we went out to gather with the girls at the pool for a few before it was time to rush off to the hotel since we were all ravenous beasts by then. I had downed an apple after my massage but it wasn't cutting it. Everyone was starving. Unfortunately we were driving during rush hour and we had to stop and pick up Bo so it took us a little while to get to the hotel. We had to forget checking in and go directly to the burger place where Lina was meeting us. Unfortunately the fries were not as fantastic as I remembered them. They go light on the ranch flavoring now. I was sad. The burgers were great though. Hmmm, I didn't take a pic of our first meal together. That's a bummer. They have 2 for 1 happy hour at the burger place, that was taken advantage of many times during our time there, LOL.

Then it was off to check in and then change and get ready to go back out. Like I said, we hit the ground running. We decided on Cleopatra's Barge. It's tradition after all, LOL. I don't have any pics of us on the dance floor, maybe because we were too sober, or at least I was, LOL but here are some of the pics of the gals and I.

For some reason Nancy didn't like the self portraits because I was centered. I thought they looked great, LOL.Nancy has fond memories of the Seahorse saloon in Daytona so we had to stop and have a drink at the Seahorse bar in Caesar's. And while walking to breakfast I saw this Budha and wanted my pic taken. Breakfast is a wonderful was to end the night, especially when a ribeye breakfast is $5.50! It was cheaper then the bacon and eggs. The meat was really thinly cut but it was fabulous as you can see by the after plate.
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3 Mannions Speak :

NancyB said...

Yes - I loved my scrub and half hour massage - it was the best of both worlds! I think my favorite part of the spa was the steam room though, it was warm heaven.

That is a nice self portrat - my skin looks great even if I am not centered.

Su - that seahorse picture is for you!

Lin said...

Sadly as I got in late I missed all that, but glad you were all having fun while I caught up on some sleep! I still think you could have come and got me for breakfast LOL

Sarah said...

Om nom nom! Glad you had a good time and loads of fun on the plane home. Big smooch!