Friday, March 27, 2009

chili spiced mangoes

Did I mention Rachael was a foodie (her birthday is today so wish her a happy birthday, happy birhday Rachael!). So while I was staying with her it was fun to see all the different little goodies she would pull out. One night when our friend Desiree came over she put out little bowls of snack foods and one of the things she put out was chili flavored mango. I loved it! I was a total pig and couldn't stop eating them. It's the sweet and spicy combo. Oh, I should mention the mangoes are dried (but I know Mexicans and Filipinos love to throw hot spices on their fresh mango).

For me most fruit doesn't need anything else. I'll throw some salt on a watermelon if it's not sweet enough but if it's a great watermelon it doesn't need anything else. The same with mango (although with a green mango it's different, it's not sweet, we use shrimp sauce on it, a bit much for my white friends, LOL). But dried sweet mango is a whole nother story. Now I've had dried mango before and really enjoyed it. You can find it in most asian stores. My filipino friend turned me on to it, it's like eating candy. But Rachael is the one who turned me on to chili spiced mango.

She says she bought it at Whole Foods which sucks because the closest Whole Foods is in Seattle and I rarely ever go to Seattle. So today I was in Trader Joe's and lo and behold they had a huge display featuring their chili spiced mangoes and for less then $2 a bag! I bought 2! I should have bought more but I was practicing restraint, LOL. Apparently they've had them for years but since I hadn't tried them til a couple of months ago I never noticed them.

I opened a pack in the car and it was as wonderful as I remember. You really do have to take a couple of bites to fully enjoy the yumminess of it. Nancy couldn't get past her first bite. Oh well, that just means more for me, LOL. I am so happy to have found these. I think I may have mentioned a time or two how much I love Trader Joe's but really, I can never stress it enough, LOL.


Lin said...

Happy birhday Rachael! I hope someone else is cooking for you today!

I haven't had mango other than in a smoothie, or that blended one I had with Nancy. I know, I should stop going shopping with the blindfold on LOL

Christy said...

I love Trader Joe's too, Leiha! I love those flat pretzels and now they have dark chocolate covered flat pretzels (they're new) and I tried a sample and OMIGOD they are so good! I have to stay away from them tho.... Love those baby cukes they have also and I pour the TJ's Balsamic dressing over them. Sooooo good. I will try the Mangoes and let you know, Chica!

Rachael said...

LOL. I heart you! And I am glad you found them at TJ's! They also sell them at Cost Plus (weird but true) and at most gas stations...LOL. XOXO and thank you for a dedicated birthday post! I feel so special!!!!!!!!!

Leiha said...

Girl, fresh mango is so fabulous! They have it at yogurtland, you can try it there, LOL.

Stay away from those pretzels chick! They do get you with those samples don't they?

I hope that your birthday was wonderful! You are special! I love cost plus. The funny thing is I devoured my first bag and now the second one is barely touched, it's nice to know I have them, LOL.

Anonymous said...

I love the chili-spied mangoes too, but it's discontinued! I just called Trader Joes and they said they’ve had a number of requests to bring it back, so add your request! Call them at 626-599-3700 and ask for customer service.