Monday, March 23, 2009

Back to the gym I go

I couldn't really make a New Year's resolution to go to the gym considering I was heading to California for 5 weeks soon after but I was determined to get my butt back to the gym once I go back and so far I've been doing pretty good. I need to start incorporating classes in my workout because I always do better in a class environment. I will push myself more. Mostly I've been doing interval training on the elliptical, which consists of going as fast as you can for 30 seconds and at a normal speed for 90 seconds. I've read that because of the intensity you don't have to work out as long so that works for me. I've also been doing crunches and light weights. I wanted to go 5 times a week but it's been averaging about 3.

I did make it to a couple of kickboxing classes. It's more of a cardio kickboxing which isn't really my style because I prefer to work on form but the instructor seems to be trying to work more kickboxing into the class. I definitely don't have the speed to keep up with all of the reps as fast as he goes but I do have the form. The good news is the second class I went to I felt better already. It totally fired me up and invigorated me and if I didn't have dinner plans with my sister I would have stayed and worked out a little longer after class. It's been awhile since I've been that motivated.

The first class I wanted to check out before I brought my gear. I didn't want to walk in trying to look like a badass with my IKEA bag full of kickboxing toys but I decided I wanted to wear my wraps in class and my kickboxing shoes so I was going to start bringing my stuff. Plus, there's some other chick who goes in there and she wears bag gloves and during the class will go over and punch on the one bag that is in the class. If she can do that I can most certainly bring my stuff but I won't wear my muay thai shorts, that might be pushing it a bit, LOL.

So on Tuesday I drag my suitcase that has been in the laundry room out to the shed. I need to dig to get to my kickboxing stuff, I know where it is, I just have to shift things around to get to it. Did I mention that Nancy's shed door doesn't shut all the way? So as I walk in I hear a noise but I think it's because I had the suitcase so I go still and I still hear a noise. I look inside and am face to face with a raccoon! Now raccoons are mean SOBs so I take off running to get into the house. The funny thing is for some reason I brought the suitcase back in with me even though we were in the shed and I could have left it. Jake, Nancy's cat also went sprinting inside when I did and yes, it was a funny picture me lugging the suitcase and running because you all know I don't run! I text my brother who was on his way over. His car was in the shop so I let him use mine and we were going to go pick up my car. He was already on his way when he got my text so I sent him into the shed armed with a shovel to scare out the raccoon. Turns out the raccoon is injured so he's not moving. He's hissing like crazy (Adam told me this while my head peaked out the door. He finally told me to shut the door because I was terrified and no help, LOL). Adam tried for 20 minutes to get the raccoon out even trying to lure him out with food but his legs look broken. We gave up and decided to pass the problem along to Nancy since I had to be back in time for my kb class.

Adam, the great white hunter said he couldn't hurt an injured animal and I totally understood. I wanted the raccoon gone but not dead. By the time Nancy got home, about an hour later the raccoon had left. Apparently they have a strong sense of survival and there have been many times where animal control has been called and the raccoon has been gone before they get there. My dad thinks it went off to die somewhere else which is fine with me, I don't want it dying in the shed, ewwww.

I was not brave enough to go into the shed to get my stuff when it looked like the raccoon was gone. I think I need to get someone to come over and check out the shed one more time before I go in there and get my stuff. I can barely handle tame animals, let alone wild ones, LOL.


Bo said...

Great job on the gym,and esp. on the elliptical,you know I think it is a torture device,LOL.

EEK! on the raccoon,I think they are cute,but I have heard they are mean and puff themselves up when cornered.Plus I read 'Where the Red Fern Grows' many times as a kid,I remember the part where one is scrapping with the coonhounds and trying to drown them or something,LOL.I'm glad your brother didn't whack him with the shovel,and hopefully you won't have to deal with any other uninvited shed guests *G*

Karen said...

I hate raccoons! They really do look cute, but man, are they destructive. And they drive my poor dogs crazy!

Good for you about the exercise. I know I really need to do the same, especially because I need the mental lift, but gawd, it's hard to start.

Lin said...

Sounds like you're getting to the gym regularly and its going fine. We don't have raccoon's here but I imagine it could be scary finding one where you don't expect!

Leiha said...

The ellipitical is a self induced torture device which makes it worse, we do it to ourselves, LOL.

So this past Tue I had to go to get my workout gear. I made it just inside the door but chickened out. I didn't think the shovel would be enough. I went back into the house but then I made myself go back out and get it. Just the thought of a raccoon still being in there terrified me but luckily he was gone and not dead in there.

Hey Karen, I was just thinking about you today. I haven't seen you on FB lately. The weather makes it so much more difficult to find the motivation to work out and you have kids also. Hopefully when it gets nicer you can start doing tennis again, it helps to do something you love.

Lin, they're mean sons of guns! You definitely don't want to be running into one and not an injured one for sure! Vegas is great motivation for the gym. All those skinny bitches I know, LOL.

Anonymous said...
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