Monday, September 22, 2008

Has it really been 20 years?

I remember when I was 20 and in the army, a fellow soldier told me that the years would begin to fly by and he was correct. I am still adjusting to the year 2008 and it's almost Oct! Each year really does go by faster then the year before which sort of scares me.

This past Sat night Nancy and I were celebrating our 20 year high school reunion. Hard to believe. I wish I had a hs pic to share with you but all of my old pics are still in Los Angeles. One day I'll send for them. I didn't go to my 10 year one because I don't really remember most people and they don't remember me. I moved to my h.s. 6 months before graduation. The only reason I was going was 1. it was an excuse to dress up and 2. I was in town. I would never fly in to go.

Nancy and I looked fabulous! We went shopping last weekend for a combo reunion/Barb birthday party dress. I was successful, Nancy was not. Luckily she had a dress that would fit the occasion. She said I was overdressed but I didn't care. Little did I know I would see people in cargo shorts there (Nancy knew, LOL).

We took some pics before we headed out while we looked our best (it was pouring down rain, bye bye summer, boo hoo). Little did I realize that my dress was so boobalicious! Good thing I'm not shy *G*.

Then we rushed out the door because we were running late (surprise). Nancy got bitter and irritated when she found out our party had moved. Apparently we were going somewhere that didn't have parking. By the time we paid to park and walked to the event center we were grouchy, wet and our feet hurt.

Really there's only a couple of people I wanted to see and for the most part, I only really talked to people I knew. At times I hung out with the wives, LOL. I had no problem talking to people but quite honestly, I was unimpressed with the whole situation. The most exciting part of the night for me was seeing candy strewn all over our table and in our centerpieces. I literally squealed, LOL. It was nostalgia candy which was fun. I made the girls try the wax soda pop candy. I knew it was going to be gross but I still made us all do it, LOL. It was the kitsch factor. I tried to get Nancy excited about the wax lips but it was a no go.

Here is a pic with our friend Vicki, one of Nancy's oldest friends. She moved to LA after school so when I moved down there Nancy had us hang out together. My fave memory with her was going roller blading. I thought it would be cool to finally roller blade. Turns out I can't. I got really bad shin splints from when I used to run in the army and roller blading was so painful on my shins. We went 30 seconds and then sat down for 30 minutes before I returned my rental blades, LOL.Steve is another of Nancy's oldest friends also. He's always wanted to be in politics and when we were in our early 20s and I moved back to WA Nancy and I used to go to town meetings and such to support Steve. It would be all of these older people and then Steve's Mafia as we were known. Nancy and I had zero interest in politics but we wanted to support Steve. He is now a state senator and we're both ecstatic for him. I promised not to take any pics with him that would prevent him from getting re-elected, LOL.And Aaron is yet another of Nancy's oldest friends. They all grew up together. Aaron also lived in LA during my stretch of time there and we used to hang out. We lost contact over the years so it was wonderful seeing him.I have to admit, the food was a big disappointment which is prolly why I wasn't thrilled with the evening, LOL. We had caesar salad, choice of 2 pastas, bread and roast beef. The tickets cost a $100 and we had to pay for our drinks! I would have much rather called up the handful of people I knew and go have a fabulous meal.

It was funny how people thought they remembered me. Nancy didn't remember half the people there and she went to elementary school with them but yet they remember me? Well, I am a memorable person, LOL.

They tried to get dancing going but it wasn't really successful so Nancy and I decided to go home early. We weren't tired, just not that excited to be there, LOL. I was also sad we took the small purse because you so know I took as much candy home as I could. Let's just say, Halloween came early to the Mann/Buchanan household.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Yes, I'm alive!

Actually, I've been in hermit mode, well as hermitty as I can be with my family dropping in for free meals, LOL. OK that would be my brothers but I love seeing them. I don't see my brothers anywhere near as much as I see my sisters.

Last week David called and wanted to know if I had food because he was working in the area and he was poor and yesterday Adam was in the area working on my dad's deck so I invited him to come over for dinner since he had taken me to dinner a month ago and he invited his friend Ray (who I know) and Ray's GH (which he didn't tell me about her, another mouth!) and Kimberly called and wanted to know why she wasn't invited, uh, she has been living here (but I think she's moving back to dad's) so why would I invite someone who lives here? So her and her BF Jeff were coming also so suddenly the meat I was defrosting wouldn't be enough so a trip to the asian market which was a half an hour away was necessary. I went from lounging around to running around trying to get everything done before everyone came over and oh yeah, Faefever was released yesterday also (Bo, I'm waiting for your email) so I was crazy busy on the board but luckily have a couple of people helping me since I was busy shopping and cooking. I also called Nancy to warn her and then once she got home she started cleaning. Not by choice, she was on her way to the gym but I knew I wouldn't have time and since Kim had been at my dad's it needed to be picked up. She's the cleaner, I'm the cook and Nancy provides a roof over our head (and takes out the garbage, LOL).

Anyway, the boys showed up on time, damn them! I hadn't had a chance to shower yet so while they went to the store to get beer, I hopped in quickly. So I was cooking kalbi on the foreman grill and trying to check Karen's board at the same time. I went asian with my meal since Adam and Kim love it and don't eat it often at home. So besides the kalbi (which I had to make a marinade for since I didn't have the marinade like I thought), we had rice (do not have Nancy cook rice), a filipino soup, sinagang, which is a tamrind based sour soup that I put in shrimp, bamboo, broccoli, yucca root, onion, zucchini and bok choy. I change the veggies and protein everytime I make this soup which is made with a 50 cent soup packet, LOL. Kim doesn't like a lot of beef and she wasn't into the soup so she fried up some chinese sausage also and we had kimchee and bamboo in chili oil. The white boys were game for most of it. Adam was in heaven which was who the meal was made for. He loved the soup and I sent him home with tons of food.

We sat out on the porch with Nancy's string of lights on and ate and chit chatted. It was fun and after the boys left, Kim and Jeff stayed and she made us watch the Ring. Not as scary as I thought it was going to be but that could be because I was on the computer for half of the movie, LOL Kim had a good laugh watching Nancy jump at everything. If you ever get a chance to sit next to Nancy at a movie, you should do it, it'll make you laugh, LOL.

A couple of weeks ago we went to the fair. One of the main reason we go is for the corn! Nothing beats fair corn drenched in butter. We headed straight for that stand.Nancy and Kim like to look at the animals, you know all I cared about was the food, LOL. It threatened to rain the whole time the fair was here so the crowds weren't bad. Since there were 3 of us we were able to try a lot of different foods. Here's some of what we had: ice cream, corn, caramel apple, elephant ear, loaded baked potato, polish sausage, bbq pork and a roast beef sandwhich. I could be forgetting something but you got the gist. Once we finished eating then we wandered the animal booths.

I did have fun with the pigmy goats, we wanted to take one home, they were so cute and the chickens. I had to show you guys this funky chicken. I tried to take a vid of the goats because they were bouncing around and just adorable but my battery was dying.


I have to admit, I looked at all of the animals as food. What can I say? I'm a carnivore!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!!

OK, I'm a few days late but since I celebrate all month long, not really. My plans kept changing. My friend was coming into town this weekend so we had plans but then she couldn't make it and that left me trying to decide what to do. I wanted to go dancing for my birthday but then Nancy found out about a club that played 80s music but it was on Saturday night so then I decided to do game night for my birthday! Woo hoo!

Since I didn't call my family til late on Wed to leave messages I was pretty surprised at the turnout. The day was spent shopping, cleaning and cooking. You would think for my birthday there would have been less work involved by me. I didn't even get a nap! Luckily Nancy called in sick (shhhh) that day and Kim also was a big help. We made egg rolls, bun bao, chicken salad, caprese skewers, vegetable tray, cream cheese with chili sauce and homemade cheese sticks. We also had sangria de cava, you  know how I love it. 

We were still cooking when people started showing up which is good. My brother Adam volunteered to fry the egg rolls since I don't like to deep fry and Kathy got roped into finishing with rollin the egg rolls.

Kimberly and her friend surprised me with a homemade cake. Lori Anne and her sister Crystal were outside so I went out to welcome them and there was my cake. I felt bad I ruined the surprise. I had a quick glance at the cake and I thought they had brought me a penis cake! Not that I would mind but there would be kids at this party, including the two they brought, LOL. Once they brought in the cake with decorations I saw it was a mic. What can I say, it was being held sideways. The cake was one of the most fabulous cakes I've ever had and it was a box mix! She said the key is to follow the directions exactly and the frosting was a home made cream cheese one. It's a good thing it was so good since they didn't think about ice cream (knowing how much I love ice cream!).

Jeff gave my most favorite birthday present this year, wait, that could be a toss up with Kathy's gift. Kathy got me eyelash extensions! A couple of weeks ago Kat and I were out to lunch and she pointed out the fact that she just got eyelash extensions. Her friend had just graduated as an esthetician and her specialty was eyelash extensions. I have short eyelashes and would love to have long ones so I told her that's what I wanted for my birthday. Normally it costs $250 to get this done. So Thursday I went over to her house and laid on a table for a little over an hour with my eyes closed. I didn't think I was sleeping until I heard a snort and I was pretty positive that it didn't come from Melissa. I was so embarrassed. She said don't worry, it happens a lot, LOL. After that, I was awake. I was worried that my lashes would hit my glasses but I haven't had a problem. It gets inconvenient in the shower with water dripping off of them but other then that, I love them! I'll have to do a before and after picture to show you later.

Now Jeffrey brought me my other favorite gift, a sing star CD 80s edition! Yes I have my own karaoke system which I love but the sing star hooks up to the playstation and you sing with the band. The cd has my signature karaoke song, long time readers should know it, I touch myself. I rocked it, naturally.

People who swear up and down they don't want to do karaoke get hooked once they have the mic in their hands. First was my brother David and next was Jordan. He has been saying no to karaoke since FL! But once he started you couldn't pry the mic from his hands. I loved it!At first he said he wasn't going to sing. Then I whispered would he sing when it's just us, he said yes but then when David was singing he was singing along and the next thing you know...

Here's a family pic. It's always hard to get all of us in one place but I love this one and will frame it and those who didn't make it to the party don't get to be in the pic, that will show them! Just like I am a part of Nancy's family, she is a part of mine. A family picture wouldn't be complete without her in it. And a pic with just the girls!

More people wanted to sing then play games so we only did a couple of rounds of Taboo. David was a trouper because he kept trying to leave but I wouldn't let him, LOL. Adam had plans in Seattle so he left, then David and his friend left and Kathy and her bf took my dad home. Lori Ann had two young children but still wanted to play so we went to their house where we played Rockband. They had the full set up with drums, bass, guitar and lead singer. I am destined to be a lead singer. I kept getting booed off of the stage when I played an instrument but I rocked the singing. It was loads of fun. I didn't take pics during Rockstar but we re-inacted one of the versions of the band just for my blog. Crystal did a much better job jumping then I did. I did more of a bunny hop so I landed before the pic was even taken. The look on Jordan's face totally cracks me up. He looked like that in all of the band pics we took. Guess he's not big on re-enactments, LOL. Yes, I put my pjs on before we headed over but I kept my tiara on!

All in all it was a fabulous beginning to my birthday month!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I haven't posted in awhile because I was waiting for more Olympic memories. I guess not everyone was as enthralled as I was. 

Lin's memories:
Britain got a few gold's in the cycling, Chris Hoy taking gold Men's Sprint, Men's Keirin, and Men's Team Sprint. Britain won quite a few medals on the water , including silver in the Women's Quadruple Sculls. They were really hoping for the gold and had lead for most of the race but lost out to China in the final quarter. They particularly disappointed as won silver in 2000 and 2004.Germaine mason took a surprise Silver in the high jump. The Russian Andrey Silnov was only included in the squad at the last minute due to good form and cleared every height on first attempt. Louis Smith won a bronze, Britain's first gymnastics medal for 80 years.Christine Ohuruogu become the first British woman to win the 400mts and Britain's first gold medal winning athlete on the track, ensured that Britain enjoyed their best games since 1908.19-year-old Rebecca Adlington won gold in the 400m freestyle. She became the first British woman to win a swimming gold in 48 years Adlington went on to break to world record in the 800m freestyle five days later picking up her second gold of the Games. Usain Bolt. Golds and world records, what more could you ask for? For some reason I kept thinking of Cool Runnings when watching them. I think I watched that film too many times!! LOL. Matthew Mitcham Men's 10m Platform final round was a near perfect dive and shocked the other competitors by making up the 32.50-point gap and took him into first place and gold.I really felt the disappointment of Lolo Jones. She was leading and hit the last but one hurdle in the 100mtr hurdles because was going too fast and ended up seventh. All that training and coming so close must be heartbreaking.and Phelps well I figure will get covered by others.

Note from me: Thanks for sharing moments that meant a lot to the Brits and for including pics, lol.

Sarah's fave moments:
Mine had to be the NZ rower Mahé Drysdale. After getting a terrible bug during the week of his competing and loosing 4 kilos - he gave it everything he had and got bronze. It was a valiant performance. You see in the race where he looses it. Incredible.
Also, the mens volleyball. What the hell! Why are the women in next to nothing and the men have loads more on. I am feel so jipped. :)

Note from me: Apparently the men had to wear shirts as part of their team uniform because their numbers were on it. Why they couldn't put it on their shorts I have no idea. Here's how they normally play.

Karen's fave moments:
We had a lot of fun watching the women's beach volleyball. They are incredibly fit and they're women, not little girls! Both my kids want to learn how to play now. And my almost 9 year old son thinks they're hot and look good in their bikinis. Note from me: I had a blast watching beach volleyball. I used to watch it on the weekends all of the time and watching it again made me fall in love with the sport again. I love Misty May and Kerri Walsh. Did you know Misty is going to be on Dancing with the Stars with Maxism? I know who I'm voting for!

As for me, my favorite had to be watching Michael Phelps drive for 8. Every night I was glued to my tv watching him go for it. OK, I totally cheated and would read the news before hand but that didn't lesson the thrill of watching it. The last one I was at dinner so I got home just in time and didn't know who won but saw it posted on Karen's board. I was none too happy, LOL. The ultimate was the 4 by 100 relay. Even knowing they won before I watched it didn't change the excitement. I watched it again the next day online to show my sister. Since I knew ahead of time how it was going to end I made Nancy stay up to watch even though she really wanted to go to bed but I wouldn't let her and she was so happy she got to watch it herself. It really was a relay race for the ages. Normally I love the underdog but I was rooting for Michael all the way. I just think he is not only one of the best most competitive athletes ever, he seems to have a good head on his shoulders. He made swimming exciting to watch and I felt the rest of the Olympics was anti-climatic after he finished racing.