Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Changes here, changes there...

...changes changes everywhere. First off, instead of doing a mega long blog of all I've been up to I decided to mess around with my blog, LOL. The changes aren't huge but I still spent hours tweaking. I really liked the layout the Badass warrior princess had so I changed mine. The one thing I haven't been able to figure out is how to get rid of the dashed line going down the left side of the side bar. I searched all over online to try and figure this out. How irritating! Anyone with any tips (Lin) feel free to share them LOL.

So I guess I haven't posted about the fact that I'm no longer house sitting for Linda. No, she's not home yet. After the gals left I was planning on being in Everett for a few more days and then head back to Portland but never ended up going. As many of you know, I'm the surrogate mom in my family and after being away for so long they really need me here so I decided to stay and be with my family.

Luckily, Nancy and I have been friends for 20 years (I know, I don't even look 20 years old, LOL) and she's like a sister to everyone because there are Manns galore hanging around the house when she gets home. Hence, the lack of blogging on my part. I intend to blog and then someone comes over or someone wants to do something and let's not forget the Olympics!

I have been having a grand old time watching them. You know I'm a total spoiler slut so I've been peaking before hand but not telling everyone else. I made Nancy stay up to watch that awesome 4x100 come from behind relay even though she wanted to go to bed and didn't care. She was happy she stayed up.
I was really rooting for Michael Phelps, I just thought he was a class act all the way and I loved how he cheered on his teammates. When he won he was pretty low key but you can see what a great time he had on the relays. Of course, it's scary pinning your hopes on other people so I'm sure a part of it was relief but I do think most of it was he loved the relays and being there with his teammates.

We kept praying for a wardrobe malfunction but I guess those suits are painted on because no matter how much they jumped up and down the suit didn't move. I know, we were bummed also, LOL.

Other faves have been the women's gymnastics and beach volleyball. I'm not much of a track and field kind of gal. Maybe because the men wear shirts, LOL.

Nancy and I did make a quick trip to Portland to pick up the things I had there. We times it so we could have lunch with her parents who were down there for work and her cousin Michelle. Lunch was fun but the highlight was taking them to the Super H Mart which turns out wasn't super, it was just an H Mart. I wonder where the Super went? Nancy's dad has been to Korea and he loves cooking all kinds of asian foods so I was excited to take him there. We had fun sampling all of the foods that were on display even though we wer stuffed from lunch. They also opened a frozen yogurt stand there which Nancy and I totally planned on having but then I found they had the red bean fish ice cream which I enjoy. It's vanilla ice cream with a red bean paste on top and encased in a fish shaped cone, LOL. Doesn't sound yummy but it is. I bought a 5 pack which was perfect for all of us. I didn't think her mom would enjoy it but she totally did. I was turned on to these by my friend Stef when I lived in LA.

I know I have more catching up to do. I promise to get on soon to talk about the white trash party and my adventures in hiking! Yes, I know, I can't believe it either.


Nes said...

thank goodness you were 'rotting' for Phelps. LOL.

Hiking?!? YOU? This I gotta hear.

Lin said...

OK I can tell you how to fix it LOL

Well I don't blame the family wanting to see you, who knows where and when you will be off somewhere else!

Haven't seen much of the Olymics until had been at home this week. Its syncronised swimming and handball at the minute. Missed all of Phelps swimming! Has Mainly been athletics and cycling this week. Of course we aren't cheering in the same people LOL but hey we won more medels than usual so far.

I saw fish ice cream..and was eeewww fish tasting ice cream ?!?!?! LOL Oh fish cone!

Su-hura said...

I love, love, love men's and women's gymnastics!!! Can't get enought of it!!!

I never thought I'd want to visit a grocery store on my vacation, but the next time I'm in Portland, I'm heading to the regular H Mart. Bummer that it's not Super!

I think your changes look great. Easier to read!

Leiha said...

Alright smartass, I fixed it this morning. Thanks for pointing it out to me, LOL.

I think I've finally recovered from my hiking adventures last week.

Thanks for your help Lin. I swear, I looked at that code a million times, I can't believe I missed it!
As for where I'm off to next, my friend is in Dubai pitching something so who knows, LOL. Yeah, I think Nancy's mom was scared when I said fish ice cream *G*.

I missed the gymnastics gala tonight which is a bummer. I wanted to see it but Project Runway and Sheer Genius were on. Nancy and Kim got me watching that also, LOL.

Girl, we'll drive down to Portland and get you some fish ice cream! On the weekends there are samples galore we should go there for lunch, LOL.

I'm glad you like the new layout. I was worried that the text was too small so I'm happy to hear it's easier to read:)

Stephanie W said...


Leiha said...

You know it girl! I was bummed I couldn't bring some back to WA with me to share the love with my sisters but they don't like red bean as much as I do so I don't know if they would have appreciated it, LOL.

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