Thursday, August 30, 2007

Are you as good as you think you are?

We all spend time on the computer and we type constantly but are you a good typist? Nancy was at work and should have been working but instead she decided to take a typing test and then in turn so did I, LOL. I type fast but it's only with a couple of fingers and not when I am transcribing. If I am copying something I am slow as molasses.

Here's the test we took. I did 49 wpm with 4 typos. Nancy typed 45. She didn't mention any typos. So how good are you?

Anyone else addicted to Big Brother? I'm so happy Amber is gone but I have to say, I'm worried for her mental health. From what I've seen she really thinks she's going to come out of this as a superstar possibly a model and most people can't stand her. I know I can't. I am rooting for Jessica. Time for them to get rid of Danielle, the biggest threat (that chick needs to eat some food).

I can't believe it's almost September! You know what that means. It's almost my birthday month! Chez made me something special for it and I will be sharing it with you soon enough.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Give me a break!

Can you believe there is a law on the books in Atlanta to ban baggy pants? I guess politicians are tired of seeing people's underwear. I'm tired of seeing belt buckles below the knees but do we really need tax dollars spent on this issue? Do we need politicians wasting their time on this issue? They plan on doing studies on this before they vote! Come on, this is freaking ridiculous!

OK the good news, I went to the store having no idea what to get for dinner. I saw they had a pasta salad made with spinach and peas, I love both so I got some planning to make it a side dish but then thought, let me throw some meat in there and voila, it would be a meal. I had the deli counter slice one medium thick slide of ham and then added some marinated mushrooms and cauliflower that were at the olive bar and I was a very happy camper! Easy peasy! Yes, I could have made it myself but ths qas a quick easy version of it, woo hoo!

Tomorrow I'm driving again so time to work on my tan, EG!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fun in the sun...

You know what is ironic? D and I went to her complex pool party and I was the one trying to teach a couple of young boys to not be afraid of the water, LOL. It was a hot day and the only way I can really work on my tan is to be in the pool and this one wasn't very deep, the deepest part of it was 5 feet, I could bounce on my toes and be ok (not that I went to the deep end, LOL). These 2 little boys were soooo afraid of the water though. It took awhile to get them in the water and I'm talking the 3 foot part of it. They made a lot of progress though. There was a little girl there who could swim and I don't think it helps when she tells them how easy it is and they sould just do it. Since I'm not that great of a swimmer I was all about letting them go at their own pace. We also met someone there who used to teach swimming so their mom will probably be giving her a call which is nice.

It's funny how the oldest is always the more cautious and the younger one is always more daring.

So yesterday I get a call from S, the boiler is not working in our building. Figures it happens on a Saturday! So far it has not been fixed. I told her tomorrow is my limit. I am a wash my hair everyday kind of girl and I don't even like lukewarm showers let alone an ice cold one. It's ok to hop into the tub to throw some water on me to rinse off but I'm not taking a cold shower. Shannon suggested going to the gym and showering. A brilliant idea! Duh! I guess if I went more I would have thought of that, LOL.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Pre-Function , Plan B & Communal Tables

Last Friday I had one of the best meals ever! It was at a restaurant called Le Pigeon. The chef, Gabriel Rucker is only 25, not classically trained and was named one of the Top Ten upcoming Chefs in Food & Wine Magazine! It is a small place with a few tables, several seats in front of the show kitchen and 1 large communal table. My friend Bruce (who loves to try new places especially when involving eating & drinking) and I wanted to try it out. Sorry no pics! I did not have my Camera!

Now I've known Bruce since college and we have had many gastronomical adventures. Being the good Frat Boy that he was (and still is), all good times begin with the all important Pre-func! In the area where we were headed, there were a few more new places and we were going to try Rocket for cocktails. They were open at 4 and Le Pigeon not until 5. Plenty of time! After parking between the venues, we walked up to where Rocket was the top floor of a very bright red building, But before we went up there on the ground floor was a bar called The Chesterfield. It was also new, retro chic inside and in we went. It was Happy Hour! 3$ off cocktails! After a couple drinks and a great snack of crispy fingerling potatoes with Basil Aioli, we then went up to check out Rocket. It looked like a cool LA Bar with a great city view and a little retro in theme as well! We thought now we had Plan B so that if we could not get into Le Pigeon, then we would come back to Rocket!

At Le Pigeon they were currently full, but something would be open in an hour and would call my cell phone. So back to the Pre-Functioning! This time we went to Doug Fir. It is a bar completely made of guessed it! Doug fir logs. It also is next to a "Hipster" Motel! Great people watching spot! You can see almost any type & style. On to wine for me since dinner was soon, Bruce stuck to a Manhattan! The good news was that they called in 30 mins.

We were seated at the communal table between 2 different groups of people. The table is long and narrow, so they seat you across from each other. The couple on my left were just finishing up dessert and on the other side a Birthday woman and her husband and daughter ready to have their entree. Since you do sit so close, you can see what looks good. The best thing about Bruce is, while he looks like a preppy, you can take him anywhere & he can talk to anyone! He is my Black Tie escort if I'm not dating anyone. Also he likes to try new things and will share, so we never order the same and always have every course. So as we eye the desserts next to us, they tells us how good it is.

So I pick the appetizers: Seared Scallops in Lobster Chowder & a Beet, Cucumber salad with creme fraiche and a herb vinaigrette accompanied by a Sauvignon Blanc. Bruce picks the Entrees' : Flatiron Steak with creamed spinach & white truffle butter, and a Ravioli with marscapone, portobellos, eggplant in a fresh tomato & yellow pepper sauce accompanied by a Bordeaux Blend. While we were waiting, the Birthday group got their Entrees and woman next to Bruce had gotten the last order of Sweetbreads! Since we had been chatting with them, She offered him a bite! They commented on how nice the people in Portland are. They had just moved here! We got 2 ladies seated next after the couple had left, another birthday. She knew the chef and so we got to meet him as well! He was so nice, in Good shape complete with a pigeon flock tattoo - Hence the name!

Every bite was so tasty! But the clinch was the Dessert! I ordered the signature Cornbread with Maple Cream and syrup and.....Bacon! Bruce picked the profiteroles which had Foie Gras in the pastry dough with cream and caramel sauce. It was so delicious that we actually used our fingers to not miss any drops! I can not go back soon enough! So I actually am a big fan of the Communal table! You can meet very interesting people! What about you?

Do you Pre-Func? Do you have a Plan B? Do you share??? Let me know!

Friday, August 24, 2007

This and that...

Sorry I havn't been around as much lately, I've been woefully neglecting posting to your blogs and not as diligent on mine. Can I blame it on the summertime? I can't believe how fast the day flies by! I know, lame excuse, LOL.

I currently live in a sty. Tomorrow will be spent cleaning. My place being this messy is unacceptable and since I will be having company in a few weeks I need to get on the ball. I need to clean my offie and clean my hallway closet. Company is always a good motivation.

I also need to begin working on Leiha beautification. Dao even commented on the amount of grey hair I currently have, hey, at least my toes look pretty! It really is getting to the point where I should wear a hat, LOL.

So the other day I was driving home from Karen's. You know it's a long drive. I decided to work on my tan while driving. Brilliant actually. I just pulled down the top of my dress and had my bikini top on. Well you would think truckers have never seen a woman in a bikini before! Sure, it's unusual for the road but come on. I first got the idea that the truckers were enjoying me when this truck was running parallel with me. When I sped up he sped up but I didn't look over, hello, I'm on the freeway driving, eye straight! OK, I did try to peak but I didn't see him. Finally he went on the other side of me, yay, since I had to get over to exti. Turns out he had a partner and his partner wanted to see, LOL. Then another trucker came by and he was on the phone and I think he got whiplash. He honked his appreciation. Turns out truck # 1 was exiting where I was so again they end up beside me and I glance up and the passenger did the motion for me to flash him. I LMAO and said no. But as I was exiting again I tried to flash him but I don't think he saw anything. You know I had to have my hand on the wheel and eyes front. So basically I pulled my top out so if he got lucky he saw the shadow of a nipple. Looks like I have a new way to meet men, LOL!

Leiha has a rant!

It's a quickie because Leiha really needs to get to bed. Leiha positively hates it when, after she pumps her gas she has to go INSIDE to get the receipt! Why bother paying at the pump then? It is especially trying on her nerves when she was inside while the gas was pumping (buying her beef jerky for the road) and has to walk back inside and proceed to wait behind someone else just to get her freaking receipt! Needless to say, Leiha will never go to that gas station again! Is Leiha over-reacting? She thinks not.

Leiha would like to hear her Mannions current rants. What is bothering you?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

BAM is no longer the # 1 daughter...

Remember when I mentioned meeting Brenda's parents on the 4th of July? They had invited Dao and I up to where they live which is Dahlonega, which according to Newsweek magazine is one of the top places to live in the country. We finally got our schedules set to where we could go today since it's over an hour away. B told us how excited her parents, Don and Mary, were to have us up for lunch and we were excited to see them.

The drive was shorter then expected which was nice, of course that meant we were getting there early so I called to warn them in case they were running around naked, LOL. They actually had company so we met a couple of friends of theirs, Ann and Anne. Ann and Mary showed us apicture of them from when they were little children. I was jealous of the history that they have together. Anne has actually written 5 or so books on the history of Dahlonega. Her name is Anne Dismukes Amerson if you want to look her up. She was kind enough to sign one of her books for Dao and I. Of course I have to read it because I opened my big mouth (shocker!) and told her she should quiz us next time, LOL.

They took us to The Smith House for lunch which has been around since 1922. There we met the mayor Gary McCullough who joined us for lunch. When Mary and Don say they know everyone there they mean it. Last year a gold mine was discovered beneath the Smith House so they showed us that. Here's a pic of all of us. It's the only picture we took (sorry Brenda) and really, it's not a great pic of everyone but when I looked at it all I looked at was how I looked, LMAO. Next time I'll try to look at everyone else in the pic too.So they serve food family style here which you know I'm all about. They just brought out platters of food, fried chicken, ham, yams, fried okra, cole slaw, gravy, butter beans, rice, creamed corn, collard greens and grean beans! Needless to say I couldn't eat all of it but you know I tried. Did I mention the fact that dessert was strawberry shortcake? Although mr mayor got me excited telling me that it would be topped with ice cream but it was actually whipped cream. Needless to say, he got a talkin to, LOL.

Lunch was wonderful. We were eating up a storm (yay) but we had so much fun sitting there talking, laughing and having a great time with each other. I was a little disappointed the mayor didn't walk around wearing a top hat that said mayor I told him I would if I was mayor, of course, I don't see that happening in my future, LOL. Mary showed us the guest room where Dao and I can stay and the mayor has 3 guest rooms for us, Mary has a flatscreen in hers, the mayor had 52 inches, hmmm decisions decisions. I told them we'll have to compare menus to see where we're going for Thanksgiving. It's nice to be wanted *G*. I think they just want to get ahold of my karaoke, I was bragging, LOL.

After lunch we did a quick tour of the city. The Gooches know everyone and we were treated wonderfully by every single person we met. I bought some candy from the general store. We stopped at the chamber of commerce to see Ann again and she took us over to her meet her husband who is a painter, lots of nekkid women, I told them I'd be more interested in nekkid men or even better a nekkid picture of myself! I need to work on that for the future!

We had a wonderful day with Mom and Dad BAM. I let Brenda know that she has been replaced in the will, I think she handled the news pretty well considering, LOL. We will definitely be making a return trip and it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that there is an Army ranger school nearby *EG*.

One year ago!!!!!!!

A couple of days ago, LOL. Well I missed my one year anniversary by a couple of days. I thought I got here sometime in the 20s but turns out I was thinking of when I started work, LOL. Wed will be my one year anniversary working for Karen. I may have to have a company party to celebrate such a milestone event!

I can't believe a year has gone by. Dang, it's flown by. I have to say this move has been good for me. I really can't think of any negatives. I can't say I miss my friends because you all are so close with the internet and cell phones and of course, I have wonderful friends who are willing to travel to see me (or is it the dick's they're coming to see? Nahh, it's me I know my worth, LOL). I do miss seeing my family but I'm used to being away from them. Living in OR was nice in that I got to spend more time with them and I felt bad that I was leaving so soon after being away from home for so long but I'm already hearing rumblings of maybe I'll move in with you from one of them. I am always their back up plan but no worries, I make them pay their own way and I don't know if any of them are quite ready for that dramatic a move although I do enjoy having family close. My big worry was the weather but that doesn't really bother me, I never leave the house, LMAO! My gym attendance could be better. There's a kickboxing studio I'm going to check out when my current membership ends. I know I may not make it out of a class alive but if they have instructors I like I will crawl back. My eating comes and goes. I swear my weight has fluctuated so dramatically since I have moved here. Of course, I've traveled a lot which meant lots of eating and I don't have a set schedule and I work from home so I guess I should be lucky I am not big as a house yet.

I guess since I've had my car for a year I really should take some windex to the window that still has sticker goo from when I bought it, LOL. At least it doesn't stink anymore! So my goals for the next year are to join a gym and then go. Try to maintain my weight. Clean my car. Figure out if I want to rent or buy (buying would mean leaving my prime location). Maybe work on my social life *G* and if I really want to be ambitious make a dent in my credit card debt but that would mean less traveling so I don't know if that is attainable, LOL.

Happy Anniversary to me and in case you're wondering yes, this also means my birthday is near. Let me know if you need my address to send me presents. I do accept strippergrams!

Monday, August 20, 2007

A week in the life...

I have been wracking my brain all day trying to figure out what to blog so you-all are getting the quick and dirty wrap up of my week... It is not to exciting but all I have got tonight.

Friday was super slacker day at work. We only worked till 10:30 and then headed out to the Seattle waterfront to catch a luncheon cruse around Elliot bay. The first thing they did was have an icebreaker and asked for ten volunteers for a game. I did not know what the prize was but I knew my boss had been sent out to pick up gift cards so whatever it was it would be good. Can you guess what the game was from the picture? Yes, it was the Chubby Bunny game. For those of you lucky enough to have never played this game it is where you stuff marshmallows into your mouth one by one and say Chubby Bunny - when you cant say it you are eliminated... until you have a winner. When the first person was disqualified and got at $15.00 Starbucks card it was game on! Long story short I finally had to give up and proudly claim second place... I think I had 9 marshmallows stuffed in my mouth and no air would come out, damn that Chubby Bunny, grrrr. But I won a $25.00 Visa gift cart that I ended up trading with the winner for her $30.00 Starbucks card because she doesn't drink coffee. The day was perfect - great food and calm sea's with warm weather. As company picnics go this one was great.

Friday night I met with my trainer (my poor calves still hurt) and then ran home showered and went to the movie Superbad with a couple of guys from the gym. It rocked that I have been going to the gym enough I am becoming part of the group. This movie was absolutely inappropriate in every way - and just hilarious! I couldnt leave to go to the bathroom because it just kept getting funnier and funnier and I knew I was going to miss something. I recommend seeing this movie if juvenile booze, sex and coming of age jokes tickle your funny bone. I still think about scenes and start laughing out loud to myself... If you see it say hi to McLovin for me! These guys don't remind you of some girls you know that get together and crowd around the laptops do they?

The last of my great adventures this week was my first try of Indian food. I have been putting this off for a long time because I wanted to go with someone. I was scolded by a guy at work who told me to try a new place that has an $8.00 buffet that he swears is delicious. Luckily I persuaded my dad to take the plunge with me. We told the lady at the restaurant this was my first time and she took me to the buffet, explained what everything was and assured me that nothing was hot. I am happy to report that every single thing I tried was delicious! I think my favorite was the rice pudding for desert (no surprise there) I had Tandoori Chicken, Naan bread diped in yogurt sauce, Basmati Rice, Cilantro Garden soup, Kasturi Chicken, Cucumber Mint Salad, and (sorry Leiha) a really yummy salad with curried apples and bannanas. I went back for seconds and was disappointed I couldn't eat it all.
All in all it was a nice week. I wish everyone a great new week!
Nancy B

Sunday, August 19, 2007

If at first you don't succeed...

Kill kill again! That's right I bought some more plants, LOL. I even bought a new pot for my hanging plant but unfortunately the chains were not very long so my hanging plant is closer to the ceiling then anything. One of these days I'll need to buy a chain to lengthen it, that'll happen sometime in the next year LOL. I didn't realize quite how big the plant holder was and I could have put a couple of more plants in there but oh well, now the ones in there have room to breathe or die *G*.

Yesterday D and I went to a local market called Harry's. It's a huge store that has been bought out by Whole Foods. I called it Whole Foods on steroids. Luckily we had eaten first so I didn't go buck wild. I would have to say the store is as big as Super H mart. Of course I thought of BAM, LOL. I bought mostly fruit even though my cupboards are totally bare. I can never think of what to buy. But as we were pushing our cart around it was like there was a light shining from above, they have a lot of prepared foods section and one of those sections would be the SMOKED MEATS section! OMG, I couldn't believe it. Even though I was full I had to get some. Especially when he just brought out the pulled pork so it was so fresh. While I was debating someone else was stocking up on the pulled pork and told me it tasted better then it smelled and you know how good smoked meat smells (well maybe not my vegetarian readers, LOL)! I also added some smoked beef brisket because it looked so juicy (they also had chicken and ribs). I haven't had a chance to eat any of my smoked meats but I am looking forward to it today. I think I'm going to use some for a salad and I may just have to buy some bbq sauce and make a pulled pork sammich! Yee haaa! I love the south!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Guess what this says....

And you can win a 2007 Elloara's Caveman calendar donated by Ms Gennita Low. Yep, she donate to the Mannion cause LOL. Yes 2007 is more over then not but c'mon this calendar is not about the days but the men. The first one who gets it wins. I suck at these and I can't find the word and I know what it says LOL. Don't cheat!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My car no longer has that new car smell...

Which is not a big deal in that I don't really like the new car smell but I would much rather prefer the new car smell over what it currently smells like and that would be a dumpster! You read that correctly, my car currently smells like the inside of a trashcan! I put some garbage in my trunk yesterday that I needed to toss and I totally forgot about it and let me just say it was almost a hundred degrees today and I didn't get in my car til 10pm. I about gagged. I was driving with all of my windows down and the a/c on full blast trying to circulate the air. My errands were short so I've cracked the windows and will lower them fully tomorrow. Any suggestions for making my car smell better without making it smell like one of those awful air fresheners would be greatly appreciated. I think I have some fabreze so I'll be using that tomorrow for sure.

Yesterday I stopped to get a pedi on my way home. I have been meaning to stop at this place before because you know I don't like the other one I've been to. I was tired and had driven a lot so I didn't want to wait or take a long time. I almost walked out when they told me a 5 to 10 minute wait. Of course they got me seated right away. I grabbed a magazine because I didn't want to chat but I could totally tell they were Vietnamese by how they were talking. Eventually she asked me what I was, she guessed Taiwanese so I told her I was half Vietnamese I just didn't want to tell her because I can't speak it. That totally craked them up and the floodgates were open, I of course had to entertain them. So much for reading my magazine. They thought I was the funniest thing since sliced bread. So now I have a new nail salon and when my toes get so bad I don't want to touch them I will take them to the professionals, LOL.

So the plan was to get to bed early from now on. It's a quarter after 1 now, so much for that, LOL. Of course 2 nights ago when I made that statement I did get to bed only a half an hour after I planned but I couldn't get to sleep and I slept like crap so I'm throwing my schedule out the door! It's Thur already anyway.

Nancy's Birthmonth... Continued

Well somebody (Nancine) did not post the pictures or continue the rest of her weekend with Linda so here I am to finish up. First here are the pictures from Linda's post on Sunday about sailing.This is us before the sailing but after the 2 1/2 vodka tonic's at the Yacht Club... yes Nancy was loaded at the yacht club. Needless to say there was some shushing going on LOL.

This is my favorite self portrait of the weekend. It is hard to tell but the boat is heeling (that is the sailing word of the week boys and girls - it means going really fast while the boat is tipped sideways) and we were flying down the Columbia river.

Here is a quick peek at Captain Linda and deck hand Nancy. This picture can go with my one from MD when I was driving the schooner.

Last but not least is my humble attempt to capture the boat heeling - it is hard to tell but it was totally tipped! Plus - the boat is just beautiful!

Saturday Linda and I went out past the suburbs of Portland to a lavender farm (called... The Lavender Farm!) We picked our own bunch of lavender, and Linda picked a bunch of plants for her front deck. After that Linda and I checked out the gift shop - Linda picked up some culinary grad lavender as well as a lavender syrup. Who knew you could eat the yummie tasting stuff!

While Linda was checking out the cooking stuff I stepped out for "just a minute" because I had found out they had chickens. I LOVE chickens, alive ones, not the creepy stuffed ones. I wanted my picture taken with them. I found the chickens and tried waiting for them to come out of their coop. I called and waited and cooed and waited and clucked and waited, but those darn chickens wouldn't come out!! Do you see where this is going yet? I may have forgotten to mention to Linda I was leaving the gift shop... I did finally find her on the opposite side of the farm looking for me. Oops :)

I am sorry we don't have more pictures but we asked one of the people working to take our picture for us. We should have been wary when we handed her the camera and she said "I have just never learned how to use one of these things." Ummm it is a camera, just point it and push the silver button on the top. Four tries later we finally had our shot... or so Nancy thought. We got in the car and Linda breaks it to me that there are no pictures of the both of us, the lady still hadn't taken the picture but Linda gave up and told her it was a great one LOL. Luckily there is a picture of each of us separately.

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing. First on the patio at McMinimins drinking cocktails and eating tater-tots. Yes it was heaven. Then we hit the mall for a little shopping (one shirt and the cutest cami set) and a makeover at the Laura Mercier counter. We look so great in the following shots because of the great work the ladies did. I felt so pampered.

We met up with Michelle (my cousin) and Linda's friend Deb at the newest happening spot in downtown Portland, Bay 13. We were lucky enough to 1) get a front parking spot and 2) a great spot in the bar with a comfy padded bench perfect for people watching. No pictures of food, sorry but we were busy eating. We had a spicy something roll and the Bay 13 roll that had fried shrimp and 3 sauces on it... both were divine! For dinner I had the sturgeon because I had never had it before - if you have never had it your not missing much. Michelle had the tuna sandwich with yummy sweetpatato fries, Linda the chicken over polenta, and deb had the soup - cant remember what kind it was. Oh and tons of drinks - I don't remember what kind, how bout you Linda? The only bad thing about hanging out in the cool spots with Linda is my poor cousin has the impression I am somehow cool... or she did until I took her to the combo bowling alley, pool hall, restaurant, night club last time she was up here. We of course ended up with our old pal's Jojo and ummm Daryl(?) at Morton's for Champagne. More fun people watching and being treated like queens by Linda's peeps. Eventually we (and when I say we I mean Nancy) stumbled out to the car to head home... but guess who was hungry? All I have to say is the sturgeon was just so blah...

Sooo we ended the night at the Hot Cake house, yes Su and Lina, THE Hot Cake house. I am proud to say when we walked in some really drunk guys were making really inappropriate comments about how hot we were - another first for me :) Then the guy (one of the inappropriate drunk guys) at the register said he was buying our food. After saying no and telling him he didnt have to we caved... and he was really disappointed we were only splitting the two egg platter with hash browns and sausage. I don't know why he was worried because he and his friend had bought enough to feed the whole restaurant - 4 platters of food 2 cokes and 2 coffees for 2 people!

Turns out the guys were married with 3 kids each out celebrating their big win in a golf tournament. When I asked them how they were going to explain to their wives that the tournament ended before dark and they were drunk at the hotcake house at 12:30 in the morning buying strange women food they had no answer... but it made them think! It was the perfect ending to a perfect day!

So ended my great birthmonth trip to Linda's - because I slept in till 11:30 the next morning and then had to run around getting ready to leave to be in Seattle for a family shin dig. Thanks Linda for taking such great care of me :) (and Mich I highly suggest inviting yourself to stay with her - But keep in mind if you don't invite yourself to my house also you will be in BIG trouble)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I found a class I liked...

I went to pilates tonight and got my butt whooped, wel, my butt and other parts LOL. I used to kick ass in pilates but I used to do it every week. It's been awhile, LOL. One of the main reasons I stopped doing pilates was the class was so repetitive but there were a lot of moves I haven't done in this class before and the moves I used to be able to do I can no longer. Plus I really liked the teacher. I am on my last month of my membership with this gym figures I find a class I like now. Of course, if I would have gone sooner, LOL.

So the Hell's Kitchen finale was yesterday. Talk about anti-climatic. Was there ever anyone else even remotely qualified? That is not the reason I'm posting. I was incredibly disappointed in Julia's poor sporstmanship. I have been rooting for her from the beginning but she totally soured me to her in the finale. Of course she is disappointed to not be in the finale but so was everyone else. Suck it up and do your best. I thought Bonnie was a great sport.

I am currently reading Samantha Graves Sight Unseen and thoroughly enjoying it. Since Nancy is doing so kick ass with working out I am going to try the same which means I need to start getting to bed at a decent hour. I'm really going to make an effort to get into bed by 11ish and read until midnight and then go to bed. It's not going to be easy. Lately I've been staying up incredibly late even when exhausted. I'm really going to try this schedule thing. Wish me luck LOL.

Monday, August 13, 2007

In case you didn't realize it...

Lina and I have been constantly updating our adventures on the same post so scroll down and read the add ons from the last couple of days.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Nancine "Heels" in a Sailboat

Now I realize that you have been reading about Leiha & Lina's adventures, but here is an update from the West Coast. This visit may not have been as long, but still filled with lots of fun!

For her Birthday Month festivities (I wonder who she got the idea from that you celebrate that long from), Nancine came down to play for a couple of days! We were very sorry that Aimee could not join us, but had Some of my friends and Nancy's cousin joining in on some of the activities.

Yes, there were some pictures taken and will be added later today with comments by Nancy!
And instead of Corsets & Kilts we were all about the sparkly tops and high heeled sandals!

Friday morning (after letting Nancy sleep in until Leiha woke her up via Text Message, I know it was 10:45 am, but she did not get here until 1:00 am!) We had a light breakfast before heading out. One of the advantages we had over the other girls in that it's had to get your order wrong when you make it! LOL

My neighbors behind me have a 34 foot C & C Sailboat and for the last couple of years have invited me numerous times to sail on the Columbia with them. It is a lot of fun! They knew I was having company and asked me if we wanted to go out that night. I told them that I would check with Nancy..Always good to make sure that your guests are not afraid of the water, small spaces etc before you go out on the water! She was all for it and so we made plans to meet at the Portland Yacht Club.

Before that though, there was lunch to be eaten, girly things to be done and most importantly to purchase a new memory card for my Camera! Our original goal was to out picture Leiha & Lina, but when you get busy, it's hard to remember to snap! Though you will see that we did do much better!!

We went Italian for lunch to a place called Nostrana, that won restaurant of the year a couple of years ago. They have great food and interesting drinks! Nancy had a one with Cynar (an artichoke liquor), vodka, fresh lemon and soda. I had the "Bocce" which had Rosemary infused vodka, fresh lime and soda. They were very tasty! We decided to share an Antipasto Plate that had 4 kinds of salami, marinated mushrooms, pickled cherries and a red currant mustard sauce, A Zucchini Soup with Olive Tapenade, and a Margarita Pizza (The really thin crispy crust kind) with Arugula & Prosciutto! The food was amazing, but our server was a little spacey! It took awhile for our order to start, but when it did, it was fine! Then off to errands and then to the Yacht Club.

We met up with Chris and had Vodka Tonics on the Yacht Club Veranda while waiting for his wife Susan! Then it was off Sailing for a few hours. It was a beautiful afternoon/evening! Great wind! Lots of activity on the River! You will see the pics soon! We sailed up river, very steady, fun conversation (Nancy says she's shy, but have not seen any sign of it yet!) a little Mike's Hard Lemonade. Then on the way back we had the great wind to Tack back & forth and "heel"! For you non-sailors, this is when the boat is tipped on it's side to gain maximum speed from the sails! (You will see a couple of pics, though not when we were at the Max. heeling, because then we needed all of our effort in balancing up on the high side!

Afterwards we went to a great place floating right on the water, the Island Cafe for dinner/drinks. It is a Jimmy Buffet style place only open during sailing season and until sunset each night. We had Rum Punches & Confusions more fun with Chris & Susan! Nancy got up close & personal with the Ducks & geese as well! Even though we were tired from sailing, since it still was relatively early, only about 10 when we got back to my house, we walked up to my friend's store that has an Open-mike every Friday until Midnight along with Beer & Wine!

We listened to Brian & Edie who cover a wide range of music from Elvis, Gordon lightfoot, the Eagles, Allison Kraus etc. while have a lovely rose wine. Which matched my Pink Skort and Nancine's top! She then got to meet most of the neighbors and the players in our own soap opera in the 'hood! Then off to bed. Stay tuned for "Nancine Hits the Nightlife in 4" Red Patent Peep Toe Pumps!"

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Adventures of Leiha and Lina...

A Play by Play

2:30pm Pick up Lina from the airport

3:30pm Eating at Twist resturant

4:30pm shopping for our weekend trip, I bought lots of day dresses, nothing for my nights out, LOL.

7:30pm picking up booze and a little food.

8:00pm trying on our corset outfits. We decided to go classy instead of trashy. I know a big departure for me.
We also planned on the rest of the outfits for the trip. Usually I just throw tons of clothes in my suitcase and see what sticks, my suitcase looks so empty now but it's nice to know ahead of time what fits, LOL.

9:30pm Drink time, grey goose and limeade for me and grey goose and tonic for Lina.
10:00pm KARAOKE!!!

11:00pm Karaoke!!!

12:00am Karaoke!!! How do you think my neighbors feel right now?


1:00am Crawling into bed to read some of Devil May Cry.

1:05am Couldn't keep our eyes open and we went to sleep, LOL.

8:00am Woke up and got on the puter.

9:30am picked DMC back up. It is so flippin good and action packed there went my leaving it at home plan, LOL.

10:30am showers (separately, get your mind out of the gutter SU!)

11:30am Alright, we're heading out the door. A quick stop to the post office, the bookstore and the bank and we'll be on our way, LOL.

12:30pm We are on the road after stopping for some errands, which included getting the audio version of DMC. We also discovered that we can update the blog from Lina's phone (btw-in case you are shopping for her birthday, she really wants my phone). Will check back in an hour dearest Manions!

12:45pm Lina is feeding Leiha Wassa Crackers, peanut butter, and fresh fruit... not my usual road food but it is tasty.

1:30pm Lina's now driving and I (Leiha) am eating Harley Davidson Jerkey. The jerkey is too dry but I am going to keep eating it anyway.

2:30pm Stopped at the Playboy Outlet Store. Turns out it is full of leather! We spent a half hour trying on as many clothes as possible. I bought a leather skirt for 25.00, and Lina got a pair of Leather pants and a leather skirt for 100.00 because she worked it. The pants fit her like a dream! Lina says the pants are a booty glove. We are tempted to make a stop there on the way home Sunday. Bo - You can put your order in now!

4:00pm - On chapter 7 of DMC. Lina is still driving, but I am tired, and hungry - will be stopping soon.

4:30pm Ate at pizza hut. I ordered honey bbq wings, they were breaded, ugh! How am I going to enjoy the skin? Big disappointment, wing street my butt!

5:00pm Had a banana flavored moon pie, my tummy feels better.

7:00pm I had a revelation. I am a charonte demon! It's all about the food and we love buffets. Who read that in DMC and thought of me?

8:30pm We finally made it to Jenna's. We had to be guided in by her but we made it! Only half an hour later then I estimated (remember the pit stop at Playboy?).

9:30pm Waiting at Bubba Gump shrimp to get our table. 9:45pm Drinks were the first thing ordered.
The food was nothing to blog about the drinks were tasty.

12:00am We called it a night. We couldn't really find a bar to go to. Funny how midnight is an early night for us.

12:45am Jenna introduced me to her massage chair while I'm reading a sexy scene of hers. I will never be leaving this spot. The chair is so heavenly it took me a few minutes before I could actually read. BTW, the scene is from Virtually One, eat your heart out Sarah!

1:00am Jenna sent her attack dog after me. Lila came running at me when Jenna said attack and out her paws on the chair waiting for me to scratch her head. So beware of Jenna's killer pomeranians. 1:45am Finally tore myself out of the massage chair and went to bed.

9:00am Even though I'm still tired my body says it was time to get up.

11:00am On the road to Orlando.

12:00pm checking into the hotel. It was the easiest check-in ever.

12:30pm hitting the mall. We needed a necklace for my outfit tonight. Lina had the whole look pictured so off we went in search. While shopping I also bought some new green shoes (I have so many green dresses right now) and Lina got a new top and we were succesful on my accesory hunt. You'll be seeing the new necklace soon.

3:00pm lunch at the Olive Garden. I have to say I'm not big on chain restaurants and haven't been here in about 5 or 6 years but we decided we needed to carb load for tonight. We sat at the bar so we wouldn't have to wait and had a cute bartender keep us company. We found out he was going to Vegas next month so we had to give him the benefit of our years of experience. 4:30pm It's naptime! Yay!!!!!

6:00pm Getting ready.

7:00pm Ana said she would be here at 7 with her friends and she was! Needless to say Lina and I were not ready. Who ever heard of a bunch of girls being on time? Yay she brought drinks to get the night started. 7:45pm Heading out with Ana and her posse!

8:10pm Got to the martini bar I can't remember the name. They had a drink special 3 martinis for $10! Score! It took forever for me to get my first martini but it was tasty when I finally did get it. Their drinks were named after the Seven Deadly Sins. I went with Lust, LOL.It's hard to keep track of time while drinking, LOL. I ordered a drink because it had whip cream on it (duh), the drink was awful but the whip cream was good. Lina thought the drinks were too sweet so she went directly for the grey goose as did Ana. You know I was happy with my martinis. Here's the gang after a few drinks:After we left the bar (hours later) we decided we needed food. We went to this great restaurant, sorry, don't remember the name and had lots of food. Ana and I split some mushroom soup (delish), flatbread (tasty) and a walnut glazed chicken (it was ok). The bad thing about sitting down to eat is that I took my shoes off and once my feet were released from their confines they didn't want to be restrained again. So once we left there and went to a nother club, which was nice, it was on a roof the shoes stayed off. How sexy do you think I looked dancing around with my pumps in my hand? OK, probably not too sexy seeing as I was slightly enebriated. After that we called it a night and I and I took my slightly inebriated state to bed.

9:00am Woke up, damn my body clock! Now you see why I need naps.

10:00am Room service. We're moving way too slow to get out to eat breakfast.

11:00am Lounging by the pool. The sun was so hot I didn't spend a lot of time on my lounge chair. The water was nice and relaxing but I didn't want to put down my book so I combined the two. I actually have a little bit of a tan line now. Yay!

2:15pm We are back in the room cleaning up to go eat some lunch.Lina wanted me to put a disclaimer to say no she's not pregnant in this picture. I told her to hush since she has the body most of us would kill to have (just not work out to have LOL). It'll be a light lunch since we'll be strapped into our corsets tonight. Well, I'll try to eat lighlty LOL.

2:30pm Lunch is served or otherwise known as a comedy of errors. Ana and Jaime joined us to enjoy the show that was our lunch. Being the good girl I am, I ordered a steak salad. You all know I like salad with lots of stuff. This one had steak, roasted peppers, goat cheese, portobello mushrooms tomatoes served over lettuce. I asked for cucumbers to replace the tomatoes to make it an even more awesome salad. My salad arrives with tomatoes all over it so I send it back. When my salad comes out I see steak, cucumbers and lettuce. I start digging under my lettuce to see if I'm missing anything. I ask for the menu because I can't remember what all is supposed to be on it but I know that there was more. No way did I just order lettuce. Of course the waiter saw me digging around on my salad so when he returns with the menu he says you're correct, it's wrong. I look at the menu and point out there are no peppers goat cheese or mushrooms. He apologizes and says to keep the salad and he'll bring out the rest to add to it. Oh and what dressing do I want? I ask for vinagrette. I also ask about Lina's margarite pizza because it's been awhile. He says it's coming. So we wait for my accompianments to get there and it takes awhile. He brings them out in separate dishes and they don't have goat cheese so he brings out blue cheese. Now I love blue cheese but it wasn't what I wanted but oh well I'll make do and he also brings out my dressing a rasberry vinagrette not what I ordered but at this time I just wanted to eat. As I'm eating my salad he finally brings out Lina's pizza. It is a pizza with the works but he's not going to charge her for the extras. Excuse us? It's not what she ordered but he's going to do her the favor of charging her for the extra ingredients? She didn't WANT them. Did I mention there was also sausage on this pizza? The chef sliced it up just for her, LOL. By this time she said forget it, she didn't want the pizza or anything else. Apparently their "executive" chef wasn't there and who they had couldn't read a menu of ingredients for a salad and put them in there. As for her pizza, I honestly don't know if that was a waiter error or a chef error. He pointed out it was a larger size then what she ordered too bad it wasn't what she ordered. So he took off the pizza and discounted the rest and luckily Lina and I are pretty easy going. The manager came over and we did tell her about everything that happened. As a vegetarian she understood why Lina wasn't happy to get a meat filled pizza, no matter how large. She apologized, went back to the kitchen and then took off the rest of our bill. You know I'd rather have a good meal then a free meal but at least they kept me from over eating. OK I liked sometimes I'm in it for the free meal, this just wasn't one of those occasiona. Then we headed to Starbucks for a dessert, we earned it, LOL.

NOTE FROM LINA: All of the above is after they screwed up my complicated breakfast order this morning too. Are you ready for this? I ordered wheat toast! I got rye! I know I speak with a slight accent, but honestly I really don't think wheat sounds anything like rye! LOL It is now my mission to score a free night in a Sheraton before we leave this place!

4:15pm nap time!

6:10pm Oh crap, we over slept and we already found out this was a punctial group.

7:30pm We got to Ana's exactly on time. Her house was easy to spot. It had a big party bus in front of it. No one had to worry about being a designated driver. Bar One: First stop was a bar/steakhouse. The drinks and food were awesome here. Ana had ordered appetizers for the gang. Talk about the hostess with the mostest! Here's a pic of Ana with her kilted men. I planted myself next to the food table, imagine that LOL. Honestly I did it because it was the easiest place to sit. My skirt was so tight the taxi driver pulled out a step stool so I could get in and out of the cab LOL. Ana has discovered the love of the self portrait. This was her idea LOL. Bar Two: Next up was an irish bar. Always a great place to hang. While there the girls decided to take a peak and see what exactly was under the kilt.I actually stuck my picture under a couple of kilts to take some pics but unfortunately, they did not turn out. I guess there wasn't anything impressive to see under the skirts err I mean kilts, EG! Bar Three: This was an english soccer pub and more importantly it was a karaoke bar! Ana could really rock it! She sang Pink and Shakira and kicked some ass. I had brought my karaoke for the hotel room but the tv didn't have an input for it. So no practicing but Ana didn't need it. And of course, I'm no shy miss. I sang my signature song. I like to sing this song because guys don't care how well you sing it LOL. That would be the Divynyls "I touch myself" and since there was a room full of guys I had been partying with I really played the song up, including touching myself *G*. Needless to say I got a huge reaction from the guys in the pub, not only the guys who were in our party. One of the guys joked that I got a rise out of him EG. Too bad I didn't realize there were kids in the place. Ooops! Remember how Lina said she doesn't do karaoke? Well, after several shot of GG and guiennes and Irish car bombs she was ready to sing. We decided to sing La Isla Bonita by Madonna, great singer Madge is not so we felt we could do the song justice, LOL. I think we did more dancing on stage then singing, LOL. Speaking of dancing we were up there doing the electric slide and the cha cha song and it was so much fun. I have to say the final stop was my favorite. Unfortunately there were no firemen there but we did have a cop. Too bad he was married but he was a lot of fun and he loved Ana so much he was willing to wear a kilt. And I loved his wife because she kept giving him money to put in my corset. I told them I needed money to pay for the corset. It was a wonderful night filled with lots of really fun cool people.

BTW, there are a couple of more pics from Sat night on RBL under Ana's bday post.

2:00am Crashed in our beds!

10:00am Woke up! Yay I slept in and I felt pretty good. I was tired but not hungover yay!

11:30am checked out of the hotel and went in search of food. Easier said then done. We finally stopped at a southern cooking type of place. Not impressive but at least we were no longer starving.

12:40pm on the road again... Too bad I didn't print out directions on how to get home. Good thing I had printed out some maps and Lina figured out the best way to get home. Back to listening to DMC.

1:00pm Ran a toll. It was a weird set up. I should be getting a bill for 75 cents in the mail soon.

2:00pm Stopped at what we thought was a fruit stand but it just sold some oranges and lots of souvenier crap. What a disappointment.

4:00pm Lunch was mexican. not the greatest but not the worst. Not the best eating adventures on this trip but the company was A1.

6:00pm Umm we stopped for gas. Lina was driving and I pumped the gas but went inside to pee. I had to pee so bad. Came back out and got in the car and left. A half an hour later Lina notices I didn't put on the lid for the gas. OMG I forgot to take out the gas hose when we drove off! I wish I could say this was the first time I did something like this. My excuse was I got inside on the passenger side. Oops! We didn't hear anything break, LOL.

8:30pm We're home! I have to pee so bad but we were on the last chapter of DMC so we stayed in the car to finish our book then I ran inside LOL.

10:30pm went to the store to grab some food cheese and fruit, yum! We were tempted to go to this 24 hour fine dining restaurant down the street but we decided to check it out for lunch tomorrow.

12:30am time for bed. I'm exhausted! A day of having Lina drive for me wiped me out! Night!

8:30am woke up.

11:00am left the house all packed up. We went to have our final meal together. Last night we decided we wanted dinner but it was about 10pm when we decided that LOL. One of the places I recommended was a 24 hour nice restaurant that Barb and I found out about on her trip. We looked at the menu and it looked fab so we decided to go there for lunch since we didn't really have the energy for dinner. So off we were to Au Pied de Cochon (do not ask me to pronounce it LOL). Imagine my joy when I found out they had a lunch buffet! Since this was our last meal we decided to go out in style and had champagne with our lunch. The food was wonderful although the desserts weren't quite as good but to be fair, we didn't try them all.
And I had to include this pic of the chandelier, it was so pretty. On top of everything the restuarant validated so I didn't have to pay $7 for parking, woo hoo!

12:30pm Heading to the airport.

1:00pm bye bye Lina, it was a wonderful trip. Sniff! Miss you already.

Girls going Wild...

Lina will be in town tomorrow so it's going to be a fun action packed weekend, yes tomorrow is Wed, we're starting early, LOL.

In preparation I did 6 loads of laundry! Working out adds more clotes to the pile and then I had to do my sheets and my slipcover for my chair which I'm donating to Goodwill because it sucks (slips and slides constantly) but had to wash first and one of our washers is broken (for a month now, grrr) so it took me most of the day. I also ran to the mall to buy a corset for this weekend. It was a necessity and of course I waited til the last minute. I am woefully behind on Leiha beautification, so no new pedi, lots of grey hair and my bangs look like ass but I figure with enough booze I won't care, LOL.

Congratulations to Su!!!! She has her Masters degree and from now on she would prefer it if you give her the proper respect and call her Mistress LOL. I tried to find an ecard that would do this moment justice but couldn't find anything as fabulous as this moment deserves. We love you Su and now it's time to party!!! Wait, you've been partying the whole time I've known you, LOL. Oh well, party more!!!! I love you chick! I'm now waiting for you to take over the world!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Catching up...

on my reality tv. Last night I spent the evening watching VH1. Here's what I watched and what my opinion is:

The Hogan Family- Nowhere near as goof as The Gene Simmons Family Jewels or as entertaining as The Osbournes. In this ep the mom and daughter are trying to give the Hulk a makeover. First off, the daughter dressed like a tramp (nothing wrong with that, I dress like a tramp, LOL) and the mom has awful taste so who are they to guide the Hulk, who admittedly has horrific taste in clothes and hair but you can tell this was done for tv more then anything. If they want to change the way he dresses why not get him a nice pair of jeans and a decent shirt? They had him trying on pastel blue slacks, yellow pants a man purse! Then they said they were taking him to a salon and it was a hair plugs guy! They didn't understand why he would be pissed. He told them how would you like it if I said I was taking you to a spa and then we went to a plastic surgeon and said you need a new ass. Point taken. Awful show.

Scott Baio is 45 and Single- OK, I used to have a crush on Cha Chi but that crush is forever gone. He is no longer cute and has gone into creepy mode. He is engaged to a woman and to try to make it successful he's seeing a life coach and documenting everything. He's cheated on almost everyone he's ever dated and the coach is making him look back on those relationships but I don't hold out hope for his engagement considering he JUST MET HER 17 year old daughter. Scott was talking to a girl he once dated and she was going off on him about how they were dating and she had a guest spot on his show and he brought Pamela Anderson to the set and his response was, this is not about you, it's about me. He's gross and the show is gross. I added this pic so you all could see him. He totally has a sleeziness to him.Rock of Love with Brett Michaels- Of the three this one was the most compelling but in a train wreck sort of way. Brett Michaels is looking for love and to do that he's living with a house full of women who compete in challenges for private dates with him. But don't worry, if you don't go on a date with him when he comes back to the house they party and he hooks up with 2 or 3. One of the girls was like if he was eating your p*ssy then I don't want him kissing me when she was asking what went down, LOL. Of course she had a talk with Brett and he says they have something together so she's more smitten the ever and they make out! So much drama and tears, it's awful but I would watch it just to see what is going to happen in the future but oh well, no cable and really, I don't care that much, LOL.

I have to say I am watching this season's Big Brother. I am enjoying it mainly because there is nothing on at that time, LOL. I think Evil Dick needs to get the boot with his skanky daughter right behind him. I actually find myself rooting for jen just because she puts up with his tirades.

Luckily I have books. I am currently reading and thoroughly enjoying Angela Knight's Master of Dragons. Thanks for the recommend Bo.

What reality shows are you currently watching? Anything good that I'm missing because I don't have cable? I keep meaning to watch the Singing Bee but can't ever catch it on tv.

It is all about the pre-party!

I don't know if everyone knows this but my birthday is on the 6th (Monday). I think surviving one more year deserves as much celebration as I can fit into one month... yes I said month lol.

This year my celebration started in July when my parents surprised me with furniture for my deck, a table and chairs. They are what I would have picked out for myself, black iron with a glass top table. I went out right away and bought some plants so there is a planter with two beautiful pink begonias and pretty little white flowers (bacopia?) around it. This afternoon I used my new setup for the first time. I sat on the deck, sipped iced coffee (with a little cream) and chatted with Leiha. It is the way to live!

Last night I had my official party. We made two huge containers of spodie. Ours had white nectarines, peaches, plums, watermelon, cantaloupe, and grapes. I had the produce man help me pick out all the fruit so they were at the peak of ripeness. Then we added Absolute, Absolute Mandarin, Absolute lemon flavored, some trippleseck, and two kind of rums. We marinated that with OJ concentrate overnight and then added fruit punch - It was delicious!! Another friend had rescued some mint her neighbor was going to throw out so we also had a pitcher of Mojito's. I say we but mean Nola and I because oddly enough no one else liked the pitcher of Mojito's the two drunk girls made - more for us!

We had a buffet of appetizers for dinner. Tortilla chips, salsa, cream cheese dip, spinach dip with crackers, two kinds of thin crust pizza, ham sandwich roll-ups, spring rolls, french bread, and a few other things I cant remember. We set up tables outside, drank and played dominoes (the mexican train) by torchlight until the wee hours of the night. It was such a treat to spend a wonderfully relaxed time with friends, it had been far to long since we had been together.

I am sorry there are no pictures, but I was to drunk to drive by the time I realized I had left my camera at home and I don't know how to get pictures off my phone.

The post party will proceed next weekend when I head down to Portland for some girl time... Some side notes - I had 2 exciting things happen this weekend. The first one was when I went to a different Subway than normal. The gal asked for ID because my signature is completely scratched off my debit card. She looked at it, looked at me and said "You have lost a lot of weight since that was taken." WHOOO HOOO!!!

Then this afternoon I made one last pass at the Nordstrom's Woman and Children's sale. I was trying on shirts and all the shirts in the Womans section (size 16 up) were all to big!!!! I get tingly just sharing that with you :)

Have a great week everyone- I am going to spend it celebrating!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

I want to go to bed...

Since it is 1:30am but since I didn't blog last night here I am, LOL. I did start a blog last night but I liked that sign better then what I had written. BTW, I am having way too much fun chatting in Karen's new chat room. As if I needed another place to play, LOL. I have books to read, dang it! I only made it into Ch 1 of Never Deceive a Duke by Liz Carlyle (loved the prologue) but I was so tired that I put it down and then couldn't get to sleep for an hour! For some weird reason I actually sleep worse when I'm exercising! I woke up at 6am to go potty and couldn't get back to sleep for 2 more hours (did you think I would actually get out of my bed at that time?).

I went walking last night with Shannon. We were originally going to go to the gym but she didn't feel like making the trip there which is 20 minutes and I was ok with that. I was worried about keeping pace with her because she walks faster then I do, I could keep up but her stride was longer so instead of being side by side it seemed like she was always just ahead of me, LOL.

Today I slacked and didn't leave the house. I was going to install bootcamp into my mac so I can run it as windows also but turns out I need to have a windows CD to install windows, LOL. I guess that makes sense.

Perhaps your trusty Mannions can help offer suggestions (thank you Ann):

Read any good books lately?: loved Liz Carlyle's Never Lie to a Lady, Emma Holly's Fairyville (eat your heart out chicks) and Suzanne Brockmann's Into the Storm!

How do you decide a book is a Keeper?: I don't keep a lot of books, too many moves. I basically keep books by my favorite authors and get rid of the rest unless it's a great book or signed.

I can't believe I've lived in GA for a WHOLE year now!: Not quite a year, that post will be coming...

LA Guys v. GA guys: The GA guys are much more fun and like a girl with a fabulous ass!

Status of the college boys next door: I never see them! No outdoor parties or anything. It's a bummer.

Vacations coming up: Funny you should ask, Lina and I will be going to Orlando next weekend to play with Ana. She's turning 30 and is having a corset and kilts party. I really should start looking for a kilt, LOL.

Girl Get-a-ways planned: see above.

Why is your fridge always empty?: It was empty, well except for the watermelon but then I had Indian food delivered tonight so I'm set for a few more meals, score!

Why aren't you coming to hang with Laurie & Ann tonight (and watch 300 on DVD)?: I don't like violent movies, no matter how much man candy there is. Never saw Gladiator either.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hip hop I'm not...

So I took a hip hop class today and learned a couple of things. I thought I had rythym and could dance, I can not. I have never been really good at co-ordinated dance and this just re-iterates the fact, LOL. I am a free flowing type of girl. Getting my hands and feet to move correctly at the same time was a bit difficult. Turns out there's a lot of bouncing in hip hop dance, I skipped that part, lol, I just tried to move my feet in time. I was happy though that I made it through the whole class. I envisioned me just standing there huffing and puffing halfway through the class, LOL.

The second thing I learned was I need to drag my lazy ass back to classes, the workout I get in them is so much more intense then if I would have worked out for an hour myself. Once I woke up from my nap I had a half an hour before I needed to go to the class and I do admit, I was laying there thinking I'll just go to the gym later and do the elliptical but then I thought, I'll be dreading it for the next couple of hours so I might as well get up and go and I'm happy that I did. I am trying to get into the zone. My neighbor wants to work out tomorrow night, I told her no cancelling on me. If she cancels then I'm not making plans with her again because when she cancels I don't go.

Target did it to me again. I went in for a couple of items then it's like, oh, I forgot I need laundry detergent and oh wait, I need shampoo and next thing you know $50 has been spent. Damn that Target, if only I didn't love them and their prices so much, LOL. Apparently for the next couple of days there's no tax on clothes and school items or computers in the state of GA. I looked to find out if everything was tax free but such was not the case, bummer.

I saw this recipe on yahoo and thought I would share, I know Nancy loves salad-less salads. I'm not a big fan of tomatoes or bell peppers or mint so I would use other items but it looked like a light refreshing salad.

Middle Eastern Cucumber & Tomato Salad
(makes 4-6 servings)
4 cups peeled cucumbers, cut in 1/2-inch chunks

4 cups riped tomatoes, cut in 1/2-inch chunks

1 large red or green bell pepper, cut in 1/2-inch chunks

3 tablespoons fresh cilantro, chopped (optional)

3 tablespoons fresh mint, chopped (optional)

1 cup crumbled or cubed feta cheese (optional)

1/2 cup pitted kalamata olives (optional)

2 scallions, cut in 1/4-inch slices (optional)

3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

1) Chop the fresh vegetables as described above and place in a large salad bowl or glass bowl. Refrigerate until ready to serve so the salad will be nice and cold. If adding olives, feta, herbs, and/or green onion, sprinkle them evenly over the salad.
2) Mix the oil and lemon juice, salt, and pepper in a small bowl and set aside until ready to serve.
3) Pour the dressing over the vegetables, toss.
4) Taste for salt, pepper, quantity and balance of the dressing. Add more of the dressing ingredients if you like.