Saturday, March 31, 2007

I'm alive, barely...

OK, after a day of slothfullness I decided I finally had the energy to blog. I was supposed to be home by 7:30pm last night but I took a bump (free ticket, yay!!!) so I didn't end up getting home until much later. Actually I landed only about 2 hours later but it took awhile to find my bags since they didn't get the bump, LOL. Did I mention my free ticket? It was worth it! I won't usually take a bump if I'm on my way out since those are precious hours I could spend with my friends but when going home I will jump on it, especially since there are so many places I want to go. This ticket is already spent.

I had such a wonderful time but it's always great coming home. It was nice to sleep in my own bed. I woke up at 9am and caught up on missed tv shows on my puter, then took a short nap, then more tv shows. I just wanted to veg in my bed. Unfortunately, my belly didn't agree with my plans so I had to go to the store. Since I am heading to FL tomorrow I only bought enough food for today. Dao and I have plans for lunch before she takes me to the airport. Unfortunatly, since this trip is so close to my return I won't be able to spend any time in the FL sun. I guess I'll be working on my tan on the drive up. With all of the eating and drinking I did on this trip it won't be in a bikini though, LOL. I'm almost looking forward to going back to the gym. Notice I said ALMOST, so don't get too excited, Lina.

Hmmm, I just went through the pics trying to decide what story to share today but it's so hard to pick. I decided to share some pics that are not so glamorous but gives a good feel for life in the house. BTW, this pic was taken before noon and while Nancy is drinking coffee, Su's OJ has a little extra kick to it, LOL. Nes had never had the great American meal known as the sloppy joe. What a great way to start the day!Lounging around and just enjoying each other.Coming home from happy hour and feasting!

Friday, March 30, 2007

I tried to find a picture...

to properly convey last night but unfortunately, most of them are not ones that can be shared publicly so here a couple of quick happy hour pictures.
Just imagine the mayhem when we weren't in public!

At least I didn't embarrass myself too much...

Sorry no blog last night. I was put to bed early due to drunkeness. Guess those 5 drinks I didn't feel at happy hour actually had an effect, LOL. We're up early getting ready to head home so I will be back later tonight with another post if I'm not too wiped out.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bally's Sterling Brunch!!!

You all know the real reason I went to Las vegas was not for the girlfriend time but for the food and most especially for the Sterling Brunch! I have been looking forward to this meal for months and it did not disappoint. When I made the reservation I asked that we be seated in Anthony's section. I don't really think they marked it down but our reservation was early enough that the host was able to arrange it so we could. He was our waiter last year and we loved him. He has a sense of humor as bawdy as ours.

As soon as we sat down we had a pic taken, the pre-feast pic. You don't want to see what we look like after our gorgefest. Now for the food.

Looking at these pics, I am a little disappointed I didn't eat more. Damn it, missed opportunities! I also regretted not sneaking some strawberries out. I LOVE the white chocolate pistachio covered strawberries.

Since Lina is a vegetarian and was worried about having stuff to eat Anthony had the chef prepare 3 special dishes for her. Of course, she doesn't practice the gorgefest I do so she had a lot of food leftover. We also had fun interacting with the table next to us. Anthony had grabbed their camera to take pictures of us. Lina was shy and didn't do her Phlexie moves so Lina and I had to bring out our trademark tongue through the fingers which the man when he saw it pointed to his 91 year old mother sitting right there, I let him know it was ok, a couple of years ago she was us, LOL.

Part of the reason we love the brunch so much is the never ending champagne. After over 3 hours there we finally decided it was time to leave so everyone was getting their drinks topped off to take with us. While he was topping off Linda's drink she said why don't you leave us the bottle and he did and it was full! The funny thing was, she still made him top off her drink with another bottle so as not to waste ours, LOL. The girls ate and drank so much that we all went to the room to decompress (and nap).

At least the good part of eating that much food is Nes finally got an ass!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Caption This

Whoever comes up with the best caption will win a signed picture of ME!!!!!

Phlexie in action...

As you all know Ms Phlexie has her name for a reason and when we're out and about we always enjoy it when she shows off some new moves. Of course, I'm not one to be shown up so I had to show off MY skills.As you can see, a Pornstahr needs to have special skills too. Of course, my special skill is having Lina putting her leg over my shoulder, LOL. Here is my flexibility.I should also give props to Linda who is helping get my leg that far (I blame the tight jeans). Of course, Nes is also not one to be shown up so here is her showing off her skills. OK, that may be why she is called Ehuroslut, LMAO!

And since this post was all about feet pics I might as well include the one of the foot massage I got from my cab driver.We were on our way back from Mandalay Bay on Saturday night and you know my feet were killing me and by that time I had taken off my shoes and sitting in between Rosie and Joanie and bitching about my feet so the next thing you know the cab driver is offering to give me a foot massage. You don't have to ask me twice! So while driving down the street Roland is massaging my feet (two hands at stop lights) and I was a much happier camper. We told him I wasn't coming back to Vegas for 5 years unless I'm getting married and it has to be by fat Elvis but he has other plans for our wedding. He wanted to take me to some beautiful spot on a mountain to get married. If he was cute I would have considered it, LOL. He did give me his number so if I change my mind I have options. He did say he didn't want to wait 5 years to see me again. I may need to come back for the Bally's brunch and I would hate to be called a liar so if I'm in dire need of a wedding I'll give Roland a call. Instead we had him drop us off at the Barbary Coast for our $3 breakfast, LOL.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Look at this great picture!!

OK, I don't really pay attention to what the other girls look like but it's a fabulous view of my dress, LOL. This is us in the taxi line on Friday on our way to the Venetian.

OK, I feel better, LOL...

You all know this is an interactive blog and I love reading your responses and comments. Aimee, I KNEW you were flying, LOL.

Lina, Nes and I all flew out of Vegas on the same flight. Originally we had a layover in Atlanta for 2 hours but since this is my home we decided to do a longer layover so I could take Nes to my apartment. It was a brilliant idea, except for one little detail. I left my keys in my suitcase, d'oh! My only excuse is it was a long week. We tried to get the other flight but it was oversold so here we are waiting to get to Philly after a sleepless night on our plane. Whenever I've had a red eye in the past they have had blankets and pillows for everyone, this was not the case here. Only first class got blankets. When we asked for them we were told they were all given out, yeah, to the first class customers! It was too cold for any of us to get much sleep and you know I love my sleep. While waiting we all bought pillows and blankets so we could get some rest before we meet up with the other gals.

I decided this post would we about Nobu. OMG, one of the best meals I can remember. Unfortunately, I had a lot of acid reflux this trip that really kicked in when I drank so I didn't drink as much as I would have normally. I've never had a problem with this before. The good news though is it didn't affect my ability to eat and to enjoy food, LOL. Lina, Linda and Su had eaten at Nobu last year and really enjoyed it so we decided we had to do it this year too. Before our reservation we had drinks at the bar at the Hard Rock Hotel. Nope, no drink for me (sad).Luckily I don't need booze to have a good time, LOL.

I told the waiter at Nobu I wasn't going to order drinks until after I had some food in me, that is, until Linda ordered a lychee martini. Then I had to order one too, LOL. But I nursed it all night long. I had read in reviews that Nobu was too crowded but I didn't feel that way at all. There was a lot more space inside the restaurant then I expected. We ordered our food family style and we put Linda in charge so we didn't all order the same thing. Eating with a bunch of people was the way to go because we were able to try many things, all of it pretty freaking good. I wish I had pictures of everything but unfortunately sometimes we were too busy eating to remember to take a photo. We started off with edamame (soy beans) and a cucumber salad. Then they rapidly started bringing out our dishes. We had the kobe beef raw which was fantastic. I think it's marinated, sort of like a steak tartar. We barely remembered to squeeze in this pic.
This was one of my favorite things from an eveing of wonderful food. I love yellowtail so I was happy when we ordered yellowtail with jalapeno. Like butter! Next up was the scallops. They normally come with 4 but the waitor hooked it up so that all of us could have one (some dishes we ordered two, some one). The scallops were so tender and delicious the girls wanted more!After that it was time for the tempura. Lina had an avocado tempura which I had never heard of or had, I'll have to keep that in mind for the future. Then it was time for some sushi rolls. We had the spicy tuna, salmon and eel. I think the eel was my favorite. Now you all have an idea how much I enjoy food, LOL, well I love to read restaurant reviews and while reading about Nobu everyone raved about the black cod with miso so that was my pick for something we had to try. I don't have any pics of it because when we bit into it all thought of photographing it went out the window. It really lived up to the hype and we had 2 big pieces that we cut up so we could all enjoy, it felt almost like eating a big juicy steak. When planning this meal we figured we would each spend anywhere between $100-$150. We had enough food for everyone to enjoy and drinks and the cost averaged about $70 per person. SCORE!!! It was a wonderful way to enjoy Nobu because we got to try so many different dishes. Definitely a meal to remember.

I was going to try and squeeze in a post...

before I boarded the plane but I see no responses to my previous post. So I guess I'll save my energy and post another time. I have some catching up to do surfing wise anyway. TTYL.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

OK, I'm a bit tired....

We got in at 4am, which is relatively early by Vegas standards but we've been getting in before that. I woke up at 8:30am. We have to be out of our room by 11am but our brunch is at 10:30 which means dragging my ass out of bed. Of course, that means I should be packing right now but I'm blogging instead. Procrastination, thy name is Leiha.

My friend Michael-Ryan, who I've known for about 12 years and was in LA for work (he recently moved to Idaho) flew out to hang with me last night. He can fly little planes so he literally flew him and a couple of his friends out. OK, so it was Jason's birthday so he combined the purpose of his trip, LOL. But I'm a great nagger and a great friend so even though he was busy as hell for work (he's flying to NYC today) he came out and I was exstatic. So many people have heard his name so it was fun for him to come play with us.

We met up at the Venetian where we had just finished dinner then off we went to Tao, the hottest club in town judging by the lines. Nes' cousin works for the Venetian and had everything set up so we didn't have to wait in line but it was so unorganized there that they put us at the back of this long ass line that was the guest list line, LOL. Jason, the bday boy had the wrong shoes so he went to gamble instead (where he won) and we continued to wait. But we didn't wait for long, Nes went up to security and dropped some names and to the front of the line we went. Actually, I think we would have gone to the front a lot sooner if we didn't have the sausage fest known as Michael-Ryan & Co, LOL but it was worth an extra little wait to have my boy in town. Lina wasn't feeling well so she went back to the room unfortunately.

Let me say it right here, I am not cool. Don't get me wrong, I KNOW I'm cool but I'm not that cool person who can stand around in a packed like sardines spring break infused club and be happy. I don't need to see and be seen. I have a blog for that, LOL. After waiting a half an hour for the bartender to take our drinks we found a spot to stand in and get jostled around like crazy. The music there was great but the dance floor was so full you couldn't move so we didn't even try to weave our way there. I was ready to go (and you know I'm not shy about stating my opinions, LOL) but as cool as the club was I just can't deal with that.

So off we went to Mandalay Bay. Rich, MR's other friend could get us in to the Foundation Room at the top of Mandalay Bay which is a members only type of club. Too bad the reservation was for 4 and there were 10 of us, Nes' cousin and friend joined us. The doorman was being a dick and wouldn't let us in. Rich has been there plenty of times with a bunch more people so he was ticked but it didn't matter. The only reason I wanted to check it out was because the last time we were there I was a tad bit drunk and don't remember much about it, LOL. So we went to the circle bar which is a lounge at Mandalay that we had hung out last year at and I have to be honest, I had way more fun there! Even Rich was like, this is better then the Foundation room. We were able to swoop up some seats and it was off to the dance floor. The band was smoking hot! When you're up there the ladies give you a lot of eye contact. I have to admit, I got a little tingly, LOL. Oops, I'm running out of time, I'll have to come back later and tell you about my marriage proposal and foot rub. Here's a pic of Rich, me, Michael-Ryan and Su outside of Mandalay Bay. I know you've been anxiousely awaiting this dress. It did awesome stuff for my ass too.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

I had a quick fuck last night...

Too bad for me, it's a drink, LOL. Joanie turned us on to this shot, I don't know what all is in it, I just know with a name like that I had to try it.
I have to say it was quite tasty.

This will be a quickie, just checking in. I'm getting ready to take a nap. My girl Su got to town yesterday.Now the party is complete.

We went to Nobu last night for dinner. What a wonderful dining experience that was. That will be a whole separate blog, sometime next week, with pics of course. Then it was off to OG. Some familiar faces there which is always fun. They sat us at the stage first (we moved) and I yelled at Carlos who was up there. Of course he had to come around and say hi. Yohan, our favorite is still there, looking as good as ever. Perry the waitor is still there but he doesn't hook us up like he should so I'm over him! In 5 years when I go back I'm getting a new waitor, LOL. Gene is there but now he's working as the DJ which was fun when he gave a shout out to Rosie's posse. Rosie had a dumbstruck look on her face, she was worried she was being called on stage, LOL. When Carlos was on stage Rosie and I went up to bust his chops. He's been doing the same routine since we've known him so we were doing his moves and teasing him, it's always fun to go back and see the familiar faces. Of course, the dancers treat us like the superstars we are. I can't give you too many pics or details because after all, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, well unless you have access to all of the pics on my laptop, EG!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Breakfast is on me....

So I told you we went shopping yesterday. We went to the Fashion Show Mall which is huge. Nes was on the hunt for shoes, we went to every shoe store in the mall but couldn't find what she was looking for. Luckily, the other girls were more successful. I didn't buy anything which I have to say was amazing self control on my part. We went into the Coach store and Lina had a coupon but I just couldn't spend that money right now so I encourage Rosie too instead, LOL. She had a wonderful new Coach Spring purse *G*. Linda bought some frakktastic shoes and Lina a new outfit. I did buy myself lunch at the food court, LOL. We were starving so that was the first thing we did there. Now you all know Nes is a fast food fiend. Her opinion was Spago was nice but she's much happier at the food court of the mall. After we had finished eating she spent the whole time, when not obsessing over her shoes obsessing over the fact that she didn't a philly cheese steak, LOL. On the way back to the hotel Rosie took us to a grocery store to pick up some stuff we needed. There was a Vietnamese restaurant next door so Nes and I ran in and placed an order (I wanted her to try it) and rushed in to grab our goods and our food was ready when we came out. Vietnamese food is awesome but the smell of fish sauce not so much so we ate in the hallway. I showed Nes how to wrap her egg rolls in lettuce and herbs before dipping. She loved it. Of course I got the bun. Not the best bun I've ever had but it was ok.
After we all took naps Ian, Nes and I headed down to the Tequila Bar to catch the end of happy hour. Ian was only in town for one day this was the end of his trip. It was fun getting to know him on a more personal note. Of course, we had to force him to talk. Just because he was surrounded by 6 talking women I don't understand why he couldn't get a word in, I had no problem.

After that is was time to get ready for the evening. I asked Lina to do my makeup, it's so much more fun when someone else does me up. Then she also put the finishing touches on my hair so I may not have a body by Lina but I did have everything else by Lina LOL. Linda came up with the brilliant idea of carrying our heels over and I had the perfect bag for it. Let me just say, it was much easier on the feet but I'm still ready for orthopedics. We went to Light at Bellagio. On the cab ride from the airport our driver gave us a bunch of free passes to get in. Then when we got to the Bellagio we were given VIP free passes almost as soon as we walked in the door. All of us dressed to the nines, of course they wanted us in their club! Light is smaller then I expected but pretty cool. My only gripe is they would play a song I liked and I'd be getting into my groove and they'd change it! It was more like song sampling. At the end of the night I was ready to eat. I hadn't had dinner. SO me and two girls who wish to remain anonymous went to get breakfast. The Sidewalk Cafe is no longer 24 hours so we went over to the Paris where the line was long. We looked at the prices of the food and one of the gals was like, I could do with the Barbary Coast breakfast and we agreed so even though it meant more walking, we had our walking shoes on so off we went. They told us it was going to be a 20 minute wait so we sat our butts down at the penny slots and I put in a $20. High roller that I am I cashed out at $54, I know when to say when! I more then doubled my money, I was a happy camper and breakast was on me. I told them as long as it came to less then $34 that is, LOL. The breakfast special is 2 eggs, sausage or bacon hashbrowns and toast for $3.50. One of the women splurged and for an extra 50 cents got the ham. We wanted sausage AND bacon so I asked how much a side of sausage was. It was $2 so I decided to get another meal instead, LOL. After all, it was a free breakfast. Hence the anonymity. The others didn't want to implicacted because we had 4 breakfasts for 3 people. You already know what a pig I am so I'm comfortable outing myself, LOL.

Here are some of my favorite pics from last night.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Postus interuptus...

Sorry about not finishing my post last night. I looked up and saw I only had 45 minutes to get ready. It was a choice between beautifying and blogging, well you saw what choice I made. But I looked great so it was worth it, LOL.

Linda and I were hungry so we dropped our bags off with the bellman and we were on our way to the Paris to get a sandwhich from the bakery when we noticed a new restuarant had opened. It was called Le Burger Brassire. We decided to try it. We noticed the burgers looked pretty big so we decided to split Le Bleu, which was a burger with blue cheese, avocado and bacon with ranch flavored fries and a salad. While I really enjoyed the burger, OMG those fries were so good. It wasn't covered in ranch sauce but rather ranch seasonings. TASTY! Just after we had ordered I got a call from Nes who was in the hotel so I told her where we were and had the waitress move us to a bigger table. Then I saw them come in just when the waitress was delivering my drink. Umm, I spilled my drink because I hopped up to run over there screaming, LOL. I think we provided a show (the theme for the day, LOL). So hopping up an down and doing a dance I greeted Nes and Joanie. Linda practiced a bit more decorum then I did but there's nothing new with that *G*. OK, now I could sit down and enjoy my drink. It was delishious! It was a flirty french martini. Way different from other french martinis I've had. It had a watermelon liquor, a rasberry one and sprite from what Linda remembered. I drank my first one so fast I had to order another. Joanie and Nes spent lunch updating us on their adventures. I was bummed to have missed it. Mainly because they took such a great picture at the top of the club, LOL. We suggested to them they should split a burger which is what they ordered but then they saw the size of our burger and decided they were way too hungry to share. What is that about the eyes bigger then your stomach, LOL. Neither of them came close to finishing their burgers. The busboy tried to take my ranch fries with 4 fries left int he basket, I explained to him I was on vacation. Then later he was taking Joanie's plate and she had an uneaten pickle on there (I love pickles) so I grabbed it and his response was, she's on vacation, LMAO!

As soon as we paid Lina walked in the door and she was starving also so I HAD to order another drink. Nes went to go meet her tita who was hooking us up with rooms and the I went to join her. Once we got our rooms we called the others to join us and then we just hung out for a bit and Nes' friend Ian joined us and then I had to take a nap. Remember I didn't sleep on the plane. I didn't get much of a nap but I got something. We decided to go to Spago's for dinner. You know traveling is all about food. We were running late and had the last reservation of the night. So we hoofed it over there in our heels. BIG MISTAKE! The shoes didn't hurt on the walk over but after dinner I couldn't walk, LOL. I knew I should have worn my sandals!

Dinner was wonderful. I didn't see much on the entree jumping out at me so I got apps. Nes and I split a lobster. It was so good.It was getting me ready for brunch on Sunday. Yummmm, lobster! I also got a blue crab salad where shockingly, it was mostly blue crab, chunks and chunks of it. I was a happy camper.

A favorite spot of ours is Cleopatra's Barge so we went there to listen to some live music and have a few drinks.

If you can believe it, this is the only picture of Nes and I together last night. Joanie loves this pic, LOL.OK, I'm off to the mall with the girls. Linda and Lina already left. Rosie will be joining us today, yay!

BTW, you should have seen the couple sitting at the table next to us at the bar. They looked like a sweet couple from the midwest and they were enjoying the show we put on because you do know these are the tame pictures, LOL.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Travels with Leiha

I thought I would post before I went out since the chances of me posting afterwards are none to none, LOL. I have to say the flight here was long, even though we arrived a half an hour early, I only slept for a few minutes and I just don't like flying while awake. I'm sure I'm awake for four hour at a time during some part of my day but I have the internet with me and I'm watching tv. Listening to my book on tape wasn't cutting it so I pulled out my laptop and worked some more on my super secret project but I'm waiting on something for that, I've done all I've could but I have to say, the lady sitting next to me had a wide ass grin looking at my project. Once I finished the project I began cleaning up and organizing my puter and then I had fun occupying myself organizing my pics. When I transferred over all 2000ish pics the folders I had them in didn't transfer and it's such a pain digging through everything when I need pics and by the time I was done with that we landed, yay!

I got in a half an hour early and Linda just landed. We were meeting in baggage claim but I was still looking for her since she said she was just at Starbucks but didn't see her so then I headed into the restroom where the chick walking out stopped. It was Linda! So much for keeping a lookout, LOL. So off we went to get our bags. We got the cheapest fastest cab ride from the airport ever! We got to Bally's for $13, that's unheard of! It costs that much to go across the street! Needless to say, he got an excellent tip. Plus he gave us cards to get into clubs for free. Too bad he had nothing for Olympic Gardens, LOL. Yes, I did ask.

OK, I'm not going to finish this post before we head out. As you all know I'm a wordy girl but I will be back as soon as I can to update which will prolly mean tomorrow, LOL.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm almost ready...

I'm pretty much packed. The rest has to wait til the morning since it's my toiletries I'm missing. Some people are wonderful packers and have everything they're going to wear planned out. I am not one of the. I have an idea of what I want to wear when I go out BUT, what about the days? Have I put any thought into that? Of course not! So basically I just throw a bunch of clothes that I think I may possibly want to wear which means a lot of extras I don't need and also means I'm sure I'm not packing enough of what I do, LOL. But at least I'll look fantastic in the evenings. I think I packed 7 pairs of shoes, plus my slippers and I'll be wearing my black sandals on the plane. Excessive, of course. Unfortunately, when you pack like I do, you got pack shoes accordingly.

I have tons of samples that just are piled up in my drawers that I keep meaning to use but don't. I've decided to bring those with me on my trip. They take up much less space. I think that's a stroke of genius on my part, LOL. If something makes me break out it won't be quite such a good idea LOL but most of my samples are moisturizers and shampoos.

When I made plans to go to Vegas and I agreed on the dates I didn't take into account Wed is a great tv day. It's Rosie's birthday on the View it's all musicals which I'm totally sad to not see. I love musicals. The new one everyone is talking about is Spring Awakening and they've appeared on Letterman and the View. There's a new Lost but at least I can catch that on my puter sometime but I'm sad I will be missing America's Next Top Model. Can I talk about that show for a sec? Are they the cattiest chicks or what? Brittany take awesome pics but boy is she whiny. I think Jaslene is not very attractive but she does take fierce pictures, LOL. The girl I hate the most is Renee. She's all about putting people down. She's gorgeous yet all she does is tear people apart and bitch and moan. I hate her more then I hate Natascha, she reminds me of that pantene commercial don't hate me because I'm beautiful. I love the larger models but Diana spends so much time with Renee it makes me not like her as much. I would love for Whitney to win. I also don't like Sarah and Jael is too drama queeny for me. Anyone else sucked in? I'll need an update on Thur so I hope someone posts what happens. I will be sad to not see Renee get spanked in the challenge. Yes ANTP repeats on Sunday nights but I'll be flying out of Vegas that night.

Missi, DWTS is available to watch online at I channel changed on a couple of parts so I watched what I missed today. I really like Joey Fatone and Apollo Anton Ono. I'm over the Heather Mills brouhaha.

Sarah, another programming note, Greys was supposed to be a repeat this week but they decided to air a new one instead.

I will update as much as possible while I'm away, at least include plenty of pictures. I've already packed my camera cable so I'm good to go. Talk to you all soon!

Monday, March 19, 2007

I have a master plan....

it's actually a Vegas survival plan. Usually by the end of the week I'm feeling like crap, due to lack of sleep, lots of alcohol and dehydration. My mast plan is to drink more water! I drink a lot of water, when I'm in my normal life. Right now I have an almost empty bottle of water that is 1.5 liters. I have filled this up at least twice today. When I am on vacation I drink much more then I normally do, unlike the lushes I vacation with who drink that much on a regular basis and you know how much I love my sleep. I would say if I get 5 hours a night in Vegas I'll consider myself lucky but I also don't drink as much water as I normally do. It's not quite as convenient to lug around a big old jug of aqua but I'm going to have to suck it up. When I need the water the most, I drink it the least. So my goal this trip, try to drink at least as much water as I do when I'm at home. What can I say? I'm a woman with lofty goals.

I made my goodbyes at the post office today. I didn't want them to worry about me, LOL. I think I'm the only person they chit chat with while I'm still in line, I really should bite the bullet and ask them their names! It's awkward at this point but oh well. I'll ask them when I come home from vacation. I blame them, their name tags have their first initial and their last name. OK, so I don't even know their last names but it's hard to read!

Jiggly Puff...

For those of you with kids, that's a singing character from Pokemon who puts people to sleep when he sings. That came to mind today while I was lotioning my legs. Gone are the days where, while big, my legs were firm. When I was doing kickboxing I didn't think I saw a difference in my legs, I mean I still had big legs, yes, they were muscular but still big. As I was rubbing tanning lotion on my legs (it's going wonderfully, I've gone from white to off white) I noticed it wasn't just skin moving while I rubbed. But I won't take this lying down, well rather, my legs look like this because I spend so much time lying down, LOL but I have been walking and when the weather gets better I plan on walking even more. I don't like the name jigly puff for myself. I much rather prefer pornstar butt, it's a good thing I still have that, LOL.

I'm getting closer to being ready for vaction. I woke up and did laundry (I will finish folding after this, or so I keep telling myself), vacuumed and dragged my suitcase from the basement and started packing. Of course, all I ended up packing was Nes' crap. I hope I still have room for MY stuff! I also gave myself a pedicure, a nice bright red for a spring vacation (OPI's red my mind). I'll wait until Tue night to give myself a manicure since they're so short lived.

I noticed that I haven't posted pics in awhile so here's one of my favorites of me. As you can see, it started early, LOL.