The goody room!

I can't believe I forgot to mention the goody room! The goody room is a room where authors and publishers lay out goodies (duh), LOL. It's mostly all promotional items such as bookmarks, pens, magnets and all kinds of other fun things. I asked one of the ebook authors that I had had dinner with the night before to go into the goody room for me, I love free stuff, LOL, but she told me it wasn't manned which means that us peons could go into the room if we so wished. Well, we wished, LOL.

So off we went. The first stop had a book inside of a plastic bag so I grabbed not even paying attention to what was inside because I used that bag to put all of my goodies in. Don't worry, it was a small bag and I didn't go tooooo crazy, LOL. I don't use bookmarks so I didn't grab any of those. I went for the magnets (I like to use them to put pics of me on my fridge) and pens (Nancy, spoiled brat, loves those). But there were also chocolates and candy and keychains and all kinds of fun stuff.

After we grabbed our goodies we went up into the room to look them over. That was when I noticed what book was in the bag I had grabbed. It was a BLACK LACE book! For those of you who don't know, it's a line of erotica written by women for women. You should have heard the squeal that came out of my mouth when I found it. Then I actually looked at the bag and it did say Black Lace on it, LOL. When Su and Mich looked at their books they had different BL books so of course my number one priority was to go downstairs and get one of each, LOL. I can't help it, I love these books and they were free! Plus, I hadn't read any of them. So off we went, back to the goody room. We also went the next morning where some of the authors were giving away their books that weren't bought at the literacy signing. Jenna told us what time she was going to be there so we were there (she was late, LOL) waiting for her, vultures that we are. But it was awesome because not only did Jenna (Gennita Low) and Marjorie M Liu bring books but several other authors dropped off books too. Let the book whoring begin!
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4 Mannions Speak :

Christy said...

"Book whoring??" LMAO, only you chica, only YOU! Cracking me up! Very cool about the Black Laces--remind me to tell you about the Erotica book I read while you were away--posted about it at RBL...yeah, shocker I know, big lurker that I am. But love the stories and keep writing them!

MsFlexie said...

Hey chick! I got my FedExed books yesterday... I was shocked that I brought home 42 books... Then I remembered the Book Whores' hauls... LOL

Does Dao still have a place to sleep?

Leiha said...

LOL, unfortunately, Su and I totally earned that name. What am I talking about? It was awesome! I read the book you posted about, I didn't like it which is why I never posted about it.

Well, Dao's place is not very big and there are books everywhere. I tried to box the ones up I'm going to keep here, it's a big box, LOL.

MsFlexie said...

Which book is that?? EM me if you don't wanna post!